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Multiple Settings Power Ranger: Code Alchemy (Interest Check)

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Loved by Christ
I made this RP a while back and seeing if anyone would like to join it. It's a fully custom set of rangers I made, the story is akin to The Flash or the Arrow: A superhero slice of life, it will be using Face Claims (Live action characters). It's role base but there is plenty of them, with three factions: Rangers, Villians, Civilians, I am leaning towards reserves. So first, come first serve. This is my first making an interest check so I'm figuring somethings out. I'm going to put a star (✴) on the important roles. You can have multiple roles (If you do please pick from a different faction). If you have any questions, please ask. Here all the material:

Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂History Lesson

The root of our story starts in the late 14th century through the legendary alchemist Nicholas Flamel, with his wife Perenelle Flamel and his young apprentice Aldéric. Together they created the ultimate piece of alchemy, The Philosopher's Stone. With it, they used the stone's power to aid the less fortunate of France. As well they did also created the Elixir of Life giving the three of them immortality.

Aldéric, an adventurous one in his alchemical studies thought to create a homunculus. An artificial life, that he could bend to his will. But even with the extra time he gained through his immortality, Aldéric could never perfect them. He knew the only way to create the ultimate being was to have the stone he helped create. Fueled by greed, Aldéric tried to kill the Flamels in order to steal the Stone from them. His attempts failed, as the Flamels knew for there cunning. Unfortunately, they also knew the Aldéric was unrelenting and would never stop until he got what he wants. And due to their struggles many people, homes, and entire cities fell to the conflict. So in order to better save the people, they hurt the Flamels faked their deaths and vanished from time. Aldéric just cunning as they knew they that they weren't dead and keep his search going for the Flamels and his precious Philosopher's Stone.

After years of running about six hundred years exactly; the Flamels now in a country known as the United States of America. The effects of the elixir were finally starting to expire. With the stone, the Flamels thought nothing of it and started to make the elixir renew their immortality but as they finished on it they were interrupted by an old friend, Aldéric with a strange monster. After years of searching, he had found the Flamels and was out for blood.

Attacking the couple, the beast overpowered them easily and went to take the stone. Knowing this day would come, Nicholas used a potion that was made to destroy the stone. At this point he let Aldéric take it. With the stone Aldéric laughed and start on his way triumphantly leaving the Flamels to the fury of his beast but as he gave it tight grip the stone created a strange black glowing crack that ran through the blood-red stone.

The sound cracking grew more it and exploded in a black cloud leaving only a pile of black dust in his hand. In anger, he threw it out to the ground, but from the ash, six gemstones came flying out. Seeing this Nicholas dashed to collect these as much as he could. Aldéric in a rage came to his senses and saw that Nicholas was gathering the jewels off the floor. In a raged filled panic he ran to grab anything he could. Seeing the near him he dove for it. Feeling it at first, he noticed the feeling disappeared. Opening his hand he saw it wasn't there, but instead was a black mark on his palm with it followed an extreme pain. Roaring, the beast turn see it master in distress and went aid him. Not knowing he couldn't do anymore, Aldéric took his creature and told the Flamels something. "I don't know what the hell you did but I don't care! All care can about is that stone! So I give you this task! Make a new stone! I'll be back in twenty years' time. That should give you the time to make me a new beautiful stone!" And with that, he left.

Know that they could accomplish this take but Perenelle forbid that he should run, or hide against him. Nicholas aged and tired agreed with his wife but asked how. She smiled and suggested that they fight back.

Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂Present Day

Year 20XX, the Flamels have changed their names, and moved to a small town in Virginia, with their teenage daughter and nephew. Now through their research of the gems that came from the Stone, they used them to create a power that could save them, and hopefully the world. The based it off the heroes that had seen in years past, they had created a new set of Power Rangers ready to fight for the future.

Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Hill Pointe, VA. A suburban city in Virginia. Centered in a mountain valley, with not too much going on with the exception of academy set near the town. A rich and well off town, whose citizens live nicely.
Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Lake Luna, a beautiful clear blue lake. It was a big tourist attraction for its beauty and island castle. The island has been recently bought and closed, it's being used as the base for Aldéric and his.
Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Hartford Academy, the school for the city as well as a prestigious boarding set outside of the city, named after the billionaire, Hartford family. Who are still to this day are the largest contributors to the school. Many high school students from around the country try to get into this school for its high prestige. All the students that go here are exceptionally talented.
Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ The Lab, Book Store and Café. Owned and operated by the Flamels under the name Flemings. Open just recently it quickly became a social hotspot for the older students at Hartford but the truth under the store is the base of operations for the current team of Power Rangers.

  • The Red Ranger (♂): He is the leader of the Team, is the nephew of the Flemings and cousin to the Pink Ranger. (Taken) ✴
    The Green Ranger (♂): The muscle of the Team, his cousin is the Curious Kitty. (Reserved by Darth Tangent) ✴
    The Yellow Ranger (♂): The agile fighter of the Team, his sister is Miss Joker. (Reserved by Roxasarass) ✴
    The Blue Ranger (♀): The support of the Team, she has no prior connections. (Reserved by Kaztastrophe) ✴
    The Pink Ranger (♀): The techie of the Team, she is the daughter of the Flemings and cousin to the Red Ranger. (Reserved by Nico) ✴

  • Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Aldéric the Dark Alchemyst
    Aldéric, the former apprentice to the Flamels, who now is known as the most powerful alchemist of the underworld and given the title of The Dark Alchemyst.
    As the Dark Alchemyst, Aldéric has legions of created beings known as homunculus or homunculi. Notable he created an uncountable amount of Humiles or Lowly Ones.
    His main goal is to strip the Philosopher's Stone for the Flamels and create true and powerful homunculi. His goals from there are still unknown but they are most likely geared toward world domination.
    The Dark Ranger is Aldéric's son.

    Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Dark Seed
    Seeing as he couldn't make perfect homunculi, he injected a compound into four children in hopes to create test subjects for his future endeavors. When the seed inside them grew, it turned them into a powerful human/homunculus hybrid completely subservient to Aldéric though their past personalities are intact. They can shift into their human or homunculus forms at will. The Dark Ranger isn't considered one of the Seeds, as he is his own son given free rein.

    Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Humiles
    The combatants to the Dark Alchemyst. They are mindless creatures that only follow orders. Controlled by all the Seeds and Aldéric himself. Some of the Seeds have gone out of their way to change and strengthen them.

Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Alchemic Morpher
The Morpher of the Code Alchemy team. In the form of a touch screen smartphone, with what seems to be an over-sized audio jack and a gem embedded into the back. With the call “Active Alchemy” the Morpher actives its main screen where the rangers can call forth their weapons and zords, activate powers ups, and while in civilian mode morph into ranger mode. To change into their ranger form the user must use the call “Ranger Go!” and slide out the icon across, and point the Morpher out. In its idle form, it appears to be the Rangers' civilian personal cellular phone.

Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Tonic Sprayer
The sidearm to the rangers, a single-handed blaster. Each pistol has two slots that take Potion Pods, as ammunition. Different pods loaded in cause’s different effects to the beams shot out of the blaster. It has three settings: Laser, a common beam shot. Mist, a simple function that mists the potion to serve the ranger's choice. Bomb, overcharging the shot it creates a ball of energy base around the potion used. They can be used in the rangers' civilian form.

  • Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Red Ranger
    Special Ability: Combustion: The Red Ranger has the ability to hyper-conduct the molecules to the point the object burst in a fiery explosion.
    Personal Weapon: Burst Blade A single-edged sword, imbued with the Combustion
    Zord: Speeder Shifter

    Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Green Ranger
    Special Ability: Petrifaction: The ability of the Green Ranger is to solidify the molecules of something to the point where it becomes completely solid through and through
    Personal Weapon: Petrify Punch: A set of large boxing like gloves, which can push the Petrify reaction faster into the target.
    Zord: Dozer Shifter

    Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Yellow Ranger
    Special Ability: Magnetism: The Yellow Ranger’s ability is to overcharge an entity with certain polarization making them a giant magnet.
    Personal Weapon: Magnet Slicer: A dual bladed polearm, with one blade on each end and the edge facing opposite to the other. Each end it polarized with one of the two magnetic polarities.
    Zord: Tank Shifter

    Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Blue Ranger
    Special Ability: Liquification: This ability of the Blue Ranger’s is to make the molecules of something break down to a liquid or gel form.
    Personal Weapon: Liquid Whip: A whip with a weighted slicer for added effected that with each strike can melt its target through.
    Zord: Ship Shifter

    Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Pink Ranger
    Special Ability: Evaporation: The Pink Ranger’s ability is to cause the molecules to separate from each so much that it becomes nothing more than air.
    Personal Weapon: Evaporator: A large blaster, capable of charged blasts, and each shot can punch a hole its target leaving a mist behind it.
    Zord: Flyer Shifter


Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Slate Ranger
Special Ability: Decomposition: The Slate Ranger's is different than the other rangers as it uses tachyons as a reference point and pushes it's power into the molecules accelerating it to a future state. The state is normally one of decayed or aged.
Personal Weapon: Decompose Point: A short spear imbued with the decomposing particles in which each slice causes an almost instant effect.
Zord: Alloy Shifter Megazord (Silver Bullet Train Shifter, Steel Tank Shifter, Brass Glider Shifter)

Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Slate Alloy Morpher
The custom wrist-mounted Morpher built for the Slate Ranger. Similar to its Alchemic sister it has a touch-screen on its face with the same over-sized audio jack and a gem embedded on it. It's passive mode the Morpher looks like a silver bracelet with a silver gem on it. To active it's true form, the voice command "Alloy Forged" is said. The morphing call for it is "Slate Ranger, Go!" combing with sliding the resulting icon upwards. It is able to shoot laser beams from the tip.

Θ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Dark Ranger
The Dark Ranger powers are separate for the other Alchemy rangers. As his power is from a false Philosopher's Stone created by Aldéric. Although it's not true, his power is 50% more to twice that of a single ranger. As well he isn't considered to be one of the Dark Seeds, so he isn't at Aldéric's total control but he does act as his agent at his choosing and can use Humiles. The Dark Ranger is the antithesis of the Alchemy Ranger.

Special Ability: Disintegration: At first glance it's power would be similar to Evaporation as it is seemly to dissipate whatever it comes in contact with but in truth, it completely removes the molecules from existence due to the false Stone. As this breaks the laws of physics what happens is the atoms are transported to a dimension of pure nothingness. As the only thing that can fend against are the other Rangers' equipment but only in short burst and after repairs are needed.
Personal Weapon: Destroy: It looks large kukri knife in a Japanese fashion. As per the other weapons, it has the Disintegration in it's all its strikes.
Zord: Unknown

The powers and forms for the Dark Seeds are up in the air. So if you choose that we can work together to make something.
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Loved by Christ
Yes, that is fine, I'll start putting together a character template. And Nico Nico I find it funny your pick because every time I do this the Pink Ranger is always the first to get requested. It may be she is the second in command.

Roxasarass Roxasarass

I did as well, make a few updates, stating the characters will be FC, and if you want more than one character to choose from the other factions.
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Senior Member
Blue is described as the "support of the group", what does that mean?

Liquification: This ability of the Blue Ranger’s is to make the molecules of something break down to a liquid or gel form.
Does that include herself?


Loved by Christ
Blue is described as the "support of the group", what does that mean?

Does that include herself?
She is the one that works to bolster her teammates. She technically would be the "weakest" fighter but is the heart of the team. Kimberly from MMPR is an example of the support.

Technically yes she could... But it's a one-way trip, she melts things. Can I ask what your thought process is?


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So my idea for her personality is not going to work, well it could but that would come off more disturbing than I would want.

As for the liquification I was thinking something like Masked Rider Super Blue.

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