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Post Macros are back!
Before we begin, here is a simple explanation about what they are. Post Macros are a feature that allows to you automatically insert premade posts. So, if you frequently use the same BBCode, you can just create a Post Macro and easily and instantly insert into a new reply where you want it. Now, instead of having to store this information in your Private Workshop and having to copy/paste, you can click a button and the site will insert the macro of your making.

Now, that being said, we would like to remind you to not use this feature for spam content. Spam is against the rules, which you can read more on here; rules.

Setting Up Your Post Macros
First, you will need to click on your username on the bar menu. It will pop-up a menu with various options, one which will clearly be "Post macros." Click this will take you to the area where you can create, edit, or delete your post macros.

Click on the button "Add macro..." This will open text fields for you to put the information you want regarding your post macro. The title is what will be displayed to identify that particular macro. Once you are satisfied with the maco, click "save."

How to Use a Post Macro
In order to use your post macros, you will need to have the RTE enabled. You can swap back and forth between the RTE and the BBCode by clicking the gear icon on the far right of the post options under the thread title. On this same menu bar, there is a button with a lightning symbol, if you hover over it, the tooltip will say "Insert Macro." Click this button and a drop down menu of your saved macros will appear. Click the macro you want to use and it will be inserted into your post.

Please be careful as clicking to insert a macro multiple times, the site will insert it as many times as you have clicked it.

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