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Fantasy Project Redemption NO LONGER ACCEPTING

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This rp would take place in a superhero-y world (kind of like marvel/DC where a bunch of people get superpowers in completely unrelated ways). Synth is like this world's equivalent of Shield, that being an international security system for alien attacks, superpowers, etc.

Project Rejection can be explained in the following project file (summary past the second divider)

Project File REDEMPTION C#58-745 | July 5, 2019
REDEMPTION will focus on the training and safekeeping of minors that are enhanced, modified, talented, and otherwise excelled in one or more abilities to inhuman/significantly large extents and have cause to be removed from their current living situations/guardianships*. Such causes include, but are not limited to, the lack of current guardians and/or guardians that the asset in question may be transferred to, criminal activity relating to or assisted by such abilities said asset excels in, and involvement in dangerous activities that are likely to result in/have already resulted in death/injury/harm of the asset in question and/or others.

*Assets eligible for Project REDEMPTION also include minors previously under the guardianship of one or more deceased Synth agents.

All assets of Project REDEMPTION will be housed in CAMP |Codename: LYCAN|, where they will attend classes for education and training.
Subjects of such classes may include, but are not limited to: combat (of multiple types), [REDACTED], languages (including, but not limited to: Spanish, Russian, Japanese, ASL, English, International Morse Code), math, sciences (including, but not limited to: chemistry, anatomy, botany), world politics, and world history.

Assets will be kept under the legal guardianship Synth and therefore be exempt from any laws specified to separate nations/territories/states and instead be allowed to operate under a specified set of rules and regulations agreed upon by all nations under the International Synth Agreement.

Such rules follow:

1. Assets may be sent on assignments as decided by the project directors.
1a. Any assets at or under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an active Synth agent.
2. Assets will confined to CAMP LYCAN unless given specific permission by the project directions
2a. Assets exiting CAMP LYCAN must be accompanied by an active Synth agent if entering a public area.
2b. Assets under the age of 13 exiting CAMP LYCAN must be accompanied by an active Synth agent until returned to CAMP LYCAN.
3. Upon entering CAMP LYCAN, assets will be fitted with a specialized bracelet designed track the asset it is fitted to, deliver an electric shock at a specified voltage (to be decided on a case to case basis by project directors) or other such discipline method, be irremovable by the asset but still controllable/removable by CAMP LYCAN officials, monitor vitals of the asset it is fitted upon, and whatever other features are determined necessary by the project directors.
4. At the age of 18, assets will age out of Project REDEMPTION and enter into a secondary system.
4a. Which system will be decided on a case to case basis by the project directors.
4b. Such systems include, but are not limited to: the CC project, other Synth operated systems, and detention centers.
5. Assets will follow all rules and regulations agreed upon for Synth agents if they do not contradict or conflict with any rules and regulations states above.

Project Redemption is for (A.) superpowered kids/kids who are really good at something (Hawkeye and archery, Black Widow and fighting/stealth/etc) who have a reason to get taken by Synth (criminal activity, homeless, having no family left to take care of) and/or (B.) kids of Synth agents who's parents died. They get stuck in Camp Lycan (A.K.A just Camp, or just Lycan) and get trained to be a Synth agent (and occasionally sent out on missions). They can't leave without permission and also have to wear bracelets that shock them if the officials want/need to.

(So it's gonna be a superhero academy with some added drama of a government facility pretty much owning them)

- Students (superpowered/kids of dead Synth Agents/kids who are really good at something (Hawkeye and archery, Black Widow and combat/stealth/everything)
- Teachers
- Lycan Officials
- Synth Agents (will have less rp time)
- Villains (gotta add some SPICE to the rp)
- Other roles that would make sense

Post frequency/length?
I'd expect pretty frequent posting at the start, but at the quickest, I'd think a post a day (probably less depending on everyones' availability). I prefer posts at least a paragraph long, but I get it if there's nothing to react to.

If you're interested, reply here please. I'm aiming for 5-10 people, maybe a little bit more than ten if there's a lot of people interested. (And ask any questions that you want)
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Just realized I forgot to out the link... sorry about that everyone.


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