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put a spell on you

hello! and welcome to my search thread! i hope i'm doing this right, as it's been a while since i made one. i want to keep it as brief as possible, since i'm very keen on getting right down to writing with people! i've listed a few things about myself as a person and a writer below, and with each point, i've also listed something i expect from any potential partner. please do pm me if interested as i have not gained private messaging privileges yet.

things to remember

one. i can average around 3-4 paragraphs per character. each paragraph usually contains about 5-7 lines. i can go above, in terms of reply length, though i rarely go below. i expect the same out of my partner! it'd be easy if you let me know how much you usually average so i can match your length.

two. the biggie: characters. standard no mary sues/gary stus, and along with this, i feel it's important to mention that i portray both males and females with equal importance and interest. please do not take advantage of this, however, and come to me expecting me to cater to your every need. what gender or sexuality i portray with my main character is highly dependent on the plot/pairing/fandom that we choose to do, so i would prefer partners with an open mind, who are willing to discuss and are okay portraying any gender and/or sexuality.

three. i am usually available for ooc throughout the day, but replies depend on my workload for the day. i can sometimes post a few times a day, and sometimes i'll only be able to post every other day or a couple of times in a week. if i'm going to be gone for long, i will let you know, and i expect you to do the same.

four. i enjoy a good amount of romance, angst, drama and action in all my roleplays. oh, and a good bit of comedy. genres i tend to avoid include heavy sci-fi, anything historical (unless it's game of thrones, however there are certain exceptions to this particular genre) and i don't dabble in anime/manga so i won't be doing anything related to that either.

five. i can play multiple mains, or single mains, but i will always have a myriad of side characters that make an appearance every now and then. in terms of character skeletons, i'm fine with or without them, though i always use a real life face to match the character that i'm playing, and i generally require that my partner use one as well.

six. i'm no witch when it comes to coding (the irony). i have little knowledge of it from my previous rp site, and i'm still learning, but don't let that discourage you from using any when we roleplay! i know people find it enjoyable, and i do too. i just want to give you a heads up that my coding will be quite simple and nothing extraordinary.

seven. if there's anything else you'd like to know about me, please feel free to ask! further, please do not be offended if i ask for a writing sample once you contact me. this is simply to prevent the both of us from wasting any time, if i do not feel we are compatible. i usually can tell a lot with the first post, however, and first impressions are very important so please do tell me about yourself and your interests and you as a roleplayer when you contact me! that'll help speed things along. further, please tell me the name of your favourite fictional character when you contact me, so i can ensure that you've read through all my rules (and also because i'm curious!).


a couple of pairings and snippets with no fleshed out plots (plotting with my partner is 70% of the fun!). i usually have at least one or two ideas for each pairing, so unless you have anything in mind, feel free to ask to hear them!

forbidden & packed with action
— vampire x human
— vampire x hunter
— any supernatural x human
— superhero x supervillain
— witch/wizards from opposing houses/schools
— waterbender x firebender (or similar pairing, preferably not in the avatar universe)
— royalty x commoner/guard

fluffy but dramatic
— guy x brother's best friend
— guy x sister's best friend
— former flames reuniting
— arranged marriage (exception to historical times)
— typical high school tropes (jock x nerd, bad boy x good girl, etc. scope for multiple main pairings)
— single dad/mom x teacher
— superhero x civillian
— bandmates OR band member x fan/non fan
— ghost x person who can see them

angst, angst, angst
— assassin x target
— gang member x opposing gang leader's daughter
— cop x vigilante
— spy x spy (opposing or on the same team)
— anything with superpowers/metahumans/super human abilities
— any dystopian setting with rebellion, etc.
— mobs and gangs and murder and violence
— criminal x criminal (conman x conwoman)
— god x goddess (greek/roman/norse, preferably hades x persephone, or reincarnations of gods/goddesses)


typically, i enjoy using solely ocs, rather than involving canon characters, or i would prefer to just use the universe and build off of that to create a story. these fandoms should also give you an idea of what kind of themes i'm interested in including in a roleplay.

— harry potter (golden/marauders/au)
— the mortal instruments
— stranger things
— game of thrones
— marvel (cinematic)
— dc (cinematic)
— the hunger games
— x-men (cinematic / i know it's marvel but i will consider it separately)
— bird box
— the purge
— the maze runner
— star trek (the concept mainly)
— it (2017)
— brooklyn nine nine
— friends
— scooby doo (imagine reinventing this for more modern times!)
— reimagined fairytales (disney/pixar/dreamworks)
— supernatural



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went mia for a bit but looking to get back into things! if you sent me a message and i never replied because i went off the grid for a while, feel free to hmu again and we can plot something!​

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