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Fandom Private my hero rp between myself and Doctor Colmer Voidsman

Doctor Voidsman

The Heartbroken man
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Name: Dr Colmer Voidsman

Species: Void being

Age: Being a creature from the void he has seen the beginning and the end over and over how ever he has the mental age of a 87 YO

Appearance: with his mask and attire on: formal doc 8.jpg with out mask: Docs face.jpg

Personality: Doc Colmer is a quiet man usually keeping to himself and being alone. he's quite tolerable of those around him not mind the chaos as long as it doesn't get between him and work or doesn't involve him entirely. His silent attitude give him an ominous feel making few people think he's up to something bad...the reason is because he's a mute and doesn't tend to talk that much or interact with others well. he's quite a smart person able to plan things out and predict possible events that may or will happen. He enjoys cooking and helping out his patients when the time comes. when working in his hospital he has a serious almost harsh demeanor wanting to get work done and as quickly as possible as well.

Backstory: Colmer was made form the darkness of the void and made to be a weapon but after refusing he was cursed with a form that tries to avoid turning into. Doc was forced to stay on earth for the rest of eternity and force to live after all is destroyed however he was ine with it and is willing to try new things with this new found immortality, On one hand he could be a good person and live life as normal as possible, and on the other he could be an evil person destroying all of humanity....so he choses to forge his own path. he tries to be friends with anyone he may see fit and help them in any way he can whether it makes a huge or minor difference.

Likes: he likes his silence when alone so he can read and write
when working he listens to music more of the classical and rock type of things he can't choose either one so he likes both and alternates between the 2, another thing he likes is his hospital he's built it from the ground up and is proud of it. the final thing he likes is his sibling, Delaney Voidsman, who is much smaller and younger than that of old Colmer

Dislikes: Doc doesn't do to well with conflict and tries his best to avoid it in anyway possible. another thing he dislikes is he hospital being damage in anyway it breaks his heart seeing it happened, another thing he hates the most are people who play or are hero's he see's them as unworthy of his time and ignores them. the final thing is his cursed form...when he loses control of his powers he tries his best to restrain himself but fails to do so...

Life goals: he wishes to be friends with everyone and anyone as long as they prove they won't just use him or betray him

Worst Fears: Doc fears life...he's been alive for so long that is scares him...when will he die?...is he already dead and in purgatory?...is this his own hell?....no one knows for all he knows is that he's lived for too long and craves death...but can't have it. there were times he thought he's come so close to dying but failed to do so. he's tried several ways but failed even go as far as to asking every god or demi god he's encountered to erase him from every plane... but all have failed

Ability Theme: unknown...Doc has multiple abilities but tends to only stick to a few at a time

Weapon summoning: Comler can summon any weapon to his side at the wave of a hand as long as he seen or used it he can summon it.
limb Transformation: He is able to transform his limb into anything he desires whether it be a hook or blade he can do it
Self replication/Mitosis split: Like Mitosis doc can split off into a perfect clone of himself and usually does so when in need of help.
hyper regeneration: burn, split, or even disintegrate him all you want he just needs one molecule to grow back....how ever it takes a while up to a day or 2 to fully regrow
Transformation: He's able to turn into different things like another person or to hide himself

Weaknesses: The limb transformation is utterly painful and causes him to only use it rarely.

the weapon summoning gives him a severe migraine mostly because he can't choose what weapon to use

self replication takes nearly all his energy and cause him to slow down and be tired

hyper regeneration does the same and take lots of energy from him

transformation is dangerous and if use to much he'll enter a stage he nicknamed beast stage where he loses all control and becomes a beast from hell....he is an image
Final form.jpg

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