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Preperation for Temple Of Chance

Hi i am currently working on a rp and i want this to be the main preperation thread
So in this roleplay you and some others will be placed in a jungle but acid rain starts to pour down, you all see a temple which is your only hope. You all enter which might be your last mistake…
When you all enter you all see a purple glowing gem, when one of you touches it it explodes making the only way in and out visible to the eye isblocked you all are trapped.
You hear a voice you all do not recognize say there is a way to escape you just have to find the correct way out seems easy right... I will always be watching…

At the moment this just a place where i keep check for the rp and you all can give tips or tell me if you want to join i will try to get to you and reply as soon as i can.
When there are atleast 7 people interested i will make a OOC thread and from on those7 people i will make a deadline for joining time.
I myself will play the role as the temple and its rooms ty for reading this thread

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