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Futuristic Project Lazarus | Interest Check


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OVERVIEW | Over 600,000 people go missing every year, the majority of them are found relatively quickly and their cases closed, but what about those that aren't found? No bodies recovered, no clues or hints as to where they went, no reasons left behind or any inkling that they'd been wanting to leave. They just vanished. Eventually these cases are closed and the person is determined dead. Funerals are held and empty caskets are lowered into the ground in honor of a person who seemingly no longer exists.

Nobody except crackpots and conspiracy theorists would ever suspect the government was behind these missing people.

In an abandoned mine in Wyoming, deep underground, there exists a secret government facility that spans around 50 acres. Fully staffed with scientists, military, cooks, administrators, maintenance staff and many more, this facility houses those people that vanished without a trace. This facility is the headquarters for a project called the Lazarus Project, named so because of the assumption of its subjects being dead to the outside world. This facility breeds super-powered individuals meant to work for the government as an elite secret team, employed into heavy combat zones or on covert assassinations and more.

The subjects of the Lazarus Project are controlled through underhanded tactics and threats, varying from individual to individual. Some have implanted explosives that can be triggered remotely and at the drop of a dime, some were brainwashed with trigger phrases to execute commands, however a majority are controlled with simple threats to the families they were so ruthlessly ripped from. Only one has ever escaped the facility, and they were never heard from again, though the legend of their escape echoes throughout the halls of the facility, giving hope to the many subjects still under the thumb of Project Lazarus.

YOUR ROLE | You, like many of those around you, are among those that were kidnapped by the showrunners of Project Lazarus. You were experimented on and imbued with special abilities. You are either currently undergoing or have already gone through strenuous training to control your new-found abilities, and when you've grown proficient with them, were assigned to a team and sent on missions.

Some of you might not mind your position within Project Lazarus. After all, those who play nice are rewarded with comforts and small freedoms that others don't get. Others, however, are not happy with where they've found themselves, and are tired of being pawns of the government. You want to break free, to escape, just like that long forgotten subject. You speak in whispers about it to those who are of a similar mind and you plot and plan when there are no eyes to see or ears to listen. Your ultimate goal is escape and to bring light to the atrocities performed by the directors of Project Lazarus.

You must be careful, however, as the staff has shown no hesitation in terminating or isolating those who prove uncooperative or uncontrollable. You must pay close attention to your training and show them that you have control of your abilities, or you'll find yourself on the chopping block.

STORY PROGRESSION | First Arc - Introductions: Pretty self-explanatory, this arc will be used to introduce your characters to each other and establish any relationships (friendships, etc.) Some of you may just be arriving at the Project Lazarus facility after gaining your abilities, some of you may have been here for awhile. A training session will be held in this arc as well.

Second Arc - First Mission: In this arc of the story, the characters will be going on their first mission as a group. Accompanied by their handler, they will be tasked with an assassination in a foreign country. This mission is used by Project Lazarus to test the group as a whole on their cooperation and abilities.

Third Arc - Aftermath: What happens in the second arc sets the tone for the third. Some of your characters may come back disgusted with what they were tasked with doing, this may start their desire to escape, others may have enjoyed it or felt indifferent. This arc is extremely fluid and will depend entirely on character reactions.

Continuing the story: Again, 2nd and 3rd arcs will set the tone for the overall story and what direction I take it in, so this is up in the air for now!

  • All of RPNation's rules apply here, if you do not know them I suggest reading them over here RpNation: Community Guidelines
  • No God-moding - these may be super-powered individuals but that doesn't mean that they're invincible.
  • No Meta-gaming, any outside information you may have regarding the plot or details about other characters should not influence how your character interacts with things in the roleplay.
  • 18+ Only please
  • I will be limiting the number of applicants I accept to no more than 8, each applicant should only apply for 1 character unless prior permission has been granted.
  • Acceptance is not based on first-come-first-serve, I reserve the right to reject any character.
  • Literacy is a must! I will be requiring 2 paragraphs minimum per post, this is to ensure that everybody playing has something to work off of.
  • I will be upholding a one post per week rule as well
  • OOC will take place on Discord as it is the easiest way for me to keep it managed and organized.

LINKS | I'll update this list with actual links once I get enough interest!
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lemme in here
Thanks for all the interest! I’ll DM everyone an invite to the discord here in a bit ^^
I am interested, I have a character idea in mind already and would like to see if she would fit here.
Discord invite has been sent, if you didn’t receive one and would like one DM me and I’ll get one out to you! Any questions can be asked here (please tag me so I see it) or in discord (tag me there as well)
Discord invite has been sent, if you didn’t receive one and would like one DM me and I’ll get one out to you! Any questions can be asked here (please tag me so I see it) or in discord (tag me there as well)
This looks like a really cool idea! I'm definitely interested if there's availability
Bumping this and adding a bit of an update!

Firstly, you can check out the lore here Futuristic - Project Lazarus | Lore and I’ll edit the post above, as well as the character sheet thread here Futuristic - Project Lazarus | Character Sheets and above also!

Second, I’ve decided on a tentative due date for character sheets to be finalized and posted as being August 8th, if you’re interested and have any questions whatsoever feel free to DM me here or ask for the discord and questions can be asked there as well!
It is, nobody has been accepted as of yet as I’ll be waiting until that deadline in order to give everyone a fair chance

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