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Post-Apocalyptic Bunker Rp


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Just a quick idea I had! I wanted to get a judge of interest before I committed to spending time making a detailed description.

It's another World War, and Nukes have just gone off all over the world. It's inhabitable to any kind of life.
Some go to space stations and start lives among the stars, but others..
Others are trapped beneath the ground.
This is the story of a small group of select people.
Stuck is a bunker under the ground, built to last until the radiation level is low enough for humans to withstand.
How will they live their lives under the ground, billions of people dead hundreds of feet about them?

Let me know if you have any ideas to help it along or if any of you are very interested!
I was thinking along the lines of 10 or so people.​


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Awesome! I'll get started working on it, and if anyone would like to message me any ideas they might have, that'd be great!

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