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Fandom Pre-Harry Hogwarts RP Recruitment

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Hogwarts: Before Harry Potter
Hogwarts is the greatest school in the wizarding world. It has been the home of many of the brightest wizarding minds and to any young wizards who seek to gain an education and seek to truly understand their abilities. Hogwarts shelters the innocent, encourages the curious, and educates all. But, Hogwarts is also the site of much mystery and intrigue. There are dangers that lurk unknown in the castle halls. Not even the four founders truly understood the magic of the fortress of Hogwarts. It is the adventure of each generation to uncover more of the magic and uncloak the corners of the school that have never seen the light of day. Hogwarts is a home to anyone who needs it, but it is constantly changing and growing.

It is early in the time period following the fall of the Dark Lord. Many of his followers are still at large, still searching, and still causing pain and hardship. While the Ministry works to round up these individuals, Hogwarts welcomes a new class of witches and wizards.

The year is 1984. Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts and Millicent Bagnold is the Minister of Magic. Hogwarts is the setting for an entirely new cast of characters to go on an adventure. Is anyone interested?

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