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Realistic or Modern Police/S.W.A.T/Medical Long-Term 1x1?

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I have been roleplaying and writing for almost fifteen years, but am fairly new to this site. I am seeking a one x one roleplay for one of thethe following ideas. Right now I have a few other RPs going, so I am only looking to start one more. I would prefer to play female, and I prefer to rp over email, so you can contact me there too (anonsoul87@gmail), or on private message here. I will rp over PM here if needed.

Please be able to follow some basic guidelines;

* proper grammar & spelling

* be looking for long term rp

* third person only

* heterosexual relationships only

* please don’t just ghost me. If you plan to stop, just say so. No hard feelings, but don’t just leave me hanging

* NO fantasy or science-fiction

* Please do not respond if you are under 18. There may be mature content, and I am not comfortable doing that with a minor

* please be okay with details (especially if we are doing a medical or police rp. Be okay with those medical details and don’t just gloss over it)

Here are a few plots I’ve had in mind that I would love to be able to explore with someone. They are very basic so I’m completely open to adding more details, tweaking, etc. I tend to gravitate toward deep plots, as you will see. I can usually post 3++ times a day, depending.

I had them in mind as originals, but if you want to adapt them to fit fandoms, that could work too. Grey’s, the Brave, SEAL Team, Chicago med & PD could work.


  1. The leader of a unit begins to fall for his female subordinate while on deployment, creating a potentially dangerous dynamic within their team (think The Brave: dalton & jaz)

  1. Two physicians who are coworkers and lovers face some kind of serious crisis (cancer, accident, etc?)
  2. Two physician coworkers (or even a doctor and a nurse) who are in a relationship struggle when she becomes unexpectedly pregnant and there are serious complications with the pregnancy
  3. Two physicians (or a physician and a patient) fall in love - one of them facing cancer

  1. A police officer meets a drug addict whom he tries to help get off the streets and get clean. They ultimately form a relationship
  2. An officer faces the ultimate test to his professionalism when the woman he loves is raped. She could be a fellow cop or not.
  3. Two SWAT officers test boundaries when stepping into a relationship together while on the same team. Would be interesting to see the dynamic of one of them getting seriously injured on the job

If you have any plots similar to the ones above in mind, send me a message and just let me know. I would say I have the most knowledge/writing realism in the medical realm, so you will have to be willing to sort of go with the flow if we do military. While I really really want to do one, I don’t have first-hand knowledge of the military, just a lot of tv and movie watching.

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