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Realistic or Modern Project TETSAR {Soldier Rehabilitation}

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  • With the cold war going on between Russia and the US and the Vietnamwar becoming more and more vile, the United Nations decided they needed to find a way to protect civilians. Both from wars, but also from natural disasters. World leaders and other political important people met up with all kind of specialists on every field there was during the roaring '60. Eventually Project Team Extra-ordinary Talents and Special Abilities (Project TETSA for short) was setup. The Project had one academy where young children would be selected after some intense screening. They were screened on intelligence, behaviour, physical strenght and endurance. Only the best of the best would be let into the academy. The Academy would provide them with all schooling and training they needed to become the perfect soldiers. Soldiers that were strong, physical and mentally. Soldiers that would not be afraid and that would keep their calm. They would save civillians in times of needs, not hesitating about giving their own lives if necessary.

    Now the 21st century came around and the United Nations decided that Project TETSA was pretty much unethical. It was unfair to rip babies from their families and train them to become super soldiers, without letting them have any say in it. Everyone should be allowed a normal childhood and life, something that was without question not the case for those that were part of Project TETSA. The Project was shut down. However that raised the question what to do with the current soldiers? These soldiers would have to be accepted into a society that they did not know how to participate in. So a new project was started, with a very original name: Project Team Extra-ordinary Talents and Special Abilities Rehabiliation (Project TETSAR for short).

    For Project TETSAR all of the world individuals were selected to take in and mentor one of the former TETSA-members to teach them how to behave in public, to teach them how to cook, how a smartphone worked, but also what feelings and emotions are. Since that was the whole trick of TETSA, taking away emotions that would get in the way of succesfully completing an assingment or mission. The mentor and their soldier will be living in a two bedroom appartement in a complex with the other mentors and soldiers. For the first half year everything will be arranged they can think of. Mentors are free to make their own plan on how they wish to help their soldier back into society. And the mentors even get quite a hefty sum of money for every week they are part of Project TETSAR.

    Will Project TETSAR succeed? Or will it fail horribly?

    That is all up to you! So come on, dare to be part of this once in a life time oppertunity and see what the future will bring...

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