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Fandom ☆ prince of tennis craving ☆ (canon/oc doubling + tripling)

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disclaimer: i use proper caps when roleplaying!

hello everyone, i'm kris. thank you for taking a look at my search thread! so, i know this may be a super long shot, but i'm looking for a prince of tennis/tennis no ouji-sama rp!

i prefer to double up or even triple for love triangles or polyships. also, if it matters any, i go by the anime (subbed) as opposed to the manga, and i've only watched the original tenipuri but i'm slowly working on watching the rest (i know i'm slow & late, hahaha)

important info:
- i prefer to roleplay by pm only but can consider email.
- i prefer m/f pairings for myself but i'm open to anything for your side.
- my posts are generally 1-2 paragraphs per character. it can be more or less, depending.
- i'm very lenient on mistakes (grammar, portrayals, etc.) as long as you try your best.
- my average reply speed is once a week, or less with more motivation.
- i am ghost friendly and would please ask that you are too.
- i put equal effort into both sides; please try to do the same!
- i may be dyslexic and take breaks often, so do keep that in mind.
- plotting & au friendly, in fact i adore au's (except soulmate ones)!

if all of that is fine with you, please refer below for the characters i'm looking to play against and the ones i can play for you in return.

looking for: tezuka, atobe, mizuki, shusuke, kaido, inui, sengoku, yuushi, yagyuu, saeki
can play: anyone aside from the first three names listed above!

if interested, just dm me and i'm sure we can work out an awesome plot together! ^^
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