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Futuristic 〘POLARIS.〙〣 Interest Check

Cresion Breezes

Beta Tester of Life

  • Somewhere, sometime, upon a world where we must live in perpetual daybreak……

    Nobody knows what happened to The Planet, nobody knows its name, or who built the 600 kilometer thick artificial shell upon its surface, or why the climate control system failed 700 years ago. All we can do now is survive, upon this mechanical crust, chasing the night.


    〘POLARIS.〙is a Nihei-style inspired sci-fi RP about a mysterious planet with a giant structure surrounding it. Humans on the surface and live on large mobile fortresses, trying to evade many lethal things such as the cold, heat, lack of air, and inexplicably hostile automatons.

    Certain machines excavated from the planet covering structure grants people superpowers...although for a price. Players will have access to these powers, with the main arcs of the RP being about completing missions in order to protect what little life remains in an artificial wasteland, engaging in social discourse in the remains of human society, and slowly uncovering more about the truth behind the state of the world.

    This will be a very anime RP aesthetics-wise. All art used (and will be used) is actually created by me. Due to that, I would like to keep the player/character count smaller as the time I invest into creating anything is fairly large. Although I am open to a support/co-GM.


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