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The Flurry of The Dancing Flames
Alola Region

Melany had only been here for three hours and was already sick of it. Melany stood with her arms crossed at a table with the map of the Alola region spread out before her with he knife pinned in the location of where they were stationed. She was looking at the other men and women with her famous death glare. Some of the people standing there were obviously scared, they rest were standing there quietly waiting for her to react. Melany had not spoken a word yet but everyone knew she was pissed.

Miss Rose, we have scoured the city since we have arrived but...” One of the men started to speak up when it was clear she was not in the mood to hear any of their excuses when she swiftly pulled one of her knives and threw it past his face purposely missing as the weapon hit the wall behind him. That shut him up quickly. Melany uncrossed her arms and pointed to the man that spoke up then motioned him with one finger to come to her. The room went silent as the man cautiously walked over to her. Melany pulled out a piece of paper and shoved it at him. Then nodded her head to the exit.

The man then ran off to go do the task he was assigned. Melany pulled the knife from the table and walked across the room to get the knife she had thrown then turned to rest of the people in the room and waved them off, dismissing them.

Melany sat herself down on the couch rubbing her forehead with her forefinger and thumb. Idiots, how hard was it to find criminals in the city, every city had them. Melany thought to herself when her Pokegear went off. Melany checked it hoping it was an update from Viktor, but when she checked it she was shocked to see who it was. Lune. What did she want right now. Shouldn't she be dealing in the Hoenn region right now. Melany pulled the message up wondering what was up.

‘ I have just now set sail for Alola. If there aren’t any delays, I should be there in a few hours. I will message you the moment we dock.’ Why was she coming here. She quickly responded to the message. ‘ Very well I will see you soon then. Also when you arrive I will pick you up at the docks personally. You can tell me all about your last run when you arrive. Enjoy your trip and if you need anything I will be glad to pick it up for you. When the message had been sent she quickly messaged the underling that was out gathering the list of items she needed telling him to change the queen sized bed to a king sized. Since there wasn't anymore room for anymore people then what was already present she had to improvise. At least with a King sized bed their will be enough room able to fit both of us. Now to go find someone to start selling to. Melany casually walked out of the warehouse to start walking about the city.

1 Hour Later

I’m sorry miss please don’t hurt me. I swear it wont happen again.” The man pleaded as he was backed into an alley. Melany stood fifteen feet away from the man flipping her knife contemplating what to do. “Please I will give you anything.” Melany did not want to hear any of this. She came here to find someone to start selling to, but this man had to come out and try and pickpocket her. Now she had this man pleading for his life in the back of an alley and she about had enough of it. She rushed forward and got ready to plunge the dagger into his throat.

I would appreciate it if you did not kill my subordinate.” A new voice spoke up behind her. Melany stopped inches away from the mans throat and cautiously looked behind her. A tall, tan and muscular woman stood a few feet behind her. Melany quickly moved to face her. The man slipped by and moved behind the new woman that arrived. “Thank you. Now someone said you were looking to make a deal. Well let’s go, we can talk over a meal.” Melany just stood there silently. She stared down the new woman waiting for her to make a move but it never came. “You don’t talk much do you.” Melany continued to stare down the woman hoping to get a read on her intentions. After a while Melany had figured out that she had no hostile intentions toward her so she put her knife away.“So are you ready.” Melany nodded. "Splendid, let's go" The woman turned around and started walking away. Melany quickly started following her and looked down to her Pokegear. She still had time before Lune arrived. Hopefully it doesn’t take to long or I wont be able to pick her up.

2 Hours Later

That meeting took longer than expected. Melany thought as she finally arrived at the docks. Viktor will be glad I found someone who is willing to buy though. I will message him later tonight when we get back to the warehouse. Melany’s thoughts were interrupted when he Pokegear went off. Lune had finally arrived. Melany exited from the vehicle and stretched. A new vessel had just docked which Melany could assume was Lune’s boat. As people were slowly leaving the ship Melany scanned the docks looking around see if she could spot Lune. It took her a while but she finally spotted her. Melany waved her down hoping she would see.


Fanfic Kitty
Walk, walk, calm, collected, you belong here, you’re a face in the crowd. You can do this.

The young woman was reminding herself the entire time as she rushed through the halls, trying to look like she was doing something about the outside problems, whilst also being inconspicuous. Keep aware, keep moving.

She tried to take cues from those around her, but she was getting horribly twisted up and lost- why the FUCK didn’t they have directional signs in a building this big?! Like a goddamn directory or some shit? “Evil Computer Lab - Second floor”. SOMETHING.

She had to figure out how to get where she needed to go, but all she was getting was confused. She was trying not to look suspicious, but standing around in a cross-roads of the building looking around the four way intersection was not very conspicuous.

Laurel soon realized that she would have to find someone who did know what they were doing. And while she was at the realizations part of this heist, duh! The computer was all too likely to be password protected! And while she wasn’t useless at computers, she definitely didn’t have the skill to hack through the kind of firewall they would have in the main HQ, She needed someone with an in. Someone like…. A scientist.

She looked up as she turned a corner, finding a white labcoat making his way down the hallway in a real hurry. She blinked, then started to make her way towards the man.
“Sir! Sir, I need-“
“I don’t care what you need, you lowly grunt!”
The labcoat said angrily as she charged by, forcing her to turn around and follow him.
“But I-“
“No, no! I don’t have time for your nonsense, I have my job, you have yours, now go do it!”
The man snapped at her.
By Arceus, you sure are a pleasant individual!
“But, I have word from Ad-“
“I said get lost! I have no time for you!”

She stopped for a moment, staring at the man as he charged off, and she grit her teeth angrily. Wow, rude much? You know what, asshole? You have officially made yourself my only option, out of spite.

She charged after him, grabbing her knife off her belt before taking her free hand and grabbing the asshole’s sleeve, spinning him around, (earning several indignant cries of anger) and putting that knife right under his ribcage.

“What in the-“ He started, but she cut him off.
“I think,” She started, glowering very severely at the man with her knife quite squarely placed his ribcage, “That you definitely have time for me. You have so much time for me, you’re going to be kind enough to help a new grunt find her way around, and this grunt? Oh, this grunt wants access to the computer systems. She wants to get a niiiiiice, loooong look at your files and shit. And you, being so kind, decided to help me with that.”
“You- you’re-!”
She hissed, putting just a little more pressure into the man’s sternum. Not enough to actually cut his skin. Maybe it splits a few fibers on his shirt though. “Now you’re gonna take me to the nearest private computer, you’re going to log in and let me access all the files I fucking want. You do that, you won’t get hurt. Capiche?”
“You- I’ll, I’ll scream-“
“Nah, no you won’t. Because I’ll release all the air from your lungs the moment a single unapproved syllable comes out of your mouth. Don’t test me, motherfucker.”

The man looked angry, but then he glanced down at the knife, and her determined expression. “Al- Alright, alright, just don’t hurt me, I-I have a family.”
“So did I! And then your ilk killed them. Enough talking, get moving!”

And off they went. She waited till the man turned and started walking away before she tucked her knife away and instead just held a finger to his back to give the illusion of the knife without blatantly walking around with a knife to someone’s back. She allowed the man to take off, and follow him she did.

She came up with an excuse that she was protecting this scientist as he went about his business during the attack, and several grunts seemed to believe it. But god forbid if an admin stumbled upon them. She couldn’t use the “admin’s orders” excuse anymore.
Luckily, one of those thankless chucklefucks never made an appearance, and soon enough she was arriving at a computer room, where the scientist let her in with an ID card.

She looked around, finding the oh-so-familiar buzzing fluorescent lights bringing her right back to the lab. Greeeeeeat….

“good, good. I love a man who is smart enough to know when he’s outclassed. Now get me into that computer.”
“N-no, I wo-“
“Yes you fucking will, you shitstain! You think I have any reservations about killing your ass?”
“If you kill me you won’t be able to get into the computers!”
“Like hell I won’t! I’ll just hack the sucker, and if that fails, oh well, I steal the goddamn computer! Or, you can make my life easier, and your life longer, by just doing what I FUCKING. Tell you to do!”

She pulled out her tranq gun and pointed it at him, suspecting that he wouldn’t know the difference. Thankfully, that scared him to action, prompting the man to turn to his computer and start to enter information into it. She watched right over his shoulder with the muzzle of the gun placed squarely on his back, just to make sure there was no funny business.

“What… what are you looking for?” The scientist asked.
“… why the hell would I tell you?” She snapped.
“I can, I can find it for you, m-make your life easier-?”
“Fuckin hell, I know how to search a database, thanks!”
She grimaced, glaring at the man as the computer gave a start-up tone.
“There, I got the computer open, will you please just let me go?” The man said as Laurel backed away, her gun level with his shoulder.
“Oh please, I’m not going to kill you. Contrary to popular belief, those of us in the Resistance try to prevent loss of life.” She glared angrily as the scientist turned wildly to look at her with bewildered rage. “We just rightfully believe that ‘life’ also extends to our friendly neighborhood Pokemon whom are being manipulated by a bunch of power-hungry sociopaths.”
“How dare-!”

A Tauros tranquilizer dart found purchase in the man’s shoulder, which only seemed to confuse him further before his whole world presumably went dark. That stuff hits an enraged Tauros hard enough to knock it out in two minutes, this guy? He didn’t stand a chance.

“well thank you, doctor, for your contributions to the Resistance, your cooperation won’t soon be forgotten! … except it will. Because you were a piece of shit.”
Alright. Let’s get some information, shall we?


White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Alan Rickman + Marcus Clyde (Gengar)
Nova Headquarters (Computer Room), Goldenrod

“Glad to hear you haven’t lost your verbal charm, Dr. Elm. I’m Alan Rickman of the Resistance. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Alan’s drone scanned their surroundings while Marcus Clyde entered the computer room with his own ID. Finding and following Laurel Elm-Douglas hadn’t been too difficult since they knew what they were looking for. Compared to either Platinum or Sapphire, she’d been the closest one to the security room. Truthfully, Alan didn’t know much about her beyond the basics; The daughter of the late Professor Elm and one of the resistance researchers looking to reverse the effects of Starburst—the one with dirtiest mouth if the rumors about her were anything to go by.

Whereas he was a simple technician at Realgem Tower with a love for fun toys who ended getting partnered with the Assassin Crow of the Resistance—whose targets tended to be mid to high ranked Nova affiliates, the death of which could turn the tide of the war a bit closer to their favor according to the Resistance’s ninja intelligence. At first, it’d been for training and experience purposes, but he’d developed a good relationship with the ninja women since then. Never did he imagine he would actually end up in a mission that would allow him to infiltrate Nova HQ.

One issued directly from the leader of the Resistance, former Pokemon Champion Blue, no less.

As tempted as he was to explore the home of Nova’s crazy, yet awesome, techy innovations some more—possibly steal some of Nova’s sleek, newly developed gadgets for his own studies/entertainment—Alan did have his priorities. He was first a foremost a member of the Pokemon League’s Resistance and friend to Kuga Karasuna. A lover of technology second.

Marcus Clyde held out the spherical drone that continued to communicate with Alan’s voice. “We don’t have much time left until the retreat signal is pulled, so I suggest copying or downloading whatever files you find interesting and reading it once we get back to base… where we can scan for viruses and traps as well. The more important the information, the more likely it’s going to be encrypted.”

At least that was the sort of thing a hacker like him would do if he were in charge of data security. False data. Malware. Easiest would be just to have a porygon clean away any such viruses, but they were rare pokemon to find…and Alan didn’t want to use one until he didn’t make for himself. It was a programmer’s pride.

“Sapphire seems to be heading out the front door with Ruby in tow, so I expect the intruder alarm to go off any minute now,” He was already surprised that an alarm didn’t go off when Sapphire’s aggron broke down the doors to Ruby’s cell with its fists. Either security at Nova HQ was painfully lax for a high profile member of the resistance—which was entirely possible given what he’d seen of Greg’s diligence on duty—or the aggron lucked into tearing off the alarm system—without triggering it—when it tore off the door. The later seemed too good to be true…and the former expressed a confidence in Nova HQ’s safety that made Alan a little wary. “My advice would be the building’s emergency exit...after stuffing good ‘ol Mr. Scientist here into a closet and taking his ID. But of course, if you wanted to leave with a bang, we could always join Sapphire out the front. Marcus will be sure to back us up~”

“You humans always make things so complicated,”
Releasing the drone, which continued to float on its own, the gengar-possessed Markus Clyde readied the assault rifle that he’d picked up when passing Nova’s armory. “But I suppose that’s why I enjoy messing with your kind so much.”

“I’m telling Kuga you told me that,”

“Miss Kuga already knows what I’m like, considering she defeated and caught me fair and square. I fight by her side because I respect her strength and ninja arts.”

“Is that so? Not for your Starbursted brethren?”

Marcus Clyde shrugged. “Them too I suppose, but Miss Kuga will always be a priority for me just as Lady Janine is for her. Now let’s hurry and leave whenever you humans are finished doing…whatever it is you’re doing.”

explosiveKitten explosiveKitten
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Team of Conflict
OverconfidentMagi OverconfidentMagi

  • Seems like mist really is not your best friend when it comes to ranged attacks. Mewt managed to dodge the Tri-Attack only to find a random Nova grunt coming out from some smoke... wait. Nova grunt?

    Turned out the "Nova grunt" was actually that slippery snail from before, evidenced by "Platinum's" clothing that was dumped where "she" previously was. Mewt turned the GPS in his Nova Pokegear off as he descended to pick the clothing up and hurriedly fold it. All while having his Reuniclus to gather his previously shot arrows.

    As soon as they're all done, the trio of one human and two StarBursted Pokemon ascended back to the sky. With his Porygon Pokegear, the human tracked down his Porygon-Z's current location: north from Goldenrod, near Pokeathlon Dome. He then made his way there while writing a letter to whoever wore it in the meantime. Not without Reuniclus' Light Screen protection, of course.
    Dear whoever owns this,

    Sorry about the shots. I may look like a Nova grunt, but I don't want to harm anyone, hence my arrows missing on purpose.

    Anyway, I think your plane's security system could use an upgrade. My Porygon-Z glitched in there and I had to get them back. Get Ruby and/or Blake to contact Hubert for more details. I hope you can understand Wingdings, though.


    By the time the young man had finished his letter and secured it in the messily folded clothing, he and the mons were getting closer to the (former) athletics venue. A plane could be seen sitting there uncomfortably (?) with what looked like a Porygon-Z close by. But then that Porygon-Z fired a Hyper Beam at Mewt which he barely dodged. Knowing that the Hyper Beam user turned out to be Gaster upon a slightly closer look, Hubert dropped the previously abandoned clothes near the aircraft and used his Porygon Pokegear's speech-to-text feature to let Gaster know that it's him with this message: "Gaster Blaster already?" Really, Hubert specifically refers to Gaster's Hyper Beam as "Gaster Blaster".

And with that message, the Porygon-Z flew up to their human's side as he made his way back to Goldenrod. Not without letting out a "Bye" in Morse beeps beforehand, of course.
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Laugh Like You've Won Always
North of Goldenrod City, Johto

Blue's Porygon2 let out a series of pissed off beeps after it had run off the trespasser. That Porygon-Z had compromised the Resistance jet's location, making it no longer a viable means of leaving the region. Porygon2 would need to inform Blue so that he could change the exit plan to one of the backup plans. It couldn't send a message to its trainer directly, otherwise Team nova would be able to track the signal from both this location - which didn't matter at this point since the other Porygon-Z had already alerted Nova to the jet's location - and more importantly to Blue's location. Knowing its trainer, Porygon2 assumed that Blue was either watching the mission play out from some vantage point while waiting to swoop into a messy situation to break it up, or that had already happened and Blue was currently in the middle of a heated battle with the enemy. If it was the former, letting Nova know where he was would be a mistake. Porygon2 would just have to follow its orders to disable the plane and then go to Blue itself. If the plane was left inoperable there was little reason to continue guarding it.

"Hello? Anyone home?" A woman's voice called out at the same time as two hard knocks on the metal side of the grounded jet.

Porygon2 had finished disabling all of the vehicle's navigation and flight systems, which it couldn't do from inside the systems unless it wanted to fry itself in the process, so it hadn't been watching the plane's surroundings. It now jumped back into the onboard computer and pulled up views from the array of cameras scattered about the outside of the plan that were normally only used for anti-detection capabilities. It wasn't anything Nova didn't already know of, so Porygon2 hadn't felt the need to disable the system. It rapidly changed and combined views until it could make out the woman standing outside the plane's side door. She was tall and thin, snow white hair done up in a complex braided pattern, with bright green eyes that looked right at the camera closest to her face. She waved. "Hi, can I come in?" she greeted the digital pokemon warmly and knocked on the door again.

Porygon2 panicked. Color shifts might hinder humans and other pokemon, but as a computerized lifeform it relied on complex facial recognition patterns to memorize the faces of those it saw. Hair and eye color were easy enough to alter, but facial structure was more difficult. This is to say, it was able to identify the human outside in an instant. The door buckled and pulled free from the rest of the plane. The woman casually stepped inside and caught the full-power Zap Cannon Porygon2 fired at her with one hand covered in some kind of metal glove. Porygon2 jumped back into the plane's computer, any ideas to stop the person onboard with it instantly being archived and deleted to free up space to compute escape. This situation went far beyond the need for discretion. Porygon2 sent a direct message to Blue alerting him to the situation on the plane, only to find the signal being blocked.

It didn't have any time to consider that issue before another appeared. The woman tapped a small device against the plane's computer system, and Porygon2 found the digital space it had retreated into filling with enemy Porygon. Strange, wrong-looking Porygon, black wireframe bodies filled with a slickening orange light, flooded into the plane's digital systems. These not-Porygon flew at Porygon2 as soon as they appeared. The first few that came it blasted with Zap Cannon. Their hollow bodies broke apart and faded to nothing from a single attack, but more were appearing by the millisecond. The not-Porygon were multiplying faster than Porygon2 could deal with. It wiped out a handful with Zap Cannon only for a dozen to appear in their place. It wiped out a dozen with Tri Attack only for two dozen to appear in their place. It wiped out all of the ones surrounding it with Discharge only for more to instantly fill the space. Porygon2 flew through an increasingly crowded digital space, blasting enemies constantly to no effect, and then when it gave up on trying to defeat the enemy just focusing on avoiding them and speeding itself up with Agility. At some silent signal, all the not-Porygon chose to begin their attack in earnest. The first incoming Zap Cannon sent Porygon2 crashing through the digital void. It was instantly swarmed only for the enemy to be wiped out by another of Porygon2's dwindling supply of Discharges. It forced itself to keep moving - it had to get away to warn Blue no matter what - but the paralysis from the Zap Cannon meant Porygon2's body refused to move quickly. More and more not-Porygon surrounded it, all launching Zap Cannons at it. Porygon2's body disappeared within the light of hundreds of beams of electricity striking it.

The energy of the attack faded, revealing a completely unscathed Porygon2. Its body had changed color from pink to brown from using Conversion 2 to shift into ground type to take the barrage of electric attacks. Its color shifted again to yellow as it used Conversion to change to electric type this time, freeing its body from the hold of paralysis so that it could resume its fleeing. Hundreds, probably more, of the not-Porygon things gave chase. At first Porygon2 was able to keep shifting between ground and electric typing to keep the horde's attacks from slowing it down, but as they began updating their attack algorithm it had to update its response as well. Porygon2 flew around a Zap Cannon, dodged through the middle of a Tri Attack, fired off a Shadow Ball in a random direction and then used Conversion to shift into ghost type to tank a Hyper Beam, used Zap Cannon and then back to electric to keep moving and not letting the paralysis slow it down. Slow...

Porygon2 flew upward and let the swarm catch up to it. They blasted it apart with attacks, some others just throwing their odd bodies at it and Self-Destructing in a flash of orange light. While its Substitute was destroyed, Porygon2 reappeared above the gathered mass of enemies and used Gravity to further compress the horde by smashing the higher enemies into the ones below. It followed up with Electroweb to shock and slow the entire group. Now that it had finally opened up some space, Porygon2 was able to break through the remaining enemies and finally escape the digital space inside the plane's computer system. Porygon2 materialized above the plane and flew at full speed up, up and away.

It had managed to get away quite some distance flying over trees on its way towards the city and its trainer that it desperately needed to get its warning to when something pierced its body. Porygon2 fell out of the sky and slammed into the ground hard enough to create a small crater, parts of its physical body shattered from the impact. And the attack didn't end. Porygon2's body was crushed further as the gravity field coming from the metal spike that had pierced it continued to exert force. There was a terrible cry of broken digital tones as Porygon2 pressed down harder and harder into the ungiving earth before its body was crushed completely.

The woman had only spared a quick glance to see her weapon hit, blasting a small hole through the metal roof of the plane to strike a fleeing enemy she hadn't been able to see with unnerving accuracy. She had more important things to think about than the destruction of a single man-made pokemon. She and her army of Porygon-E took control of the jet's intact systems easily. "Oh, it's got adaptive visual camouflage! That's helpful. Makes for less physical labor." She turned on a tiny portion of the system's normally all-or-nothing output, making the jet display the Resistance symbols across its wings and side. "That was easy. Good job me. Thank you me. Now how about flying..." No good. That pokemon had done its job of disabling the plane well. "Guess I'll have to improvise!"

She got out of the plane, leaving the digimon to handle repairing as much of the damaged systems as they could, not that she expected much from a bunch of disposable drones. "What's this?" There was a pile of clothes and a hand-written note next to the plane. "Awwwwwwww, cuuuuuute," she fawned over its adorable contents and pocketed it. The clothes were kind of cute too, she'd have to take them with her to try on later, after washing them of course. She gave the jet a look-over, mentally guessing at its intricate internal schematics and the extent of damage that had been done to come up with a way of getting the thing back into the air. She could reroute the power supply from the engines to an infinite battery... if she connected her glove and set each finger to modulate the power flow to the wings and turbines... then controlled the system remotely from the paired glove... "Seems simple enough." The Team Nova Admin of Technology was beaming as she got to work repairing the Resistance plane.


Fanfic Kitty
Hiding an unconscious body is harder than she previously thought. That rumor, that unconscious bodies are heavier than conscious bodies? Completely true. Lord, Arceus!

She spent as much time as she was willing to hiding him so he wouldn’t be easily seen, before as an afterthought she stripped the man of his labcoat and put it on herself. Now she was a team Nova Scientist doing a thing that the grunts were “too simple to understand”! That would be her next lie to coverup her existence here.
Having secured her surroundings, she went into a deep dive in their systems, hoping to find something, anything that would shed some light on the starburst situation. A schematic, some files on function, anything, literally anything to take her in the right direction. Something, please..!

Right when she started the arduous process of copying files to her burner drive, the young woman heard a click, and whirled when someone came into the room, gun leveling with the person whom walked in.

“THE FUCK??” She whirled around, finding herself face to face with some random grunt kid with a weird spherical drone of some kind. Oh boy. Remember the act.
“What in the- what are you doing? You grunts should be spending your time outside keeping the important ones like us safe! Did you miss the situation out there?!” She cried indignantly, talking a leaf out of the science man’s book. “Get your sorry ass out there and smash those Resis-“

“Glad to hear you haven’t lost your verbal charm, Dr. Elm.” Said the orb. Laurel blinked in surprise.
“What. No?” She said in a rather blunt and not-convincing manner.
“I’m Alan Rickman of the Resistance. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” The orb continued.

She stared at it, thinking pretty hard. Did that name sound familiar? Kind of… isn’t that the name of a movie star? … probably not.

“… sure, whatever.” She waved a hand dismissively, then turned back to the computer.
“I brought this burner flashdrive for a reason.” She said to the orb’s suggestion, gesturing at the flashdrive sticking out of the computer already. “I’ve been working on this for a couple minutes now, I’m just grabbing anything related to the Starburst and anything else interesting. They seem to have an awful lot of shit in here…”

She continued to do her work while the other two talked amongst themselves, and she couldn’t help but to stare at them while they bantered on. She was expecting to be alone during this, not be interrupted by a weird dude-and-orb combination.

“Kuga… isn’t that the ninja lady?” She remarked, looking at the pair of them for a brief moment before she turned her attention back to the computer. “Why are there so many files about Almia… and what’s this map for…?”

She looked over at the two and listened to the last of their conversation before holding up a hand and waving it back and forth, “Look I need as much time as I can get, you just tell me when we need to go and we’ll go. Then you can lead the way to the back exit so we can continue with my personal evac plan. Okay? Okay great. What the hell are these little spots on this map…?”

QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel


The Flake
Viktor "The Emperor"

Goldenrod, Johto

By Arceus! This is rougher than when I took over Castellia. The older male thought to himself as he fired off his own orange streams of energy from the two Starburst Gauntlets he had been able to acquire on this excursion. He had nearly fired off a starburst stream at the two flying Pokemon that had apparently been protecting their group, but VIktor could hardly be blamed with all of the chaos currently transpiring. It was only because the Nova grunts were in close proximity to their mind controlled Pokemon that Viktor was able to pick them out from the Resistance fighters anyway. Well, that and the distinctive visage of Starbursted Pokemon was difficult to forget after initially seeing it. Perhaps I should have been more stingy with my bullets. The bearded male thought as he fired off another orange blast from one of his appropriated gauntlets, striking a stray Fletchinder in the process. Then I would not need to worry about watching out for non-mind controlled Pokemon. As though the world sought to prove his point, Viktor was forced to push one of his gauntlet streams off to the side, lest he nearly strike a very expressive Machop.

Thankfully, Sapphire(?) provided Viktor with a momentary distraction that allowed him to take his mind off of his concerns. "Cain, Dark Pulse any Nova that gets too close." The bearded man then turned to look over his shoulder at the girl commanding the large Pokemon they were all currently riding upon. Purplish energy shot off the back of the large plant-like creature from the Bisharp that was dutifully carrying out it's master's orders. "My jet is on Route 34. It should only be a minute or two trek outside the city." Viktor relayed the information clearly, or as clearly as he could make it over the din of battle surrounding their group. He did think it odd that the Birch girl did not wish to make use of his aircraft to escape, but ultimately it was not his issue. Viktor had already attempted to complete his good deed for the day and he would not waste any more time or effort to try to save someone who did not wish to be saved and was more than capable of taking care of themselves. I already have what I came for. Well, a small scrap, but it will have to do. Wine red eyes glanced balefully into the hordes of fighting figures, still very much annoyed after the confrontation and narrow escape from the Team Nova Admin.

Viktor had nearly missed the conversation between the Birch girl and the cyan haired Resistance lad they picked up earlier. He had lost in his rhythm of blasting Starburst energy into Pokemon alongside Cain's own efforts to keep Nova away. Though, now that the other two had caught his interest with their conversation, Viktor tried to keep up in between shots. Unfortunately, the only pieces of the conversation the older male had been able to hear were Sapphire's(?) warnings for when her Venasaur was struck by Starburst; if Jay's Noivern or Talonflame arrived to halt their progress; her inquiry to the Resistance lad's name, as well as Viktor's own; and the Resistance lad's response as well as suggestion to make use of Viktor's jet. The Resistance is not nearly as organized as they believe themselves to be. Then again, I have no room to speak. The bearded male did not find any amusement or joy in his observation, though he did find that he was less annoyed than he thought would be at being these two kids' ride back home. "Alexander, is it?" The broad man turned himself fully towards the other two humans. "You seem to have a good head on your shoulders." Viktor gave the young lad an approving nod, then flicked his wine red orbs over to the girl near the cyan haired boy. "As I said before Miss Birch, if you have need of my jet, it is your's to use. This old man does not forget his debts." The bearded man knew that he had ignored Sapphire's(?) second question, but it was probably for the best if he introduced himself once he was out of harm's way. There was no telling how the two of them would react to being in the presence of a crime boss and it would be in Viktor's favor to deal with any potential confrontation somewhere he had some modicum of control.

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For the most part, the area around Fitz and his newfound entourage had been relatively uneventful; the streets heavily deserted aside from the occassional bodies scattered about the streets. Judging by the sounds echoing amidst the skyscrapers that dwarfed the group of resistance fighters, the ongoing skirmishes were taking place deeper within Goldenrod City; the sounds of groundshaking explosions reverberating closer towards the Goldenrod department store where it sounded like all hell was breaking lose. Thank the heavens Fitz didn't need a new outfit, otherwise he'd have found himself caught up in the middle of a boss fight.

A boss fight. That was truly the last thing Fitz wanted or needed at this moment; to actually be caught up in the middle of an ongoing battle, much less one involving an admin of the enemy forces. Even his seemingly bottomless pit of luck and 9 lives would be pushed to the test in one of those situations. Thankfully though he found himself heading in the opposite direction of all the fighting; accompanied by not one, not two but three conscious resistance members and their injured friend. Even if god himself had decided to punish him for overstepping his limits, he found solace in knowing that there were actual capable fighters alongside him who could probably do a better job than he could against the enemy. However, running into nova grunts in this direction was highly unlikely as well, considering the ongoing war behind them. Fitz had no doubt in his mind that the plane was the safest place to be in right now. He'd be strapped in and ready to go once the order to leave was issued.

Alas, faith had other plans. Nearing the outskirts of the city, the quartet of Chevron, Mort and Mia alongside their injured friend Ludwig had done well to keep up with Fitz's pace; the ginger haired caricature of a fighter walking with gusto as they neared their destination. With a skip in his step the closer they got to safety, Fitz was on the verge of celebrating the good fortune of having found a justifiable reason to return to the plane; his new companions being just the right excuse he needed to flee from battle whilst maintaining face in front of everyone else.

So convinced was he that the mistress called lady luck had blessed him once more, Fitz had almost failed to see the fast approaching porygon2; the claret and sky blue coloured pokemon flying towards the city with urgency. Had it not been for Chevron pointing out blue's pokemon, Fitz would have absentmindedly continued on his way; unaware of the creature flying far above him.

Attention now directed towards Porygon2, Fitz had reached for his pokeball; assuming it to be the enemy despite Chevron's tone being one of relief rather than concern. The trio had of course recognised the fleeing porygon2 to be an ally and had thus assumed their guardian had done the same. How wrong they were.

"Vinci!, C.. Come out!" stuttered Fitz; a bout of stage fright beginning to creep up on him as the task of maintaining his façade demanded action. He needed to act. He needed to play the role of guardian, of protector. The enemy was near and if he didn't act, his charade would soon be exposed. However, merely acting would not be good enough. If he was gonna do this, he was going to do it big and flashy.. and that called for a dazzling attack. Taking a deep breath and visualizing himself on the set of a movie; the demeanour of Fitz had quickly shifted; his chest puffing out slightly as he took center stage, the man standing in the spotlight as his trusty sidekick stood next to him.

"Vinci Use Ice Spear" he continued confidence growing as he got more into his role, his right hand grabbing the top of his fedora and slinging it downward as he struck a pose. An ice attack was certainly dazzling; especially one that created a large crystal like object that glimmered against the lights all around him. With Vinci's tail turning an icy blue, the artisan quickly got to work using a nearby wall as a canvas to summon its 'copied' attack; the painter creating a 3d realistic ice spear in several quick and fluid strokes and pulling its latest creation off the wall and into existence; before using its tail to direct the attack towards Porygon2.

Whilst Fitz stood there posing and basking in his delusional limelight; his audience was doing the complete opposite; the look of shock and dismay evident on their face as they watched Fitz launch an attack on blue's pokemon. However their initial anger towards Fitz was put aside as instead of seeing the Icy spear hit the Porygon2 head on; they instead witnessed a separate lance from the direction of the plane piercing the digital pokemon from behind; the object causing it to fall rapidly and in turn allowing the Icicle Spear to fly straight pass and miss.

With a sickening thud, the impaled pokemon had crash landed in front of them, the force of its fall creating a small crater in the ground which soon begun to grow larger as the cracks it created began to spread further; inching their way towards Fitz and co as the gravity force exerted its pressure. That however was not the cause for them to freeze in their tracks; whilst the sight of the digital pokemon being disassembled and crush was gruesome, it was the blood curdling digital cries that escaped that had caused Fitz and the rest to stop; all of them clasping their hands to their ears as they tried to drown out the traumatizing cry of the dying pokemon; tears streaming down Mia's eyes as she tried to look away.

What seemed like minutes for them was in fact only a matter of seconds and in the blink of an eye; the Porygon2 was gone and so was Fitz's hope of the plane being a safe place.


A Theoretical Genius
Boom! Big Tom, the Snorlax, delivered a literally earth shattering Mega Punch into... the ground, missing Warden the Arcanine completely, as it slid out of the way. Tom's punch left a small crater in the ground. Warden answered with a snarling Fire Fang, which dug hotly into Tom's right arm. The Snorlax's thick fat ability prevented it from doing any lasting harm, barring a couple of teeth marks. Oswald took very little notice, despite the fact he was supposed to be over seeing their little spar, which he also ordered. He was busy looking through the missed calls of his PokeGear again. His wife, Rosaline, and youngest daughter, Matty, had called him... a lot. He always refused to answer, but couldn't help looking through and listening to their voice messages, racked with not only grief, but fear as well.

As rain fell, pattering the ground of the Bridge Field, where he had set up camp for the time being, he couldn't help but reconsider the situation. Was what he was doing the right thing? He didn't know. His mind said yes, but deep inside, every time his heart beat, guilt ran in his blood and filled his body. He had left his wife and daughter alone with their turmoil in a region controlled by what he considered the enemy. He shook his head, shaking the thoughts away, quickening his resolve. He had to do this for them. Yes, it was for them, and not because he couldn't bear going back home, much less face his wife and remaining daughter. Nevertheless, he longed for the comfort of Rosaline's arms, and Matty's snarky remarks. He couldn't help but think that, if he were home, he would feel better.

Boom! Another Mega Punch shot from the arm of Big Tom, barely missing Warden, who made use of its Extreme Speed to slip away. The punch landed squarely in the brick pillar that supported the bridge overhead. This finally snapped Oswald away from his thoughts. "Tom, careful! We don't have the money to pay for bridge repairs. Take the spar over there." He waved the Pokemon off to an area away from the bridge pillars, and closer to the riverbank. Oswald examined the damage left behind by Tom's punch. It was not unlike the hole he left in the ground. "Damnit." He muttered to himself. "I should have named him Idiot instead of Tom. It suits him more."

Oswald whistled through his fingers, and from the sky Taxi, who had been sent to circle the area and keep watch, swooped down. Oswald pet his head and then called over his Arcanine and Snorlax before taking out his pokeblock case and giving each of them a candy. Then, he took out the Pokeball belonging to Warden, and the Ultraball he had to use to catch Tom, and retrieved them before climbing onto the back of Taxi, kicking his legs in and taking off. As he flew, he scoured the wild area. He needed to figure out his last team member, so that he could make his support to the resistance known at last, so that he could make the world right again. This was the only way he could justify himself.


Ten Thousand Club
Location: Island home

With a creature comfort done in the form of running water and a shower Nikita could focus on what he really needed to do, protect the island. Still she could not do that by attacking people directly, she needed traps and to make the traps she needed more than rocks and wood, she needed metal. Metal like the nails and tools of her parents, while she could not make metal just like it Nikita knew how to make a similar metal that was inferior, but better than rocks. The process would be simple enough to do, though the exact reasons and mechanics behind it all Nikita herself could not explain. The first step was of course gathering, while mining was out of the question for Nikita certain stones one the surface or just below contained iron in them. they were easy to break apart and you could tell which held iron by the red rusty streaks in them. She also needed more dry grass and lots of it. Luckily clay was not needed as much as she would be making cob without knowing the actual name of it. that should be able to stand the heat she would need and not crack like clay or need the long drying time. She also needed plenty of wood for the rocks.

Gathering the rocks was simple enough though it was time consuming and heavy works as while not the most heavy stone out there she was still transporting quite a few at a time ion her bamboo baskets which held up rather well to the weight. Nikita would spend a day or two just gathering the rocks till she had a nice pile of them. then came the wood, which would be gotten much after through still needed prep work. there were trees everywhere and it wasn't like Nikita was trying to cut down huge thick trees just once that could be felled in a a few blows. Nikita then would mostly strip them of branches, none being very thick and keep those for latter. Gathering up the dry grasses was the easiest part , though they needed to be cut up some before they could be used. The water system would prove its worth now as with it Nikita wouldn't have to go far to gather enough water to make mud.

The first step in actual production was creating a small platform of stone, not fully solid but close enough in a circle about 2 feet in diameter. Then taking dirt water and the grass she mashed it all together for awhile. Once the cob was mixed she covered the stones in it and let dry a little before a small wall around the circumference leaving a hole in the front. The wall would be decently thick and once it was one Nikita lit a small fire to dry it. Then she would repeat this laying several times piling up a base before suing some of the twigs to form a bridge between the two sides of the hole. Then once more light a fire, though by this point she had been making the walls while the fire was going to save time. With that the base was done and Nikita would keep adding layers piling the furnace higher till it was just a bit smaller than she was. While the cob was drying Nikita would take dome and form a ring that could fit between the gap and form it into a tube. Then she would seal the Furnace up with more cob placing the tube in it and cob below to seal all cracks.

With the furnace done next was preparing the rocks. The cut wood from before would be laid in a square and the rocks broke down a bit till they could easily lay on the pile of wood. Then several more layers of wood and rock would be made . Nikita even made a second one just to have enough ore for latter. While waiting for the fires to die down Nikita would set up another fire pit and find several nice flat stones and make a small simple stone hammer. She needed the hammer for after the fires, as the rocks needed to be broken down more. They were soft now and brittle the red clear upon them. so she would take them and upon the rocks easily smash the rocks into a rough powder. Nikita would use her bowls and cups to hold the ore then have to use extra cob to make a make shift pot for it.

Finally after several days of prep work she was ready and the charcoal from earlier would serve its purpose. pouring that then the ore into the top and light it up through the tube. Hot air and smoke would exit the top as fresh air was drawn in from the tube. Nikita had made a simplistic draft furnace. while she would not make steel due to not being able to control the carbon she would get iron and through the day she would add more coal and iron dust to the furnace pouring it down the top. This would of course take awhile and only when she had run out of powder and night fallen would Nikita put in the last bit of charcoal, wash up and let it burn and cool till the morning.

In the morning the area below the tube was broken down and the now cooled lump of metal freed. It would be washed and dried cleaning off what ash and dust might remain, or as much as could be gotten off, there would be some left inside the metal in the modern world its purity would be laughable. Still it wasn't to bad for someone doing with is just sticks and mud. Once the lump was again dry Nikita would get to work. moving the lump to the second pit and surround it with charcoal. She would wait till it was red hot before grabbing it with a shoot of bamboo cut in half and folded in the middle to form tongs and place it on the nearby flat stone. while the metal was still red hot she would use the stone axe and hammer would cut off several pieces.

Each piece would become a different tool, Axe, hammer, knife, even a shovel head. Forming them was slow going with the stone hammer so a metal one was the first target. This was the simplest, just make a crude cylinder with flat heads. the rest of the tool was a smaller bamboo shaft bent around it and tied tight with more bamboo strips. The blade was just flattened though, left with some thickness in the center and had a tapered rod coming from the center. When the blade was formed Nikita would take a cut branch and drive the hot blade rod into it. Then pull it out slowly burning a hole into the branch till the blade met the wood forming a manchette. This in truth would pull double duty as a blade and an axe for now. The shove was just a curved and wider blade. She would do the same thing she did with the blade of heating a rod and driving it into wood to make the tool. Whit that all she needed to do was sharpen them. That was done by rubbing them against a flat rock that was lubricated by the water from the shower. with these new tools she could start to plan the defense of the mewtwo, she could not fight but she could make traps and soon that was exactly what she would do.


Laugh Like You've Won Always
Goldenrod City, Johto

"Been a while," the Resistance Leader said to the Team Nova Admin in front of him.

Solitaire didn't risk taking her eyes off the enemy in front of her to look at her trainer, but she could feel Jay's emotions at seeing Blue. A cold admiration, a hot jealously, and a deep sadness all fighting for space. Jay spoke, "In person, not since the PWT."

"You were there?"

"I was." Sadness won out, only for the emotion to immediately freeze over as Jay tossed it aside. He had a job to do. "I was more surprised to head that you lived. I didn't think anyone could have survived that."

"Same," Blue responded, his answer growing cold as he clicked a pokeball from his belt. He'd have liked nothing more than to have a chat with this Nova Admin. If everything Blake had said about Jay's past was true, they should be able to agree on many things. Enough things that it made no sense for this person to be siding with Nova. But they both had other goals today, and any hope of reconciling differences had died with the destruction of Kalos. Now that Blue had shown himself, he likely only had a few short minutes before Nova mobilized everything they had on hand to throw at him. "It's too bad."

"Yeah." Jay dropped a black and gold luxury ball and raised his gun. Blue answered by releasing a pokeball of his own and biting down on the black candy he'd been holding between his teeth. A Scizor appeared out of seemingly thin air, too fast for Solitaire to even catch approaching, its pincers reaching for Jay's neck and gun. Golduck's red gem on its forehead glowed as it blasted Jay with Psychic and Rhyperior raised its cannon-like arm and fired a Rock Wrecker at the Nova Admin. Teleport wouldn't have gone off it time to get Jay away from the Scizor's pincers, so Solitaire used her fastest move, Ally Switch, to swap herself and her trainer. Sol took the Metal Claw in the place of her trainer as Gula appeared just in time to take a boulder to the face, as well as a Psychic that it didn't even notice. Jay had been moved out of harms way, but the same could not be said for Blue. The Nova Admin almost closed his eyes to shield himself from witnessing his actions but forced himself to watch as he pulled the trigger. Jay's bullet hit its mark between the Resistance leader's eyes and continued right on through.


Blue flashed a smirk as his Gourgeist laughed behind him. Jay had yelled out in surprise, but he couldn't afford to stop and think about what had just happened. Solitaire was thrown back from the Scizor's attack and landed at Jay's feet. Without Invidia supporting him, having been left behind when Sol had teleported him and now floating in the air around Gula's imposing form, Jay stumbled to one knee. Things weren't going how they were supposed to. He'd lose if he held anything back. "Ace, Supes, attack! Invidia Thunder Wave! Gula Earthquake!"

Sand Streamed from Gula's massive body and began to swirl around it as stretched out its large body. It was rare that the Tyranitar was allowed out in the middle of the city. Invidia shocked the Scizor as it jumped away, paralyzing its movements that had been too quick to follow, giving Ace an opening to slam its already battered body into the metal-clad bug pokemon with Flare Blitz, knocking both pokemon to the ground. Superbia chased after the Charizard flying above as it attacked the Nova sniper, firing off Boomburst at the fire dragon when there was a clear shot that didn't catch the sniper in the center of a deadly blast of sound. Charizard changed focus as soon as it realized the Decidueye had broken away from the sniper controlling it, just in time to ignite the street behind Blue as the owl pokemon was reappearing to attack the exposed back of the Resistance Leader. Blue didn't even flinch or look to see what Charizard was doing, having complete faith in his pokemon to deal with keeping the Nova sniper at bay while the rest of his team dealt with this Admin.

"Get up Sol, our job isn't done yet," Jay said to the pokemon on the ground with him. The Gardevoir forced herself back up, barely in time to grab her trainer and pull him with her just off the ground before it was destroyed out from under them.

Gula roared and slammed its tail into the ground, and a shockwave blasted apart the ground outward in all directions. The Scizor, already badly injured from the Talonflame, was sent rolling. Blue reached for another pokeball as he and his Golduck lost their footing. The buildings immediately surrounding where the Nova Admin and Resistance leader clashed fell into the street, hiding the destruction within a cloud of dust and debris. Rhyperior was unfazed by the destruction around it, simply grabbing a chunk of building that bounced off its armored hide and reloading its cannon arm to fire again. A large shape rushed out of the dust and slammed its four fists into Gula's body, actually managing to lift the bulky monster off the ground and knock it back a few feet. Blue's Golduck cleared away the smoke around it and its trainer after Machamp's Close Combat landed. Machamp must have protected Blue from the earthquake with Wide Guard and then launched a counterattack.

"Sol, call back Lux," Jay told his Gardevoir to contact his Vaporeon with her telepathy. It would mean pulling Lux away from her job of guarding the entrance to Nova HQ, but at this point dealing with the leader of the Resistance took priority. "Invidia, Flash! Gula, Dragon Tail!"

The enemy's Machamp raised its arms to protect itself from the blinding flash, and Gula was able to take that opportunity to slam its thick tail into the fighting pokemon's body, which flew back to slam into the rubble of what had been the wall of a building. Golduck covered for its ally with a Hydro Pump which blasted Gula and... Invidia had disappeared during the flash of light.

"Rhyperior, Rock Wrecker! Machamp, Bullet Punch! Gourgeist get Scizor!" Blue was calling out orders to his team continuously, while Jay only bothered commanding his StarBurst pokemon, letting the rest act as they saw fit.

Jay had no doubt that Solitaire was silently coordinating his team behind his back while actively protecting him. He reached for the pocket of his admin jacket, but his hands were starting to shake from the poison coursing through him. "Sol," he said her name to grab the Gardevoir's attention. She figured out the rest and took a pink gemstone from the pocket he'd been trying to open. She crushed the Psychic Gem between her hands and felt a sudden surge of power. Sol caught the boulder flying at her and her trainer, fired from the Rhyperior's palm, with her spiking Psychic power and threw it aside at the Machamp that had gotten back up to rush Gula again. The Machamp had to drop to the ground to avoid the redirected rock, forcing it to change its attack to Low Sweep. "Gula, Lash Out! Invidia, Gastro Acid!" Machamp brought the Tyranitar to the ground, but the green monster refused to go down. It roared and tossed the fighting pokemon away. Meanwhile Invidia emerged from the rubble next to Rhyperior as it was still busy reloading its arm cannon and spewed stomach acid onto it.

"Golduck Aqua Jet! Machamp Bullet Punch again! Scizor-

"Invidia, Ion Deluge! Gula, Hyper B-"

The fighting was too rapid for either trainer to remain in full control. The battlefield crackled with electricity now that Invidia had disabled the Rhyperior's Lightning Rod. Golduck and Machamp landed a combination attack onto Gula, finally sending the Tyranitar crashing to the ground before Jay could even tell it to use its most destructive attack. No doubt Jay would have regretted if Gula had used Hyper Beam and destroyed even more of the city, but in a chaotic battle such as this he wasn't thinking about holding back for the sake of collateral damage.

Solitaire pulled the Machamp away from Gula and slammed it into into the ground with Psychic, only for the enemy Scizor to appear out of nowhere right in front of her. She quickly threw up a barrier to block its attack, but the Scizor's Feint shattered the Protect and knocked Sol away.

"Sol!" Without his Gardevoir supporting him, Jay fell to the ground again. He forced himself to stay on his knees at least and raised his gun to StarBurst the Scizor that was right there. His gun wasn't there. The only thing at his side where his revolver should have been was a wrapped black candy stuck into the holster. Blue's Gourgeist emerged out from its trainer's shadow laughing at its successful Trick, swapping the Nova Admin's weapon for a piece of candy. Jay cursed the pokemon and himself for not paying enough attention to it. Just like he had used a distraction to reposition Invidia, Blue had used the rest of the battle to hide his ghost pokemon's movements. Jay looked around the battlefield, desperately searching for something he could use. "Ace!" The Talonflame was unconscious on the ground. Supes? The bat dragon was being chased through the sky above the city by Blue's Charizard, its speed barely able to keep it out of the columns of fire spewing from the fire dragon's jaws. Inv... The electric eel was struggling to free itself from the massive Rhyperior pinning its tail to the ground with a heavy rock. Gula had been knocked out, and if he forced Sol to keep fighting he'd really be in danger. A hissing sound came from near Blue. A Vaporeon was hissing at him, kept at bay by the cheerful Gourgeist. Right, he'd had Sol call back Lux. Unfortunately she'd arrived after the battle was already lost. "Lux, stand down!" Jay told his pokemon to not attack Blue, even as the Resistance Leader pointed the admin's own gun at his head.

"Guess that answers that," Blue smirked at the defeated Nova Admin. "If dealing with her was as easy as dealing with you this war would already be over." His smirk dropped into a somber expression as he executed the Team Nova Admin. Just like he'd always known, any hope of reconciling differences had died with the destruction of Kalos.

"Could you stop shooting my man? I understand the situation, but if you go any farther I'll get mad." A woman with bright pink hair and sharp blue eyes was standing in the middle of the road-turned-battlefield where she hadn't been a moment ago. She raised her hand and Blue's Scizor, Golduck, Machamp, Rhyperior, and Gourgeist all burst into flames. Scizor and Gourgeist, the former barely revived by the latter and the latter not experienced in direct battle, both fell instantly. Machamp went down next, already heavily damaged by the battle. Blue dropped the gun as flames licked across its metallic surface as well. The flames disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. "This is me asking nicely."


Blue was frozen in place. He knew who this woman was, who she said she was and who she really was, if Blake's information was accurate: Ava, by far the most dangerous member of Jay's team. Her power was shocking, wiping out half of Blue's team effortlessly, but that wasn't why he'd stopped. He'd heard her voice before she'd appeared standing there, speaking very close. Blue finally understood why some Resistance members acted almost as afraid of this woman as they were of Admin Celene.

"Looks like you've got a message," Ava said as she casually showed the Resistance leader's pokenav in her hand. She tossed it back, seemingly not caring at all about the list of Resistance contacts she might have been able to obtain from the device.

Blue kept his gun aimed at the Team Nova Admin - though he was certain his first shot had killed the admin, so long as Ava was around he couldn't be sure of anything - and risked playing into the woman's hands by reading the message.

jet compromised
g b ce011100110110111101110011

His eyes narrowed. There was a large chance the woman was showing him something she'd made up, but if this was a real message from Porygon2...

"Rhyperior, Rock Wrecker!"

Blue's Rhyperior fired a large rock at the woman. She clicked her tongue in annoyance and summoned a boulder of her own to meet the first, causing shattered rock and dust to rain down after the two attacks canceled each other out. Blue used the powerful attack as cover to call back his pokemon and have Charizard grab him and take off. He clicked Send on the retreat message to all present Resistance members as soon as he was far enough away from that woman to think the message from Porygon2 wasn't something she'd fabricated. The sent message was simple, get to the marked location immediately. The location indicated was a boat moored at the Goldenrod City docks. A yacht that belonged to the Berlitz family, left in the city on purpose for precisely a situation such as this where Resistance members needed a way to quickly escape the city.

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Sapphire Birch (Kugasa Karasuna)
Goldenrod, Johto

Kuga’s eyes turned noticeably colder when the stranger struck a stray fletchinder, almost hitting Crobat with his careless handling of the Nova gauntlet—her bat pokemon letting out an annoyed screech in response—but she didn’t comment on it. Simply nodded her head in acknowledgement of both his and Alexander’s words without looking their way. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t tell the wild shots had been accidents…otherwise she would’ve had Venusaur throw the cloaked man off. Any feelings of gratitude towards the civilian’s assistance would be negated if he proved himself a risk to her team. Kuga had never really pegged herself as a kind person. She wasn’t like some other members of the resistance that refused to so much as touch Starburst on principal alone. Useful tools were to be used if it brought a closer end to all the fighting. Ninjas themselves were mercenaries and tools of warfare that served a lord/side of their choosing. Civilian casualties—be they people or pokemon—were expected in battle.

Still…that didn’t mean that she liked it.

In some ways, stabbing—if possible—was preferrable to Starburst. At least that gave the warriors fighting on the other side honorable deaths—a sentiment she and Serenity Joy did not share, but that was to be expected given their respective roles in the resistance. Assassins brought about death whereas nurses worked to preserve life.

“As long as there’s life, there’s hope.” Kuga repeated the words that had been echoed to her once.

That was what the resistance fought for. Hope that one day starburst could be reversed and that things would return to the way things were between humans and pokemon. Hope for a brighter future than the one they were headed towards. Kuga didn’t have the strength to carry such hopes on her shoulders. She wasn’t Janine, Blue, Sapphire, or even that Edelweiss girl. Kugasa Karasuna had her own way of doing things…and it would be difficult to protect the things she wanted to protect while still wearing the guise of ‘Sapphire Birch’.

As venasaur turned an intersection to avoid a beam of orange following them from above, the retreat signal finally flashed from her pokegear. The mission was over. It was time to leave like a ninja. “Greninja! We’re switching to the second escape plan!”

Greninja, who’d been busy cutting down some of the Nova snipers on the rooftops with a blade of water, stopped what it was doing and leapt into the air, spinning rapidly as it let loose a barrage of [Water Shurikens] with surprising accuracy. Its target wasn’t the grunts, but the standard Starburst gauntlets they wore. Spinning, steel-cutting blades of water pierced the controllers of the devices, causing them to fizzle out and chaos to ensue as the stolen pokemon they’d been controlling (likely taken during their battle with the resistance) went wild. Freed of the mind control, but no longer able to trust or bond with humans, they attacked the closest humans they saw—which just so happened to be the Nova grunts that had been handling them. Kuga watched the results of humans attempting to dominate pokemon without properly training or befriending them apathetically. The fearow, that had been following Venasaur, shook off its rider. Rapidash stomped the fallen grunt that had tried to get back on. Machop punched anything that got near it. Left alone, they would become the very monsters that Nova painted them to be—attacking innocents in the city as well. Not that she blamed them. It was ultimately humans that turned pokemon into monsters.

Kuga was no exception.

From tools to uncontrolled beasts that eventually had to be slaughtered, the cruelty of her kind had no bounds. She didn’t doubt that Nova PR would only use the current events to further their agenda against pokemon. It was how Nova always operated—from the events of PWT to labeling the resistance as terrorists. They could be the ‘heroes’ that saved Goldenrod from the ‘attack of wild pokemon’ through the use of Starburst for all Kuga cared. So long as it kept them distracted. Her goal was the safety of her current companions…and if that didn’t cause enough of a distraction for Plat and Sapphire to finish their mission, she didn’t know what would.

“Follow my lead if you don’t want to be pursued all the way to the location of your jet.”

As soon as Greninja landed back on Venusaur’s back, the amphibian pokemon performed another series handsigns before blowing a cloud of black smoke to cover the area, blinding the enemy and masking their actions. Kuga discarded her disguise. Returned most her pokemon to their pokeballs. “Spinarak, use psychic. Toxtricity, magnetic flux.” By the time the [Smokescreen] cleared, Venusaur, Sapphire Birch, and all those that had been riding on the large pokemon’s back were gone…leaving behind only a slightly dented civilian car parked above a manhole.

Kugasa Karasuna
Goldenrod Sewers, Johto

The first thing one noticed about Goldenrod’s sewers was the stench.

The second was the darkness.

Kuga wasn’t bothered by the first thanks to the mask she wore—as well as experience dealing with grimers—and the latter by the light of the gaslamp she’d bought when browsing Goldenrod’s department store for a suitable souvenir for Janine. Straightening her dark coat while Spinarak used [Psychic] to help Alexander and the unnamed stranger down the manhole, Kuga strapped the beloved sword she’d stashed away prior to running around as Sapphire Birch to her back. When she memorized the map of Goldenrod, she hadn’t failed to include all possible escape routes—including the number of manholes (for ninja-like escapes) and Goldenrod’s maze-like sewage system.

Sapphire Birch might be the type to opt for a more direct approach out the city (she wasn’t entirely sure what the woman was like), but ninjas like her preferred the more subtle approach. Following the water would likely lead to the aqueduct or sea, but that wasn’t her goal. She intended to lead them to the manhole closest to Route 34. “I apologize for deceiving you. I am actually Assassin Crow of the Resistance.”

She wasn’t sure if her disguised managed to fool Alexander though. Certainly she went all out—makeup as well as stilts and such—but she was no Mistress Aya. Even Green might be better at disguises than she was and she heard that Ruby wasn’t half bad at it either—hence his role as a spy. She glanced her electric/poison type ninja, who was currently leaning against the wall of sewers, arms folded while it waited for her order. Static surrounded its body, making it glow slightly while it maintained a similar effect for all its allies. “Toxtricity will manipulate the magnetic field around us as we move and hopefully block out any signals that could be tracking us while we make our way to your jet.”

Something, something, changing magnetic fields produces a counteracting emf that could interfere with the functioning of electronic devices. Every cell produced a small magnetic field that Toxtricity could alter to a degree. Though the effect of the move was stronger with pokemon that could generate their own fields with greater potential (like those with the plus and minus ability) it should work as a makeshift signal jammer. Probably. It was something she and Alan had discussed as a way for her to bypass Nova’s satellites and disappear (improving her success during assassination missions), but Kuga wasn’t one to underestimate the technological advances of the enemy—least of all an enemy like Nova in their territory. Honestly, with all that was going on above, she was hoping the enemy wouldn’t pay much attention to the less important members of the resistance. The stranger who helped wasn’t even technically a member of the resistance…and Nova had no reason to shoot a random plane out of the sky that could very well just belong to a civilian trying to escape all the chaos. Probably.

Spinarak buried itself back into the familiar folds of Kuga’s dark cloak, the threads of which had been made from the silk of its mother, as the ninja moved with quick, yet quiet steps through the sewer’s passages. Left. Right. Right. Left. Right. After a number of turns, Kuga stopped, holding her gaslamp to a ladder that led up. “This is the manhole closest to Route 34.”

By jet? By boat? It didn’t actually matter whether she left the city with the rest of the resistance or not since she could just contact HQ—or at least Janine— for one of the teleporters to take her back to Orre…so long as she was far away enough from Nova’s HQ’s AT field at least. Only Admin Jay Rayne had ever shown the capacity to teleport within the city…which suggested he carried with him a way to temporarily bypass the AT field…though it was only a theory on her part. She would need to observe him more to be certain, but if that was the case, defeating and taking whatever allowed him to teleport in the city may be the key that gave them access to Nova’s otherwise “impenetrable” base; A straight line to either the Team Nova Leader or the Nova Admin of Science. While one may be the main head of the enemy, the other provided the cure that could save the lives of many pokemon.

Kuga looked to the bearded gentleman with the bisharp and nodded her head, motioning for them to climb . “I'm grateful for your offer and don’t intend to forget my debts either.”

There wasn’t really any reason not to take the stranger up on his offer now that the mission was over. On the contrary, it was probably the safer route since all resistance members retreating in the same direction, to the same location, would just make them all a large target as well—especially if the retreat signal was intercepted by Nova. At the same time, one couldn’t deny that there was safety in numbers as well. Trusting the leader was a choice. Kuga glanced towards Alexander. “Lucas trained you well. Blue might be the leader of the resistance, but it’s ultimately your own decisions that determine whether you live or die during a mission.”

He likely received the retreat orders prior to Toxtricity’s use of [Magnetic Flux] as well so it was up to him in the end. She’d done her part and brought the civilian closer to the location of his jet as promised so it wasn’t like she couldn’t lead them to the sewer entrances near the docks afterwards if Alexander desired to join with the rest of the resistance. Assist many other resistance members while she was at it. Honestly, it didn’t really matter to her since she was the type to steal her own jet/boat (the ninja way) if Blue didn’t have anything planned. The entire mission was so hastily put together that Kuga was fairly sure the only real order was to: Get out alive.

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Alan Rickman's Drone + Marcus Clyde(Gengar)
“Aye-aye, Doc.” Alan’s drone hovered over Laurel’s shoulder as it watched her work. “Annnd it’s time to go. Looks like Blue wants us to go to the docks, but of course we’ll follow your lead, right Mark?”

Marcus Clyde remained silent as he unlocked the door to the computer room, removed the ‘Computer Room Under Maintenance. Do NoT EnTeR’ sign he’d left there, and casually slipped out the room, motioning for Laurel Douglas-Elm to do the same. A fairly peaceful exit with Alan’s drone providing the directions to the building’s emergency exit—avoiding areas where the highest concentration of SB energy were detected.

SB=Nova grunt and they wanted the least casual encounters as possible. Gengar was a decent actor, but the less risks the better.

Left, Right, Left, Left, then down an elevator. As complex as the Nova HQ building was, it wasn't like they didn't have maps for new grunts to find their way to the cafeteria or something. Probably nothing that detailed all the hidden rooms and 'Evil Team Nova Experimental labs', but that was only to be expected. Marcus Clyde was only allowed so much access as a non-admin and as tempted as Alan had been to attempt to hack into some of the inaccessible doors, he had his priorities.

Maybe next time if they actually got a mission to infiltrate Nova HQ and not a save the girls one.

The drone disabled the exit alarm “Hmm…I seem to have lost Kuga’s signal…”

“…should I be worried?”

“Nah, this is Kuga we’re talking about. I’m sure she’ll be fine. Let’s just focus on getting out of here.”

As they made their way out of Nova HQ’s back entrance, Markus Clyde raised his assault rifle protectively while he moved alongside Laurel Elm. If they were going to the docks, then Gengar would have to discard the body it was possessing. The Resistance wouldn’t take kindly to Nova any more than Nova took kindly to the Resistance, which meant the things it was going have to be watching out for once leaving the safety of Nova HQ were stray bullets and pokemon attacks from fellow Resistance members.

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A brief Inquiry

dr. Belinda Reeves
Cloudy Sky of Stony Wilderness

Wary; suspicious

The light shower over the Stony Wilderness stopped, but Belinda made no motion to remove her raincoat. The year she spent in Galar had taught her of the whimsical nature of the weather here. It could stop raining for 10 minutes and then blew a rainstorm for a whole day. The grey clouds hanging low did not give her confidence. None of her pokemon knew Sunny Day, so all she could do is hope for the best.

"A bit higher, Stark!" Her ferocious Corviknight raised his altitude without a sound. Unlike its name, the vast expanse of Stony Wilderness underneath her was decorated with green patches of tall grass here and there. At any other time, the sight would leave Belinda sighing, but she was not in the mood to appreciate nature.

"Turn right, perhaps we missed it." She tried to hide the anxiety building inside. James had said he saw the field of flowers among the stone structures here. Had she missed it? She tightened her grasp on Stark. If a rainstorm arrived, the flowers would be ruined and so would the last clue on her track. A flower field appearing out of nowhere, it could only be Shaymin, just like what was told in the legend...

"SKRAAA!" Stark let out a sharp cry. Startled, Belinda sent her gaze around. Stark only cried out when he wanted to warn her of something. From the distance, she could see another Corviknight flying over the Stony Wilderness with a vaguely humanoid figure on its back.

"Stark, intercept that flyer!" When Stark didn't respond, Belinda only urged it once more. "You don't need to stay too close. I need to ask a question. It's important."

Willing, unwilling, the Corviknight complied and cut the path of the other traveler. It was a risky move. The fewer people who knew about what she was looking for, the better, but she was getting desperate. She couldn't rely on luck and hoping there wouldn't be a rainstorm. Belinda smiled, waving her empty hands in the air to show no harm. "Pardon me! Have you seen a field of flowers around here? Near some stone pillars, to be precise!"

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A Theoretical Genius
Thanks to Taxi, Oswald had been aware of the other trainer's presence since she entered the sky, and because she seemed to keep her distance and mind herself, he wasn't worried about her. He was flying north, towards what the locals called the Dusty Bowl. He was exploring the wild areas one at the time, searching for pokemon, and he had yet to be this deep into them. He looked around him as he flew. Flying pokemon dotted the sky, the rain having cleared, soaring with streams of wind streams of wind behind them, some of which resembled airplanes. There, he saw a Pidgeot soaring through the air, with three smaller Pidgeys in tow. When he looked away, he saw a flock of Spearow flying in V formation. Then, just in front of him, barely missing Taxi, a Braviary swooped down on some kind of prey, and then, in the distance, Oswald would have sworn he saw a Salamance splitting clouds with its speed. He took a moment to reflect on how much he loved to fly.

"SQUAAAWK!!" Taxi let out a screech. Oswald snapped his neck in the direction Taxi was looking. That trainer from before was flying right this way. To him, it didn't look like any sort of hostility, but he guessed his bird inferred differently. Taxi did a half a barrel roll, finishing the maneuver upside down. Oswald almost fell off, but just before he slipped, Taxi turned them right side up. His Corvinight looked ready to attack. The he heard her say "Pardon me! Have you seen a field of flowers around here? Near some stone pillars, to be precise!"

Oswald tugged on Taxi, calling him off. "Hey, Tax, get us even with her." Oswald said to his bird. Taxi lowered them down next to the girl. Oswald looked at her, and was awe-struck for a moment. The brown hair and blue eyes, despite the rest of her face bearing only a vague resemblance if any, instantly signaled memories of his daughter. He stared for a moment, mind filled grief and happiness at the same time. Then, he realized what he was doing. "Oh, sorry," He said, shaking his head, "you just remind me of someone." Then, he thinks for a moment about her question. "Well, I don't exactly know. I'm not from around here. I know in this direction," he says, gesturing in the direction they're flying, "I was told there were some stone pillars. I'm going to look around there right now, feel free to follow." He pinched his knees in, which signaled Taxi to find a landing spot. Before long, they were on the ground just inside the Stony Wilderness.

1200px-Stony_Wilderness_SwSh (1).png
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Fanfic Kitty
"Ya know I still don't know where you're getting 'Doctor' from, I don't have a doctorate. I'm just... A Professor.. in training.. if that can even be considered a thing anymore." Laurel said, looking at the drone as it floated around her head, craning her neck down to get it away from her ears. As she continued her work, theories spun around behind her eyes, trying to figure out how these things all fit together into one cohesive puzzle. It was like some kind of massive puzzle. All these pieces fit together, somehow, she just knew it, but how... and why? Why was it focused on this region. Which region was it? Didn't look like any she had seen before. This had to be where they were getting those weird crystals...

The alert started to blare out of her PokeGear, and she cursed very openly.
"ffffUCK!" She hissed, tapping her fingers rapidly on the desk and watching the file download tick up and up. She needed as many files as she could get. Maybe she could wait... it was 63 percent downloaded... No.
No, she couldn't stay. She grabbed the drone and held it up to the monitor. "Take a damn picture and lets go!"

When she was sure the drone had taken the picture, she ejected her flash drive, shoved it down into her bra and then adjusted herself to look like she was a composed science person and then she allowed herself to be dragged through the building. She was walking along, trying to let herself appear as snobbish and sciencey as possible to avoid suspicion. She would keep up this act for as long as possible, but as soon as the back door was out of sight, she threw that labcoat off and charged out the back door.

"Okay, I know we're supposed to be going to the docks, but that message very likely was intercepted, and I have other plans. SO if you guys want to go to the docks, fine, but I'm heading north. So feel free to do whatever! Byeeeeeeeeeeee!" She said, before taking off.
It was going to be a couple hours to walk to her destination, but hell, when teleportation was easy as calling up an Abra to take you home what was a couple hours? Nothing. So she could quite happily skirt along the alleyways in her increasingly more uncomfortable miniskirt crop-top combo. And she made her way north, to Route 35 she goes!
She had to narrowly avoid the National Park up there by skirting around in the trees, being forced to cut passed some small trees that just keep cropping up in that spot between the forest and the cliff. No doubt it would magically pop up there tomorrow. Well, it doesn't matter.

"Ah, I see... you've followed me, huh?" She looked at the orb and the Nova grunt that had presumably followed her along her journey.
"Well thats great, um... Who is this dude? Should I be concerned?" She gestured at the man that had been following them around and speaking like he wasn't human.

QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel



~ Department Centre ~

Nothing. There was absolutely nothing that turned the corner, nothing that took Mikhail's bait and nothing for him to aim at through the scope of his lens. "Smart Lizard" snarled Mikhail, as he lowered his bow; the audible flapping of wings disappearing into the distance as Charizard seemingly returned to where blue was. Though hopefully not quick enough to prevent Artemis from striking, alas... as had been the case thus far for Mikhail; things were seemingly not going to plan at all. A large explosion, followed by a glow of orange had drawn Mikhail's attention back to the direction of the fight; the most likely source of that being the 'missing' charizard that had failed to get sucked into Mikhail's trap.

Seeing that he was now off the menu, Mikhail had ordered Aegis to return to the battle, yet upon returning it had become quite clear just how miniscule his effort had truly been. There was no way Mikhail could intervene in the chaos taking place right before his very eyes, the level of speed and precision in which both Admin Jay and Resistance Leader Blue operated within was too far out of his level that any attempt to directly assist Jay could prove to be more detrimental than helpful. Begrudgingly, Mikhail had to accept that his usefulness in this area was no longer viable; not after Artemis's attempted ambush was sussed out and prevented with Charizards fire.

Clicking his tongue in frustration, Mikhail directed Aegis towards a nearby building and repositioned himself upon its ledge, his Aegislash melding into the shadows underneath him as the Sniper brought his crossbow out; scoping the fight from his vantage point in the off chance that another opportunity presented itself. Meanwhile, the thwarted Artemis had taken back to the skies; her feathers singed by the Charizards fire. With her mobility now compromised due to the damage to her feathers, her usefulness to the cause was effectively rendered null and void for the rest of this fight; the owl pokemon making her way back to Mikhail upon finding him perched upon another vantage point.

Watching the scenes below was both frustrating and humbling for the sniper; his hand pressed against the trigger yet no closer to actually pulling it as he watched the fluid exchange between both fighters below; the cohesiveness of each teams actions followed by the back and forth exchange of powerful attacks left him very little room to actually affect the fight now. Yet even Mikhail's attempts to find an opening in the fight would prove to be futile. What was once a sturdy building was within seconds brought crumbling down to the earth below; the sheer intensity and progression of this battle being too much for the buildings foundations to bear. A cloud of smoke and debris billowed in every direction, obscuring most of the battlefield for Mikhail, so not only was the angle for any shot he had to make completely different now, there was a cloud of debris obscuring his view. With every passing moment, his lack of effectiveness was being shoved right in his face.

If only Charizard hadn't been here, he thought to himself; pulling the crossbow away from the fight and beginning to scour the skies; only to click his tongue frustrated once more. They were too fast for him, the momentary flash of black followed by the flicker of orange was all he could make out as the two dragonoid pokemon sped through the skies. He'd be wasting his ammo trying to shoot down the charizard. Even engaging up close would be out of the question. Neither Aegis or Artemis were fast enough to keep pace with the duo presently conquering the skies.


Mikhails attention was drawn back to the fight below, the sound of gunfire breaking through the noise all around them and for a moment, Mikhail could not determine what exactly had happened, not until the smoke begun to die down and Jay's fallen body was revealed.

"FUCK" cursed Mikhail, his usual controlled demeanour momentarily lost as he looked through the scope and confirmed his suspicions. Collapsed on the ground below was Jay; his body unmoving as Blue stood opposite. Did he really just shoot him?... Mikhail clenched his fist in anger as he maneuverer his bow; the angle uncomfortable for him as he aimed directly at Blue; the resistance leader perhaps dropping his guard now that the biggest threat to him was removed. That was Mikhail's opportunity.... that was....

A strong gust of wind roared through the city, clearing away any lingering smoke from the battle and what was soon revealed had sent a shiver down even Mikhail's spine. Flowing pink hair danced against the breeze as she seized control of everything around her. Time seemed to slow down for Mikhail, a cold bead of sweat taking forever to depart his brow; its cold icy touch tickling away at the side of his nose before sauntering around his lips and down his chin only to drop upon his right hand, the droplet so cold it burned. Out of instinctual fear towards this apex predator below, Mikhail had lost his grip upon the crossbow; the weapon clanging against the side of the building before spiralling towards the earth below.

"Ava..." Mikhail muttered, the sniper had heard the whispers though the reality of what he saw next was so haunting that even someone like Mikhail almost lost his nerve completely. Blue flames erupted down below; and Mikhail out of sheer instinctual need for survival had dropped backwards, his fight or flight response leaning heavily towards the 'flight' option.

While Ava was technically on the same team as Mikhail, he could not help but feel like she played by her own rules... that hidden beneath that mask she wore was a true monster; an inhuman entity that would devour any and all that got in her way. Friend or foe.

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A Relaxed Excursion

dr. Belinda Reeves
Stony Area of Stony Wilderness

Prideful; resting

Relaxed; scouting
Did he find her suspicious? Belinda could feel tension from both Corviknights. Countless thoughts ran through while she maintained her smile. Fortunately, she had been thinking too much. The answer was not what she was looking for, but it didn't end in a fight. Travelers, especially those who had ran into Team Nova, often showed hostility when approached by strangers.

"I only asked in a whim," she nodded politely in return. "I heard someone spotted a rare flower near the pillars. It's a pity the rain obscured the view a bit. Let's follow, Stark."

The Corviknight followed after Oswald and Taxi, though he maintained a higher altitude on purpose. To follow another bird in flight already filled him with disdain. Belinda pretended not to notice the little act of defiance. He had always been so peculiar, even back as a small Rookidee. It was also why she loved him. He reminded her of her old Staraptor, the previous Stark. She had always been willing to indulge his will as a result.

As they descended to the ground, Stark let out a loud caw and flapped its wings mightily. Clouds of dust blew where he landed, causing Belinda to squint her eyes. That was a bit much. She climbed down the Corviknight and it immediately flew to perch on a stone pillar, cleaning his wings. Typical. He would return once he was bored or hungry.

Belinda didn't bother it any longer and released Valor from his luxury ball. The Lucario did a salute with a pleasant expression. He tilted his head at the sight of Oswald, as if questioning.

"He's a fellow traveler I met." The succinct explanation earned a nod from Valor, which released the last hint of tension from Belinda. If Valor wasn't worried, she didn't need to. "I'm looking for Gracidea flowers. It has six petals and pink. James back in town said he saw a field of them near some stone pillars... can you help and check the area for me?"

His red eyes shone brightly. The Lucario once again saluted and then jumped toward a stone pillar to gain a vantage point. Knowing Stark was still around to warn her of any danger and Valor fulfilling the task she wanted, Belinda suddenly had some free time for herself. She followed after Oswald with the intent to pass the time.

"Won't it be interesting if Shaymin is really around here somewhere?" said Belinda with a carefree smile. She didn't lower her voice when speaking to Valor. She saw nothing from the sky either, so her guard and expectation were on an all time low.

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Alan Rickman's Drone #1
Route 35, Johto (avoiding the National Park)

“If you were going to be concerned, you should’ve been a while ago,” Alan’s voice replied amusedly through his drone. Laurel Elm was proving to be an interesting character, both in attitude and way of thinking. Instead of following orders, or even participating in Blue’s suicidal attack plan really, the woman was content to doing her own thing…back to the resistance plane? No…around it, given her avoidance of the National Park as she cut through the trees to avoid the area where the jet had been docked. It was hard to say or not whether she knew what she was doing. Her confidence certainly spoke so. And yet she seemed to be taking the most dangerous route out of the city.

He’d already suspected that something might’ve been wrong when the resistance leader ordered the retreat message to the docks instead of the jet they’d arrived in. Ditching such a well-fortified, and expensive piece of machinery in a Nova-occupied region seemed like such as waste—especially given that the entire mission was set up to secure the safety of one of the Resistance’s primary financers. Any attempts to contact Porygon2 seemed to hit a roadblock as well. However, it was only by taking Route 35 that he was able to confirm what the threat that caused his inability to contact Porygon2 was.

A thick set of foliage may be between them, but his cameras did have excellent zoom...and a digiscope option. Drone hovering above one of the branches of a particularly tall tree, a tiny pair of scopes extending from the drone's 'eyes', Alan considered attempting to snipe the snow-haired Nova Admin trying to “fix” the Resistance jet…but discarded the idea as soon as it came up. First, it’d be like attempting to snipe Mewtwo—granted Alan never tried to do such a thing, but he doubted he could. Second, it’d give away their position.

Not that someone who could go toe to toe with a legendary pokemon probably didn’t already have ears like a bat. A legendary psychic at that. Reaction time. Speed. Power. No ordinary machine could give the likes of Mewtwo a difficult time. Alan wouldn’t be surprised if Nova Admin Celene had made herself some sort of super cyborg. As jealous as he was that Team Nova had the means and equipment to accomplish such feats, he could respect their technological accomplishments as well. It wasn’t as if he had any deep grudge against the enemy like Kuga did. No killed family members, stolen pokemon, etc. If he had to name a reason for joining the Resistance, it was probably a sense of morality…and a small desire for a bit of adventure in his life.

“But, no, don’t worry about it. He’s here to protect you pretty lady. As am I.”
For now, he’d just keep an eye on the Admin's movements in case she decided to come zipping their direction. Or blast a hyperbeam their way. The two below him were moving away from the danger area near the Pokéathlon Dome anyway. Alan didn’t know what ‘other plans’ Laurel had, but he hoped she finished it quickly. Nova Admin Celene being within a mile radius meant the sooner they left the better—but of course, that was just what all the rumors say. Not like he’d ever had the pleasure of meeting Nova’s tech genius in person. “Really though, you sound like you don’t want us around. But how can that be? I’m an excellent conversationalist, you know.

"Calling you doctor was just an assumption on my part.”
The basic data he had on Laurel was pretty old and it wasn’t like he was actively spying on her or anything like that. He had his hands full helping a ninja. “You do some important research for us and since you were a Professor-In-Training, I thought ‘they’ would’ve funded your PHD already. It’s not like schools close because of war. Even if they do, you can always get your doctorate in Alola or something. I hear there are some pretty good Professors still working there…but it’s not like a piece of paper tells you how smart you are, so I’ll call you whatever you want to be called~”

She hadn’t exactly introduced herself and, while it wasn’t exactly necessary since Alan didn’t typically have difficulty finding information about people, it wasn’t like background data told him that much about her as person. People change. All the time.

Lowering itself so that it floated behind the two ‘Nova grunts’ as they moved further away from the National Park to...wherever it was that Laurel wanted to go...the drone continued blithely. “What do you want me to do with the pictures, by the way? I can send them to your phone…but if you’re worried about our messages getting intercepted, I can always print them out. Just gotta get this baby to a printer of some kind...”

Their messages being intercepted, if that was the case, could mean one of two things—someone in the resistance got their devices bugged with spyware or Nova was simply monitoring any and all cellular/radio transmissions within their city…which was possible since Nova HQ and the Radio Tower were one and the same from what he’d seen of the upper floors. Pretty invasive, but it’s what you’d come to expect from a region taken over by an evil team. Fortunately he lived in Orre.

But even if he didn’t, there ways around it for people who knew what they were doing…and had the proper equipment to do so.

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Chicken Nugget
Alexander Reed

Alexander was flattered by their older, vaguely vampiric looking companion's compliment. However, the way he avoided introducing himself did not fly under the boy's radar. He seemed like a decent man, but the blunette would have to keep an eye out just in case. Though suspicious, Alex would rather regret helping a bad person escape than regret leaving a good one behind.

The streets had become chaos as starbursted Pokémon rampaged mindlessly throughout Goldenrod. Leaving anyone on their own out here might as well be a death sentence, one that Alexander was not keen on delivering without good reason.

Finally, both Kuga and Alex's communication devices lit up with the signal to retreat. Hopefully the mission had been successful, but either way it was time for them to pull out. Apparently his fellow Resistance member had a plan of escape in mind, though not one Alexander was particularly excited about.

The sewers of Goldenrod reeked of waste, a stench so putrid it took everything Alexander had not to lose his lunch. Not that he had eaten lunch, he preferred taking missions like these on an empty stomach ever since the incident in Kalos. Charred bodies looked bad enough without being covered in vomit.

“Assassin Crow, catchy" Alex commented aloud as the woman's Spinarak set him down. “your disguise was pretty clever, if it weren’t for your team and your speech patterns I might not have recognized you” her disguise really was exquisite, the Assassin Crow had gone all out.

It didn’t take long for Kuga to lead them to the manhole nearest their temporary ally's plane, but to Alexander it felt like an eternity. “Man, I think we’ve found what Nova does with old bodies” he groaned, sidestepping to avoid trodding over a suspiciously humanoid figure. The scent of rot combined with human waste made him regret not bringing something to plug his nose. “Sorry to say Mr. Vampire, but I’m afraid your jet might not smell very nice after this"

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Fanfic Kitty
“P-Pretty lady?? The fuck are you on about?" Laurel questioned, turning to look at the drone with her face all sorts of twisted up in mock confusion. Who the fuck was he calling a pretty lady? "Well, we can probably find a printer when we get back. For now, just hold on to them, I need to just check up on an old stomping ground… aha! Here it is.”

She had turned away from Ecruteak, instead heading east to find a small path, once well groomed and trimmed, but now overgrown with lack-of-care. This path would lead to a set of old crumbling ruins that nobody except the sciencey types paid attention.

“well, Alan, Markus, I suppose I should say… Welcome to the Ruins of Alph.”

The crumbling structures and dirt paths didn’t really give off the feeling of grandeur that Laurel seemed to think was necessary. It was just… ruins. What was she thinking? Were they going to react with “oohs” and “aahs”? No. This place didn’t mean anything to anyone except… herself. Good god, if that didn’t sound lonely and desperate, what would?

“This place is ancient and weird and I love it here.” She said, gesturing around at the ruined stone architecture, “I was always fascinated by the history of our world, who we are, why we’re here, what really are Pokemon, shit like that, you know? This place has history that nobody has ever really figured out the secret of. Its a massive enigma, and I always wanted to figure out the mystery. I just... I never had time. Fate had different ideas."
She glanced around for a moment, her normally neutral/snarky expression softening to something like sadness before she shook her head and turned to look at one of the still-standing buildings.

“you know, I spent a lot of time here," She said, waving everyone down a set of stairs that led underground. The dank air hit her in the face like a wall and she had to almost immediately wipe her face with a hand. "Wandering around, reading the Unown writing, learning more about the abilities of the Unown themselves. Funny little creatures those guys are. Absolutely bonkers. I managed to make friends with one of them all those years ago, but who knows if they’re still around.”

She glanced around at the etched writing on the walls, and wall paintings depicting past events. Ancient paints flowing across hard-packed stone, worn and torn and broken by the sands of time.
“Hey drone man, take some pictures of this shit too while you’re at it,” The young woman said over her shoulder, “I could probably use this shit to distract me when I need a break from all the other shit I do for this place.”

She watched the drone bob around, and while she was distracted, another, smaller floating creature snuck up behind her.

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A Theoretical Genius
Oswald retrieved a greatball from his belt. "Taxi, to me," he ordered, pointing the ball in the direction of his Corviknight, who released a puff of air from his beak that Oswald interpreted as a sigh of relief. The bird was retrieved. Then, he took a moment to consider her question. Of course, throughout his travels in Sinnoh, he knew of the legend of Shaymin. In fact, he recalls, just barely, the mentioning of a certain trainer in relation to the mythical pokemon. "Perhaps you should take this with a grain of salt, as it's been a while since I've been in Sinnoh, but last I heard, Shaymin was in cohorts with another trainer by the name of Marley."

Oswald turned away from her as he threw a grabbed one of the pokemon from his belt.
"Come on, Warden," he said, pointing the ball away from him. Then, in an instant, his Arcanine materialized in front of him, and seemed to pay Belinda no attention. "Alright, bud. You know why we're here. We need to find the last piece to our team." He said to Warden, who signaled agreement. Then the two of them started away, just as something clicked in Oswald's mind. He turned around to face his fellow trainer.

"Actually, I don't believe we've swapped names. I'm Oswald," he said, taking out his poke gear. "Let's swap info. It's not everyday you meet a friendly face."

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Alan Rickman's Drone #1 + Marcus Clyde (Gengar)
Beneath the Ruins of Alph

The scopes retracted back into the eyes, which then lit up like a flashlight instead, as the spherical drone followed Laurel Elm and Marcus Clyde down a set of stairs that lead underground. Alan certainly hadn’t expected to go on an archaeological exploration trip beneath the Ruins of Alph when he decided to follow Laurel out the city, but he didn’t mind it. Fortunately, Admin Celene hadn’t seemed to notice them—too distracted by the jet. Or, perhaps she had, but couldn’t be bothered to care. Regardless, nothing seemed to stop them as the two ‘Nova grunts’ and drone made their way to one of Johto’s famed historical sites.

The sounds of quiet clicking accompanied the drone as it snapped photo after photo of any pretty-looking thing it could find. Images. Carvings on stone walls. Alan had read about the Ruins of Alph, but he never had much reason—or money—to visit the Johto Region and see it for himself. This was the sort of adventure he craved—exploring ancient dungeons, traveling the world, and learning about pokemon along the way. If the world hadn’t turned out the way it had, Alan might’ve gone on his own pokemon journey and done the same.

Alas, many regions these days are either occupied by Nova or bothered by war. “Can you read any of this, Mark?”


“But you’re a pokemon, aren’t you?”

“Doesn’t mean I can decipher gibberish drawn on old walls,”
Marcus shrugged. “Only your kind relies on written language.”

The possessed human pointed his gun at the creature that suddenly appeared behind Laurel, only to lower it when it was apparent that creature intended no harm.

Alan’s drone snapped more pictures. “Wow! That’s an unknown, isn’t it? Those are pretty rare to find. I can’t believe there’s even one left in a region taken over by Nova. ” The orb circled the floating alphabet that—while not quite a legendary—was one of the rarest and most mysterious pokemon the world. Not much was known about them…hence their name. “One not very far from their Headquarters as well. If it’s your friend, I suggest taking with you before Nova finds this place and starts Starbursting anything that moves.”

Admin Celene wasn’t too far away from what he’d last seen…then again, some pokemon were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and human involvement may make things worse. It wasn't Alan's call.

“It’d be nice if Nova respected old places as much as you seem to,”

But, given what happened to Kalos, Alan doubted it…and Admin Celene was a known canon that nuked houses whether civilians were involved or not. That was one of the reasons resistance members were warned to avoid fights with Admin Celene when possible. Mewtwo-level cyborg or not, she was also a crazy homewrecker with little restraint. “But the sooner we get out of here the better.”

As far as he knew, the AT field only covered Goldenrod…but he had no way of knowing whether Team Nova had any way of expanding its range. Technology was an ever-growing field. “Not that I don’t understand your interest in this place, though. Dusty and old might not be quite my thing, but I do enjoy mystery and puzzle games~”

“I don’t,”
Marcus (Gengar) interjected, glancing at the unknown. “If you know of a way out of here strange one, then lead us. If you don’t, then leave us.”

“That’s a little rude, don’t you think? We’re the ones invading its home, after all.”

Marcus shrugged before directing his slightly red-tinged eyes on Laurel Douglas-Elm. “Humans that play games for too long typically end up like me…and while I don’t mind the company…it’s not a thing many desire while they are still alive.”

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A Relaxed Excursion II

dr. Belinda Reeves
Stony Area of Stony Wilderness

Relaxed; scouting

Hearing the news, Belinda pursed her lips. Looks like her dream of flying to Kalos and reviving the region was going to be no more than a pipe dream. "Thank you for the information. I would have been going on a swanna chase if you haven't told me."

Belinda crossed Shaymin off her mental list with a bitter smile. It would be lying to say she didn't hope of succeeding. Shaymin was high on the list of legendary pokemon she hoped to meet. Not only all legends of it only spoke of its blessings, the method on how to meet it was better documented in myths and rumors. Shaymin left behind gracidea flower as a sign of gratitude. Comparing it with Zacian and Zamazenta, there wasn't even a mention of how one could meet the Hero Duo or where they slumbered. At least the Lake Trio in Sinnoh had the three lakes to investigate, but looking for the Hero Duo meant searching the whole Galar region. Ah, just forget it!

The doctor trailed a few steps behind Oswald and his pokemon. She wouldn't rudely offer her help unless asked. She took her pokegear out to his introduction. "Belinda. It's a nice to meet someone close to home. Where did you used to live?" Her eyes flashed with a hint of playfulness. "And for formality, do you consider yourself pure of voice or heart?"

Suddenly, they could hear a pokemon's cry from the distant.
Interaction: GallantDisciple GallantDisciple (Oswald)


Fanfic Kitty
"Hah?" The young woman remarked, turning to look at the drone just in time for the weird little letter-shaped being to attach itself affectionately to her face.

“… Yup, that’s F.”
She carefully peeled the being off her face, watching its eye begin to emote quite happily and give off a cry. “Hey buddy! What have you been up to?”
It cried again, bouncing around and doing little spins in the air, emoting as much as something without a face could.
“Where’s the rest of your buddies?” She asked, causing the Pokemon to pause briefly, before it started to dance some more.
“… This place is normally a massive gathering place for the Unown.” Laurel said, looking up and around at the scenery around them, “These little snots like to just plaster themselves to the walls when someone unfamiliar comes in, but I don’t even see one. Well except F here.”
She watched the Unown creature bobbing around the place and made a face. “I’m guessing that most everyone was scared off by Nova, huh?” She said to the Unown, however, it appeared to be too busy dancing to the music in its own head to notice her question.

“It can handle itself, I’m not worried.” She said to Alan’s suggestion. “… Although… I guess if it’s the last one here…” She took a moment to contemplate the situation, then shook her head. She had tried to remove F from the Ruins before, and it never liked it.

“The words?” She turned to look at the wall, then let a smirk play on her face as she said, quite proudly, “Very few people can read the stuff on these walls, it’s ancient Johtonan. Nobody alive today speaks this language, and most people who studied this are wizened gray old men.”

Then she let herself grin and look smug as shit as she turned to look at Alan’s drone. “Except me, of course.”

“I studied this language with a bunch of those old scientists when I was a teenager, and I managed to pick up bits and pieces of the language while I was doing it. Like this!”
She rushed over to a certain part of the wall, running a finger over it as she read, “This particular part is actually predicting the second rising of Kyogre and Groudon in the Hoenn region, which is inSANE, because how did these guys know about the Hoenn region when it’s so far from Johto?! I have like, long theorized that this place was a place of worship for Ancient Johto but there’s nothing really conclusive it’s just my impression- AND THIS??”

She dashed over to a different wall excitedly, “This wall is describing the first ever sighting of the Legendary Pokemon Lugia! HOW CRAZY IS THAT???”
She turned to look at the other two, expecting them to be just as excited as her. Then she realized that she must look like a madwoman and she cleared her throat.

“But, uh, yes, we should probably get back to base, um… you wanna page an Abra to come get us, Mr. Rickman?”

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Alan Rickman's Drone #1 + Gengar
Beneath the Ruins of Alph

Alan watched through the eyes of his drone as Laurel Douglas-Elm displayed her knowledge of Ancient Johtonan with the zeal of any scientist…or rather, historian. Ancient civilizations and legendary pokemon seemed to be her drug. While Alan didn’t exactly share her enthusiasm—big robots being more his thing—he, being someone who valued knowledge and enjoyed mysteries, could relate to an extent. More than Kuga, at any rate. If he had stuck with the ninja, he certainly didn’t think he’d be taking pictures of the ruins of Alph or meeting an unknown while on a mission to ‘attack’ Nova Headquarters.

Yet here he was.

“Just call me Alan. We should be far enough from Goldenrod…okay. I’ll send a teleporter to your coordinates now.”

Three seconds later, a natu appeared on Laurel’s shoulder, the small green bird staring straight ahead. The Resistance’s team of teleporters didn’t comprise solely of abras and, unfortunately, whatever 'Base' had on hand was what they had to work with. It wasn’t like Alan could specify he wanted an abra. The fact that it’d even been able to reach the underground tunnels all the way from Orre was a testament to its training.

“I’d love to return with you, but I have to go find my partner and ensure she makes it out of Goldenrod alive as well.”

He’d lost track of Kuga’s signal which meant A) something happened to her or B) she wanted to keep out of sight for whatever reason. Wouldn’t be the first time she decided to toss her phone aside because she didn’t want him keeping an eye on her. While the kunoichi was familiar enough with technology, she wasn’t one to depend on it—preferring swords to guns and all that. Assuming she was smart enough, which Alan didn’t doubt, she could also use the knowledge that she was being tracked throw off her pursuers. Fake or dummy signals. Decoys. Ninjas were tricky like that. But of course, if she thought tracking someone through their communication devices was the only way to Alan could hunt someone down, she was severely underestimating him.

“Besides, Markus here would throw a fit if I abandoned his trainer…and I don’t fancy Janine or her squad of ninjas murdering me in my sleep~” Kuga was more loved than she realized. The orb hovered above the gengar-possessed human’s shoulder. “It was nice meeting you, F. Stay safe. You too, Doc.”

Since Laurel hadn’t specified what she wanted to be called, Alan took the liberty of assigning that nickname to her. Besides, that was what she probably would have been if circumstances hadn’t gotten in the way. “I hope the next time we meet, it’ll be in person over a nice cup of coffee. You seem like someone I’d enjoy talking to.”

Kuga was excellent partner to have, but she wasn’t much of a conversationalist. That was why, whenever they went on missions together, he was usually the one doing the talking. Conversation skills developed as a result.

As natu teleported Laurel away—likely to Realgem Tower where she’d have to undergo a screen check for bombs and such—the drone turned to Marcus Clyde. “You can release the body now. I think we’re done with it.”

Gengar phased out of Marcus’s body, taking the SB gauntlet and assault rifle with it as the Nova grunt regained his senses. Once the grunt did, he met eyes with the sinister ghost pokemon, and screamed.

“Hypnosis, Gengar.”

Gengar's eyes glowed blue. “GeeEEEEeengar,”

Marcus’s screams died as he slumped over, fast asleep. With any luck, the hypnotic suggestion was strong enough that he’d just think it all one bad dream. “You know, I actually kind of feel bad for the poor guy.”


“Doubt his superior's going to be happy with him deserting his post to go site seeing at some old ruins,” The drone explained. “But, whichever the case, our next task is to find Kuga. Want to bet whether she’s at the docks?”

Gengar shook its head and tossed the weapons it stole into the air, smashing both with a well aimed [Shadow Punch], before vanishing.

Alan’s voice emanating from the drone sighed. “Guess it’s true that pokemon take after their trainers.”

The orb continued down the tunnels, taking a left at the next fork. If the map was right, Violet City shouldn’t be much further ahead.

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