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Nation Building Power Rangers Extinction Character Creation Page



Happy Necromancer
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Power Rangers Extinction Character Creation Page

Power Ranger Team Creation-

Every Power Ranger Team will get 15 points to spend for Team Creation. Some choices that put you more at a disadvantage can net you additional spending points. If there are any left over points, they are converted into starting Resources.

Team Starting Size: 1 Ranger (+2), 3 Rangers (-1), 5 Rangers (-2)

Ranger Background: Teenagers (+1), Specialists (-1), College (-2) Military/Police (-3)

Origin: Technology (-1), Magic (-2), Nature (-2)

Support Team: None (Only be able to be taken if you choose 1 Ranger)(+2) Rangers (+1), Government (-2), Corporation (-3)

Mentor: Normal Human (+2), Alien (0), Sensei/Master( -2), Morphing Master (-3)

Base Location: Behind/Beneath a Front (Juice Bar, Video Game Lounge, Pizza Place, Dojo, School, Record Store, etc)(0), A Fortified Bunker in a Mountain/ Underground (-1), In Space (-3)

Starting Zords/Weapons: No Zords and non powered Weapons(+2), Powered Weapons (-1), One Zord and Powered Weapons (-2), Full Team of Zords and Powered Weapons (-3), Megazord Capable Zords and Powered Weapons(-5)

Team Name:

Team Theme:

Rangers Information-
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply:

Rangers Zords:

Ranger Home City:

Villain Team Creation

Each Villain Team starts with 30 Points for character creation.

Villain Creation: Up to 20 points can be spent on this portion. Any section can be placed at 0.


Background: Normal Human on a Power Trip (+2), Possessed Human (+1), Rogue Machine (-1), Alien Overlord (-2), Extraplanar Entity (-3)

Starting Henchmen: Two Bumbling Fools (0), Two bumbling Fools with some skills (-1), Two Bumbling Fools that have some skills and one Powerful Lieutenant (-2), Two Bumbling Fools with skills and Two Powerful Lieutenants(-3), Two Powerful Lieutenants, and One Competent Commander (-4)

Base Location: A Secret Lab/ Mountain Base (0), Under the Ocean (-2), On the Moon/In Space (-3), In Another Dimension (-4)

Minions: Weak and in short supply (+2), Weak but with large numbers (0), Medium Strength (-2), Powerful but few (-3)

Villain Name:

Villain Origin:

Villain Goal:

Villain Description:

Villain History:

-Two Adjectives:

-Two Adjectives:

-One Adjective:


Example Power Rangers Team:

Team Starting Size: 3 Rangers (-1)
Ranger Background: Teenagers (+1)
Origin: Technology (-1)
Support Team: Corporation (-3)
Mentor: Sensei (-2)
Base Location: A fortified Bunker Underground (-1)
Starting Weapons/Zords: Powered Weapons (-1)

Extra Points= 7

Techno Rangers

Technology Based Rangers

Ranger Information:
Name: Alex Diaz
Color: Techno Red
Description: He is a white caucasian male that has spiky hair and lots of piercings on his left ear while wearing baggy clothing. He is relatively short at only 5’6” for a guy.
Two Adjectives: (Heroic) (Angry)
History: Alex Diaz is a new transfer student to Coven Cove High. His family travels around alot as they are with the military and have just been stationed at the army base in the area. He gets picked on a lot due to his short stature, but that hasn’t stopped him from standing up for other people that get picked on.

Name: Ava Solomon
Color: Techno Yellow
Description: She is a tall, strong and athletic african american girl. She looks like a model athlete and is on both track and volleyball teams. She is usually found wearing tank tops and shorts unless it's snowy weather.
Two Adjectives: (Athletic) (Strong)
History: Ava has a family legacy to uphold. She has an older brother and sister who also performed well in sports and have even gotten into college under sports scholarships with recruiters eyeing them for sports teams. As such, even though she loves what she does, she is often put under a lot of pressure to perform at her best at all times.

Name: Jillian Davids
Color: Techno Blue
Description:An average height girl that tends to wear oversized baggy clothing. She wears glasses and has very frizzy light red hair. Can usually be found with a stack of books or an ipad doing “research”.
Two Adjectives: (Smart) (Shy)
History: Jillian has always been the smart one in every peer group that she’s been a part of. But unfortunately, that really just made her feel all alone as most people just wanted to mooch off of her homework instead of doing it on their own. As such, entering high school, she tends to stay off on her own and not be a part of any group.

Ranger Zords:
Techno Red Hummer Zord

Techno Yellow Drill Zord

Techno Blue Helicopter Zord

Ranger Home City: Coven Cove


Example Villain Team

Lord Quillnor
Strength: 12
Intelligence: 3
Guile: 5
Charisma: 0

Background: Alien Overlord: (-2)
Starting Henchmen: Two Bumbling Fools with skills and Two Powerful Lieutenants(-3)
Base Location: In Space (-3)
Minions: Weak but with large numbers (0)

Extra Points= 3

Villain Name: Lord Quillnor

Villain Origin: Alien Overlord

Villain Goal: Locating the Omega Crystals to gain more power

Villain Description: Lord Quillnor looks like a large anthropomorphic Hedgehog with large and deadly spikes and steel armor. In battle, he wields a large Quill Spear

Villain History: Lord Quillnor rose to prominence on his homeworld of Hadron VI as a great General. While he was away on a victorious campaign against their major enemy of Insectoids, The Machine Empire destroyed his homeworld, killing almost everyone. He eventually drove back the small holding force, and gathered up what little remained. His goal was to acquire more and more power in order to destroy the Machine Empire. After conquering many worlds, he has become singular in his focus to avenge his people, losing sight of how he has become a conqueror in the same vein as The Machine Empire. His long journey has brought him to Earth, where the powerful Omega Crystals can finally give him and his army enough power to destroy the Machine Empire once and for all.

-Name: Lop
-Two Adjectives: (Scientific) (Bumbling)
-Description: Lop is a large anthropomorphic bunnyman who wears a labcoat and a monocle.
-History: Lop was added to Quillnor’s army after the first planet that he conquered. He specialized in making potions that could buff up his forces and joined up originally so that he could keep his people placated from rising up.

Name: Rocco
-Two Adjectives: (Dumb) (Sneaky)
-Description: Rocco is a large humanoid rock that can in fact hide in plain sight by standing perfectly still
-History: Its not known when they picked up Rocco, but eventually he joined up with Quillnor’s forces and ended up becoming Those Two Guys with Lop. In fact, it is almost difficult to separate the duo. Lop will often use him as a test subject on his potions and he is great for recon on their enemies due to his surprisingly stealthy nature.

-Name: Eidrelon
-Two Adjectives: (Beautiful) (Deadly)
-Description: Eidrelon looks like a human woman with white wings wearing golden half plate armor. She wields two short swords made of silver that looks like small wings
-History: Eidrelon is a White Heron mercenary who joined up with Quillnor because he strong and powerful. She too wishes the destruction of The Machine Empire and she sees his methods as a mean to an end.

-Name: Heckron
-Two Adjectives: (Quick) (Tactician)
-Description: Heckron looks like a humanoid catman wearing chainmail under a thick leather cuirass with a shortsword and buckler
-History: Heckron was one of Lord Quillnor’s earliest followers as his planet submitted to conquest rather than fight. It wasn’t long until he proved his skills and how well he was able to orient the troops in battle. He was happy to be a part of Lord Quillnor’s army and his goal was the same. The destruction of The Machine Empire

-Name: Squires
-One Adjective: (Numerous)
-Description: The Squires wear chainmail armor with thick helmets and wield short swords into battle​
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🤘🏻Master of Puppets🤘🏻
Click Fingerprint

  • Bio
    Name \\ Robert Jones
    Alias \\ Shadow Ranger
    Age \\ 32
    Gender \\ Male
    Ranger Colour \\ Black with Gold Trim
    Descriptors \\ Formidable \ Ruthless
    Known Location \\ Tokyo, Japan

    History \\
    - Pre_Arrival -
    \\ Our databases have identified that the Shadow Ranger is not of this universe and has infact come from an alternate. While proving the existence of the multiverse, his arrival foreshadows greater threats. From what we have been able to deduce, his universe was wiped out by a truly universal threat, surviving as the last of his universes Rangers. Attempts to communicate have fallen on deaf ears at present.

    - Post_Arrival -
    \\ Since arriving he has seen off multiple threats to the planet, ensuring their complete and total destruction. While previous iterations of our own Power Rangers have been truly good, Jones has a ruthless streak that leaves little to chance. It could be considered that he is only one step away from becoming a threat to humanity himself but as yet his methods have proven effective.

    KnownDetails \\
    Team Starting Size: 1 Ranger (+2)
    Ranger Background: Military/Police (-3)
    Origin: Magitech (-3)
    Support Team: None (+2)
    Mentor: Morphing Master (-3)
    Base Location: In Space (-3)
    Starting Zords/Weapons: Megazord Capable Zords and Powered Weapons (-5)

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Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God
Power Ranger Team -

Team Starting Size: 1 Ranger (+2)

Ranger Background: Teenagers (+1)

Origin: Magic (-2)

Support Team: Government (-2)

Mentor: Sensei/Master( -2)

Base Location: Behind/Beneath a Front (Fortune Teller Shop) (0)

Starting Zords/Weapons: One Zord and Powered Weapons (-2)

Team Name: N/A

Team Theme:

Rangers Information-

-Name: Henri Devereaux


-Color: White


Henri stands at an average height of 5'11" and weights in at about 160lbs. He dresses in costume-like attire to fit in with his family's magic business. Patience is one of Henri's greatest traits and is something that he is very well known for. Capable of keeping a level head in stressful situations and wise enough to know that the best things in life come to those who wait. Practicing magic is the source of the young Ranger's power as he had to learn early in life that perfection took time. Growing up with his grandmother made Henri supportive as he had to take on the responsibility of helping and looking after her. It was a burden he didn't mind taking on and even now he is still eager to help those in need.


- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: (Supportive) (Patient)

Born to a family of witches, Henri has been surrounded by magic and fantastic ideas of other worlds and such all his life. His grandmother was his guardian while his parents worked long hours just to keep the lights on. They had left the magic world in the hopes of starting a new and successful life in the human world., but things weren't working out. Eventually Henri's grandmother needed to be taken care of and the task fell to him as the unemployed member of the family. He got into the flow of things pretty easily, until he discovered his mentor.

A former Red Ranger took Henri under his wing and taught him everything that he could. Henri would later acquire Aurora and although he lacks a proper team, he has worked hard to grow and protect the innocent and defenseless from darkness.

Rangers Zords:
Henri's Zord is known as, Aurora, named so for the way it sails through the sky in a slow and graceful manner similar to the aurora borealis.


Ranger Home City:
New Orleans​
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Mister Zero
Villain Team:
Digital Front

Strength: 0
Intelligence: 20
Guile: 0
Charisma: 0

Background: Normal Human on a Power Trip (+2)

Starting Henchmen: Two Powerful Lieutenants, and One Competent Commander (-3)

Base Location: A Secret Lab/ Mountain Base (0)

Minions: Powerful but few (-3)

Villain Name:
The Savant

Villain Origin:
Human Brain (Mad Genius)

Villain Goal:
Conquest of the Multiverse and digitization of all conquered beings

Villain Description:
The Savant.jpg
The Savant is but a human brain, having discarded his name along with his living body. He resides within a sturdy and impressive life support system that is seemingly plugged into the systems of his vast lair. His chamber has various arms and appendages to allow him the means to interact with whatever may be brought before him, person or item.

Villain History:
The Savant was once Alexander Bonaparte, one of the greatest mind the planet earth had ever seen. No one would believe such a mind would turn to dark intention until Bonaparte contracted a terminal disease and removed his own brain to save himself. The scientific community was shocked by this act, though some did commend him for managing to survive the procedure. When Bonaparte started to advocate others liberate themselves of their fleshy prisons, he was ridiculed for his extreme viewpoint and forced out of a great many scientific circles. Apparently this pushed him over the edge as he has utterly abandoned his humanity to become the Savant. Since then, he has gathered followers to his banner, digitizing their minds and implanting them in his unveiled Synthoid android frames. From this was formed the Digital Front, a terrorist organization intent on not only digitizing all of humanity but also conquering the Earth... and all other iterations of it across the multiverse into a trans-dimensional empire.

-Name: General Redline
-Two Adjectives: (Strategic) (Strong)
An imposing synthoid of strong build and dark armoring, sporting illuminated red highlighting. He wears a long coat on his frame that looks to be made of some sort of sturdy high tech material that makes it unlikely to be easily damaged.
General Redline is the commander of all Digital Front forces on behalf of the Savant. He, like the other ranking Synthoids, was once human but sacrificed this to be digitized by the mad genius to receive a powerful immortal frame. In return, the General has taken up the cause to conquer the multiverse with his master, even if at times he finds the preening ego of the Savant to be grating. Redline is very good at planning out operations but isn't shy about leading from the front, confident in his powerful body that the Savant has granted him. He is the most known public face of the group due to this, openly proclaiming 'the time of the digital is at hand.'

-Name: Tallyman
-Two Adjectives: (Charismatic) (Cunning)
A Synthoid in a suit that has received aggressive modifications to render it more able to engage with others. Its metallic parts are always well polished and presentable, clothing always finely tailored with a hint of flowery perfume. He resembles a rather sleazy corporate executive often due to this choice of design and style.
Tallyman was created by the Savant to act as the face of the Digital Front. He was previously a business man with political ambitions before a scandal destroyed said ambitions and his business interests. He accepted the offer of being digitized and gifted a Synthoid body to the promise of great power in the Savant's aspirations of multiversal domination. All business and political matters are handled by Tallyman, giving the Digital Front discreet connections to various less ethical business interests and governments. Tallyman gleefully revels in his task, selling super science devices and weaponry on behalf of the Savant. As a Synthoid he still has impressive combat capacity, but he prefers to flee over fighting directly, leaving his usual Synthoid escort to do the fighting for him.

-Name: Zero
-Two Adjectives: (Fast) (Stealthy)
A black Synthoid with red lights in form fitting armor plating that doesn't seem to make any noise. Often will wield a pair of circular energy blades if they have to engage in combat with foes though its often hard to spot them as the matte black coloring seems to oddly shimmer and blend with surroundings at times.
Zero was a special forces soldier that swore loyalty to the Savant when he was offered a new powerful body to replace his broken human one. Zero operates as the organization's chief spy, scout and assassin. His skills have only been enhanced since being digitized and placed into his custom built stealth Synthoid body. He tends to clash with Tallyman if only because the other Synthoid is so blatant in his appearance, but accepts they operate in different aspects of the Digital Front.

-Name: Synthoids
-One Adjective: (Adaptive)
Synthoids are the rank and file minions of the Savant. They are androids designed to carry out tasks as the frontline soldiers of the Savant's schemes to acquire resources and information. They're surprisingly intelligent and adapt rapidly to any form of opposition they encounter. The Savant has little time to micromanage his creations, entrusting the complex AI he's put into them to ensure they either achieve their goal or at least hinder his foes in some manner.

Remaining Starting Points: 6


Current Gains
These Factories mean that your Minions can now either be deployed up to 6 at a time, or in two waves of 3 per episode.
(Upgraded): Gain 2 energy an Episode

The Arcade
The Arcade is quickly set up and in a few days, people of all ages fill the arcade, fighting Synthoids and metallic monsters in all sorts of games created for this very moment.
Synthoids upgrade Adaptive to Adaptive (x2).
As long as the Arcade is active, gain 2 Energy an episode.

Black Market

(Tasked to Spy on Shadow Ranger)
Description: A tall, thin, lanky Green man looking machine with emaciated features.
Ability: Can transform into Any person or object that he has seen a picture of.​

The Circadian Ship

Jack of Hearts (New Leader)
Keywords (Insane) (Wild)
Wild Cards: During Battle, rolls a 1d10 and draws a random card which can add a random effect to the battle
Slice and Dice: Jack can turn his deck into a blade made of the cards. It allows him to One Shot a Single Monster or Ranger. (Usable Once per Battle. If he loses his cards, this ability can’t work)
Make My Monster Grow: By throwing a Card, he can make his monster Grow and gives them a Random Bonus in the Process

Two Bumbling Fools- Fizzle and Flair
Fizzle is a Clown wearing a bad Blue wig and patched clothing. Keyword: Outrageous, Clumsy
Flair is a female Jugglar who juggles something at all times. Keyword: Silly, Leader

Minions: Freaks ( Numerous and weak). Keyword: Bold

Monsters (2/3 Remain)
Description: A humanoid Raptor Cobra with bright colors of purple and green
Ability: Poison Coating- Rangers will be incapacitated within 1d4 rounds after being sprayed

Description: A humanoid white colored sheep wearing red boxer shorts
Ability: Misty Mountains- Can temporarily blind someone. Rangers are blinded on an 6+

Description: A humanoid Rainbow colored Monkey wielding two large mallets
Ability: Smashing- If rolls are high, can instantly knock out a Ranger or completely demolish a series of buildings​
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Does Not Know Kung-fu
Roleplay Type(s)
Villain Team Creation
Strength: 20
Intelligence: 0
Guile: 0
Charisma: 0

Background: Extraplanar Entity (-3)

Starting Henchmen: Two Bumbling Fools (0)

Base Location: In Another Dimension (-4)

Minions: Powerful but few (-3)

Villain Name

Villain Origin
Abyssos is old. Old enough to no longer remember its creation, it simply is. Was it made? Born? Forged? Does it matter? Whatever gave force created it is gone now, consumed as all else that has crossed its path. Abyssos is less a 'being' and more a force of nature, the unending, formless void that seeks to consume all light and life it can reach. It has already done so in a few dimensions, alternate timelines, but still Abyssos hungers and it will hunger until the end of all until there is nothing left to consume but itself.

Villain Goal
To enter the dimension and consume it.

Villain Description

Abyssos is not 'on' this dimension, instead there is a 'doorway' a black mirror that reflects nothing that is the window, the bridge, between its realm and this one. It is capable of very limited acts within range of this mirror and can, sometimes, if the tide of power is strong enough, force minor minions through it to carry out its will. However, most of the time it is forced to use 'locals' to engineer their own demise. This is easier said then done as Abyssos' 'voice' can only be comprehended by a select few, it has no control over who can hear it and who its pawns are. They can be powerful leaders, warlords who will speed their world to the darkness or two bumbling buffoons who are incapable of even the most basic planning and coordination.


Vivian 'Vi' Sinclair
-Two Adjectives
(Smart, Clumsy)
Vi is a 19 year old college freshman who is working on an engineering bachelors. She is a small, mouse of a woman who tends to go unrecognized by the world at large and is often told she looks eerily similar to 'Velma' something she does not consider to be a compliment but is never brave enough to say anything back.
Vi has always been smart, but people don't really recommend smart. People never went 'Oh, hey, check out her IQ! Look at those GPA, they go all the way up'. She has always been a wallflower, an outsider, watching the world move in front of her but too afraid to step forth onto the dance floor and lacking the confidence to ever ask for help. A naturally clumsy girl, both physically and socially, whenever she has made the attempt, it has always gone horribly, horribly, wrong. For the safety of others, and most importantly herself, she locks herself away in her bubble. She recently started to have dreams, nightmares, really of a voice calling out to her. Sending her visions of a mirror in a dark place... She thought she was going crazy until she started to notice signs and changes in the world around her, as if something was pulling her. After much hawing, and a few painful trips and shattered windows later, Vi found the black mirror that reached out to her... That wanted her. For the first time, in her life, she was needed.


Simon Halloway
-Two Adjectives
(Charming, Dumb)
Tall, athletic with teal hair, piercings and tattoos, Simon stands out in whatever crowd he is in. He loves the attention and feeling like the top of the world and will go out of his way to remind everyone who the 'top dog' is around here. His clothing tends to be a bit ragged, but each piece is brand name as nothing but the best for Simon.

Simon is a twenty year old sophomore and a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon [DKE] house. He has fairly wealthy parents and never wanted for anything in his life, naturally charming, he never had trouble getting what, or who, he wanted.. but he also never saw a reason to apply himself to anything. He never bothered to study, or got involved with sports or did... really anything besides hang out and simply 'exist'. About as sharp as a sledgehammer, when he isn't baked off his mind, Simon is a bit of a mean spirit and enjoys taunting and teasing those he believes to be 'lower' then him as making them feel less makes his own life feel less empty. Much like Vi, he started to have nightmares and visions that plagued him, at first, he put it off as bad product, but eventually, something all but forced his body towards a black mirror... and a woman that he hadn't noticed standing next to it until she spoke which nearly made him jump out of his skin. He isn't really sure why he is doing what the mirror ask. He hasn't stopped long enough to think about it, but what else does he have to do these days?



-One Adjective

Small, micro portions of their 'Father' that have managed to slip through the mirror and enter the dimension. They do not have 'bodies' and are instead shadows given form making them more resistant to mundane damage [but very vulnerable to Ranger Power Weapons]. They can 'shift' their forms to appear as other things, however, they are not truly sapient. They can imitate voices and sounds, but they are like parrots, repeating what they do not comprehend often relying on base predatory instincts. They have to be led and instructed in order to be efficient.


Skeleton Boi
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Villain Team:
The Black Hand

Villain Creation:
Intelligence: 5
Guile: 5
Charisma: 10

Background: Normal Human on a Power Trip (+2)

Starting Henchmen: Two Powerful Lieutenants, and One Competent Commander (-3)

Base Location: Under the Ocean (-2)

Minions: Medium Strength (-2)

Points left over: 5

Villain Name:
Markus Lionhearth

Villain Origin:
Power Hungry Human

Villain Goal:
To take over another country and become a Dictator, ruling over said country before conquering more countries and eventually the world itself.

Villain Description:
Standing at about 5’6”, looking to be in his early 30’s, Markus is especially one to dress in order to impress others. Physically, he doesn’t seem that much imposing that other humans, not even looking like proper villain material at that other than his rather strange choices of clothing.

Villain History:
Formerly an influential and charismatic general within the French military forces, he had left due to assumptions that his ‘genius’ and ‘tactical planning’ wasn’t being appreciated by his ‘allies’, and as such, wanted to leave after being ridiculed by them for the last time. Now, bringing a collection of individuals who had remained loyal to him and hiring a few others to join his group, he had formed the Black Hand, under the disguise of a Private Military Company, he sets forth to collecting resources and gaining influence while running hidden jobs away from public eye in order to begin preparations for taking over a country of his choosing (still need to decide upon that). But for now… 33 year old Markus shall be waiting, bidding his time until the chance to strike is given to him.

Right-Hand Man:
-Two Adjectives:

Wearing armor and weapons that seems to be less advance than the rest of the army… what makes him unique is his advance targeting helmet, alongside his signature custom modified sniper rifle. Always found wearing some kind of camo dark colored tactical gear, while little skin is shown (mostly on his hands), things such as his fingerprints do not exist at all (having been burned out or removed in some way).

An infamous contract killer that has now found his way to serving Markus and the Black-Hand, his history before his rise to fame in the underground is just as mysterious as his reasoning for joining up with the Black-Hand. Even then, this assassin surely isn’t messing around… having killed multiple different individuals of great reputation, ranging from gang leaders to even political officials with only one shot, and still maintaining the mystery of their true identity from the rest of the world, this man will certainly be a hassle those who aren’t keeping a watchful eye of their surroundings.

John Doe
-Two Adjectives:
(Intelligent) (Cowardly)

Standing at 5’1”, with blonde hair and blue colored eyes, this scientist is always found wearing his signature lab equipment and glasses, with a physical build more on the skinnier side than average. Often seems to carry a lot of pens with him alongside the ‘research department’ logo on his lab coat.

The individual responsible for most of the high tech gear within the Black Hand, [REDACTED], also known as “John Doe”, is the head of the research department for the Black Hand, originally being tempted by Markus into joining the Black Hand in order to “create grand machines that can change the future”, with promises of providing the resources to do so if he did certain requests for Markus, John Doe is now serving under the Black Hand permanently, afraid of what would happen if he attempted to go against his leader’s wishes or escape with his life. While he certainly got the chance to create many wonders underneath the Black Hand… are those wonders truly his to begin with?

Captain Willy Peter
-Two Adjectives:

Standing at 6’4”, this pose armor wearing Captain is one intimidating and muscular looking individual, wearing all sorts of tactical gear on his body alongside a white helmet covering his face. The captain appears to have lost both his arms, and replaced it with two robotic arms with a series of functions such as transforming into blades or firing grenades from it.

One of the loyal captains that had stayed with the general even after they had left, Markus commands his soldiers with an inspiring presence that even the most hopeless soldier shall find the will to fight under, and alongside his cyborgnetic implants giving him the strength and power far more than the average human, he certainly won’t be holding back his punches anytime soon.

Black-Hand Troops

-One Adjective:

A number of both loyal and experienced soldiers serving under the Black-Hand… what they lack in strength alongside their apparent humanity, their experience fighting in the field alongside the capability to access and utilize multiple different weapons and vehicles to their fullest advantage. Each soldier mostly comes equipped with a standard issued light particle accelerator handheld devices / LP-73J (or Laser shooting guns), DH-05 Black Hand combat armor, wrist mounted extendable blades, alongside a personal energy shielding device as to withstand blows to their body, although specialists may be equipped with different gear or operate vehicles.
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Of Fate
Power Ranger Team Creation-

Every Power Ranger Team will get 15 points to spend for Team Creation. Some choices that put you more at a disadvantage can net you additional spending points. If there are any left over points, they are converted into starting Resources.

Team Starting Size: 3 Rangers (-1)

Ranger Background: College (-2)

Origin: Magic (-2)

Support Team: Rangers (+1)

Mentor: Master( -2)

Base Location: Beneath a Front (Old Castle)(0)

Starting Zords/Weapons: Full Team of Zords and Powered Weapons (-3)

Points Remaining: 6

Team Name: U-V Raygers

Team Theme: Vampire

Rangers Information-
-Name: Flynn Harker
-Color: Crimson Red
-Description: Tall, dark and handsome, Flynn has short, stylized brown hair and an athletes build. Donning red leather trousers, and matching jacket in red or black, Flynn follows this with a a corresponding linen shirt in the opposite colour to his jacket with dark sneakers
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: Dependable/ Distant
-History: Growing up in a kind and loving family, Flynns live was turned upside down when his mother became ill. Getting medication for his ailing mother, after a stint at the car wash, Flynn was caught unaware by the Solar Eclipse and Jugulords forces, becoming one of the first vampires.

Rangers Information-
-Name: Lucy West
-Color: Moon White
-Description: Fair skinned and fair haired, Lucy brightens her complexion with an ever changing array of dyed dabs on her temple undercut fringe. Wearing blouses, or corset/tee combos she matches them with short skirts or short shorts and leggings, finishing her look with comfortable pumps or trainers
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: Wild/ Protective
-History: An avid truant with a gifted mind, Lucy is a free spirit who would rather have fun then study. Heading to her friends place before their favourite club, Lucy was on her lonesome when the Solar Eclipse happened and was promptly attacked and turned by Jugulord's Hoppires.

Rangers Information-
-Name: Will Murray
-Color: Night Black
-Description: A tall lad of Asian/German descent, Will sports coarse black hair and a prominent nose. Often having no clean clothes to wear, Will will borrow some from his dads closet, sporting hardy overcoats, vests and dress pants. Otherwise its just a stained shirt and a durable pair of ripped jeans
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: Focused/ Disarming
-History: Raised by sometimes strict and demanding parents, Will often has his head in a book or a hand on a task, especially now that he's in college. Researching at the Library before class, Will lost track of time and promptly rushed out, hoping to avoid missing his lecture, and into a horde of Hoppires during the Solar Eclipse

Rangers Zords:
Crimson Red Bat Zord
White Moon Wolf
Night Black Rat

Ranger Home City: Vitality Park​


The Sane One
Every Power Ranger Team will get 15 points to spend for Team Creation. Some choices that put you more at a disadvantage can net you additional spending points. If there are any left over points, they are converted into starting Resources.

Team Starting Size: 3 Rangers (-2)

Ranger Background: Teenagers (+1)

Origin: Nature (-2)

Support Team: Rangers(+1)

Mentor: Alien (0)

Base Location: Hidden bunker deep within the woods (-1)

Starting Zords/Weapons: Full Team of Zords and Powered Weapons (-3)

Team Name: Wild Rangers

Team Theme: Nature and the features which it contains

Rangers Information-
Corey Poole.jpg
-Name: Corey Poole
-Color: Forest Green
-Description: A moderately tall young man with a passion for exploring the forests near his hometown, Corey is of average intelligence and looks and has a fairly carefree nature. When threatened or if it involves the forests he has fallen in love with Corey will become serious rapidly and do his best to handle the situation.
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: Sensible and Introverted
-History: Corey was born to a pair of park rangers and spent much of his early life living in a cabin alongside them, rarely travelling out of the park that they watched over. As soon as his parents let him he joined them in watching over the forest that he lived in on weekends and after school, making him slightly isolated from others his age. It wasn't until high school, and the decision to find employment at a plant nursery/greenhouse, that he began to truly be exposed to others, quickly forming a small group of friends who enjoyed nature nearly as much as he did. When he was eighteen he and his friends discovered, hidden deep within the natural park that he had called home all his life, a hidden bunker which contained three symbols. Drawn to the tree among them he reached out and his vision was filled with white.

Ellen Wiley.jpg
-Name: Ellen Wiley
-Color: Aqua Blue
-Description: Ellen is a brunette on the shorter side who is quick to make friends and come up with spontaneous plans, often leading her to get into trouble. She rarely takes things as seriously as she needs to and often messes around when she shouldn't be.
-Two Adjectives that best apply: Friendly and Unpredictable
-History: Ellen was born and raised on the water, travelling with her parents during many of their water boat tours and adventures. She made friends easily with most of the children her age that travelled on the boats, quickly growing used to not seeing most of them after their tours were over. It wasn't until they decided to retire and move to Redwood Cove when she was a teenager that she began to make more friends and not have to leave them behind, quickly finding herself a small group of friends who she could rely on and who could rely on her in turn. Things went well for her till the day that she decided to explore the forest with her friends, finding a hidden bunker deep within which contained a trio of symbols. She found herself drawn to a drop of water and, after she touched it, her vision was filled with white.

Cedric Berry.jpg
-Name: Cedric Berry
-Color: Goldenrod Yellow
-Description: Standing at over six foot Cedric cuts a rather imposing figure, especially with combined with his general lack of social skills and place at the top of the class. He is the most serious among his small group of friends and is the one who most often plans things out.
-Two Adjectives that best apply: Intelligent and Aloof
-History: Cedric was born to a pair of highly intelligent individuals, a trait that was passed on to him as well. For much of his early years he spent his time locked away studying and learning about the world alongside his parents. As he aged he eventually decided he wanted to explore and travel, something that his parents would encourage and even join him in doing at times. He quickly discovered a love for the mountains near his home, often making climbs in order to see the views from the tops of the cliffs. Once he joined high school he was quickly drawn into a small group of friends and found himself enjoying their company, even if he didn't show it often. He joined his friends when they decided to explore the forest, finding a bunker hidden deep within it which contained a trio of symbols. He was drawn to the symbol of a stone, his vision being filled with white as he grabbed it.

Rangers Zords:
Green Moose Zord
Blue Crab Zord
Yellow Hawk Zord

Ranger Home City: Redwood Cove

Remaining Points: 9​
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Lord Xavier White
Strength: 5
Intelligence: 5
Guile: 0
Charisma: 10

Background: Corrupted Ranger(-2)

Starting Henchmen: Two Powerful Lieutenants, and One Competent Commander (-4)

Base Location: On the Moon/In Space (-3)

Minions: Weak but with large numbers (0)

Villain Origin: Former White Ranger

Villain Goal: Absolute Power to rule the world and then beyond.

Villain Description:
"Why do we have to sacrifice ourselves for the others?" A man in a white ranger suit asked as he slowly approached the leader of their team - Red Ranger - who was incapacitated and leaning on the pillar. The white ranger's suit and the sword in his right hand was stained with the blood, not of his but of his fellow rangers. "You people have always been fools. We have the power, resources, and influence. Why not use it to bring the world under our heel?"

"Because those are not ours alone. We are heroes, born and molded. We fight for the-" Red Ranger shouted despite the pain as evident in the change of his facial expression but he was cut off by the white ranger

"Enough! Always the hero, Red, but the world is more cruel and selfish than all of you think. They do not deserve our protection. If given a chance, like what happened last time, they will turn on us! The weak, if cannot learn how to be strong, will die while the strong will always rise. That has always been the universal law since humans learned how to survive and I experienced that myself. If they cannot defend themselves and stay as weak then that's a pity, the world has no place for people like them."

"White, you need to thi-" A swing of a sword, a gush of blood, and a head rolling dropping to the floor. Then ended the story of Red Ranger and along with him the story of his heroic ranger team. But it also began a new story for the sole surviving member. The moment he swung his sword, the man on the white suit will never again be called White Ranger but only Lord Xavier White.

Villain History:
Xavier White lived his life as an orphan, never knowing who his parents was or what happened to them. After leaving the orphanage he was in, he struggled to survive in the society. The world was cruel to a kid like him who had nobody behind is back. Not to mention that his albino traits caused him to be more marginalized. Although it was a struggle, but he did survive, climbed through society's ladder, and made it to where he was now. Of course, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. His journey was full of darkness, trickery, and other things unimaginable for a kid. He had to do it to survive. Otherwise a boy as weak as him would have long been eaten by the predator's of human society. That was until he was discovered and taken in by his mentor and adopted father, the predecessor of the Red Ranger and the leader of the Ranger Team at that time.


Name: Central
Role: Commander
Two Adjectives: Commanding | Fearless
Description: First Brother of the White Triplets.
History: Central, Left, and Right were orphans who was found by Xavier White in a squatter settlement next to a Waste Disposal Plant. They are not biological brothers but sworn brothers who helped each other survive in their time in the squatter settlement. Central as the oldest, acted as the big brother of the group and led his siblings. Left was small, illusive, and swift. Able to grab items stealthily, pickpocketing and stealing just so they could feed themselves. While Right was their guard, defending the other two from those who dare bullies them. Acting as their "Shield and Sword". Life was difficult for them until they were discovered by Xavier who uplifted the trio because he saw himself in the three of them. He was also like them before he was discovered by his mentor.

Name: Left
Role: Lieutenant
Two Adjectives: Illusive | Swift
Description: Second Brother of the White Triplets.

Name: Right
Role: Lieutenant
Two Adjectives: Powerful | Impregnable
Description: Third Brother of the White Triplets.

Name: Whites
One Adjective: Clone
Description: Biological beings based on the DNA of Xavier White. (White Zetsu from Naruto as reference).​
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Power Ranger Team Sheet
Every Power Ranger Team will get 15 points to spend for Team Creation. Some choices that put you more at a disadvantage can net you additional spending points. If there are any left over points, they are converted into starting Resources.

Team Starting Size:
5 Rangers (-2)

Ranger Background:
Teenagers (+1)

Magic (-2)

Support Team:
Rangers (+1)

Normal Human (+2)

Base Location:
Behind/Beneath a Front (Hobby Store) (0)

Starting Zords/Weapons:
Powered Weapons (-1)

Extra Points:

Team Name:
Rampart Rangers

Team Theme:
Fantasy Archetypes/Classes

Rangers Information:
Name: Dewey Hobbs
Colour: Red Warrior
Description: Dewey is a African American male with curly dark hair and glasses. He is relatively short for his age and favours colourful short sleeved shirts with a hoodie, ankle length trousers and comfortable shoes.
Two Adjectives that Best Apply: (Introverted) (Geeky)
History: Growing up, Dewey was obsessed with fantasy fiction, devouring the works of Tolkien, Howard, Lovecraft and the like. He would spend his Saturdays in the back garden swinging a wooden stick about and pretending to be a brave warrior on an epic quest. Most recently, his latest fantasy fix has come in the form of Rangers and Ramparts Online, an MMORPG based on the popular tabletop game of the same name, where his ranger avatar is the Red Warrior.

Name: Nicholas Yates
Colour: White Cleric
Description: Nicholas is a overweight Caucasian male of average height with swoop style brown hair. He wears a white pullover hoodie and sweatpants with trainers.
Two Adjectives that Best Apply: (Loyal) (Considerate)
History: Nicholas was left in the care of his grandmother when he was little and she did her best to raise him all by herself. With his grandmother living next door to the Hobbs family, Nicholas and Dewey became friends and, with many interests in common, they quickly became best friends. Nicholas also plays R&R Online, going on quests alongside Dewey's Red Warrior as his ranger avatar the White Cleric.

Name: Liberty Wilkerson
Colour: Blue Magician
Description: Liberty is a Caucasian female of average height. She has bleach blonde hair in a punky style and wears glasses. She wears a cropped denim jacket and denim hotpants with ripped leggings. She has multiple piercings on both ears and wears quirky bracelets on her wrists.
Two Adjectives that Best Apply: (Headstrong) (Intelligent)
History: With three sisters, Liberty always felt the need to stand out. Born into a family of high achievers, Liberty was pushed to succeed from a young age but the more her parents pushed her, the more she pushed back, especially as she got older. Liberty has found an escape from her overbearing parents in R&R Online, becoming one of the games top ranked players as her male ranger avatar the Blue Magician.

Name: Lucas Tan
Colour: Black Thief
Description: Lucas is an tall Asian male, with shoulder length length dark hair. He wears a black loose fitting shirt on top of a white t-shirt, black shorts that go below the knee and dark boots.
Two Adjectives that Best Apply: (Carefree) (Joker)
History: With his family owning an antique shop, Lucas would often find himself dragged into helping out around the shop after school. With the shop's scarce amount of footfall, Lucas would try and find various ways to entertain himself but his efforts would meet with mixed success and mostly end up with him getting in trouble with his parents. Lately, to stay off the mind numbing boredom that comes with working at the shop, Lucas has begun playing R&R Online on the laptop that his parents bought him specifically for school. His ranger avatar is the female Black Thief.

Name: Francesca Perez
Colour: Green Archer
Description: Francesca is a tall Latino female with long dark hair. She looks very much a supermodel and depending on the weather generally wears curve fitting dresses with a 3 quarter length cardigan or a crop top with tight jeans/leggings and high heeled shoes as well as hoop earrings and a gold necklace.
Two Adjectives that Best Apply: (Stylish) (Moody)
History: The daughter of a local city councillor, Francesca wanted for very little as a child and grew up to be a bit of a spoiled brat. She had little interest in anything outside of fashion and boys but when her little brother started playing R&R Online, her parents insisted she chaperone him so she could make sure he didn't get into any trouble. Although she sees the whole experience as a chore, she has found some enjoyment in dressing up and accessorising her ranger avatar, the Green Archer.

Rangers Zords:

Ranger Home City:
Eureka Mill/Timbergate
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Team Starting Size: 5 Rangers (-2)

Ranger Background: Specialists (-1), Stunt Performers and actors. They know what a power ranger is supposed to do and how to look good doing it.

Origin: Technology (-1)

Support Team: Corporation (-3) Cerebral Entertainment (Multimedia company)

Mentor: Normal Human (+2), Series Director

Base Location: A Fortified Bunker in a Mountain/ Underground (-1), Heavily secure movie studio with top of the range facilities.

Starting Zords/Weapons: No Zords and non powered Weapons(+2)
Leftover points: 11


Team Name: World Spark Rangers

Team Theme: After extensive focus group the team has been given the theme of... generic rangers. Somewhere between knights and space rangers for maximum approachability for the audience to project their preferences onto.

Rangers Information-
-Name: Jake Van Dorne
-Color: Red
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: Handsome and Arrogant
-History: A pretty boy actor and fitness blogger. Jake is making his big break after years of bit parts on soap operas. He knows the team leader runs the risk of being "The boring one" but he's certain he can bring his own PAZAZ to the role.

-Name: Azure O'Hara
-Color: Blue
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: Quick and Edgy
-History: It was in Azure's contract that she get to be the blue ranger. Breaking into this reality TV experiment from a successful music career, she's made it clear that she doesn't have to be doing this.

-Name: Evan Tyson
-Color: Black
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: Rugged and Practical
-History: Evan is the muscle of the team. Rumors around the studio say he got into the stuntman business from boxing to pay off his debts to the mob after he refused to throw a title fight. No one has ever said this in front of him as his stoic attitude just makes him seem scarier when mixed with his reputation.

-Name: Lilith Valentine
-Color: Pink
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: Loyal and Cool
-History: A classically trained actor, beloved by critics for her work on the stage and in multiple Shakespearean productions. Lilith has yet to make it big in the states and heard this could be a great way to show her range. Plus her little brother loves Rangers and all their real world heroics.

-Name: Mai Yeerum
-Color: Yellow
- Two Adjectives that Best Apply: Feisty and technical
-History: Seasoned champion MMA fighter, Mai is the other half of the team's heavier hitters. Hired with the tag line that "she knows a thousand ways to strike down evil with her bare hands". Mai just wants to know when they'll get the giant robots already?!

Rangers Zords: (Still in development)

Ranger Home City: Frontier Bay, movie making capital of the east coast!​


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