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Project Unity (Harry Potter)


Artemis Avenatti
Location: The Park
Scenario: Party 12
With: Veronica, Lotta, Femi, Artem, Sei, Kate, and Elliot
Tags: @trousersquid @Aster

"One describes a tale best by telling the tale. You see?"

Artemis smiled slightly as he listened to the discussion between the others in the balloon comparing the wizarding world to the no-maj/muggle (?) world. His favorite conversational piece so far had been about the moving stairs. He doubted that being on an escalator would provide the same experience as walking on an entire body of stairs shifting around a castle, but seeing the shocked expression on Lotta's face when Veronica stated that they also had stairs that moved proved an enjoyable moment that left him chuckling to himself.

"So how does one come up with the term of "muggle" anyway," Artemis mused to no one in particular clicking his tongue. No-maj I can connect the dots with, but muggle... It's not very flattering, y'know -although something is telling me it was never intended to be." Artemis paused in his train of thought as more people started to enter the balloon. The number in the group had jumped from 5 to 8 with the entering of two guys and a girl.

The first to enter was a guy who introduced himself as Artem and Artemis grinned in disbelief, but made no initial comment about the similarities of their names, rather choosing to wave in greeting. Another guy sidled up beside Artem but made no move to introduce himself as he welcomed himself into the balloon with a breezy comment about "missing his ride".

Artemis snorted.

Finally, a redheaded girl by the name of Kate joined the party and Artemis decided off bat that he rather liked her.

After a pause where Artemis determined that no else was hiding behind to enter immediately after Kate, he decided to address the guy from Group 13 first. "Well, if you're going to join the party, we should at least get to know your name, before you get to insulting us," Artemis remarked gesturing pointedly to where Artem stood. "If it helps, I'll introduce myself. Hi, I'm Artemis Avenatti, and you are..." While he waited for a response, his eyes drifted upwards for a brief moment as another balloon took the sky. It was going their turn in no time, and then Artemis was going to, not only, be stuck in America for an entire year, but in a magical boarding school of all things. Part of him wondered if this was a smart decision to join a project that he may not be prepared. Artemis rarely handled change well.



~Up with the sun, gone with the wind~

Femi watched as more people entered the balloon, making a total of eight people in all. The redhead seemed a little out of breath from the way she panted and tried to catch her breath. “Why are you all apologizing? It’s no problem. I’m sure that the balloon will take off even if everyone isn’t aboard anyway. So it’s not like you’re holding us up, we have a extra passenger as proof.” She laughed a little. Femi crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s nice to meet you Kate.” The redhead’s attention was then directed to the extra passenger. Femi watched them for a moment before turning Artem. “And thanks, it means love or marry me in Yoruba. I think that it’s pretty sappy honestly.” Femi wrinkled her nose when she mentioned her name.

“How could you tell? I left my broomstick and pointy black hat at home to blend in better.” Femi’s tone was playful. She shrugged her shoulders at Artem’s question. “Witch preferable, as long as you don’t call me anything like devil worshipers or Satan’s Whore, I’m fine with it.” When she heard her name once again Femi looked at Veronica. “Yes. I know a little, I wanted to learn more in order to properly adjust to being here. I’m honestly willing to hear anything that you want to share. In return I’ll answer your questions. And maybe become your next muse as well.” Femi had heard her comment about them. She winked at Veronica flirtatiously.

“I’m not sure about how the origin of the term muggle. I just know that non-magical people are called different things depending on the region. It’s not a bad term actually. It simply means non-magical. But if it makes any of you uncomfortable, I’ll stop.” She told them. Femi smiled when Artemis introduced himself, a chuckle slipped past her full lips. “Artem and Artemis, what a coincidence.” She pointed at the two of them.
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Location: Balloon 12
Outfit: X
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Femi Abayomi
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travelling satelite

Yuzuru Sei

Interactions: Artemis @TheWeirdPhilosopher Kate @Sadistic Sweetheart Veronica @thefan1
Mentions: Femi @Rayvian
Location: Hot Air Balloon no.12
Currently: Amused
you have to do a lot more to hurt me
The makeshift ice pack was taken from the brunette, but instead of putting it on tissues and all, Sei had chose to fish out the ice cubes, taking one directly to place on the split of his lip. He can't feel shit if there's layers of soft fabric hinder the cold. The act of which ought to hurt and the boy was sure that if half of nerve cells weren't killed off by his CIP, perhaps he would've winced in pain.

He didn't respond to either of the girls who addressed him. Instead, he merely grunted in soft agreement (which was a lot coming from someone like Sei). Shifting his weight over against the side of the balloon basket, he decided he wanted no part in the whole maj and muggle conversation. Even though he was forced into this blasted project, he by no means, enjoyed it. Some would've been willing to kill for such an opportunity and yet here was Sei, wanting to get things over with as soon as possible. Fortunately, given his age, he would only have to stay for a year at max until graduation. Then he'd be a free man.

While he had shifted away from the group, given their space, he was still within range to catch their conversation. Body language told others that he was still tuned in on their little talk, but with the way he looked at them, dark eyes bored and piercing, it was clear he had no personal input. Talking, seemed like a pain. His arm hung lax off the edge of the basket, the other was still holding a quickly melting ice cube against his lip. The droplets were tinted with hues of red before dripped down his neck, dissolving into the ends of his collar.

One male's question caught his interest however. It was one he often pondered to himself as well. Why muggle? It was such a degrading and tasteless way to describe humans like him. Was it suppose to be some variation for mugger? Sei almost scoffed at the thought and Femi's answer did little to help with the thought.

This was fine, Sei thought as he closed his eyes. The air today was warm and breezy. It did a bit to lift his bad mood, but it could've done more if he could actually feel the breeze which tickled the sores on his lower cheek, ruffling raven locks from their poorly combed position. When the ice melted enough, he dropped the cube into his mouth, tasting faint metallic and licking away the residue droplets gathered at his lips.

Given his evident attitude and personalty, shown in a few mere gestures and words, Sei would've believed that the people here would have enough common sense to leave him alone. The last thing he expected for someone to work up the guts to talk to him directly.

He rose a brow, a sole corner of his mouth arching in a sarcastic lurch, "Us, you say. I haven't insulted you yet," Sei mused, the yet hanging like a vow. His eyes skimmed the boy before him, a shameless attempt to size him up, almost intimidatingly so.

"None of your business," he replied, finishing the boy's sentence with a tilted cock of his chin, "Unless you plan to make me your business. If that's the case..." his voice dipped and in the span of a heartbeat, Sei had invaded Artemis' personal space, fully up in his face with only a breath apart between their bodies. So close and yet not touching. The way his actions were so fluid was unnerving.

"You can call me Sei," he grinned, the way a hungry cat would a canary. His finger tapped twice at the male's chest before he side-stepped away from him, back into the group of people.
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Isabella Flamel
Isabella was feeling nervous by being in this program, this was her first time being so far away from her parents and going to a completely different school. Beauxbatons has been in her second home since she could remember and know to have to do this sudden change made her feel uneasy, but she knew this would be for the best and that somehow she was helping the magic world to have peace with the world of the non-wizards.
The location of her new journey was Salem Willows Park and it was completely different from the usual place where she would take the carriage that would take her to Beauxbatons she was really going to miss going there, but this was something she needed to do.
She took a look at her surroundings and saw the number of people that were there, now it was difficult for her to see who was a wizard and who wasn't but seeing all these people excited make her feel happy she had wished that her old friends would have come too so they could see that magic wasn't bad but sometimes you can't change people's mind that easily.
Seeing the hot balloons Isabella couldn't be more mesmerized it was completely different from the carriage of Beauxbatons but she was still excited to have that experience, maybe she was more excited that she should be since she took her time to appreciate her surroundings that she didn't notice that she needed to go to the ballon that had the number 12 on it, that was the one she would take in order to go to Ilvermorny, she wanted to know what kind of people would be there and if they were nice or kind. Would she was going to be able to make friends while she there? That was the biggest concern on Isabella's head
As she arrived at the Balloon number 12, Isabella noticed that there was already some people and she felt embarrassed knowing that she was late, but just by looking she could notice that the environment was quite strange some people were excited while there were others that didn't seem to like the idea of going to Ilvermorny she could see why someone wouldn't be excited since she knew people that didn't like magic at all "Bonjour, sorry for arriving late. I'm Isabella Flamel is a pleasure to meet you all" She said with a shy smile even if she wasn't a social butterfly she could still make a good impression to this group of strangers


The Duck Overlord

Elliot NevilleElli couldn't help but jump at the poke in his shoulder. His eyes widened with panic, and he stared, frightened, at the boy who had sat next to him. And here Elli had thought he was going to be able to read in relative peace. Great. On the bright side, at least a girl hadn't sat next to him. He would really need his inhaler then. And, really, what kind of impression would he make if he starting puffing like an asthmatic? (Which... he really should see if that was a problem for him or not...)

The boy turned away rather quickly, which saved Elli from having to answer his question. The less he stuttered in front of others, the better. He sighed silently in relief and tucked himself further into the corner, watching the interactions between his fellow students unfold. It seemed everyone was introducing themselves, so in a lull of silence, he managed to clear his throat and say quietly, "I-I'm Elliot. Elliot Neville." He ducked his head back down to avoid any of the female occupants of the balloon from paying too much attention to him. He'd already discerned at this point that they were all way too pretty to talk to him. After what had happened two years ago, he knew better than to trust a pretty girl interacting with him.

Which was especially hard considering every girl on the planet was pretty.

But he digressed.

Elliot nearly interjected at Veronica's comments about this whole endeavor being a political move--how it wasn't used very often considering the distrust between members of different groups, how using fresh-minded youth was the only way to demonstrate true tolerance, despite the influence of parental opinion. In a way, he was glad he did not interject, because that would have blown his cover as the standard bookworm. He would prefer no one knew about his exponentially high IQ.

Some of the wizards began describing their various wizarding schools, and Elli listened with rapt attention. Could such things be possible. Then he realized that some of the non-magical members of the group, like himself, were starting to describe their own world. What if they asked about his school? How on earth was he supposed to explain that he hadn't gone to school in two years, that he was homeschooled, because of all the ridicule and strife he'd faced?

What was he doing here, again?

A couple of the latecomers were called to their balloon, and they arrived, along with a couple of other students, one of which apparently didn't actually belong in their balloon. He had some cuts on his face, which was concerning, but nothing beat the pretty redheaded girl inspecting his face. Elli was thankful she wasn't getting that close to him.

At this point, Elli had completely lost track of the conversation. Someone asked where the term "muggle" had come from, and then another was pointing out the similarity in two of their fellow students' names. Elli himself was amused by this fact, but he was really too busy trying not to catch the attention of the redhead, should she endeavor to get close to his face.

Even worse, the student from another group came close to Artemis, seated beside Elli, and said something that made Elli shudder a bit. He wasn't sure why, but he was fairly sure that the comment was supposed to make him uncomfortable in some ways. Considering how close he was to Artemis, and therefore to Elli, he decided that was not the most important issue on hand.

His ever-increasing heart rate was.

Yet someone else arrived, and though Elli was pleased to hear French, he was done with this day. Were they going to move anytime soon???

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Lady of the Hoppy Flop Doggos

Tai Mei Wen

Location: Hot air balloon 12
tags: everyone

They usually flew to the park. The three of them on their brooms, her mother playfully throwing random objects at her and cheering every time she caught them while her father looked on in amusement. Sometimes the twins from down the street would join them, Jamie running a hilarious commentary as James tried to intercept their passing. But she no longer lived down the street. May breathed in deep and grabbed the handle of her trunk before nodding at her aunt. She was ready. A hand settled on her shoulder -the only human contact she'd had in months- and then there was that feeling of compression, the universe squeezing in on her, suffocating, oppressive, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't breathe-

The world snapped back into existence with the familiar sight of Salem Willows Park laid out before them, bright and beautiful under the morning sun. The hand lifted from her shoulder and her aunt stepped away immediately, walking forward with her usual confident stride. Readjusting her robes with one neat tug, May followed her. She had to fight to keep the frown from her face when she noticed the sheer number of reporters and camera crews televising the event. It wasn't long before they noticed them, rushing froward to get a good picture of the latest arrivals. One of them practically shoved his camera in her face and she almost snapped and knocked the damn thing out of his hands. Instead she smiled politely and gave a short wave, chancing a glance at her aunt. The woman hadn't broken her stride at all, face still stoic as ever, but May noticed the white knuckle grip she had on her files -the biggest show of emotion she had ever seen from her- and suddenly felt a little closer to her.

The reporter persisted, walking alongside them. "What's your name, darlin'? Which school are you from?" He was so close, why wasn't he taking the hint, his fucking camera was still in her face-
"My apologies. We're in a bit of a rush, but I'm sure one of the other families will be happy to oblige." A hand on her back steadied her, lightly guiding her until they left the crowd of cameras behind. Breathing a little easier, she handed her trunk, broom and empty owl cage to a passing goblin with a nod of thanks. Her aunt turns to face her, dark eyes looking right into her own.
"Thank you." The taller woman only tilts her head as if to say 'it's nothing'. There is a long pause where she seems to be searching for something, or as if she knows something, but eventually all she says is:
"Take care of yourself, Mei Wen."
"I will." Her aunt squeezes her shoulder in an almost comforting gesture, and speaks so softly May isn't sure she was supposed to hear it at all.
"Perhaps we won't have to deal with them for much longer."

She hadn't wanted to participate in this project, but her professors had chosen her along with several other to help out their visitors and she suspected she didn't have much say in the matter. Trying to delay the inevitable, she hung out with a group of her friends as long as possible rather than head straight to her balloon. It was only when an official on a broom swooped down and informed her she was to go to Balloon 12 instead of 13 due to a mix up that she resigned herself to her fate. Parting ways from them, she headed towards number 12 slowly, taking the time to settle herself. While she had had a life in both worlds, she had always kept the two very much separated. Seeing her friends again had relaxed her, but face to face with people who were clearly no-majs in what she had always thought of as a strictly magical place made her uneasy.

"And I'm May," she said, entering just behind Isabella, smiling around the group and taking them all in. "It's nice to meet you all. I'm from Ilvermony, so if you have any questions feel free to ask." Her gaze was inexplicably drawn to the french girl, before she realised why. Veela. Or half, probably. She shook her head slightly to break out of her staring -thankfully it had only been for a couple of seconds. Not enough to really notice. It really was an odd group, she thought as she looked over the rest of them.


Magic Eight Ball
Artem Orville-Richardson

Location: Salem Willows Park| Interacting with: Femi, Kate, Sei| Mentions: Sadistic Sweetheart Rayvian Aster

Artem only blinked at the boy who'd called him a moron. "I was going for humor... Sorry." He muttered, focusing his attention instead on the other girl who addressed him. She seemed to ruffle Sei's feathers less than he did, so he was perfectly content to let him have her attention over his own. Kate, she'd said her name was.

He looked down at his sketchbook again, trying to determine if he was better off at the edge of the basket, when he heard his name. Artem looked up, pleasantly surprised that Kate still seemed interested in talking to him. "Oh, yeah. Art is kinda my thing. Not that I can't do other things, of course, but... I just really wanted to capture it. The dragon, I mean. And as a first impression. You draw things differently when you first see them versus when you're really familiar with them. The first time you see it, you see all of it, and you just feel like you have to capture everything all at once. You end up with these hurried lines and curves that just seem to capture the essence of it... but I think by the time we get where we're going, I'll have a completely different drawing. Details, you know. All the little scales, the way its feet curl around its perch." He flashed her an excited smile, then realized he'd been getting a little too animated. "Sorry, I, uh... I can ramble a bit when it comes to stuff like that. I'll just stop now."

"So," He cleared his throat, "Tell me more about you? I didn't mean to hog the conversation."

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Kathryn "Kate" Descoteaux
Hot Air Balloon #12 || Passionate
Tags: everyone im lazy

"Well, I'd be happy to get photographed by you anytime," Kate replied with a wink to the photographer, a cute tan skinned brunette that seemed like she had an inch or two on Kate herself. Just as the redhead was thinking she wanted to know the girl's name, she introduced herself. Veronica. Her last name sounded foreign; she'd have to remember to ask her about it. The fact that the girl wasn't a magic user was strangely comforting. She seemed normal. Something about her was familiar, even if they'd never met before. Strange, but welcome nonetheless. Soon enough, another boy introduced himself. Artemis. Oh, that would be a difficult one. She'd already met Artem; there's no way she wouldn't mix the names up. These kids needed nicknames and she was sure they'd get them just as soon as they got to know each other a little better. Quick enough, something looked like it was brewing between the injured boy and Artemis. Kate raised an eyebrow, but didn't have a moment to question any of it before her attention was caught by another girl entering the balloon.

Kate's stomach dropped when most other's jaws' would've. The girl was exceedingly pretty. Kate felt a strong, immediate aversion to her. It was like she could feel the attention of the balloon shift to the girl and effortlessly at that. Kate felt.... irked. This wasn't okay. God, it just wasn't fair! In a moment, this girl could have everyone's eyes on her. Kate had to work for that. Attention was given to this girl on a silver platter! What made it worse was that Kate could feel her own attention going to the girl despite her animosity. It was hard to take her eyes off the blonde. Jealousy swelled in her throat and she couldn't have said a word to the girl if she wanted to. She could have choked on it. The blue eyed girl hardly registered the girl who came in right after. Thankfully, Artem responded to her and Kate had to give him her undivided attention.

When Artem spoke, every word was laced in love. It was pure. It was simple. He just seemed to genuinely love what he was doing. Kate longed to feel so passionate about something. The way his eyes lit up, the enthusiasm in his voice, the effortlessness of what he said - Kate could listen to him for hours. The cadence was so smooth, the words so honest. Kate almost wanted to pick up a pencil and start drawing alongside him. Almost. She had never been an artist; it just wasn't her thing. However, she did want to find out what was her thing sooner or later. Maybe this new exposure to the world would help. When he stopped, Kate's eyes widened and she shook her head. "No! I love listening to you talk about it. It's beautiful," the beauty of it was real. In her mind, it harshly juxtaposed the beauty she felt she saw when she saw Isabel. However, that probably had a lot more to do with the jealousy she felt towards Isabel.

When he asked about her, Kate couldn't help the smile on her face. This. This was what she lived for. The attention was on her now in this conversation and she was more than happy to have it. "I'm from Wisconsin. Cheese state, y'know? I was going to an all girls Catholic school before this and I started getting really into activism. I started their first LGBT club. The school was more progressive than most Catholic schools, but most girls were way to scared to come out. We helped fundraise and gain resources for the LGBT homeless shelter in the city. We also did fundraising for the women's shelter and took part in the women's march down in Chicago. I was working on getting a real sex-ed class before this whole Project Unity thing started. The first step to solving issues is getting educated about what's going on. That's kind of why I was happy to be a part of this. We don't really know much about this magic stuff, so I wanna learn about it on my own. Why'd you join?" She paused, and glanced around the group, "why'd all of you guys join?"



Two Thousand Club

Veronica Jiménez

Location: Park Interactions: Kate, Femi, Elli, Isabella

A devilish smirk formed on Veronica's face as her flirtation attempts were reciprocated by Femi and Kate. The joy of being single, Ver mused, was the freedom of flirting with any pretty girl she came across with no repercussions or the problems that came with relationships standing in the way. A pass time that became increasingly fun now considering the amount of attractive girls she'd seen so far, and all within her group!

"It would be a crime to pass out on such works of art, wouldn't it?" she replied, "I'm sure we can work something out in the school. There are so many places I wan't to shoot in, starting with the dorms, of course."

She nodded her head in agreement and admiration as Kate spoke of her accomplishments. "Easy, I'm a journalist," Veronica replied when Kate asked the group why they'd joined Project Unity. "My old neighbourhood was targeted by magical supremacist groups back during the war, so I knew about magic before the secret came out. People didn't believe me, but I started researching and writing about magic with a small newspaper until the Statue of Secrecy broke and all of the sudden I wasn't the "crazy witch-bitch" anymore," she rolled her eyes, making air quotes as she remembered the comments. "Anyways, when Project Unity came around it just felt like the right thing to do. Ever since I knew about it I've been fascinated by magic, coming to a magic school seems like the best way to get closer to it. That, and whatever I write about the project might just be what gets me my Putlizer, about time."

When the two newcomers entered the balloon, her conversation with Kate and Femi completely left her mind. It wasn't as important as the godess boarding the balloon. The sight of the French newcomer affected Veronica in a way no other woman had done before. The mere view of her, her simple existence, stole Veronica's breath away. It seemed as all the blood in her brain moved to her rapidly beating heart the moment the beautiful girl stepped on the hot air balloon. Her beauty was one that should be reserved to a museum, and her almost ethereal presence surpassed anything she had ever seen before. The dumbfounded reporter smiled at the girl, trying not to show her admiration in fear of making her uncomfortable, not realising the girl's beauty was distracting her from the balloon's take off, as the dragon began breathing fire and the group rapidly rose from the ground.

"I'm Veronica Jiménez, but my friends call me Ver, or Ronnie, you can call me whatever, I'm sure they'll all sound nice when you say them," she breathed out, giving a small wave as the heat of the dragon's flames finally freed her from her trance. After the initial wonder of seeing a dragon actually breathing fire, Veronica quickly connected the dots as to why the dragon was doing so in the first place. The girl quickly turned to hang her head outside of the basket, looking down and hopng to see the green grass, only to find the quickly moving Boston buildings and white clouds. In front of them, gracefully flying while and making the occasional flip or trick, was their guide.

Me cago en su puta madre! " she exclaimed, quickly taking a seat next to the quiet boy whose name she vaguely remembered to be Elliot. Taking in deep breaths as she tried to calm herself down. The lack of seat belts, open view and dragon as their only power source made this experience even worse than flying on planes. "We're...awfully high up, aren't we? I did not expect that."

In her panic, Veronica neglected the small, but fast group of clouds moving towards their balloon. The clouds that almost looked like a normal, incoming storm. If it weren't for the fact these particular clouds were blood-red.
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Artemis Avenatti
Location: Hot air balloon No. 12
Scenario: Lives to tell the tale
With: Sei, Elliot, Kate, Group 12
Mentions: Isabella
Tags: @Mel28 @AnimeGenork @Aster @Sadistic Sweetheart

"One describes a tale best by telling the tale. You see?"

Artemis’ lips parted in a demure smile that was accentuated by a cluck of his tongue at the retort from the raven-haired male. He shouldn't challenge him… Even with the desire to keep those heady eyes locked with his for a moment longer. Still, common sense protested that opening yourself up to be insulted on the first days is a stupid excuse to flirt. Good impressions, Artemis. Good impressions. So instead, he resigned to mimic the guys’ motions as he sized him up -albeit in a less hostile manner than the former.

When Sei began to advance into his personal space, Artemis leaned forward to meet him in the middle with mild amusement, “I guess we'll have to see how things play out...Sei.” He murmured cheekily before leaning back.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the panic expression of the kid he planted himself next to named Elliot. He looked like he was one look away from his soul escaping his body, and if one didn't know better, you'd think Sei had been targeting him rather than Artemis. “All good, Elliot,” he nudged his shoulder. “Still tethered to this plane?” He didn’t want to make a big deal out of getting a response out of his neighbor -he clearly didn’t do well in the spotlight- so he decided to focus his energy on answering Kate’s question.

“I joined on impulse, honestly; I didn't think much about it. All I knew was that I'm a major history buff in a household of 2 historians, and when sifting through their records about London I found some weird things that led me to what I know recognize as wizards,” he gestured to the magical people in the balloon. “Right after I start delving into the whole wizard theory in relations to the weird inconsistencies and blanks in London’s historic records I got the invite to be about Project Unity and I was… Curious I guess. I assumed it was connected to what I’d discovered and I was interested to find out if it would tie in with what I've found or not.”

He made no implication of clarifying on what he had learned or found instead choosing to let someone's else offer their reasons for joining. Although, it was unlikely he would have been able to continue if he tried as what he could confidently say was the most gorgeous girl entered the balloon after another girl by the name of Mei.

All of Artemis’ words dried up as his brain struggled to regain some form of comprehension and cohesiveness in the presence of the unnatural beauty before him. His mind was so focused on the task at hand as he stared at the girl that he scarcely glimpsed at the rising of the balloon into the air as it took off towards his new home for the year.

He was going to need a moment.



travelling satelite

Yuzuru Sei

Interactions: Artemis @TheWeirdPhilosopher Elliot @AnimeGenork Isabella @Mel28
Mentions: None
Location: Hot Air Balloon no.12
Currently: Annoyed
you have to do a lot more to hurt me
Sei scoffed at Artem's answer. "What a sorry excuse of a joke," he thought to himself, the words almost slipping from his lips if not for Artemis' challenging reaction.

That, fortunately took his attention momentarily. He considered the boy with a tilt of his head, but said nothing. His lips pulled into a devilish smirk, cracking at the edges where the skin turned into shades of crushed blueberries. The bruises were a prepossessing contrast against his skin. He wondered briefly how confident Artemis could remain if he smeared such colors onto his skin, his fingertips into his bones. Sei would suck the life out of him dry. His name was an invitation for trouble.

And then his attention was caught, just so briefly, by the sorry excuse of a person beside him. Or well, now behind him. Elliot, the boy had stuttered. A harmless introduction which was granted with a glare thrown over Sei's shoulder. Why was he stuttering? The nervous energy he radiated was irritating. They were hardly a few feet above the ground.

"Pathetic," he growled underneath his breath, about to sneer at the boy until two more girls made their entrance. He would've ignored them if he hadn't glanced over. His eyes landing on the half-veela in a surprised, daresay dumbstruck look. While most could not resist the temptation to gawk, Sei stared with stupefied horror.

What the fuck?

The words wouldn't leave his mouth. His voice constricted by invisible binds, the same power which glued his eyes to the girl infront of him. Isabella, she had said in a heavy French accent. And Sei hated French. He didn't seem to hate it so much when she said it though.

Heavens were on his side, peeling his thoughts to more pressing matters---like the storm of red thunderclouds up ahead. With their trajectory, they were heading straight for it.

"Is that normal?" Sei asked with a frown, a crooked finger pointing at the growing red blur.
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~Up with the sun, gone with the wind~

Femi was silent for a while, simply enjoying the animated chatter of the people around her...well most of the people around her. From the corner of her eye she noticed two more figures enter the balloon. Femi turned to greet them but stopped dead. Her eyes locked on the captivating blonde, something about her beauty was supernatural. She eyed her in equal parts attraction and curiosity. A light bulb seemed to go off in her head. Femi snapped herself out of the daze she had been in. “Nice to meet you Isabella. Not to be rude but you are a Veela right? Half considering we were able to snap out of your allure?” Femi’s tone was one of excitement. The only time she’d seen a Veela happened to be at a quidditch match. The Bulgarian Quidditch team’s mascot happened to be a group of the beautiful beings. Femi only guessed about Isabella because of her accent and she fit the Veela image. Not to mention that the others were enamoured by her as well.

Femi perked up when the Ilvermorny student announced herself. She’d done her research and had a lot of questions, however she didn’t want to overwhelm her. “Hello May, it’s a pleasure. I have so many questions for you. But I’ll just ask one for now. Is the sorting as amazing as people say and are we going to get sorted? That would be amazing.” Uagadou had no sorting of their own, there were no houses that each student was sent into. They were all one. Femi thought that being sorted would be fun, to see which house best suited her. When Kate spoke up to introduce herself full Femi turned to listened. She leaned against the side of the balloon. When Kate spoke up she listened with rapt attention. If she was to live with these all of these people, she wanted to know as much as possible. “That’s all so amazing. You must have been a big deal back in Wisconsin.” Her accomplishments had gained Femi’s respect.

“Honestly I only joined because I wanted to travel. Due to the war there weren’t many places that we could go. So my parents figured that it be best to stay in Nigeria. Thankfully I was given the opportunity with Project Unity.” As Femi spoke the balloon began to take off. She held back a laugh at the various panicked reactions during their departure.

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In all honesty, Gabe had only been half paying attention to the others in the basket. Mainly he was just curled up in as small a ball as possible against the- What is this basket made of anyway? Wicker?- basket wall doing what he could to not freak out about heights. He'd flown in a plane before, but that was a vastly different experience from being in something as open as a hot air balloon. He was currently trying to remember all the words to his part in "Pirelli's Miracle Elixir", since for him trying to remember lines from something that he hadn't worked on for months was pretty all-encompassing.

It then sunk in that a question had been asked. A question for everybody, but that still included him. He hadn't really heard the others' answers very clearly, but he guessed that the question was about why they were here. At least something was asked that he knew the answer for. He rose to his feet, trying not to shake as much as he probably had been doing on the ground. He held on to the side of the basket, face and voice as steady as he could get them.

"I'm Gabe. I'm here because I want to understand magic, 'cause it's cool." Okay, not exactly how he had wanted the words to come out, but he couldn't really do anything about that now. He guessed he could either sounding refined or not being a wibbly mess on the floor, but not both. That was good to know. He'd fix that later. "It's like science, except with dragons and stuff, I think. Maybe. Probably not, nevermind. Er- um- do wizards have special wizardy sports, or are you all stuck with the same stuff we have?"

The balloon rose, and Gabe could feel the ground below them disappear. He sank back to the floor again, caught in limbo between his self-soothing technique and trying to listen for an answer to his questions. He was abruptly snapped back to the balloon with the beat-up looking boy's questions. Curiosity overriding nerves, he shakily made his way over to the side of the balloon, standing on tip-toe to see what it was that Sei was talking about. Red clouds. Red storm clouds. Did the red cloud thing even happen to storm clouds?

"Uh, guys?" He called back. "Unless that's a magic thing, I'm pretty sure that there's not supposed to be red clouds unless it's sunset." He caught a brief flash of lightning dancing between the scarlet clouds. Panic rose again to his robin's egg eyes, and his tone became more urgent. "I really hope this balloon's got an anti-storm spell on it or something!" This was going to be the longest flight of his life. At least, he hoped it was, because the alternative most likely came with a tiny dirty-blonde corpse plummeting from the sky.
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Elliot NevilleFinally, finally, finally. Finally the balloon was taking off. Elli was ready to get to their destination so he could seclude himself away from all these girls and overly social guys. He hadn’t completely missed the disgust on the one boy’s face as he moved away from Artemis. His cheeks still burned from the heat of his glare.

Elli had always known he was weak, annoying, pathetic, even. There were multiple reasons he despised himself, and the handsome Asian boy with the fiery glare had reminded him exactly why he was so undeserving of the opportunity to be here. Tears welled in his eyes, though he blinked them away furiously. He would not cry in front of all these people. He wouldn’t give them any more reason to think he was just some worthless non-magical boy.

Even though he knew for a fact he was worthless… but that was another matter entirely. Elli self-consciously placed a hand on his sleeve-covered wrist.

Just before the balloon took off, one of the girls—Veronica? Or something like that—sat beside him, which, really? That was such a foolish idea—hadn’t he already proven he couldn’t handle people in general (ESPECIALLY GIRLS). Wasn’t it obvious that sitting next to him would give him a panic attack?

Okay, okay. He was fine. No panic attack. Elli was distracted from his current panic by the angry red storm clouds ahead of them. They were scary looking, and it was a little nerve-wracking, considering their current trajectory had them heading toward them. While some of the occupants of the balloon started panicking or expressing concern, Elli sat up and stared at the storm clouds, his brilliant brain working overtime to figure them out. “I wonder… is this a mixture of the natural cloud formation as well as magic? Where does the red pigmentation come from? Are they able to harm us? The lightning doesn’t seem to have the same electric properties of regular lightning, or even static electricity. Hm…” Elli leaned his arms on the edge of the basket, his mind running through tons of calculations all at once.

“I highly doubt we could avoid them, even if we adjusted our angle of trajectory,” he musted. “We’ll just have to hope the balloon doesn’t come in the direct path of the lightning. I hope none of you have any metal on you.”

Huh. That was the most he’d talked in a week.


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"It's incredible. I'm in Thunderbird myself -house for adventurers and of the soul- but I could have gone to Horned Serpent too. There's four houses in total, but if more than one approves of you, you can choose which to be in." May replied, thinking fondly back to that day she first stepped foot in Ilvermony. "It's optional, but you guys should definitely go for it. The sorting can reveal something about yourself that you never knew. The only problem is it tells everyone else too," she joked. "But don't let that stop you, it's something you'll remember for the rest of your life. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?" She held her hand out to the dark skinned girl. "You can ask more questions if you want. I don't bite," she said with a wink. The others were stating their reasons for joining, but while she listened she didn't bother to add her own in.

"Nigeria... are you from Uagadou? It's the only school I know from there, I'm afraid." The balloon was several meters off the ground before she even registered it was moving, after five years she was more than used to the feeling by now. In the fact the only real reason she took notice of it was because of the amusing reactions around her. The girl she was talking to seemed to share her amusement.

Moving towards the center confidently to give the dragon a few treats as was tradition -the snacks given by students ranging from specially procured meat to unwanted sandwiches- she looked up to what was going on. Great, she thought, looking at the sinister clouds. Just great. "Yeah, no that's magic alright. The balloon has several protective charms against storms, but that's definitely not an ordinary storm."

She peered over the edge. They were too far from the take off point to contact anyone on the ground, but there was almost always someone keeping an eye on the balloons (as she and her friends had unfortunately found out during a hijacking attempt) and she tried to see if she could spot them.Though if there was anyone looking out for them -which there should be because who would leave several balloons full of muggles on what was essentially a diplomatic mission to prevent all out war unattended? If she was being entirely honest, it was something her ministry might do- they would see the clouds as well.

"Might be best to hold onto something," she added. "Looks like we're in for a ride." Her hand unconsciously went to her wand as she stared at the clouds, running through possible spells that might help. "Does everyone know Arresto Momentum?" That would be useful if they fell. Despite herself, she found her lips curling in a slight smile as a thrill shot through her. She wasn't in Thunderbird for nothing after all.


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Veronica Jiménez

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Veronica's brows burrowed as she focused on the red clouds. The other's conversations passing as nothing more than murmurs and whispers, truly insignificant when compared to the loud roaring of thunder. The cloud's speed seemed to increase with each passing second, along with Veronica's evident worry.

"Who would do something like this?" Veronica asked, not doubting if this unnatural phenomenon was a product or magic or not. She couldn't imagine the amount of power it would take to create an entire blood-red storm, but she wouldn't count on regular students to have the capability of doing so. Thus, this was most likely the work of an experienced witch or wizard. Why? She didn't know. The answer, even while unknown, scared her more than all plane (or basket, for that matter) rides combined. Opposition against Project Unity was not unheard of, both in the wizard and muggle world. Perhaps this was an attempt to bring down the operation before it even began. Perhaps this was simply a demonstration of power. Perhaps this was completely unrelated to the opposition. No matter the different explanations, the conclusion was the same.

They were completely, royally, fucked.

Against her better judgement, the girl forced herself to return to the edge of the balloon and look down at the ground below. She remembered there was supposed to be a teacher guiding them. Surely she would be able to help, right? Veronica's hope was short-lived, however. By the time she had returned to the edge, a thick layer of red fog was completely blocking the ground. In a matter of seconds, the clouds closed in around the balloon, completely obscuring the view of the unlucky students.

Thunder echoed louder than ever, hurting Veronica's ears as she tried (in vain) to make out whatever was outside the balloon through the thick clouds. The balloon, miraculously, wasn't experiencing any aggressive movements. Outside from the alarming color and loud thunder, the storm seemed relatively harmless. Regaining some of her composure, Veronica raised her camera and prepared to take a picture. She doubted she would have the opportunity of interacting with a magical, red cloud anytime in the future - this was her last chance of documenting such an odd event. Besides, Veronica didn't believe there was such a thing as an inappropriate time for art.

Her finger barely time to press the button when a loud growl sounded through the balloon, much lower and longer than the thunder they'd heard before. Veronica saw angry blue lines shaking around them, the protective shields doing what they could do hold off the impending attack. But, alas, it broke. Long, scorching hot whips emerged from the clouds; striking the unsuspecting travelers wherever it could. The whip wrapped itself around Veronica's right wrist, giving her such a strong burning sensation she could've sworn she was being attacked by the very sun. Her scream (which was barely audible, thanks to the cloud's loud groaning) accompanied her as she tried her best to free her wrist from her attacker. Her heart frantically threatening to break out of her chest as the shocking sensation became stronger, making her feel as if the bones in her wrist broke over and over again.

Suddenly, it stopped. The whips retracted and a unsettling silence ruled the balloon. With even the dragon, who was still powering the balloon with a more guarded and frightened demeanour, recovering from the attack. Veronica wrapped her left hand under the new wound, applying pressure to lessen the pain as much as she could. Reluctantly looking down to check the damage, she was met with a unexpected sight. Where she expected to see nothing but the angry lines of the whip and burnt flesh, she found indecipherable lines around her wrist. The lines were crooked, but some resembled normal letters. It almost looked like a message, in a completely unknown language.

"Guys, look-" she began, rising her wrist to show her the markings when a strong gust of wind struck against the balloon. Forcing the basket to move around wildly. Without thinking it twice, Veronica held on to the railing, waiting for more turbulence or impending doom. Whichever came first. Suddenly, her head turned to face the girl who'd been last to joint the group. She remembered her mentioning she was an Ilvermorny student. Surely she would know what to do in this situation.

"You!" She called out as another blow hit the basket, "you're from Ilvermorny, right? Is there any way we can protect the balloon against the storm? Or at least make an emergency landing?!"

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Isabella knew that she had caught the attention of everyone in the balloon and not because of her friendly introduction, she didn't finish her sentence and already everyone was looking at her mesmerized something that made it uncomfortable after her friends back home called them a monster for being a Veela and that she used them thanks to her beauty.

It was strange that before she didn't mind about her being a half Veela, she thought that helped her to get to know people since they were interested in her somehow and she was quite shy at meeting people, a selfish thought but she never thought that things would turn like this, since everyone at Beauxbatons was aware of her being a Veela and it wasn't like she was the only one but being here surrounded by people from so many places made her conscious of what they could think of her, she only wanted to be able to get along with people on her own and to show that she wasn't an emotionless person that just took advantage of someone thanks to her being a half Veela.

She felt her cheeks blush from embarrassment when a girl named Veronica seemed to be mesmerized for her since Isabella didn't know how to react at the statement of the girl. She only caught the last bit of her conversation but she could see that she wasn't a witch, since she said she was a journalist and that people didn't believe her.

But when another girl talk to her and admitted out loud that Isabella must be a half Veela since everyone seemed enchanted with her but somehow managed to stop staring at her she felt more embarrassed, at least the wizards knew about them but she wasn't expecting to come in and explain her genetics to people she just meet especially when she didn't know how they would react at her, she was scared that the muggles would try to avoid her or think of her as a phenomenon and somehow she felt that could happen since she sense the tense environment with a guy who looked at her like he just saw his worst nightmare but she hoped that maybe it was her mind playing tricks on her.

"You are right, I'm a half Veela, my mother is a complete one and my father is a normal wizard, well, unless you don't take in count the fact that my father is related to Nicholas Flamel" She said regretting admitting the last part back in Beauxbatons it was a big deal that she was part of the Flamel family, but now she wasn't sure if people would think that she just wanted to show herself, she really hated that she started blabbering out when she was nervous.

Isabella didn't notice when the balloon started to move until Veronica started to freak out and said something which she didn't understand anything, even if she spent years surrounded with some Spanish girls back when she studied in Beauxbatons. Definitely, she preferred the carriages since she thought it was more calm and secure or it was because she was already used to it.

Isabella didn't notice when the balloon started to move until Veronica started to freak out and said something which she didn't understand anything, even if she spent years surrounded with some Spanish girls back when she studied in Beauxbatons. Definitely, she preferred the carriages since she thought it was more calm and secure or it was because she was already used to it.

But the sudden change in Veronica's attitude caught her attention and that's when she realized what was happening the red storm wasn't something she saw before and she didn't have a good feeling about this and even less when they caught in it and even if she was worried and think that they should act cautiously some people didn't think the same like Veronica who started recording it and if she was a muggle like her maybe she would do the same.

But when she heard the loud growl she knew something was off and they could be in trouble and especially when the shield was destroyed and the whips started coming inside the ballon "Veronica!" Isabella yell at the girl when one of the whips hit her and rushed towards her hoping she could help her somehow but as she got next to her a hot whip hit her on her front shoulder, she felt like if someone was gripping her and putting a lot of pressure on it along with a burn until it stopped and realize she had similar marks as Veronica and probably the rest of the group.

Isabella found surprising how Veronica stand up as nothing happened but the sudden movement of the basket made her realize things aren't over yet. "She is right, we have to do something and quickly, we have been already struck by those whips and we don't know if they would come back soon"

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