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Fandom Power Rangers: Dinystar (Interest Check)


Undesputed king of the dinosaurs
Millions of years ago, an ancient alien race known as the Takalli (a Raptor like people who are usually pacifists by nature) had lost their world to a military space faction known as Koryian (A Crocodilian warrior race). Most of the Takalli race had been destroyed, but a few had managed to escape to a backwater planet home to some of the mightiest creaturesever known to the galaxy. For 100 years the Takalli had bee at peace sharing the world with these behemoths, until their colony had been found once again by the Koryians. This time around, Their leader Karkonga, wasn't going to allow any Takalli to escape with their lives. He would see to it that he would take their sacred treasure and use it as a weapon to conquer the universe. To ensure that none of his foes escaped the planet, he his ships tractor beam to hurl the largest asteroid at the planet, and wipe most of the life living upon it. But Halana, a Takalli monk, had other plans. She knew that if the Koryians were to ever get hold of the 12 magical jewels of power they will be unstoppable, so She bounded them to the souls of 12 different creatures living on the planet to ensure that the Koryians would never find them. Halana would then seal her self in inside of a crystal where she would sleep until the jewels were active once again. Despite this however, Kargoga was not going to be getting a head start looking for the jewels of power. As moving that massive rock took out most of the ships power and would take millions of years to recharge using a nearby star. So he and his crew would remain in hyper sleep until then. 65 million years have passed, and so far many of the jewels have been located and have found new owners. Halana has made sure that all of said owners are willing to become the new defenders of the planet and keepers of the gems, to become power rangers in other words. With Karkoga now wide awake and now on the hunt for the remaining jewels, it is up to them to stop him and his followers.


Hey there, I'm at it again because why not. In this RP, you will be playing as a Power Ranger. It is up to you and your team to find the other gems, and/or their owners and either take them into the fold or repel them should they hold dangerous intent. This is a limited availability RP, there for it's first come first serve. so claim a color and claim a prehistoric Creature (MUST BE FROM THE MESOZOIC), and once I generate enough interest I'll post the OOC where you can amke your characters, then I'll make the IC and we can begin.

Character list:

Red - TyranntX TyranntX - Tyrannosaurus
Orange - Open
Yellow - Open
Green - Darth Tangent Darth Tangent - tupuxuara
Blue - DeadLad DeadLad - Tylosaurus
Teal - SailrB-rus SailrB-rus - Plesiosaurus
Purple - Ilikepie Ilikepie - Pterodactyl
Pink- animegirl20 animegirl20 - Triceratops
White - Jade Emperor Jade Emperor - Allosaurus
Black - Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia -Iguanodon
Silver - Open
Gold - WoodenZebra WoodenZebra - Siphonatera
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