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Fantasy Purebred werewolf rp.

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I’m in search for a roleplay partner. Males preferred but women are good too. I usually roleplay on KIK and Discord. Those platforms are the easiest for me to use on my phone. Here is a short preview of a scene I have. There is a full starter so if you are interested then please message me. I also have a couple more ideas if you’d like to hear.

Purebred werewolf between the ages 20-25 is in search for your mate. Your father is the alpha of the pack and has talked to all of you, and your brothers stating the first to find their mate will become alpha. You know your brothers weren’t suited for the rule. The eldest were too self centered and the youngest too naïve. So you make it your mission to find your mate before them. One day outside a coffee shop you pick up a scent. Following it inside it leads you to a young woman sitting at a table on her computer. In excitement you pull her out of her seat pinning her to the wall. You start to question who she is only to smell she is a mutt....

Thank you for reading!!!

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