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Polis, A city in turmoil (Applications)


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A city in turmoil

389 CE

(City of Polis 389 CE)

(Political map of Aegos 389 CE)
[Red = Vathacian States, Purple = Knyos, Orange = Myridios, Teal = Amidia, Green = ‘Barbarian' Kingdoms, Yellow = Nomadic peoples & tribes]
The city of Polis, once the cultural, economic, and political center of the Vathacian League, later the Vathacian Empire. A city home to the greatest works of the civilized world. A city that once commanded armies across Aegos, and asserted its influence even farther now stands alone. It has been over 40 years since the last Hegemon was ousted by a coalition of Polisian factions and the Periochi were established by the signing of the Práxi Enótitas.

After the reign of the Hegemons and the collapse of the Vathacian Empire, The power vacuum left in Polis led to a period of disaster. Foreign powers stripped Polis of control of most of its lands and territories. Hegemony over what remains of Vathacian territory is nothing more than symbolic. Many states flock to foreign powers, believing their fortunes will better there. In the wake of the collapse the Polisian factions waged war across the city, covering Polis in death, disease, and devastation. After over a year of conflict a victorious faction, Illerius, emerged and established the rank of Polemarch. The rise of the Polemarch ceased the city’s internal conflicts and secured peace with Polis’s various neighbors. Finally after almost a decade of instability, there was peace.


Available Factions

Polis is divided into 10 Periochi, or districts. Every Periochi is governed by the Archon of one of Polis’s 10 factions. The Archons, though mostly independent, still bow to the Polemarch who maintains direct rule over key sections of Polis.

Each Periochi has vague cultural traits that will serve as a guideline for you to expand upon. However it is to be noted that they all stem from original Polisian culture, a culture very heavily influenced by Vathacian Culture, which is based of that of Ancient Greece

Rules [Any questions can be brought me or the discord]
I can be contacted at my discord
Polis- The Rules

The Periochi

(The 10 playable factions are shown and numbered above)

(Above is a map displaying the different Periochi & their accompanying Sectors

1. Argos - The second largest economic sector of Polis and a long standing and respected faction. The majority of Argos’s citizens lie in the upper middle class.
Population: 310,000
2x Development [Spread between Sector 4 & 5]
1x Market [Sector 4]
1x Lvl 3 Academy [Great Work | Sector 5]
Scholars [Sector 5]

2. Decelea - The wealthiest Periochi in Polis. Originally head of the Vathacian fleets, this faction quickly secured control over Polis’s waterways and harbours. It is home to the largest marketplaces and wealthiest members of Polisian society. The people of Decelea practice a culture strongly influenced by trade and are widely regarded as the most alien of Polisian peoples.
Population: 260,000
2x Development [Spread between Sectors 1 & 2]
2x Markets [Sector 1]
1x Lvl 1 Dockyard [Sector 1]
Great Library of Irae [Sector 1][Great Work][Under Polemarch Occupation]

3. Kleones - The most industrious of the inner Periochi. Kleonesians are an honest and hard working people. They take pride in the superb quality of their goods and the faction hosts the largest industrial base in Polis.
Population: 290,000
1x Lvl 1 Military foundry [Sector 16 , inactive due to Polemarch occupation]
1x Lvl 1 Academy [Sector 18]
4x Development [2 in Sector 16 & 2 in Sector 17]
1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder foundry [Sector 18, inactive due to lack of resources]

4. Apamea - Apamea is the poorest of the inner Periochi, apart from the main streets, the district is largely a confusing maze of slums and apartments. Despite supporting the last Hegemon, they managed to remain in control of their section of Polis through their peoples almost fanatic loyalty to the state. They are an opportunistic people, and unlike their southern counterpart, they are seldom considered honest.
Population: 320,000
2x Barracks [Sector 13, one is inactive due to Polemarch occupation]
1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 15]
1x Development [Sector 14]
Polemarch Garrison [Sector 13]

5. Phocis - Phocis is the most populous of the inner Periochi. Their control of the river gates and largely trained citizenry allowed them to control large sections of Polis. The people of Phocis are stalwart advocates for democracy and independence
Population: 350,000
1x Lvl 2 Academy [Sector 9]
3x Development [1 in Sector 12, 1 in Sector 11 & 1 in Sector 10]
Polemarch tax collection center

6. Ephesus - The most militaristic of the Polisian factions & a favorite of the Polemarch. Ephesus was originally formed during the collapse of the Vathacian Empire and was made up mostly of Hegemonic loyalists as well as the largest portion of the remaining Vathacian military. Ephesus is home to the greatest military minds of Polis. Their culture revolves around the good of the Faction and much of the population lives in large communal blocks.
Population: 130,000
2x Barracks [Sector 7]
1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder Foundry [Inactive due to lack of resources & Polemarch occupation
1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 6]
3x Development [2 to Sector 7 & 1 to Sector 8]

7. Iolcus - The most populous district in Polis. Iolcus is a largely unorganized mass of buildings, plazas, and miscellaneous buildings. The district possesses massive amounts of resources in comparison to the inner Periochi. Iolcusian culture is similar to that of Kleones, however the more rural region hosts more traditional values.
Population: 550,000
1x Mine [Iron, Sector 23]
1x Barracks [Sector 21, inactive due to Polemarch occupation]
Resources (known):
2x Lumber [Sector 20]
1x Iron [Sector 23]
3x Farmlands [1 in Sector 20, 2 in Sector 23]
Polemarch Garrison [Sector 21]
Polemarchy Tax collection center [Sector 21]

8. Sestos - Sestos is the largest agricultural Periochi. The finest crops of Polis hail from Sestosian fields and many of the inner districts rely heavily on the constant flow of food products from these regions. Up until recently, the people of Sestos have been largely neutral, during the Polisian civil wars Sestos remained the least affected of all Periochi.
Population: 300,000
3x Farmlands [1 to Sector 25, 2 to Sector 27
6x Farmlands [2 in Sector 25, 2 in Sector 27, 2 in Sector 28]
2x Lumber [Sector 27]
Polemarchy tax collection center [Sector 27]

9. Oreus - Oreus is the chief supplier of lumber and iron in Polis. Though not as resource rich as their Thespiaen counterparts. Massive destruction of Oreus during the Polisian civil wars forced the economically struggling district to accept mostly unfavorable trade deals with the Inner Periochi, particularly Decelea, in order to gain financial support. These trade agreements remain mostly intact, which has prompted widespread resentment from Oreusians. The culture of Oreus is similar in nature to their Sestosian neighbors, however it is significantly less pacifistic and more traditional in nature.
Population: 440,000
1x Lvl 1 Mine [Sector 30, Iron]
1x Lvl 1 Lumber Yard [Sector 31]
3x Iron [Sector 30]
1x Lumber [Sector 31]
Polemarch Garrison [Sector 29]

10. Thespiae - The least populace of the outer Periochi, but largest in physical size. Thespiae boasts a massive amount of raw material. Of the outer Periochi, Thespiae is the most resentful to the other Archons. During the Polisian civil wars, Thespiaen controlled a large portion of what has become Argos. However they were eventually forced out from the city walls. In recent time Thespiae has become the main antagonizer towards the Inner Archons and the leader of the push to restrict the inner Periochi’s access to raw material.
Population: 290,000
1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 37]
1x Barracks [Sector 34 Inactive due to Polemarch occupation]
1x Stables [Sector 39]
1x Mine [Iron Sector 36]
1x Development [Sector 38]
1x Horses [Sector 39]
3x Iron [1 in Sector 36, 2 in Sector 37]
4x Farmlands [2 in Sector 39, 2 in Sector 35]
1x Lumber [1 in Sector 37]
3x Polemarchy tax collection centers [2 in 39, 1 in 34]
Polemarch garrison [Sector 34]

I suggest briefly going over the rules before applying

1. The District you are applying for
2. Your Archon's (leader) name and history
3. An explanation of your districts culture
4. Unique unit (military)
5. Discord
6. Suggestions


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I'll join, although I'll need some time to think about which district I want to apply for.

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