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Power Ranger Cyber Beasts


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Skydale City is in trouble when an organization known as the Mistvale, have their own evil rangers, the Cyber Shadow Power Rangers, along with their army of mist demons, that cause trouble in the city. But there is hope, when Skydale Corp, has also its own rangers to protect the city, known as the Cyber Beasts Rangers, who were just regular people chosen for a greater cause, as they risk their lives for the fight against the Mistvale Organization.

Character Information:


Adrian Blake
Age: 28
Ranger Color: Red
Bio: Adrian was an army brat who moved around a lot and doesn't really connect with anyone that much til he met his fellow competitors during Skyvale Corp Fighting Competition that allowed him to be chosen to become the user of the Cyber Beast Red Ranger suit, weapons, and technology. He is much older and wiser than the orders and tends to bark orders as he did come from a military background but his teammates teach him a thing or two about teamwork and how to be a better leader than what he was used with his dad had done during the time he was a commanding officer.

Tricia Lam
Age: 18
Ranger Color: White
Bio: Tricia is a high school senior at Skydale High and is also part of the soccer team and is very athletic. Along with that, she is a kendo user and practices with her father every day after school when done with her homework which keeps her senses pretty sharp when in battle. Tends to butt heads with her twin brother, as they are total opposites, with her being more of the active one and her brother being more book smart and does not follow in the footsteps of kendo like his father does. More of a serious person. Won her spot due to her skills in kendo and her agility

Jacob Lam
Age: 18
Ranger Color: Blue
Bio: Jacob is a high school senior at Skydale High just like his twin sister except they are both total opposites in both personality and activities. He is a sort of nerd and did not want to follow in the footsteps of his father to do kendo due to the reason of not being interested but also not being actually athletically coordinated. Will butt heads with his twin sister at times due to them being total opposites and is much of a jokester and pretty optimistic most of the time. Jacob is also on his school's debate team and academic decathlon serving as vice president for both organizations. Won his spot by tricking in his opponents tiring them out unlike Adrian and Tricia who fought physically in the competition.

Mistvale Organization

Age: Centuries years old, looks around mid-20s.
Bio: Morgana ended up being revived in the modern world not knowing how and why, but saw that her gifts was useful and wanted to make Skydale her empire. She uses her powers to create soldiers to serve her, known as the Mist Demons.

Age: Unknown, looks mid-30s
Bio: Lairc is the right hand of Morgana, a mortal in the real world that has been enchanted by Morgana and will do anything of her including getting rid of the Cyber Tech Rangers for her. Loyal and an excellent fighter in weapons and hand-to-combat. Loves a challenge.

Age: Unknown, looks early 30s.
Bio: Malcolm is an tech wizard and very knowledgeable in technology and computers and such. Was the one who created the suits and the technology for the Cyber Shadow Rangers and the one that kidnapped them from the competition.

Heather Briggs
Cyber Shadow Purple
Age: 25
Bio: Heather is a dark and wicked woman. She does not play fair and will have a rivalry with the Cyber Tech White Ranger. Like Lairc, Heather is under an enchantment by Queen Morgana along with a mind control device created by Malcolm. Also is a lover of Morgana and vice versa and will do anything to protect her mistress.

Grant Verns
Cyber Shadow Gold
Age: 23
Bio: Grant is a tough as nails person and not to be affected by any emotions. He was actually immune to the enchantment spell of Morgana and was able to resist Malcolm's device. As a last resort, Malcolm made another device to brainwash him erasing his past memories and alternating with different ones making him think that Skyvale Corp was involved with his parents' deaths and fights to seek revenge for them. Due to that, it makes him a true heartless person making sure he destroys or even whoever gets in his way.

Mist Demons
Bio: The Mist Demons are creations of Morgana that look like foglike creatures with demonic eyes and sharp claws. They have the ability to phase through anything and can become invisible.


CEO President Nathaniel Lincoln
Age: 38
Bio: CEO President Nathaniel Lincoln is the head of Skydale Corp and was the one who sent out the announcement to find the recruits to use the Cyber Beast technology that will help defend the city. He is all business and very serious and only refers to the rangers by their surnames as he does not want to have an emotional connection with anyone.

Doctor Emma Walestone
Age: 28
Bio: Dr. Emma Walestone was a kid genius graduating high school around the age of thirteen and then on earned a PHD in technological science at age 21. She does not like to mix her work life with her personal life and like, President Nathaniel Lincoln, refers to the ranger only by their last name or ranger colors. Was the one that created the Cyber Beast technology. Used to work with Malcolm before he defected to the Mistvale Organization.

Charlie Lam
Age: mid 30s
Bio: Charlie is the father of the the twins, Tricia and Jacob. He works as a kendo teacher and trains with his daughter, Tricia, when he gets home, every night. Hopes his son to join the tradition but unfortunately his son has no athletic ability and is not as agile as his daughter is.

Natalie Lam
Age: Early 30s
Bio: Natalie is the mother of the twins, Tricia and Jacob. She works at Skydale Corp as a barista at the cafe, Skydale Cafe and Eats, and is the usual hangout for the three rangers. Very proud of her twins when they end up becoming heroes to save the city and is also super worried about them being a mother and always tell them to be careful.

Hello all. I will need players to play all of the characters above except Morgana and the Mist Demons, which will be played by myself once the story starts. Reply below if interested. Thank you.


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Most people like to create their own characters or play canon characters.

This isn't canon so any potentional players are going to want to create their own character.

You should rethink your strategy.

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