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Fandom Power Rangers Extinction

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Does Not Know Kung-fu
Roleplay Type(s)
Episode 3: Meeting The Parents


≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡

The second the door to Simon's room closed, silence reigned in the rather large room. Despite being free from the thousand and one questions his parents had been bombarding Vivian with, she felt far more nervous now that she was alone with Simon in his room, "Um," Vivian started as she fidgeted with the hem of her shirt, crossing her arms a bit to give herself a bit of a barrier from her fellow 'henchman'. Whatever unease she was feeling was not replicated in her companion who walked around with a noticeable skip in his step as he started to clear out his pockets, setting his phone on the charger, tossing his wallet and keys on the nightstand, "This has been awesome," Simon said as he half turned to look at her, "Your acting was kind of shit, but they still bought it, hook line and sinker."

"But why did we even try to.. And why did you tell them that.." Vivian started and stopped more then a few times as if she wasn't sure which was worse, that he tried to rob his parents or that he lied to them and involved her in the lie. Well, okay, the robbing had to be worst, right? She was going to call her parents tomorrow just to tell them she loved them.

"Hey, its perfect," Simon said as he dropped down onto the bed and started to untie his shoes, "They think we're dating, living together, which we are living together, so now they'll bump up my allowance to help with the whole poor girlfriend thing and I won't even have to get a job. Its perfect. We can milk this for a long time. All you have to do is answer the phone when they call and tell them you're writing for graduation and settling in your career before having kids."

"K-Kids?" Vivian squeaked, stepping closer to the door and putting as much space between him and herself as possible, her eyes jumping to the bed he was sitting on despite herself.

"Yeah, k-" Simon started and then rolled his eyes, "Fuck sake Velma, we're not actually going to have kids. We aren't dating. This just gets us some money so we can do the whole glorious fucking mission thing," Simon said as he finally wrestled off his shoes and started to disrobe properly.

"W-Wait!" Vivian said as she jumped her eyes to the window to stare out into the darkness, "Where should I sleep?"

"Uh, here? Parents think we're together, remember?" Simon said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, "Either on the bed or on the floor. Although I'm not giving you the comforter, so if you sleep on the floor you're outta luck and my parents don't tend to turn the heater on so I don't wanna hear any whining about being sick if you do."

"Can't I go to the guest room?" Vivian asked

"Only if you want to ruin all this, give back the necklace and lose out on the big ass TV I plan on getting for the living room. Gonna make Wolf cry like a baby while watching that HD," Simon said as he stripped down to his boxes, pulled the comforter back and slid in, "Come on, Velma, get in."

"B-But, I've never.. with anyone.."

"Hey, we're sleeping, I'd sooner bang Wolf or that weird shadow octopus thing, so hurry up before I make you sleep on the floor," Simon said as he rolled his eyes.

"O-Okay," Vivian said hesitantly and inched forward as if expecting Simon to spring out of the bed and attack her at any moment. Gradually, as she realized how silly she was being and that she was an adult, she picked up the pace and gently sat down on the opposite side of the bed to remove her shoes, but that was going to be all she removed.

When she finally got in, squished to the very edge of the bed with nearly a foot and a half of space between herself and the half-naked Simon, she pulled the blanket up to her chin and gave him a small nod to turn off the light. As the room grew dark with the loud click of the lamp, silence grew and stayed for what felt like hours, but it had only been a few moment. Taking a small breath, Vivian broke it, "S-Simon?"

"Hn?" Simon said, his eyes closed as he relaxed in his bed. Oh yes, he was going to buy new beds for the mansion too, the beds there were awful.

"T-Thank you for, um," Vivian's voice died off. Thank you for what? Listening? Doing the bare minimum which was more then what most people did? That sounded so sad and lame, "Remember that stuff about me," she finished in a rushed breath.

Her heart thudded in her chest and she peeked at Simon who hadn't moved in the dark, his breath steady. He was already asleep, he probably hadn't even... A blush stretched across her face, hidden in the dark, as she realized she had just thanked someone who wasn't even awake to hear her! She closed her eyes and did her best to relax and drift to sleep, the heavy weight of Simon, so close, was somehow both daunting and comforting as sleep finally claimed her.

≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡ ≡≡≡≡≡

Vivian 'Vi' Sinclair
(Smart, Clumsy)

Simon Halloway
(Charming, Dumb)
Drunken Frat Boys (6)- Once per episode, Simon can call his Frat boys to accomplish a simple task. Ex: Block off an entrance, Wreck a car as a distraction, etc

Wolf Howlitzer
It's special ability allows it to be rolled at 2d1000

Cannot miss on an attack

Crimson Ruby
Topaz of the Swamp

Public Relations

Old Man Jones
Mr and Mrs Halloway [Simon's Parents]

Vivian is going to try and research 'Abyssos'
Simon is going to spend 3 Energy to 'spruce up' the mansion

1. Conduct a Raid on Davison’s Mansion to acquire the Gem
2. Raid Simon’s Parent’s Mansion to get more money (Also Revenge)

3. Send a monster out to spread terror and rampage

Energy Reserves [6]
Energy Income [2]
Energy Expenditure [-8]
Energy Treasury [0]


Imagination will bring us everywhere
Turn 3:
Lord Xavier White

1. Research at Genetika and the newly acquired genetics lab. (Boosted by Scribbled Notes)
2. Upgrade clones and start mass-production. (Boosted by Scribbled Notes)


Happy Necromancer
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Power Rangers Extinction


Shadow Ranger
Tokyo, Japan

Episode 4: Enter The Jack


The territorial Defense force was assembled in order to both help protect the people and defend the country from incursions of monsters. It was a group that had many volunteers who were then trained in military actions so that they could best perform their tasks.

Unfortunately, there is only so much that one could do in a monster attack. And while they could beat a monster, it would come at a far higher casualty rate than if a Power Ranger performed the same task.

They did not have access to the energy of the Morphing Grid and only normal tools and weapons from which to draw upon.

The TRDF was very happy indeed when the Shadow Ranger had declared greater ties between them. The two organizations would help each other out with detection and assistance of Monster attacks.

They were recently informed about the upgrades that the Shadow Ranger had made to the TitanZord. It could now provide covering fire from additional cannons.

A news report was released detailing how the TRDF would now be working more closely with the Shadow Ranger to defeat monsters and bring greater safety to Japan.

Equip Mecha Cannon to Titanzord so it can provide covering fire- During Ground Combat, Titanzord can provide covering fire once per episode

Build closer ties with the Territorial Defence Force to improve threat detection and assistance to each other during attacks.- Alerts will now more readily arrive about Monster attacks in the Discord Channel. Gain access to TRDF troops once per episode. (Count as Weak and short supply Minions currently. Deploy Max of 5 an episode)

  1. Focus ALL efforts on finding the Circadian Ship
  2. Perform a Training Exercise with the Territorial Defense Force
  3. Investigate the mysterious Group that Stole from the Docks

Popular Opinion: 65%


Digital Front



They did it. They managed to create, via transfer, an appropriate new Leader for The Circadians, The Jack of Hearts.

He stood up from his operating table, wiggling his hands and feet as he grew accustomed to his new and improved form. He smiled as he looked at his appearance in a nearby mirror.

“Why boyo, I do be believing that you picked the right Cajun man for the job.”

He picked up a fancy deck of cards that lay on a nearby table and began to play with them, picking one card and another before placing them back in the deck and shuffling. A true natural, only improved by his new mechanical Synthoid form.

Tallyman wanted to be nowhere near the man. He seemed a bit too unstable. At least from the reports that he had read. It was supposedly a good choice for the one to be leading a group of crazy circus folk, after all.

But it was not the type of individuals that he wanted to be dealing with.

He was happy to get to focus on the more business side aspects of their dealings. Something to pull him away from, those that he deemed undesirable.

Jack of Hearts
Keywords (Insane) (Wild)
Wild Cards: During Battle, rolls a 1d10 and draws a random card which can add a random effect to the battle
Slice and Dice: Jack can turn his deck into a blade made of the cards. It allows him to One Shot a Single Monster or Ranger. (Usable Once per Battle. If he loses his cards, this ability can’t work)
Make My Monster Grow: By throwing a Card, he can make his monster Grow and gives them a Random Bonus in the Process

Upgrade Factories to produce consumer goods for profit/concealment- Gain 2 Energy a turn. Boost of 5%

  1. Send Jack of Hearts along with a Circadian Monster to cause chaos in the city
  2. Have Jack of Hearts and General Redline Spar
  3. Allow Tallyman to make deals with the Black Market

Popular Opinion: 10%


Episode 4: The Truth


Simon began to spend the new found money in order to spruce up the mansion. That meant King sized beds and comfy reclining couches. It meant delicious snacks and a microwave that was made within the last century. Multicolored lights that Simon could control on command, Check. Sound canceling Headphones for when Vivian wouldn’t be quiet about something he didn’t want to hear about, Check. And Check on a Doggy Bed for the Wolfman.

It was good for Simon, sometimes Vivian and sometimes Wolfhowser. But the creatures of Shadow did not feel anything towards these new things.

Simon was watching his favorite show as always, Duel Dodge. Another small woman fell to a much larger man. At the end, they announced that they were looking for contestants in their local area. He had the opportunity to be part of a team on Duel Dodge. Now he just had to assemble a team……..


Vivian was hard at work doing more research. As it so happened, this creepy old mansion had an extensive library with books on a variety of subjects. It even had books detailing about Abyssos.

Though what she was able to find was mostly vague at best. She did find a book that seemed to outline what it was.

“Abyssos was an aberration created long ago, either by a bit of extra from the creation of the multiverse, or as a weapon in a war long forgotten. It’s origin is not of consequence, only what it leaves in its wake. And that is nothing. Once it enters a universe, it begins to devour it. This creature has an insatiable appetite and eats and eats until everything within ceases to exist.

How does it do this, you might ask? It cannot enter a universe without help. Some people are susceptible to its call and are summoned to it. These people are ones that bring the downfall of their home universe.

I am one such person.”

  1. Simon assembles a team for Duel Dodge
  2. Vivian attempts to track down the writer of the Book
  3. Send a monster to get the next Crystal

Starting Popular Opinion: -35%


Wild Rangers
Redwood Cove

Episode 4: The Deep Dark Woods


Rhizorn flourished with his arms as he scrolled through another plant tablet while sitting with his right leg over his left in a chair. It was an infuriating time for them all. A monster attack, but not just any monster. It was one claiming to work for The True Master of the Forest.

As such, he was trying to do as much research on the matter as he could do, cycling through the databases as he managed on such short notice. He was a researcher after all. So it wasn’t that much to expect him to do some actual research.

And there he had it. The True Master of the Forest.


The researcher gathered the trio in the main room.

“Alright. I’m sure that you all want to know why I called you all here so suddenly, yes?

Well, that is because I have discovered information on this True Master of the Forest.”

Rhizorn pulled up an image on his tablet. It showed a large humanoid skeletal Creature. This is called Hexxus. Three Thousand Years ago, he attempted to corrupt all life, especially that in the forest with toxic corrosion, fumes of darkness and sludge of sliminess.

He was locked away by a previous group of Wild Rangers and it seems that the seal on his lock must be weakening. According to the legends, he was sealed within a large tree, deep within the forest.

I fear that if this is not dealt with soon, it will be much worse, later.”

Cedric Gains the Keyword (Medic)

  1. Locate this Tree of Evil
  2. Gather More Data on this Hexxus
  3. Contact the Black Hand

Popular Opinion: 65%


The Black Hand


The training room was all a buzz with excitement. How could it not? Captain Willy Pete was sparring with Mr Bubbles.

It started out as a normal training session, but as the training was continuing, eventually more and more people showed up to watch and it became more of a kind of showupmanship between the pair.

The Captain took the cigar out of his mouth and put it out in an appropriate container as he turned to the large monkey man.

“You got a lot of guts, Mr Bubbles.”

Mr. Bubbles chuckled lightly as he tapped his two boxing gloves together.

“I have a lot of guts, I think you’re the one who has guts if you think you can take me. Not smarts though. I think that Doe took all your smarts.”

He chuckled as the Captain readied his mechanical fist.

“Quite the low blow, Monkey Man. Now Draw!”

The duo charged at each other, slamming one fist into another as the hooting and hollering would get louder and louder.


Inside John Doe’s lab, he could hear the loud and raucous sounds from the battle. He was not the type to enjoy that sort of thing, but he understood why some people did.

He preferred to get involved with his work. And that is what he had been doing. In fact, he had already found out much about this Helmet. The first and foremost was that it was definitely a part of an entire suit. A full body armor of the Ender. It would certainly take some time to gather up all the pieces, but luckily for them, he was able to track down one piece in a museum.

It belonged to some warlord of ancient times, defeated in a battle between good and evil. This Warlord Ender was on the side of Evil and Lost. But the entire suit should contain some vast power by the wearer.

The Captain and Mr Bubbles gain the keyword (Hardcore)

  1. Buy the Chestplate of the Ender from the Museum
  2. Steal the Chestplate of Ender from the Museum
  3. Contact the Collective

Popular Opinion: 50%


The U-V Rangers

Vitality Park

Episode 3: Down for the Count


Another day, another dollar. Or so the saying goes. The party from the other night had gone down in ruins, but at least they had been able to stop the monster that was trying to put the minds of his minions into college students to better control the population and eventually turn the entire city into vampires.

It was not easy for them to have to live this sort of double life and it would have been even more difficult without the help of Count Mein.

And for all that he has given them, they are grateful, even if he is a bit old fashioned in his line of thought as he educates Lucy on proper etiquette of women back in his own day.


Fynn was on the way back to his mom after picking up some of her medication for her since she was almost out, when he spotted something suspicious going on.

A duo wearing flamboyant outfits seemed to be holding up a convenience store. Though instead of guns, they held hand crossbows.

  1. Flynn intervenes and tries to stop them
  2. Flynn Calls the Cops and stays out of it
  3. Flynn leaves and continues to take the medicine to his mom.

Back at the castle, Will and Lucy are playing some poker when they get a strange news bulletin on the tv.

“Today, the Duke Wellinglyson passed away and his large estate, right here in Vitality Park is up for grabs. Apparently, it was stated in his will, that whoever won a series of bizarre contests, would get the deed of the mansion and all the belongings that lie within.

As the camera pans over various things, Count Mein spots a particular bat broach among the valuables.

“That is a rare Broach. It can boost the powers of one who wears it. I think the two of you should compete in that competition.”

  1. Compete in the Competition
  2. Sneak in and steal the Broach
  3. Don’t compete in the competition

Will Mingling at the Party: Gained 4 Energy

Lucy letting loose on the dance floor: Gained 3 Energy


Rampart Rangers
Eureka Mill/Timbergate

Episode 3: Online Mayhem (Part 3)




Lord Xavier White


Mikaela appears on the tv screen as part of a new commercial for Genetika. She wears a very tight red dress that hugs all her curves in all the right places. Standing next to her is a mousy looking man in a lab coat.

“Hello, I am Mikaela, President and CEO of Genetika and this is the lead scientist at Motiontales. We recently have begun a partnership with Motiontales that will make many people happy. For now, us here at Genetika, can help improve their own biotechnology with our own and help many, many lives improve.

After all, isn’t that what we are all here for? To make each and every life out there just a little bit better?”

The Motiontales scientist attempts a smile that just looks incredibly awkward.

“And now, very soon, all of you out there who suffer from dangerous cosmetic burns, will be able to get the care that you need with our new product, Burns-B-Gone. You’ll merely have to apply it on the cosmetically burned area and within one hour, it’ll go away.

And that’s a promise guarantee from me, Mikaela, the CEO and President of Gentika. Now good luck out there to all you people and goodnight.”

Burn Cream increases Popular Opinion by 10%

Clones Gain the Keyword (Numerous)

Break Point:
  1. Add additional Funding for improved Growth abilities
  2. Inflict a Monster Attack on the city
  3. Hire the Black Hand for Protection

Popular Opinion: 0%
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Of Fate

U-V Rangers

Vitality Park

Popular Opinion: 31%


The Bulkinator Heavy Duty Sub Sandwich Ability: One time use- Adds +5 on a d20 roll, +20 on a d100 roll, or +200 on a d1000 roll

Energy: 14 (9)

Episode 2: Down for the Count




Flynn smashed his racket into the ball, the yellow sphere hurtling towards the target with blazing speed. He had been at this for hours, hitting ball after ball into the various targets of the sports department. In rapid succession the ball machine spewed them out, Flynn answering every one as he tried to perfect his aim.

I've got to get better. I need to be better. People are depending on me.

Though he had saved the day alongside Lucy and Will, and put a stop to the Lizpire and his evil plan, it had been far too close. And costly. Even with his attack hitting true and deep into the Lizpires chest, it had only been one amongst a vast volley of tree born stakes. A mere percentage of what was available.

Far too close

And the Sorority House. He had not been strong enough to stop it's collapse. If not for Lucy, who knows who many lives could have been lost alongside that building. With it gone, people were now rendered homeless.

Far too costly

Flynn smashed another ball across the court, the head of some poor man shaped target cracking backwards and lolling under it's own shoulders.

There was an empty puff, as the ball machine tried to fire it's non existent balls. Ducking his head down Flynn took a deep breath.

One more round before I pickup moms meds he thought, hurrying off to reload the machine.

Everyone's depending on me


Will and Lucy sat opposite each other, eyeing their cards carefully as they did another hand of Poker. So far Will had shown Lucy a couple of variants of the game, starting her off with the more simple Texas Hold'em. Getting the hang of it quite quickly, Will moved Lucy on to Omaha and, after a hour of play, Seven Card Stud. Now the pair were playing Five Card Draw, as Count Mein pottered around the room, dusting his many, many antiques with delicate care and watering the many unusual plants he had gathered over the years. With a doctors precision, he drip fed a beautiful viscus flower, cooing soft nothings to the plant.

An ancient being, Count Mein was known as an antediluvian among his kind, a vampire of vast experience, with great power and wisdom. He was also one of a kind. Where most would become embittered or arrogant over their long existence, Count Mein remained the same kind and gentle man he had always been. A man willing to give anything to anyone, be it a shelter or sustenance. Something the U-V Raygers desperately needed the days following the Solar Eclipse. Without it, Flynn, Lucy and Will would not be the people they are today...

Lucy looked over her cards, eyeballing Will, looking for some tell, something that would give her an edge on their current hand. Will looked up, catching her gaze and smiled innocently. Lucy leaned over the back of her seat and groaned in frustration.

"Awww! Your unreadable!" she moaned, blowing the blue dabbed dollop of her hair out of her eyes.

"We can stop playing if you aren't having fun, Lucy" replied Will, setting his cards face down on the table. "We can always go back to my shirt and souvenir idea for the fundraiser"

"Nah" stated Lucy, looking up at the ceiling. "This is probably the best option. Anyone on Campus can play as long as they pay entry and as long as we can get some good donations for top end prizes, we should make lots of money. Hopefully enough to rebuild the Sorority House."

Lucy sighed, sitting upright in her chair

"Yeah..." murmured Will " I wonder how Dawn's coping. She was so nervous about getting in and then..."

He paused for a moment, remembering how he and Flynn had tried to stop the buildings disastrous collapse. "Not to mention how hard Flynn's taking it.."

"I would not worry about young master Harker, Wilheim. He is a strong lad"

Count Mein entered the room with a tea tray, the porcelain cups clattering away upon it. Placing it on the table, he poured tea for the pair.

"To hear such empathy towards your fellow man... It does an old man proud"

Thick wisps of smoke floated from the tea cups, as the Count passed them out in turn with a pleasant smile.

"I would not be too hard on yourselves, my young proteges. Through your actions you saved lives, stopped a villainous monster and his scheme, as well as now seek to undo the damage he inevitably wrought. Honourable acts if I did ever hear."

Joining them at the table, Count Mein took a cup for himself.

"So dwell not on the past, children. Think to the future and enjoy the present. Have fun with your game, or perhaps amuse yourselves with something on the TV. Maybe something will catch your eye....

1. Flynn trains (Dependable/ Distant keywords)
2. Lucy and Will host a poker/card tournament to raise funds to rebuild the Psi Psi Kappa Sorority House (Disarming/ Good Looking Keywords) (5 Energy spent)

  1. Flynn intervenes and tries to stop them
  2. Flynn Calls the Cops and stays out of it
  3. Flynn leaves and continues to take the medicine to his mom.

Back at the castle, Will and Lucy are playing some poker when they get a strange news bulletin on the tv.

“Today, the Duke Wellinglyson passed away and his large estate, right here in Vitality Park is up for grabs. Apparently, it was stated in his will, that whoever won a series of bizarre contests, would get the deed of the mansion and all the belongings that lie within.

As the camera pans over various things, Count Mein spots a particular bat broach among the valuables.

“That is a rare Broach. It can boost the powers of one who wears it. I think the two of you should compete in that competition.”

  1. Compete in the Competition
  2. Sneak in and steal the Broach
  3. Don’t compete in the competition


The Sane One
Episode 4: The Deep Dark Forest

Redwood Cove Greenhouse and Plant Nursery, Redwood Cove

"You know Mr. Dale will make you replace the tiles if you wear through them, right Corey?" Cedric leaned back on his makeshift seat, watching his friend pace in front of the counter with his hands behind his back. "Ellen will be fine, you don't have to worry about her just making contact with The Black Hand. And you know she said that she would call us back if she did need help, so you don't have to worry so much."

"I get that Cedric, doesn't stop me from letting off some nervous energy while we wait. Waiting to hear any kind of news is killing me!" Corey kept pacing for a few more moments before throwing his hands up in frustration. "Forget it, come on let's go look around town and see if we can find one of the other symbols, we might get lucky and run into someone who it will respond to too."

"You sure about that? We might run into trouble, and I know that we might have some problems taking care of it if we are worried about Ellen at the same time," ever the source of reason among the trio Cedric was quick to point out the flaws of Corey's ideas, even if the idea of getting out and doing something was better than sitting around.

"We can call her if we do run into trouble, now let's go and do something useful!" Corey was quick to start locking the shop up and push his friend outside, ready to explore.​

1. Ellen will attempt to contact The Black Hand about Hexxus
2. Corey and Cedric will search for other Wild Ranger symbols

Energy Reserves
Start of EpisodeIncomeUsageRemaining

Popular Opinion

Corey: [Energized] [Sensible] [Introverted]
Ellen: [Energized] [Quickened Trigger] [Friendly] [Unpredictable]
Cedric: [Energized] [Intelligent] [Aloof]

Skull's Lucky Thimble
Ability: Adds +2 to luck-based rolls

Ring of Heart
Ability: Contains the Keywords (Kindness, Love)

Bucket of Holes Ability
Causes a failure to turn into a success (Usable ONCE)


Mister Zero
Episode 4: Enter the Jack

Tallyman was annoyed as his vessel approached the Big Top ship. He hated having any reason to be near that insufferable Jack of Hearts even if apparently the cretin had managed to somehow subdue the Shadow Ranger. It was left to him to approach the man with an offer of alliance and peace. Personally he doubted it would work but it wasn't his job to worry about that. The sooner this was resolved, the sooner the Savant would quit obsessing over one man. It seems so very pointless with how belligerent that figure was from his own assessment. People like that usually weren't going to respond to such offers as desired, but the Savant had commanded it even if he did not bother to go himself. He wanted someone who could actually sell the ideals of the Front even to someone as violent as the Shadow Ranger.

When the ship docked, he stepped off, bringing with him equipment which was immediately set up and plugged into the the Big Top's systems to ensure broadcasting on its channels and the Digital Fronts own to make sure all data reached the Savant back at his lab. Following that, they began to open the cases brought to commence scanning all the gear taken from the fallen ranger, seeing if they could even chip off samples or remove parts for analysis. While he was still unconscious, they moved to take blood, hair and skin samples, curious if they could get bits of the suit or not as well. All the while scanning the man more closely than ever managed before.

"Alright, our master has his goodies. Get them off ship. Its time to make the offer," Tallyman said as he adjusted his tie with a sigh as he prepared his sales pitch of alliance and a evolved humanity safe from what the Shadow Ranger feared. He gestured for the Shadow Ranger to woken up and offered some water before he presented himself, checking his internal systems for his backup protocols out of paranoia.

General Redline arrived with Digital Front forces discreetly at Mt. Fuji with his hands clasped behind his back. He was amused at the news of the capture of the Shadow Ranger but his strategic mind felt the Savant was being too optimistic to believe the man would ever work with them. It mattered not since this might finally shift the Savant's attention away from that man and towards their bigger plans. His current orders showed that might just be the case considering the resources he was being given.

The Digital Front needed various facilities to pursue its true agenda of digitization of humanity. That meant more power, more resources and willing volunteers to be digitized to become Synthoids to swell their ranks. He was pleased that despite the Savant's obsession, he was still expanding operations even now. It was the only reason he tolerated the mad genius continuing to be in charge. He had vision, but he lacked utterly in expressing it well to the normal person or in understanding certain finer points of military action.

Today though, was a major step forward in the direction that General Redline craved. He wondered at times if the Savant, in his genius, knew how to juggle his subordinates correctly despite his lackluster social skills. It seemed so as he appeased Tallyman's ego well with agreeing to his suggestions. This though was a project Redline has wanted for some time and finally they had stockpiled materials to make the big move. Mt. Fuji would become a secret facility to supply the Digital Front with geothermal power along with potential expansion its a large secondary base. Several mountains in Japan could serve that, but Fuji was symbolic even if only secretly. It was a major step towards the Digital Front's expansion and potential future conquest of Japan. Once one country fell... they could start on others even as they worked to spread the word of the miracle of digitization. Humanity would be saved, even if it didn't want to be.

-Episode 3 Reserves: 2
-Arcade: +2
-Factories: +2
-Black Market Sale: +6
Total: 12

1. Tallyman will go to the Big Top ship to collect samples/scans from the Shadow Ranger and then attempt to recruit him into alliance with the Digital Front.
2. General Redline will lead a major covert operation to build a geothermal plant inside of Mt. Fuji to establish a new base and power source. (8 Energy)

Energy Reserves: 4​


🤘🏻Master of Puppets🤘🏻
Robert Jones
Shadow Ranger
Energy: ★★★★★
Popular Opinion:
Action One:

"The TRDF are growing in number but we need then to grow in capability, let's build them some advanced training facilities."

Build advanced training facilities for the TRDF [Billy's Dissertation: Improves Inventions]​
Action Two:

"The TRDF is more than just soldiers and grunts, they have some very intelligent people working behind the scenes also. We should look to identify any useful individuals amongst their ranks who could provide us with great benefit."

Begin regular vetting of TRDF members for potential recruitment whether it be for combat skills, scientific knowledge or otherwise.​
Break Point:

"Time to say hello..."

Board the Circadian base./indent]​


Territorial Defence Force Expands​

A positive sign for those in Japan, particularly Tokyo as it has become clear that the TDF have expanded operations including multiple new facilities. The top brass have commented that the expansion is due to a years long planned increase. However our own sources tell us that this is linked solely with the recent commitment to work closer with the Shadow Ranger.​
Our sources further explain that training methods have become far stricter along with a jump in the quality of the equipment available to the TDF. As a country we can only feel better about an increase to our safety but will it be enough to protect us from whatever comes next?​

Where is he?!​

Famous conspiracy theorist Tokyo66 posted a new video recently questioning the lack of sightings of Shadow Ranger over the last week.​
"I've been following him since he first showed up! We've never had this long without even a publicity appearance! Something is wrong and we need to get together to help him!"​
As usual comments on his video are mostly mocking but there does seem to be a steady increase of support for him.​


Vicious [Sword of Darkness]
Deadly [Sword of Darkness]

Combat Arsenal
Shadow Ranger Blade: Standard Ranger weapon with built in blaster.

Ringmaster's Dual Whips: May re-roll two misses per episode.​
Weapon Retrieval System: Weapons will automatically return to user if the path is not blocked.​
Sword of Darkness: A jagged blade pulsating with evil energy. Contains the key words Viscious and Deadly.​
Billy's Dissertation: Improves affect of Inventions​
Helmet HUD: Can force up to 2 Enemy rerolls during a battle. Enemy must keep the second roll.​
Solar Array: Gain 2 energy each turn.​
Mecha Cannon: During Ground Combat, Titanzord can provide covering fire once per episode​
TRDF: Can summon up to five weak minions an episode.​
Joker Card: Causes a defeat to fail (Single Use).​


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Skeleton Boi
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
The Black Hand

Episode 4:
The Deep Dark Forest

[Main post information shall come soon]


-Helmet + Chest-plate of the Ender
-Crown of Time
-Strange Rock
-Kimberly’s gymnastic shoes

1. Aid in construction efforts within town (such as either making new buildings or reinforcing older ones to make them more structurally built).
2. Begin making a Spec Ops force that is hidden from the rest of the Black Hand, and only higher ups such as Markus, Seeker, John Doe, and Willy Peter shall know the existence of. The main purpose of the Spec Opps group is being able to perform less than legal actions that the Black Hand normally cannot be seen doing, utilizing the group to perform such actions for them. The group shall be lead by Seeker.

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