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Madilyn Morshall|22 Yrs|Spell Werewolf
Busy reading over her schedule and not even having turned to the note that came with her class schedule, the young woman hadn't take much notice of what was going on near the gates. Life was all about making friends and having fun, interspersed with duties to her alpha and the Malific bloodline. Speaking of which, she should probably go look for them. Given the family had the characteristic red eyes that most humans thought of as vampires, the spell wolf made her way away from her tent and headed out across the grounds in search of the brothers' that she was bound to protect and be companion to, not sure if other members of her pack would be here within the school to help out. Any other vampires were fair game as to relations, their duty was to the house of white vampires. Walking across the field, the female used her sense of smell to try to sniff out the pair, not exactly knowing what they looked like and not knowing if they knew of her presence within the pack. @elextrified


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Francis: Commotion was never my strong suit. I had slowly backed off at the first sign of it. Well, this was getting more typical by the minute. I thought of my fate, wondering if I would be prone to receiving such attacks. I was a wimp. I wouldn't stand a chance if somebody, especially a vampire or werewolf or anything like that, were to attack me.
I then stopped, realizing how selfish I was being. But I couldn't take on another human very well, let alone a vampire. I was so nervous I couldn't sit still, so I wandered with no aim but to avoid the fiasco. A wimp I am.


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Bethany Rosewell|10 Yrs|Slave/Feeder-House Salvaeus
As her master's sibilant voice hissed in her ear and she was hauled up easily like she weighed nothing from the ground, Bethany's body went still, her breath catching within her throat. Master wouldn't care that she hadn't wanted to come here when she'd found out about the vampires roaming the school and the other monsters, she would be punished for it anyway. The young child was not sure what all this meant but her remaining eye widened in fear as terror took hold of the young child, forcing her body to shake instinctively as one was prone to do when frightened. Yet, the child could not even beg for her life or for mercy, neither of which master would listen to anyways. No chance of pleading asking for forgiveness or attempting to explain, even if it weren't the child's fault for being here.

Behind Garaenyx, his younger brother frowned as people from feeders to vampires and a magister among them began defending the child. The vampire closed his crimson eyes, his brother would not be pleased with other people butting into family business, especially business between a vampire and their slave. He doubted whether his brother had even heard the name he'd said the girl now belonged to either and so attempted to keep the crowd of students back, knowing there were others of the family within the school's student body who would step in for the head of their house if needed. What shocked the vampire was that the magister had a gun pointing at his brother's head which was bound to turn into a dangerous situation and then there was not only a pregnant feeder jumping into the foray...none of the family agreed with that....but there were other pure bloods sticking up for the small girl. This was going to turn bloody...he just knew it and so he moved closer to the scene through the throng of students, hoping the pregnant girl who seemed to lack brains, dared tell his brother off, would leave.

Garaenyx took no notice of Bethany's struggling or sudden gasping for air, her choked coughs and whimpers as her throat began to break and the smell of blood permeated the air. Something suddenly came in front of him and he turned his gaze from Bethany to see another human there, this one with a large stomach. For a moment he stared at the woman as she spoke to him, another coming forward and attempting to drag the pregnant woman away. Both smelled human...both also seemed rather stupid, particularly the pregnant one. "You, girl, best go back to your master if you don't want to lose that child inside your womb," he threatened, the pureblood having no qualms about doing as he said and destroying the property of other vampires. Needless to say, a human daring to question him was something that was further setting the vampire off and he raised his free hand in the woman's direction to strike her. Within the crowd a couple more members of the family quietly waited for orders from Garaenyx. The vampires of the family tended to have eyes of varying shades of blue and green, red, violet, magenta, yellow and orange, making them a rather fluid house yet they growled as the woman of a major house threatened their own, with death none the less. Garenyx made sure his family knew the laws, mainly the old ones that hardly any others bothered following...the only other house that might be aware of the old laws were the Levsea House, a house that their head tolerated and had semi-amicable relations with.

Before the vampire could do anything else, or even his family members...someone else spoke and he felt the butt of a gun against his head with someone speaking his name and ordering him to put Bethany down. As if, he growled to himself. As for Bethany, the girl would be lucky to move when he was done punishing her for being here. The vampire had reasons, albeit selfish, for keeping Bethany to himself. Education tended to mean freedom and free will, not that humans had much free will and didn't have any freedom. They learned their place but Bethany was young enough where he could train and teach her where she belonged himself. In return the male protected her and kept her away from other male vampires, even those among his house who might be stupid enough to try to think of the girl as a snack or for other reasons. Words filtered into the vampire's mind. Something about putting Bethany down, neutralized if he didn't cooperate, violating some nonsensical order between vampires and humans, stuff that was more or less meaningless to him in his current mood.

He couldn't respond even if he had wanted to, which he didn't, when he was suddenly met face to face with a woman who seemed to have gone through some weird transformation thing and the began speaking, Garaenyx's eyes moving to her as she spoke in a commanding tone. Though there were other purebloods attempting to speak to him, Garaneyx didn't bother looking towards them, even if one had momentarily taken center stage. The woman spoke and his face twisted into a murderous scowl. He made to speak bu the woman cut him off before he could even get any words out. Suddenly Garaenyx found himself buffed backwards as if by a gust of wind and he found himself on the ground, in the process dropping Bethany who clutched a hand to her throat as she began coughing up blood, attempting and failing to get any air into her lungs. She found herself beside mistress but master was also here, the child looking between them both despite her coughing up blood, however she also noticed the silence of others around her, some vampires staring at the child but not making a move as they saw the blood staining the ground. Did this mean that she was being given back to master? Master was frightening but he was what she was used to and she didn't think master would make her come to this school...what idiots had thought of children being in a school of vampires anyway?

Garaneyx made to speak again but the woman once more cut him off and said the charge for messing with a personal feeder of a vampire was death by public beheading, each of his family members' growling lost in the ruckus of the other vampires. In that case the woman deserved to die, it wasn't like Garenyx had picked up the first random and near dead creature he could come across. Even if he couldn't speak or move at the moment, he knew how to give commands...however it didn't seem that was necessary as a small body suddenly lay on him, taking Garaneyx and his family by surprise...the girl had never willingly gone to her master unless ordered or threatened with punishment. Did that mean that she was choosing Garaneyx? There was no way the child knew of the law their head of house had discovered. Small hands twisted on the vampire's shirt as Bethany attempted to make sounds, but all that came out was choking and gurgling noises with no semblance of words in them. The fact that he was being held down by strong magic, and he could recognize magic but hadn't expected a vampire to harness the ability, Garaneyx was unable to hold the girl to him but he was pleased that she had loyalty to him. Perfect, that was what he wanted in the first place. The girl surely knew she would be punished for this, much less leaving and yet she still was here, attempting to save him. How sickeningly sweet. Mentioned: @TheHappyPikachu @Mr Swiftshots @AI10100

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It wasn't much of a jaunt, but for the guards, getting through the impossible amount of dense students crowding around the situation was what had made their approach so difficult. So they instead decided to say "To hell with it" and make it easier. With a quick crouch, the ten guards who had been called to the scene leaped high into the air, landing in a perfect circle of spears aimed directly at the head of the man holding the child by the throat. Each one of them turned their back of the spear to gain more leverage and accuracy with what could be an impending thrust if they had to neutralize Garaenyx, but for now, they would wait. What they were waiting for was quite simple:

The captain's Leiutenant.

WIth a sudden snap of their fingers as they pushed their way through the students to emerge just behind the circle of guards, the woman, who stood at nearly seven feet in height, cast what would have been one of the highest forms of magic to snare Garaenyx's grip in a portal, the girl popping up directly next to her. It wasn't much effort for the woman, who would prove she had quite the imposing strength, to pry the man's thumb from the girl's throat, effectively bringing his grip to null before catching the child, Bethany, in her free arm.

"Garaenyx," she said, her voice harsh, but still quite in order despite her volume. "For causing such a ruckus at the academy here, you're hereby ordered to follow us to the Guardhouse. If you don't comply, simply enough, you'll be struck down for your insubordination and disorderly conduct. Personally, I wouldn't care if Madam Aeternus gelded you or the Magister behind you did turn your skull into a watermelon being victimized by a .50 calibur rifle round, but, as they say, rules are rules. Comply or be subject to something that you very much would regret, Mr. Garaenyx.

"As for the rest of you, thank you for your attempts, but please disperse. We have this situation under control." With that being said, each guard pushed the tips of their spears closer to the man's head, nearly touching his flesh, but not yet attacking. If he was foolish enough to attempt to duck, considering the positioning of their hands and the proximity of the weapons, there wasn't any likelihood he would escape their attack. He'd be run through from all sides.

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Kalean continued to shake as she stood up to the man, it wasn't a moment later till she felt a light tugging at her hand her eyes widened at the sensation moving to the little girl for but a split second before her attention was reattached to the older male holding the little girl, her terror growing at his words as she took a stumbling step back and grimacing, this child may have been forced on her but she loved it with all her heart, her free hand moving to her stomach and practically frozen in place until the guards arrived, Bethany, her roommate, being teleported out of the mans hands by a woman with seemingly overwhelming power and the situation being taken quickly under control, slowly snapping out but seeming rather panicked, the girls somewhat weak and exhausted body finally being taken in by the young girls persistent tugging as she continued to stumble backwards through the crowd and past Athena at the base, moving backwards with the younger as though that's all she knew how to do.

That was until bumping into a young girl who had an expression as though enjoying the fight a little to much, her eyes shifting sideways only to spot what appeared to be a ghost, eyes widening farther as she let out a small eek and moved again, only after a few steps feeling a warm breath and upon looking up spotting the head of a- a dragon!? practically leaping to the side and leaning against a tent she held her head, Athena hadn't taken that much blood, had she? Her head was spinning from nerves and overwhelming terror and her breaths short and a little cut off, her throat tensing as it swallowed and she looked around once again, she'd grown up in weird and mind boggling situations, bu this seemed to be just a little bit too much for the pregnant teen, in fact it wouldn't be a stretch to say she looked as though she was about to pass out on the spot.


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Athena's blood began to race as the man continued to disregard her orders as well as the orders of...Evangeline! She had no idea the princess was going to arrive at the school as well. Athena felt herself idly go to rub her massive belly as the baby began to kick and become active thanks to all of the excitement. She just hoped that the craziness wasn't going to force her into labor. That would be embarrassing for her and for her family name. The girl looked around for her feeder and saw her looking dazed and confused by one of the tents. "Is everything ok?" she whispers as she approaches the girl to ensure her feeder and the future feeder of her child were going to be ok.

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Michael Farrow-Salvaeus
Interacting with: Titania, Bethany, Lieutenant
Mentions: @Mr Swiftshots @scorpiodragon @Osuka
Michael could clearly see how Bethany was not comfortable around him. He could say that she didn't even trust him. Well, that was understandable. Considering what he's heard she's been through, and what he could see from the scars on her body and her very visible eyepatch, he wasn't all that surprised. He couldn't say that he wasn't a bit disappointed though. He's treated her like he treats every other being out there - with the right amount of respect that befits their kind or their role. Feeders, to him, were more than just cattle or pets to keep around. If not for them, they'd have to actually hunt for sustenance - placing them all in great danger of being exposed due to reckless actions. He knew and accepted that, hence why he treats them well. What few feeders they had left were also given compensation in the Farrow household, in hopes of keeping them instead of turning to their vampire hunter brethren.

His breath hitched and his eyes narrowed when he saw a man quickly striding towards their position. He wasn't as imposing as he imagined him to be. He's heard about him - read about him before. He was part of the lesser bloodlines - of the House Valeaeris. Now, why would Michael research about a lesser known household who doesn't pose a speck of threat to the Salvaeus bloodline? Because this particular man, Garaenyx Valeaeris, was Bethany's old master. Michael knew that. Titania knew that. They also both knew what she's been through under the rule of that bastard. Michael knew fully well that that kind of treatment was not unique among their populace. But they frowned upon it. It may not be their entire bloodline - but the two present vampires just couldn't imagine such a thing. Especially when they have grown fond of the gray haired child.

An almost inhumane growl climbed up his throat when Garaenyx grabbed Bethany by the neck and took her off the ground. Dropping the suitcases gently on the ground, he walked towards them, emitting what seems to be pure killing intent but he made no move to attack just yet, restricted only by his honor and his job. Getting violent now, without proper permission, would only get them in more trouble."Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Sir Valeaeris." He started, his voice stone cold but a polite smile was on his face. "I'm afraid you're placing a hand on my master's feeder and we would greatly appreciate it if you let go. If not, there may be some repercussions."

To his surprise, so many people stepped up. First was Athena - pregnant but still fierce. She yelled for him to let her go. Next was a human, holding a gun straight at them, talking about apprehending him for breaking some law. A smirk appeared on Michael's face. Oh? So he could legally maul this guy because that bastard was breaking the law. Sweet. Athena's feeder stepped up but he heard commotion there. He can't protect both so he sent her an apologetic look. And the latest - Lady Evangeline, 'heir' to the Aeternus bloodline. She ordered for him to release the young feeder. Wow, there seemed to be a lot of them who actually wanted to stand up to a mere feeder. And here he thought Titania was the only one who would do so.

Then his master came out of the car, angered and her bloodlust was almost equal to his. Now that was surprising. It was rare for her to get angry like this. Michael stepped aside as she began to speak, dipping his head respectfully to his master. There was a small smirk on his face when Titania sent a spell towards that bastard - who promptly was pinned down on the ground. A wicked smile appeared on his face as Titania told him about an old saying. "Ha! Of course I do!" He then turned to Garaenyx who was immobile for the moment and approached the man, hands clenched as he did. "An eye for an eye right? Well prepare your- huh?"

His lone eye blinked in surprise as Bethany draped herself over her previous master - as if protecting him. She was trying to speak, but it all came out as gurgles. Michael opened his mouth to speak, to tell Bethany to get off, but he couldn't find the words. He had no authority over the young feeder after all, but it was more than that. it was as if Bethany felt the urge to go back to him - to still protect the same master who threw her out and took her eye. Michael's anger subsided a bit, to the point where he won't attack Garaenyx because Bethany was there. He didn't want to bring harm to her after all. Not in his ballistic rage.

Then the guards came - this lieutenant person came. She dwarfed him by inches. It was amazing. Michael let out a small grunt as he crossed his arms. She managed to pry Bethany away from Garaenyx, something Michael wanted to do himself, and then seized control of the situation. The bastard was surrounded now. Michael's shoulders dropped. He turned to the woman. "I'll bring her to the infirmary miss." He told her. He then paused before looking back at the man. "Well... one last thing." He attempted to excuse himself to get closer to the guy. If successful, he would jab his hand in Garaenyx's eye and rip out his eyeball. It would be so satisfying. So. Very. Satisfying.


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Matavar Calnaeros-Levsea|18 Yrs-1 Yr Tuned|Sanguine/Psychic-House Levsea
"Glad some have respect around here and thank you for understanding and not forcing the issue. Be glad you cannot," spoke Matavar in a surprisingly amicable tone. Usually Matavar didn't speak much to people, the past year had been learning to live with his scars and adjusting to his new life under father's guidance. And the one who had saved him, however unwillingly on Matavar's part, would always be his father and therefore hold the vampire's loyalty. The hybrid vampire took no notice of the crowd gathering by the gate. "Reading minds among other things isn't as fun as people make it out to be." He frowned, lifting a hand to rub at his temples...such as now when there were quite a bit of thoughts going on about the situation and heightened emotions...some curious and some amused, some thoughts saying what was happening was what the humans deserved and others that couldn't believe there were vampires, let alone pure bloods sticking up for food, it was a hassle attempting to tune everything out. The Calnaeros-Levsea heir's face twisted into a murderous scowl as he was subjected to some of the comments on the thoughts of some of the vampires.

The human, Gabriel, did seem to brighten up at the mention of games. "Sometimes I wish they'd die," he growled out, using his other hand to wave around at the people around them. This human couldn't know of the issues he had with the purebloods, father was fine as was his house. It was the other purebloods he had issues with. He quietly listened to the talk of games that Gabriel mentioned he enjoyed playing before dropping his backpack and unzipping the front pocket again. Pulling out a post it note pad and a pen he scribbled down z4anarchy on the top sheet before pulling it off and slipping the stuff back into the front picket. Standing once more, he held the slip of paper out for Gabriel to take. "That's my id I use for gaming...whether through console or online...don't suppose this place has a lounge area at all or even an arcade. Seems to be going out of style on the arcade front." Matavar frowned, father's cousin had said they were all the rage in the 80s. "I do RPG, some MMOs like World of Warcraft, and first person shooter games mostly...sometimes car racing which is mostly Need for Speed franchise. Call of Duty's fun but can be a challenge, particularly that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare...I can't even get past the first level. Mortal Kombat's a good one in my opinion...anything where i can kill and cause bodily harm...with a good storyline I enjoy. Some games though, I play them and then they're a disappointment, despite what the trailers on television say...like Star Wars Battlefront. No story or overall plot." @ZiggyZig

Madilyn Morshall|22 Yrs|Spell Werewolf
Busy reading over her schedule and not even having turned to the note that came with her class schedule, the young woman hadn't take much notice of what was going on near the gates. Life was all about making friends and having fun, interspersed with duties to her alpha and the Malific bloodline. Speaking of which, she should probably go look for them. Given the family had the characteristic red eyes that most humans thought of as vampires, the spell wolf made her way away from her tent and headed out across the grounds in search of the brothers' that she was bound to protect and be companion to, not sure if other members of her pack would be here within the school to help out. Any other vampires were fair game as to relations, their duty was to the house of white vampires. Walking across the field, the female used her sense of smell to try to sniff out the pair, not exactly knowing what they looked like and not knowing if they knew of her presence within the pack. @elextrified

Taegel Denerus|18 Yrs|Dhamphir (Vampire Hunter in Training)-House Denerus
Taegel could easily hear the commotion going on behind him but he did not turn around or stop. He was tired and hungry, the ride in the taxi not being very comfortable to sleep within. The Dhamphir teen wondered if there would be others like him here...other half-vampire and half-human beings or even if there were others of his house here within the school. It would make things interesting and probably create issues for him. There were quite a few students drawing a crowd by the gate but this allowed Taegel to head towards the tents on the opposite side of the school grounds without much difficulty, of course there was the issue of guards getting in they way and attempting to move forward to interfere at the scene. A bit too late don'cha think? Reaching the field after twenty minutes of pushing through the crowd, Taegel thought he had walked back in time. Tents of varying colors, open to let the night breeze flow through and make it easier to let people move within and out of them, stood in a field of lush green grasses. Overhead the sky was still the pallet of colors, like time had stood till. The announcement came on again and he listened, having missed it due to just arriving and then the ruckus by the gate leading to the school. Getting what information he needed, Taegel began to look for the tent with his name on it, paying attention to if any others' of his house were within the school.
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Ash stuck close to the pregnant feeder, happy she was finally listening and moving away from the fight with her. She hoped someone would sort the situation out, but it wasn’t something she could fix herself, so she focused on the one thing she could help. The pregnant feeder. Unfortunately, her grip was lost when the pregnant girl started to panic, but she remained close, unsure of how to help. But she did want to help.

What she didn’t want, however, was to be told off by a vampire for touching their feeder. So, when Athena came over, Ash froze. Stood beside the feeder, the 12 year old lowered her head a little in respect and fear.

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Bethany Rosewell|10 Yrs|Feeder/Slave-House Salvaeus
Bethany had started when mistress's bodyguard came up to behind her, jerking in master's grip and Garaenyx's lips drew back over his teeth in a snarl, a low warning growl coming from him. "Oh...is my pet truly yours then?" he growled, a twisted smile coming to his face as this pathetic slave according to his brother dared speak to him, much less tell him what to do with his property. He couldn't say much else when events happened...being knocked to the ground, the woman cutting him off, Bethany rushing towards him. The vampire sent a mental thought, targeted at his family to not interfere unless needed and got their mental nods of submission as others crowded around them.

Things came to a head as guards suddenly appeared, one grabbing Bethany and easily pulling her from her master, the girl stubbornly clinging to Garenyx but she was no match for the strength of the vampire. Being set down on the ground again and with herself focused on apologizing or attempting to do so, she had missed Michael staring at her in disbelief at her actions, the child completely unaware of how this would look to the others around her or how it would reflect on mistress. The young girl was confused and terrified. The guards hauled master’s head up, the other vampires of House Valeaeris unable to get through to their head and family member with the influx of guards and students. Said guards then pointed spears at Garaenyx which only served to frighten the young child attempting to speak but unable to do so. All the while vampires continued staring at the scene in some strange sense of fascination...despite how the second in command of the guard had spoken to everyone to disperse...however it was a couple of foolish students attempting to go for the young child that the family acted. As Garaenyx wasn't in the condition or able to move, both his brother and one of the cousins stepped in, the other one hanging back and watching over his family member.

A right hook to the vampire who had lunged at the frightened child as she sat there, staring in fear at the vampire whose eyes had gone completely black lunging at her brought it down. Bethany blinked in confusion as the monster was taken down by another monster, not knowing these were master's relatives that were interceding...not on her behalf but master's. The blond-haired vampire then pulled out a knife and in one downward motion, stabbed it through the instigator's heart, digging it down through skin and bone to be sure the job was taken care of while Garaneyx's brother made his way to Bethany, though not before the other had gotten by and bitten the girl on her already damaged throat. A strangled scream came from the child, forcing the younger brother to interfere and rip the vampire away. The child immediately collapsed to the ground but before either cousin could do anything...the vampire's head suddenly wasn't there anymore. Both the cousin and brother looked towards the guards, Garaneyx standing there and glaring in the direction of his pet and family. The vampire's indigo eyes were tinted red and the aura coming off Garaneyx caused both his family members to back off and move out of his way. The younger brother picked the child up carefully in his arms before heading off to the infirmary. He was unsure if his brother's damage to the girl could be reversed but there were other places one could get blood besides a human's neck...the child seemed too frightened of her "mistress" and the vampire bodyguard to even contemplate moving or registering what was happening. As he picked her up and held her in his arms he could see what color in the child's body had drained of color. Bethany would gradually begin heading into shock, her mind and body shutting down. He didn't look back as he headed towards the infirmary, the cousin slipping into the crowd and rejoining his brother, both heading back across the field to the tents. However, the vampire slave could come if he wanted...he likely didn't know the way to the infirmary anyway.

Garaneyx was shaking in rage. This was why he hadn't told the girl about the school or allowed her to come. Those two dead bodies on the ground were exactly what he'd been protecting her from, his red tinted eyes watching as the vampire slave attempted to come towards him, the guards making it relatively difficult. The vampire would attempt to get near him but a command from one of the guards made him stop. He then turned his attention back to the other creature that was obviously not a vampire who had been speaking to him. "What were you saying precisely?" Garaneyx questioned. Needless to say he had completely ignored what the woman had said to him, and his pet's safety took priority for the moment, the vampire feeling somewhat faint and seeming unperturbed by the spears pointed at him. It had been quite a bit of psychic energy he'd used in removing the other vampire's head. Mentioned: @AI10100 @Mr Swiftshots
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Taegel Denerus|18 Yrs|Dhamphir (Vampire Hunter in Training)-House Denerus
"Denerus," came the hiss from the white haired hunter as he found his name on a tent near the end. Pretending to be a student was easy enough, considering how he had never been a student before. He only knew how to read, write and do math thanks to his mother. Stepping into the tent, he made his way towards a small booth where he was given a pair of papers and a picture that were stapled together. He looked at the picture, featuring a man with red eyes and dark brown hair. The red eyes being a tell tale sign that his room mate was a vampire. "Wonderful...at least it isn't a member of my house," said Taegel. He read over the note about his room mate and directed to him. Humming in thought he sighed. "Maybe they will come down this way. In which case I will just hang out here." He dropped his bags and sat down out of the way, folding his legs before him. @elextrified
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Hannah turned away from the action going on to look at the girl that had more or less requested her attention. Another human. A smile donned her face, trying to put the stressful actions behind her literally and figuratively. It was out of her hands and would be handled with or without her. No need to stress out. Giving Evangeline a polite tap on her arm to let her know she would be walking aside, she did just that.

"Pleased to meet you as well," Hannah said, head bowing just a little, "My name is Hannah. I'm Lady Evangeline's personal feeder... and have been for many many years." She stated the last bit as a nod to her staring at her neck. It was something that... wasn't exactly subtle. She knew it looked strange, and was wholly aware that others expected marks. "I'm very lucky to have my Lady," she stated, giving a bit of explanation, "She's very careful with healing me. Regardless, thank you for the compliment, and I have absolutely no idea what's going on. It seems like some former master had issue with them being with a new master. I don't know the details, as a lot of this we just happened to walk up on. We've only just gotten here."

The whole time, she kept her eye contact. She refused to be a shy little feeder, especially to another human. Perhaps with vampires she'd avert her eyes to show respect, but she was meeting her eyes, so she would do the same in kind. Hannah only broke contact to look around the crowd, "Well! I have no idea what your brother looks like. Would you like some help in trying to find him? I think if he were in the center of this mess then you'd likely see him, so perhaps we can look elsewhere? We need to grab our dorm assignments, so maybe he went over there?"

Interacting: @ZiggyZig
Located: Prestigious Bloodlines Academy
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There had been so many things that happened all at once. Fortunately, even though in the end his efforts were only proven to stall rather than to be a form of neutralization, it looked as if the guards had come in time - and boy did they ever. Ten guards and even the lieutenant herself? He couldn't help but frown as he allowed one of the guards to dart in front of him, feeling himself reflexively skip backwards to allow room. It was pointless to keep his Dominator out, and, as he pointed it to the ground, Ivan slipped his trigger finger from the trigger itself to a switch just above it along the barrel. Pressing it with his finger rewarded him with the coming intent: Dump mana. It was almost as if a blue cascade had suddenly been pouring from the open barrel, only it would dissipate as it splashed against the ground, leaving only a split-second of time for the mana to flick as droplets before disappearing entirely. Only after ten seconds of doing this would he switch the Dominator to a low-powered mode and slip it back into his jacket.

The Lieutenant said to disperse, so that's what he'd do. He already put the spotlight on himself once, and it only served as a reminder that he needed to be more careful and thoughtful. He could've just shot the man from range, and it could have already been over, but the laws made it clear that he had to give a warning beforehand. It was something akin to a civilian arrest, only that civilian had magick and a weapon, and the civilian who swore to uphold that law had to act. Whatever the man's gripe was with the child, it was deplorable how he handled it, but it didn't change how some families worked with their feeders or random feeders without Lords or Ladies.

A sigh left his lips as Ivan nodded to the instruction the Lieutenant had made and, after raking his hand through his hair, promptly left it to those superior to him in this situation. It didn't take him too long of a walk to get to where his rucksack was - did he really cover such a distance so quickly? It was no wonder why he was suddenly feeling so exhausted. It made itself apparent to Ivan that he had spent too much mana too quickly, and drowsiness was only one side-effect of what could be Mana-burn if he had pushed it any further. What the hell had he been thinking?! First day here and already he was likely to make enemies. He scoffed at himself as he slung the bag over his shoulder and secured it once more, giving a slow, heavy exhale, trying to calm himself. Most usually, Ivan was able to be stoic, but he had went far too into the red with this incident. The only thing he should have done was call for the guards for them to handle it, and most usually, any old human would if they were exposed to the supernatural, but the values and morals of his Bloodline demanded he took action, and it was as if someone else entirely took over.

"To hell with it" he mumbled to himself, his deep basso a quiet rumble. "Don't think about it - just find your roommate."

The only problem was finding a face you didn't know when you only knew the name. Was this some kind of test, or was this just the Academy attempting to subtly force a thorough meet-and-greet?


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Roland Allister
Interacting with: Ellie, Ivan
Mentions: @Shmivian @Osuka

Roland watched as Ellie looked at him with wonder. He gave her a big smile in return, even as she attempted to punch him. However, more commotion was brewing. Ellie flew up to look at it and then went back to him and reported that something was happening over there. Interesting. He nodded. "Yes, yes, I'm coming." He floated up to Ellie's level and looked down upon the scene that was unfolding in front of them. A frown replaced his earlier smile - his eyes narrowing. Oh, he knew this one. He wasn't the head of the Valeaeris bloodline when he was alive, but he certainly has heard of this particular one. He crossed his arms. Had he been alive and not a staff, he would have interfered immediately. But he was bound by rules - and he counted on the guard to make their move.

But still, his non-existent blood boiled and his hands balled into fists. He took in a deep breath. Roland turned to Ellie. "Hm… quite a conundrum isn't it?" He shook his head in disappointment. This was as bad as before. Rough handling a human was against some sort of law that they, the Magisters, abided by and expected everyone else to as well. This is how they kept everything in check. But it seems that not everyone would abide by those rules. "Do you see that Ms. Ellie? We all try our best to keep peace among these same beings, and yet, nothing has come from it." There were many things he regretted in his life - finding a way to end all this crap was one of them.

To his surprise, many came to the young feeder's rescue - most of which were vampires. Athena Aeternus, her feeder, Titania Salvaeus, her vampire slave, and Evangeline Aeternus. Garaenyx would be a fool not to follow their orders. It was amusing to see this one magister who seemed to be using some sort of new technology - instead of their specialty, magic. How unfortunate, for a magister to be overpowered by a vampire when it comes to magic. Titania, however, was more powerful than your average vampire mage. He's only felt this kind of magical powers from a select few people from his units. Interesting. But what was more interesting was still the gunslinging Magister.

Once the guards came and defused the situation, he turned to Ellie. "Well now, that was interesting for a first day. Certainly going to stay in my memory for at least a millenia." He let out a light chuckle and then went on to pat Ellie's back. Instead of going through, however, it actually made contact. He gave her a thumbs up and then gestured towards Ivan. "I'm going to talk to the Magister. You interested?" He paused. Whether or not she would come, he would descend towards Ivan and floated with his legs crossed in an Indian seat.

"Interesting choice of weaponry, young Magister." He commented, glee clear in his voice. Roland was not sure whether or not Ivan would recognize his old Magister garbs - the mark of an Allister Magister. Yes, he took on his mother's name rather than his father's. Well, Roland doesn't really mind if he didn't. Perhaps it would be better, even. Either way, he would continue. "I've never seen something like it before. Perhaps it is because I haven't gone to check up on new Magister equipment, but it looks very nice." He gave the man a nod of approval. He only ever used a sword but mostly just his magic, but the 13th century wasn't that advanced in technology yet, so it was understandable.


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Ellie watched with a general sense of curiosity and amusement. She got a sense of who was strong and who wasn’t, who to approach and who not to. Well okay, Ellie already got the general sense that she should avoid higher ranking vampires. But she saw which vampires were more morally inclined.

There was that guy with strong morals and a gun. He was freaky strong. Then there was what Ellie assumed was the feeder’s mistress, who was terrifying. And then there were the guards who were... doing their jobs. It was all quite fascinating, really, to see how vampire society reacted to their slaves getting hurt. They weren’t as heartless as some people painted them to be. In fact, Ellie was pretty sure they were the same as humans... except hella strong and dependent on human blood.

Mr. Allister made some sort of cynical comment about trying to keep peace but to no avail... He seemed upset about that, and while Ellie supposed that constant battle did suck, she also knew that this wasn’t much of the fight that Mr. Allison described. No, this was the rubber band of society snapping back into place after being pulled to hard. There was a certain amount of low that humans could be treated before the vampire treating them that way became too abnormal. Well, that was what Ellie thought what society was like. Besides, didn’t this fight just prove her point correct?

The drama ended, and Mr. Aloe gave her a pat on the back... which Ellie actual felt. The girl flinched. Holy shit, he actually touched her, what was this!? The spirit (parts of her began to question this) told her that he’d be talking to the Magister. Ellie, having not much else to do and only really trusting Mr. Allister, decided to follow.

While the guidance counselor spoke to the magister, Ellie examined him. He... seemed human. His hair was a mess, but his clothing was crisp. Ellie assumed that meant he either didn’t care about his hair or he actually made it look this way on putpose. She hoped it was the former.

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Kalean continued to lean against the tent panting a little, face flustered with confusion and in all honesty her paler than usual complexion actually looking somewhat worrying, the bruises and marking all over her arms throbbed a little as though her previously ignoring thoughts had been interrupted to the sudden feeling of being overwhelmed, it wasn't that she didn't know or had witnessed this happen, nor did she not know dragons existed despite never meeting one but it was more….. just- everything!?

The baby in her stomach kicked in either slight protest or worry of it's mothers nerves, emotions tended to affect her child greatly it seemed, the same could be said about Athena, but more so in the means of feeding. She could still feel the small girl beside hers presence, or more so warmth as the other quietly stood practically trying to turn into her own shadow beside her, it was actually a bit cute, or at least she would've thought so if her mind wasn't in it's current state, she continued to hold her head and gulped a little before stumbling and catching herself, she clearly needed medical attention or at least rest of some kind.

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Gabriel Tyro
As he spoke Gabriel found this vampire peculiarly odd. His hate for the other purebloods was quite interesting and his exquisite taste in gaming only furthered his interest. A potential ally in the making? Or a pawn to be manipulated? Whatever the case might be Gabriel found himself fond of Matavar to the point where his execution might be delayed for quite some time. Or perhaps the execution would never be performed. Only time would tell, but for now the two predators would be spending each day with each other with a bridge of acquaintanceship among them. "Wow thanks! I'll make sure to add you whenever I get the chance!" He said as he received the piece of paper from Matavar. Neatly placing the paper into his pocket Gabriel eyed the giant crowd growing ever more curious. It was true he wanted to see vampires tear each other's throats out, but his little nice guy routine prevented him from doing such. Besides there was a more critical importance discussing his love for games along with his new acquaintance.

"It seems you have really good taste in gaming. Especially Mortal Kombat and WoW considering I've been a fan of both for quite some time. I also play a bit of Smite and Overwatch, but only with friends since it's near impossible to climb in competitive as a solo player. I also play a bit of Halo and Call of Duty here and there, but not too much. But if you don't mind me asking a more personal question" he said his smile slightly fading as his eyes grew a bit cold as he starred at Matavar. "You seem to have a very odd distaste against your fellow students. Even towards the ones you haven't personally met yet. What is the reason for that? To me you are friendly despite me being a human and having just met. Even your tone and mannerisms are quite unique to say in the least" he spoke with a more plain tone then his usual cheerful tone as if he was reading book aloud to himself. "Because the only reason I can think of is that you haven't been apart of this life for very long. Have you?" Gabriel asked his smile returning to his face as his cold nature changed back to that of his once cheerful self. "That'd be wonderful if true! Usually I end up meeting very snotty vampires or ones that simply think way too high of themselves. So it's nice to meet someone who can relate to the struggles of being human" he said chuckling to himself a bit. "Anyways my sister is probably here looking for me now so we should probably get going before I die" Gabriel said chuckling once more towards Matavar.


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And like that Abigail's eyes almost lit up from her response. "Oh I see. Must be nice having a master who treats you so well. My brother and I weren't so lucky in the past with our former masters" she said applying an envious tone to her voice. Abigail studied Hannah as she spoke noticing she wasn't like most of the feeders she had met in the past. Abigail had then focused her attention towards her master as a wide smile overtook her face. A vampire that happened to be incredibly close with their servants was seen as a weakness among hunters. While it was dirty using fellow humans as bait it provided an astounding opportunity to wipe them out. Bringing her eyes to meet that of Hannah's once more she spoke with both sincerity and that of awe. "I'm happy that you two are so close. Not only is it rare but It's incredibly adorable" she said giggling to herself. She was about to speak once but it seemed that her memory had suddenly jogged itself the more she had thought about her name. "Hannah? As in Hannah Berkley correct? Oh what a coincidence this is! You happen to be my brother's roommate" she said her smile growing ever wider. "Perhaps we'll be seeing each other a lot more now. I hope we can become close friends sometime in the future" she said with glee.

"But back to the topic at hand. If you don't mind I would appreciate the help in locating my brother. I mean it wouldn't be very hard in spotting him since we're twins, but sadly he has the quite the adventurous side which sometimes gets him in trouble" she said with a bit of agitation in her voice. "Father would often discipline him for it, but he's so hardheaded and stubborn that he simply never learns" she replied releasing a heavy sigh under her breath folding her arms as the thought of all her brother's past adventures suddenly flooded her thoughts. "So its usually up to me to keep him in line, but there's only so much a sister can do for someone like him. Anyway we should really start looking for him now if anything" she said gazing at the wild crowd as a few guards had suddenly arrived to defuse the situation among the students. "Bedsides it seems like the school is finally taking control over the situation".

It wasn't more than twenty paces into the random direction that Ivan had chose to walk in with hopes of finding his supposed roommate before he heard a voice. A brow raised as he heard the man note that his choice of Arcane Focus was a supposed interesting one. Of course, there were other models - staves, knuckles, arm apparatuses - if it was created for war, it was undoubtedly something that was used to create a Focus for Magisters or any other being who could cast magick, but most usually it was meant for those who couldn't cast outside of themselves. He was one of those cases. With a turn of his head to look over his shoulder, he was greeted with the sight of what looked to be a vampire and a Spirit of sorts. They seemed to be an amicable bunch, but there was something that caught his eye:

The Allister crest. This man, whoever he was, was a deceased Magister who didn't pass on, and, if he remembered correctly, one of the far older families of Magisters that speckled the Earth. Such a thing wasn't exactly dangerous, being a spirit, depending on the situation and the spirit's perception of the situation, or if they had become a poltergeist who couldn't control themselves. This one, though, appeared to be quite in control of his faculties - so was he a spirit or a more powerful Poltergeist? He'd have to inquire later, but for now, he was asked a question in a sort of roundabout way. With a shrug, Ivan let the bag fall, the following sound it made as it impacted the ground giving the impression that it was quite a heavy bag for a rucksack, but he didn't pay it any mind. Instead, Ivan reached into the left side of his jacket and gripped the Arcane Focus, then pulled it from his rig and let it spin downward before flipping it upward with what looked like a practiced hand that seemed to be bored with the action. The grip of the Dominator would now be pointed to the Allister spirit, with the "barrel" towards Ivan himself. Of course, at the moment, it wasn't dangerous since it was inert, but he'd treat it with the same diligence as that of a loaded weapon.

"It was a gift from my family," he began, his deep voice and accent rolling from him in a smooth mutter. Large as he might be, he'd rather talk softly until the situation required a more forceful tone. "It's called a Dominator - made by the MagiTek company. Allows Magisters like me who can't cast beyond their skin to do so. Might I inquire your name, Mr. Allister?"

Then his eyes drifted to the girl who had been tagging along, his free hand extending to her.

"And you?" He asked, inquiring her name. "My name is Ivan, of the Timurovich Clan. Good to meet you both."


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Matavar Calnaeros-Levsea|18 Yrs-1 Yr Tuned|Sanguine/Psychic-House Levsea
As Gabriel took the post it note, Matavar nodded at the human's enthusiasm and promise to add him. It was somewhat sad that the human's enthusiasm and excitement about being here would potentially fade with time so that he might hate his position in life. Attempting to close out the thoughts of the other vampires within his head and focus on Gabriel, the other speaking of varying things...he caught something about Mortal Kombat and WOW. Matavar really ought to find his room soon, this was a nuisance but father had said things would get easier with training, that even sometimes he suffered when in crowds and heightened emotions. "Sorry, it's somewhat hard to focus. I am trying," Matavar said. "I only came across WOW a couple months ago but so far finding the story line and the different classes exciting. Mmm...never gotten into Halo." The topic changed then as Gabriel asked if it was alright to ask a personal question. He inclined his head in an affirmative answer, focusing on the other's voice and face.

The vampire's face twisted again into a scowl at the memories his question dragged up, the vampire placing a hand to his left shoulder before turning his neck to the left to reveal a jagged scar on the pale flesh. "I've been a vampire for a year now...my father turned me to save my life after I was left to die by another human," he spoke his words becoming short and bitter as he spoke of his death pretty much. "I don't recommend picking fights with older humans or attempting to steal from them....feeling your life...it's not a pleasant experience." Matavar's eyes closed for some minutes, mentally going over each scar he had on his body. Gabriel's words pierced his thoughts and he opened his eyes. "These students...they're nothing but monsters in disguise. Human...wolf...vampire. They can all kill and they can maim and torture. But the vampires...the ones who have been born pureblood or royal...they think it is OK to feed and enslave humans and any offspring they have with the humans...it seems unwilling most of the time. Those who haven't been human don't know of the...pain and suffering those of us have faced....the love some of us have for each other as humans. I would...I would focus on cutting down their food supply...or...if I really wanted to strike a blow to them...I'd ensue they couldn't breed and remove their teeth so they could never bite anyone again." He frowned at Gabriel speaking somewhat lightly of death before chuckling as he further explained. "She must be terrible to be around if you worry she's going to kill you for not being by her side," he said. "Can't say I can relate...my sister died in childhood of cancer but she always looked up to me. I suppose twins have something special." Checking that he had his belongings he nodded. The longer he could put off meeting his room mate the better and gestured for Gabriel to lead the way. The human was...interesting. Assuming the rooms had plugs of some sort, he should have father send of his Xbox One X that father had gotten him a month ago. All he had to do was get rid of his room mate for a few hours...but it was probably too forward of him to offer and it would be foolish to do...at least until he knew Gabriel better. @ZiggyZig
Lady Titania Salvaeus
Titania had remained inside the car up until this point, It was her primary focus to now control the anger and bloodlust building inside her. A pureblood must never lash out, always remain civil and above all else approach problems with diplomacy over violence. This she had to keep in mind. Especially now that both Evangeline and Athena had shown themselves. However, said purebloods were most certainly not making this any easier.

The shouting, the hustle and the bustle, the whimpering of Bethany, the onlooking stares from those both near and far. The embarrassment that would be cast upon the bloodline if nothing was done was nothing short of a joke. And with everything going on, that is with every small action taken against Garaenyx by human, magister, guard and pureblood alike. Titania came closer and closer to her snapping point. And unfortunately crossed that point with a final push from her own driver, the very same one who had the audacity to sit there and offer words of comfort like 'everything will be alright ma'am'

In the same instant that she snapped Titania exited the vehicle and shot Michael a look that could kill, she was not impressed. Not in the slightest, in fact, had no one else been around she would have perhaps lashed out at Garaenyx herself. But alas she had an image to uphold in the public eye and as such she simply remained silent throughout the process of Bethany being withdrawn and likewise Garaenyx restrained. Hopefully, the man would be cast aside and left to rot in a high-security cell but unfortunately, Titania couldn't shake the feeling she would hear from him again.

With everything seeming to fall into place and with the guards on site Titania found no need to stay put, she wanted to see if Bethany was alright but found it in her best interests to first secure her and Micheal's room key and settle into the so-called 'penthouse' room. To calm herself, for both Bethany and her own sake. Oh, and of course Michael's too.

in one quick movement, Titania spun on her heel and tossed her hand luggage over her shoulder. Grimoire in hand she signalled for Micheal to follow, no words were exchanged but her intentions were made more than obvious when she began wandering off in the direction of the nearest bulletin board. Micheal had experienced this several times over the years and knew Titania only grew more and more silent with anger. Grew more and more strict, stubborn and downright impatient. A polar opposite of her normal self in a way. Her eyes were her way main way of communicating now and as it stood she was infuriated. Should she find a need to talk it would be direct and to the point with a strict and snappy tone.



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Taegel Denerus|18 Yrs|Dhamphir (Vampire Hunter in Training)-House Deneru
Green eyes slowly opened as Taegel smelled blood in the air. His eyes hardened he knew that whatever was bleeding was going to spark a feeding frenzy among the vampires and possibly the dhamphir as well, particularly if they were half sanguine. He glanced at his bags...he would need to find somewhere to place them within his room and it didn't seem that his room mate was coming or had arrived yet. In that case..."The heck with this," he snarled to himself as he rose from his seated position on the ground and grabbed his bags. Looking at the staff member he spoke. "Inform this Rowen that I am in our room," he said before walking out without waiting for an answer one way or the other from the dhamphir with a secret. Heading out across the field, he could see a crowd of students still around the gate, most of them smelling of rot and earth that he'd become accustomed to with living as a slave among his own house's inhabitants for seventeen years.

Making his way across the field, he stared at the congregation of vampires milling around the driveway and gate, the dhamphir rolling his eyes as they still remained in place. Figures. Release a drop of blood and they go nuts. They probably went into a feeding frenzy when their female slaves started their menstrual cycle and had that every month. Taegel wrinkled his nose in disgust at that thought and licked his lips. Disgusting. It was disgusting how they acted. He wasn't entirely sure where the dorms were, his parents not having been part of the school thankfully and his mother had been spared the atrocity and hardship of being surrounded by blood-sucking leeches. So he picked a direction and began heading there, that was until he saw someone moving in the distance. A woman who was holding a bag over her hand and seemed to be alone but the way she carried herself, even if there was a volatile aura about her, showed she was a vampire and a woman of a potential major household. Hmmm. That might be useful in the future. At the very least, maybe she could direct him to the dormitories. Picking his pace up, the dhamphir made his way to the woman and came up beside her. "Excuse me madam but you wouldn't happen to know the way to the dormitories would you?" he questioned pleasantly. @Mr Swiftshots


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Silas and Sebastian took their time slowly walking around the grounds of the school, arm in arm, taking a wide path to avoid the tents that they knew they should be heading to in order to receive their necessary assignments. They decided to cover as much ground as they could, instead; taking in all that the campus had to offer, taking mental snapshots of individuals that they should befriend or not and making note of prime locations. It was when they passed what seemed to be a natural amphitheater that Silas’s eyes lit up. Sebastian knew exactly what his twin was thinking, the ideas passing between them without any words being spoken. It was, however, the same time that a feeling crept up Sebastian’s spine, causing the young boy to slowly turn his head enough that he could shift his gaze to look behind him.

It was a move that he’d been doing every moment or so on the entirety of their walk- something they both did, naturally, making sure they saw the vantage points of every angle. It was because of this that his eyes were immediately drawn to a figure with brown and purple hair- a face that he’d seen several times on their walk. She seemed to be determined, mildly confused perhaps, and was clearly searching for something- someone, even. It was slightly unnerving to him that she was seemingly following them and, though Silas acknowledged nothing, he must have noticed as well.

“Silas,” he spoke, removing his arm from his brother’s, trailing his fingers gently as he went. “Vjg iktn.”

Confirming his suspicion, Silas immediately turned his head and his eyes sought out the same girl that he had noticed. “Hm,” was all that he vocalized before he wordlessly approached the girl, his legs taking long strides and leaving his twin to turn and quickly follow after him.

“Hello, lovely,” Silas greeted her, once close enough. He waited for Sebastian to catch up to him, linking their arms again, before he continued, “What’s your name?”

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Kalean continued to lean against the tent panting a little, face flustered with confusion and in all honesty her paler than usual complexion actually looking somewhat worrying, the bruises and marking all over her arms throbbed a little as though her previously ignoring thoughts had been interrupted to the sudden feeling of being overwhelmed, it wasn't that she didn't know or had witnessed this happen, nor did she not know dragons existed despite never meeting one but it was more….. just- everything!?

The baby in her stomach kicked in either slight protest or worry of it's mothers nerves, emotions tended to affect her child greatly it seemed, the same could be said about Athena, but more so in the means of feeding. She could still feel the small girl beside hers presence, or more so warmth as the other quietly stood practically trying to turn into her own shadow beside her, it was actually a bit cute, or at least she would've thought so if her mind wasn't in it's current state, she continued to hold her head and gulped a little before stumbling and catching herself, she clearly needed medical attention or at least rest of some kind.
Ash stuck close to the pregnant feeder, happy she was finally listening and moving away from the fight with her. She hoped someone would sort the situation out, but it wasn’t something she could fix herself, so she focused on the one thing she could help. The pregnant feeder. Unfortunately, her grip was lost when the pregnant girl started to panic, but she remained close, unsure of how to help. But she did want to help.

What she didn’t want, however, was to be told off by a vampire for touching their feeder. So, when Athena came over, Ash froze. Stood beside the feeder, the 12 year old lowered her head a little in respect and fear.
Athena glances at another feeder that had seemed worried about Kalean. The girl offered her feeder a polite smile to try and help her relax. "Would you mind helping me carry my feeder to the infirmary to get examined? It would be such a shame if a lady of my status were to lose her feeder and the feeder for my child," she says the the other feeder trying to sound as regal as she could since it was the way that she needed to act. She would have rather treated the girl with respect, but tradition begets tradition.


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Ash froze when she was spoken to by the vampire. Her wide eyes stared at the ground, not daring to meet the vampires gaze even in her shock. She’d have thought she’d have been chased off by now. Instead, she relaxed a little as she was given as task, and nodded quickly, “O-Of course my lady.” She stumbled over her words nervously. Carefully, she moved closer to the pregnant feeder, nudging her arm gently over Ash’s small shoulders. Ash could only hope that she herself was strong enough to be a help, since she was only tiny and twelve.

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