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Realistic or Modern Post-apocalyptic Partner Search

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Vertighost v.2

Jack of Some, Master of None
Hey, I've got an old starter that I've updated recently and I'm new here. I dont mind being led atound a little and shown the works of whst this website has to offer. Tutorials are nice and all, but experience is the best teacher.

As for details, its a post-apocalyptic world caused by malevolent extraterrestrial creatures that humanity comes to name Skinwalkers. Aliens by themselves never sat well with me so instead its aliens that have a much stronger supernatural vibe to them. Human flesh turns out to be a delicacy and they're down to feast. As their name implies, these creatures are bit of chameleons in blending in with the survivors and taking advantage of trust. Here's a little snippet of the starter to help elaborate their existence,
"They were incomprehensible in their true forms. A horrendous amalgemation of limbs and parts from all that did and did not exist, now moving and writhing with such atrocious life which drained all courage from the mortal soul. Ever ravenous with such gluttonous gullets which eradicate life from countless othet planets. These beasts were akin to mythological monsters that haunted the early humans—Creatures that lived to endlessly feast on human flesh and suffering. They crammed and compacted those calamitous forms down into the skins of their victims and paraded through an unsuspecting population, as free and insatiable as unattended children in a candy store."

The more I review it, the rougher the concept feels so I'm happy to collaborate further and edit the starter. (Looking at how we could introduce Skinwalkers could easily could as horror too). Setting takes place in a broken world 12 years after the initial collapse of modern society and follows a man and his foster child in the winter swept region somewhere in the Northern US. With no societal presence, groups that would previously be ridiculed into obscurity or outright illegal have a chance to thrive.

I'm lax. Not asking for any character sheets because I can hardly bother either. I'm not one to pry on your next move either. A surprise is always welcome and I'm not afraid of losing characters. It's all the natural flow of writing and story telling. I can't wait to read the responses. Thank you for reading!

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