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Fandom Power Rangers: Avalon


Kamen Rider Amino
I wanna do a Power Rangers RP centred around King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Each Ranger is the reincarnation of a figure in Arthurian Legend
For example the Red Ranger is the reincarnated King Arthur

The story takes place in a town called Oakvale

The main villain is Morgana Le Fay
She plots to steal the magical power found underneath the Isle of Avalon to become an immortal sorceress capable of ruling the world
The Mentor is Merlin
He acts as a guide to the Rangers, he is up to date on the modern era... though he is a massive nerd and kind of a cooky weirdo
Each Ranger gains power through the swords of the Round Table Knights

Red: Excalibur
Blue: Arondight
Yellow: Cai
Green: Gelatine
Pink: Levaetein
Black: Clarent
White: Airgetlam
Silver: Kyrie
Gold: Isolde

Rangers (Names should sound similar to their previous lives):
Red (Arthur): @Lux___Wolf
Blue (Lancelot): @Angel Sapphire
Yellow (Kay): @hmphq
Green (Gawain): @Lady Magicae
Pink (Percival): @Lady Magicae
Black (Mordred): @Lux___Wolf
White (Bedivere): @Loopy13
Silver (Galahad): @Xale Rokudo
Gold (Tristan): @Tmntgal2015

Knight Rangers.jpg
(This is kind of what the suits will look like)
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