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Fandom Power Rangers GoKai (AU)(Open)

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Action, Adventure, AU, Multiverse, Super Powers


The Trickster
Hi everyone, I’m looking for an rp based around an original Power Rangers plot that I came up with. I apologize in advance because this is going to be a long one, bu allow me to explain the plot:

A bit of housekeeping before I get started proper. Namely, the fact that in this timeline, Super Megaforce did not happen. Troy and the rest of the Megaforce Rangers defeated Emperor Mavro and his armada at the end of Megaforce. Orion never came to Earth and the Rangers never used the pirate suits. This will be important later.

So here we are, the present day in this timeline, the Ninja Steel Rangers have just defeated Madam Odius. And we continue with a story not similar to Super Megaforce, but instead one more akin to GoKaiger. An evil force from outer space unlike the world has ever seen arrives and begins to invade.

This then leads into the first legendary battle, where all the previous Ranger teams end up channeling all their powers and using them to wipe out the first wave of the invasion, but causing the Rangers to lose their powers in the process. This creates the Ranger Keys that we all know and love.

And that’s where we leave off for now, as we will be able to discuss more once we start to talk about this more. :)

The Rules: (I know it's boring but please read)

I'm very lax when it comes to post length. I'm not a stickler for length so please try not to be. I'll try my best to match you if you will do the same.

Please be at least 16+ and no older than 26 as I am 20

First or Third person perspective is no issue to me. I personally write in First person Present because its easier for me but I don't care what your preference is. Write in the style you're most comfortable with.

I am not good at playing canon characters, I just can't do it. I will 99% of the time play an oc of my creation as a main character. I can play Canon characters as NPCs, just not as my main.

Please do not make your character perfect. I don't like it when people in rps make their characters invincible gods that can't be stopped. Just don't do it and we'll both have a good time.

To prove that you've read this far, who is the oldest living Power Ranger?

I understand that things come up in real life, so don't hesitate to let me know if you will be taking an extended absence

If the rp isn't working for you, let me know. I will understand completely and we can both go on our merry way.

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