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This is fun!!
- I've lost over 40 lbs in the past year
- Been to two separate universities and switched between four different majors before finding the right one for me
- Am addicted to ordering character art from various artists
- Have two separate books that I'm working on
- Am Christian (nondenominational, raised Baptist)
- Have gone into my parents new koi pond in fishing waders in order to clean it
- Born with curly hair (only girl in my extended family to have it except for my distant cousins)
- Used to believe in this talking orange tom-cat named Whiskers that my grandma invented stories about
- I enjoy gaming and just beat Dark Souls
- Have a 16 year old cat that I rescued two years ago from a home where she was badly neglected

Samurai Kai

Leopard of Liberation
I was born on the same day that Biggie Smalls died.

I also can throw grapes or any type of small foods, no matter how high, and still manage to catch them in my mouth.

I sing Phantom of The Opera songs and can hit the high note at the end that Christine does when singing the theme.


Kinda periscopey
I am left handed, my left eye is almost blind and I know someone who can actually lick his elbows by just... Pushing his whole shoulder back by almost a foot 0-0


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The house where I was born is considered a national monument and is now a museum. Not for me unfortunately, it was designed by a now famous architect. My parents lived there for 5 years and it’s where I was born


a white butterfly
I never had a best friend.

I’ve never owned a dog.

I had two bad dates through bumble.

People usually say I give a “slutty” first impression but I’m actually extremely conservative and have never done anything lol.

I would love to have a baby sheep??

People at work have nicknamed me the “Pokémon master”

Pokémon Company recognizes me as a top fan on Facebook and I don’t know if I should be ashamed or delighted

I literally know more about Pokémon than any school subject

I prefer old spider man (but holland is adorable)

I vividly remembered a past life as a child


The Cursed Prince
  • Was born on the same day the Berlin wall was breached in Germany, which happened on 11/09/89 on Thursday I believe.
  • Have names, and personalities of all my various kinds of chickens and turkey webkinz
  • I love tabletop role playing games, mainly Pathfinder and D&D
  • Related to the above, and to video games, I like to play as any kind of magic users, mainly wizards
  • Pathfinder is my first actual tabletop role playing game I played for several years, more so than others.
  • Love to read
  • Have almost an entire shelf of books, graphic novels, lore books, that is based off of video games.
  • Love chickens
  • Is a glutton for punishment when it comes to the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne.
  • It took me seven years, two consoles, and two different versions of Dark Souls before I finally finished one walk through. Still haven't completed it on my 360.
  • Still haven't beaten Dark Souls II.
  • I have yet to beat The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind legit, meaning no god mode.
  • Dark Souls Remastered is the first Dark Souls game I played as a melee class.
  • Have a old musical bear, doesn't work any more, that is the same age as me.
  • Have type one diabetes for nineteen years.
  • Found out this year that type one diabetes is an autoimmune disease, which is scary.
Might add others in another post later.
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I am the cat that curiosity has yet to kill
  • Despite my age I still have, and sleep with, a couple of stuffed animals. Mainly my Vulpix build-a-bear that I hug throughout the night, and a little Flareon that I have wedged between the side of my head and my shoulder (preventing my bony shoulder from causing me discomfort while I sleep).
  • If you couldn't tell from the first bullet point I really love Pokémon.
  • I look a couple years younger than I actually am due to being a max of 5'3 and 100 pounds. Usually get confused to be around the ages of 16-18. But I've had a few funny moments at restaurants where they either give me a kid's cup or a kid's menu. The menu thing stopped when I hit 14 I believe; however, just 3 weeks ago I was given the same kid's cup as my younger brother.
  • None of the people I was friends in middle school and high school have spoken to me since graduating. More than likely because I was always the odd man out (ADHD made me a slightly hyper middle schooler. In high school I turned into the quiet kid with a small group of friends, but after trying to talk to them once graduation had come and gone with nothing I gave up trying).
  • Again, in high school I was a quiet kid. Quiet to the point that no one ever heard me speak in certain classes, and when I did they were shocked. But I have to say the funniest occasion where I did speak up was English class junior year. One of the larger football players had gotten on my nerve by disrupting the class (come on man, trying to learn) and making the teacher cry (not cool man). So turned around and snapped at him telling to basically stfu. He stopped his antics and was actually scared. I say that because the girl in front of him was telling him to go back to acting like and a**, to which he says, "Did you not hear her? I'm not doing that again." (Again, 5'3", and at the time around 95 pounds, this guy was easily 5'8" to 5'9" and over 200 pounds)
  • Only last year did I start making real friends and am happy with the few that I've got.
  • When I was 16 a woman knocked me off my bike with her car and only told me that she had somewhere to be and gave a half assed apology. I wasn't hurt, but that poor old lady who watched was really worried.
  • My favorite saying has to be "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back" because I myself am very curious about a lot of things

Bum Bear

So I'm an alien now
- Father named me after a WWE wrestler. Though it's a cool name don't really like the origin.
- Didn't know that Domino's Pizza logo was an actual domino until I was eighteen after driving past the one by my house for the umpteenth time.
- Have a fear of all bugs, including butterflies. Don't try to convince me they're cute, it just ain't gonna happen fam. Keep those monsters away from me.
- Hid a full-grown German Shepherd in my backyard from my parents when I was a kid. The dog was gone the next day and my parents were pissed and rightfully so. Although my cousin helped me in hiding it, he didn't get in trouble so I've held that as a grudge for a couple of years ... still do this till this day.
- Have a strong dislike for birds, especially geese. The reason being my freshman dorm was located near a lake and the geese loved to be there. They were a menace. They chased everyone who got to close, block the only bridge to campus, and just shitted on everything. They were gone for the winter but came back in the spring with their little hellspawns which made them even worse. Now you gotta avoid the chicks, or whatever geese young are called, and since there are a lot of geese, there's gonna be A LOT of babies.
- I think of the geese as a collective, why else would they be so twisted. They're a hive mind ruled by a single individual. Hoping to find that individual one day and say a few words to it.
- I like grunge rock, and kept it hidden from my friends for three years. They're normies, and I don't feel like being called an edgelord at my age.
- I really just don't like Geese. "What [are they] good for? Absolutely nothin'!" If you're a goose enthusiast, don't quote me.
- Raised as a Baptist Christian, kinda has an existential crisis in high school, and started leaning towards being agnostic. Parents, who were Christians at the time, got mad and scolded me for it. Now all of my immediate family are no longer Christians. (And I got an apology, which I'm surprised at) Though my extended family still are.
- Did I say how much I dislike Geese?
- Not one for physical contact outside of family.
- Apparently a good indication for when I'm drunk is that I always seem to want to do a back flip. Seeing as I have yet to wake up injured, I think my drunk self has yet to accomplish one. It's either because I have really good friends or my drunken self has done one successfully, I don't know.
- Born on all even numbers.
- Think four is the greatest number to ever exist.
- Am a bloomers kind of bear despite never actually owning a pair.
- Cookie Monster is my spirit animal. Facts.

There is probably more that I can't remember right now.


Dreaming of Flowers
I'm short (5'2'') and have a baby face so I get id'd a lot even though I'm in my late 20's haha

English is not my first language

I like the color pink

I own all the Dark Souls game but I haven't beaten any of them haha

I love airports and trips but leaving from one place to another makes me cry a bit


  • I live with two cats.
  • I love jellyfish.
  • I've never been trick-or-treating, but I got to spend every Halloween watching spooky movies or horror films and eating candy.
  • I'm a huge fan of fantasy settings.
  • I hate cock roaches, but do like most insects.
  • My siblings and I used to play a game of hide-and-seek where if you found where a person was hiding you shot them with a BB-gun.


I just rolled a crit 1 for life...
I can speak 8 languages... English and programming languages.

I am an aracnophobe.

I can't eat Chick-fil-A anymore because it and a lot of other foods are painful.

I have two skeleton lawn decorations by my apartment that I keep out whether it's Halloween or not and dress up for every holiday.

I've yet to break a bone in my body.

My name was given to me after my mom saw the credits on MASH (my name is Kellye, wassup).

I do not appreciate people calling me by a word that rhymes with my name.

I lift weights for a workout and have recently been focused on running amd improving a 2 mile run.

I am a video gamer... When I have the time.
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I once made myself think I had testicular cancer by tripping and kicking myself in the gonads.

Yeah, I was pretty stupid.


Everyone's fighting some battle of their own.
I'll keep it simple and just put my favorite fun fact in here for now...

I can make bubbles come out of my eyes when I'm underwater and attempt to blow with my mouth closed and nose held closed. I had a crappy surgery done on my tear ducts when I was a baby.


absolute nuisance
i had ear tubes for 10 years and they're only supposed to last 6-18 months. they had to be surgically removed bc scar tissue was growing over them

later had to get another set. that was two years ago and I still have them now


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The Crossdressing part of my CUT? That's not referring to my avatar. I actually am a crossdresser.

I am asexual.
I have never been on a date.
I have never had sex.
I am 37.
Whenever someone asks my age I have to stop and calculate it because that number to me is meaningless except on two occasions, 18 got my license, whatever forking age I can start collecting Social Security.
I live with my parents.
I own the house.
I have 4 cats, 3 of them are related.
I only do two drugs, one for my headache (even then only if I am at work) the other for my allergies.
I do not drink alcohol.
I do not drink water.
I drink sodas & an occasional fruit juice.
I do not smoke nor vape.
Since I turned 18, I have voted for the person who won the Presidency of America 3 times, the other two times I voted for the guy who lost.

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