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Annabella-Annaliese Angelova

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Anna turned her head back. "That makes it sound like you're going to shoot me. Please don't shoot me!" She replied to Irina with a smile. Then she turned to Fuyuko. "Your welcome. I love how you always pray for the victims, thank you for that Fuyuko-chan. There needs to be more slayers like you."

A Demagogue lay in wait below? That was a good guess.

"Thank you," she expressed her gratitude to Fuyuko again as she took a talisman. However, she frowned, feeling its effects immediately. "On the other hand.. Perhaps you need this. I shall return it to you, protect yourself with this, Fuyuko." Unfortunately she couldn't have her friend's talisman, no matter the sentiment in which it was given. It would dull her senses and reaction speed. "Hm, it shouldn't be too maze like.." They had the map of the facility after all. Though, a map did very little for the blind, but the others could read it.

After that they entered the building. Immediately her upturned nose wrinkled in disgust. The smell was extremely off-putting. A crease crossed her brow. Unfortunately within this demon hive her demon sense would be somewhat dulled. She could sense demons everywhere. "It feels like there's demons everywhere. Like they're crawling in the walls. Just like bugs." She announced to them, gripping her staff firmer. "Be on your guard."

Frankly, she had expected to be attacked immediately. The constant buzzing and irritation of her demon sense kept her on edge the entire time. Luckily Anna couldn't see the remains of the kills like the others could, though she could tell there was death around her. Inside the main generator building her head tilted towards the man crawling in pain, a pained frown on her face.

A moment later Anna shot back. There was a metallic ringing as her cane caught the blades of a mantis-like-beast. Then she sensed a flying one near the others. "I don't need to tell you this, but beware of that other one! Stay clear of its bile! I sense a nasty power in it! And watch out for the lesser demons! They may swarm now that we're engaging!" She shouted to the others, from her position clashing with the mantis. It was good she returned Fuyuko's talisman, otherwise she may not have had the reaction speed to block its strike from finding its target. Suddenly there was a gleam of glowing green from between one of her barely-open eyelids. Her cane began to shift into a formidable blade, still clashing against the mantis' own blade. "I got this one."

Michiru Kuiiru Shizu

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At the mobile HQ at the site, Shizu regarded the info spread out them with some mild interest. Upon hearing Isaac she chuckled, "Ha ha, I just might do that." Her joking tone was directed right at him.

Truth be told, Shizu didn't really have any sort of plan. If you could call her the type that looked like she stuck to some sort of well-thought out plan. She was more of a "go with the flow" type of girl. Actually, she would make plans to follow if she was operating alone, but operating alone and on a team were entirely different things. Planning one's own part was simple enough, but planning what others did? Frankly she didn't have the patience to really care what the others did. "I'll go with whatever we decide. Don't worry." I clean up whatever's left, anyway, she thought darkly with a grin.
After the somewhat awkward conversation with Alessio, Felipe pulled out his pen and next to Alessio's name he wrote down: Not very annoying, useful... Felipe would keep writing things down on his notebook, remaining silent all the way, taking into account his surroundings and taking further notes as the details of the mission were shared.

At Alessio's suggestion to share things Felipe cleared his throat, letting Djalu and Alessio speak first, "Versatility and flexibility, I can be a scout, provide long and medium range support, and other utilities. I'd prefer not to be at close range, that's why we have... her." Felipe said pointing at Ogre "Last thing to note, don't touch my stuff and don't interrupt me. That is all you need to know for now, I'll be able to work with any strategy"

Felipe didn't speak further, but stared directly at the handler when they miss pronounced his last name, staring daggers the man before deciding he'd let it slide, putting on a set of earbuds attached to his phone whose screen was cracked beyond belief. Felipe put on his favorite playlist, closed his eyes, and started bopping his head to the rhythm of the song, quietly mumbling in spanish.
b11b0f6b2a5f96bec07bedd8f0c6ce8a.jpgAs the group walked past the bloated, fly-ridden corpses Fuyuko continued to mutter her quiet prayers, speaking in her unusual dialect. Those who spoke the language could recognize it as Japanese, though it was difficult to understand. Regardless it seemed to be some prayer to lost, sorrowful souls in need of guidance home.

While she uttered her prayers, Fuyuko’s eyes keenly scanned the shadows for signs of the monsters who killed the soldiers. The veil fluttering across her face would pierce through illusions, which is why she was surprised to see the man begging for help. There was no illusion here, and yet she felt a great unease at witnessing the man’s arm wiggle around. She was reminded of a puppet doll being dragged around on threads, and that alone was enough to put her on guard.

Fuyuko’s hand went to the mask at her hip just before the mantis and flying demon made their appearance. With a quick dash to the side, Fuyuko managed to dodge the corrosive bile attack launched by the flying demon. Some of the fluid splashed towards her, but was stopped mid-air by the talisman’s barrier.

Once she was safe, Fuyuko glanced at Annabella who was locked into combat with the mantis. Though she wished to help her friend, she had to agree that her abilities would be best used against the airborne threat. She trusted Annabella to take care of herself.

“Allow me to deal with the other, then.” Fuyuko said, her stance changing.

With three graceful steps and one smooth movement, Fuyuko raised the kitsune mask to her face. The heat already made her skin tingle, even before the blue flames ignited in the mask’s once empty eyes. Old paint of blue and black shimmered with renewed life, and the curved fangs glinted lively in the dark, almost as if curving into a wolfish grin. In a delicate dance, Fuyuko raised her crimson bow and knocked an arrow into its string.

Pale flames gathered around the arrow, licking at Fuyuko’s hands. It stung, but she held her aim steady at the flying demon’s wing. Perhaps if she could cripple it, the demon would be unable to take to the air.

“Our apologies.” she said, voice echoing in the mask, then unleashed the arrow.

The pale flames streaked across the dark, leaving an eerily beautiful trail of flickering blue sparks that lingered in the air like mid-summer fireflies.
Team B - The Dam
Irina Nikitovna
As they went forward into the complex, there was a distinct lack of orders or advising, of questions or plans. Irina says hell with it, meeting up with the ones who were in charge, or at least in control. The monk looking man was a failure If he needed time to show them what to do, find. She would buy that time. And if that were not enough she would assume direct control herself. There was little else as a viable options.

"Eh Priestess, back up the Blind girl, your arrows would likely piss of big spluttery man. Nice distraction, though I will be back for blood from one of you." Transforming into a bright red mist that was akin to bats, Irina was suddenly there and not, as she reformed on the neighboring roof of where they would be. Already leveling her Ak she fired the 40mm grenade and a few rounds at it's wings, arching a bit in case it tried to fly, a hatched remain in her left hand, hoping to close in for CQC.

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Roman listened intently to the situation. Subway tunnels were poorly lit and not intended for people to travel efficiently. Any damage could cause a collapse that killed them all, so they would have to move quickly and without collateral damage. Next they would have to know their layouts to form a proper strategy. Isaac's skills in tracking would no doubt be key in finding the Archon, but New York's metro was a maze of tunnels with a hundred possible exits. To trap the Archon and limit the damage they'd need to focus more on controlling it's movements.
"Well if we're gonna do this nice and proper, we'll need the most recent plans from city hall. That's including the service corridors you don't find on normal maps."

Then there were the gang wars. Roman had been in Afghanistan long enough to know to never mess in the local politics even if they struck first; especially if they struck first. When multiple gangs were involved the risks compounded tenfold. Each gang represented a neighbourhood of families in need of protecting. Shooting their way through would enflame the conflict and bring risk back on themselves and SWORD, in addition to robbing those families of their only protection.
"We need to seal every exit; trap it underground for long enough to call a ceasefire between the gangs. No way I'm going down there without a map and risking innocent lives in the crossfire. It's in everyone's best interest to send this thing back to Hell."

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For Aki's part, the deflated demon moved in formation, eyes turning from each grizzled mess to the next. She listened to the others interact while silently gripping her biceps. One played down the insects whilst the other warned of their ability, Aki just sort of groaned through her mask.

"If they're infernals, then they're not that strong... just gross..." She murmured, though Aki's perspective was likely a bit different than the others. The Russian used guns and Aki's specialty was speed. "The big ones are the worst though..." She said, referencing the Demagogue.

As they made their way further in, Aki's demeanor didn't much change as the messes they saw moved from metallic and vehicular to gory and visceral. She didn't seem all that inconvenienced or affected by the sights, other than that they were the obvious byproducts of insects. Obviously, she was desensitized to normal gore by this point. However, Anna's statements made her shiver. "Eugh... please don't tell me that... so creepy..."

Fuyuko had offered them talismans for protection, a sweet gesture that Aki normally would've taken with glee even if it made her feel a bit more down, but in their current circumstance. "Thank you... but I really don't want to chance throwing up," She stated rather bluntly. She wasn't really squeamish normally, but it was clear she really hated bug demons and their byproducts. If she weren't so distracted, she probably would have notice how rude that sounded and blabbered out a clarification.

As they approached the crippled man. He spoke, but everything else was odd. Rigid movement, even for a human, eyes shut. Then, it clearly became a trap. A giant mantis-like thing attacked them from their flank. Aki was momentarily distracted from her overall disgust to acknowledge Anna's reaction speed. However, then the second one made itself known spitting bile, and it flew!

Sparks skittered across Aki's body as she lowered her center gravity and took the katana hilt in hand. Then, with a thunderous crack, she blitzed forward in a bolt of light under and past the demon. The light travelled in a straight line, stopping at a wall behind it with Aki holding a similar posture as before, albeit vertical with the wall. Then, with barely any time to recognize her form, she shot forward again, launching herself forward in the air and toward the bile demon. Whether its wings were successfully clipped or not, Aki intended to draw on it regardless.

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