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Pokemon Magical Girls and Boys?


Drinker of coffees
Hey guys! So this is something that I used to have big ideas for back in the day, like, middle school days, but figured I'd revisit with matured eyes for the hell of it.

The general concept is something along the line of Pokemon ReBURST, where humans can transform into human-pokemon hyrbids at will. The main difference is in this rp the process doesn't require a burst crystal or any other kind of trigger object. Instead, humans and Pokemon can link their souls together, and combine their bodies and life forces at will in a humanoid shape. Linked people can hear their Pokemon's voice in their head, speaking to them in their native language. Pokemon can only link with one person, but a person can link with multiple Pokemon.

Oh, another thing is this kinda takes place in our world, not the world of Pokemon. The plot is basically trying to figure out why Pokemon are appearing in the real world, while keeping people with ill intentions from misusing Pokemon. Pokemon aren't coming over in mass, so the government and police don't know about it yet, so it's up to the people who are linked with Pokemon to protect their world.

Anyone interested in this plot?

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