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Pokemon Interest Check [Adventure Based]

Since the region being used is fake should fake pokemon or region specific creation be allowed?

  • No

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • Yes - Both

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • Just new Region Specific types

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Just fake Pokemon

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
We won't be accepting anyone else
Edit: The thread is now set up both a character thread and a IC thread. OOC is being handled in Discord, PM Draco to get a link for that. There is room for a few more people to join.

I've been working on a few Pokemon RP plots/ideas recently and I'd like to give them a try.

I considered AUs for a bit like medieval verse where they use soulstones as Pokeballs and can use them to empower weapons and armor. Ie: Charizard sword, lights on fire or summon a Charizard. But I didn't find a plot I really liked for it.

Right now I'm looking at a new region to set it up and isolate it a bit and to sort of allow others to take certain jobs it's not just all Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys everywhere, others might have had those jobs, this also allows for different professors and gym leaders and such as there is no chance of anyone say "Oh but that region's [job] is held by [blank]". The [City Name] thing is because I haven't started naming the towns in said Region yet, I have a few ideas but nothing big. All Pokemon except Legendaries would be allowed.

Basic Plot:

Everything was normal when everyone went to sleep. Pokemon were everywhere, people had their own partners and relied on them heavily.

The next day they were gone. Everyone who had Pokemon seemed to find their partners gone, even if they had been in their Pokeballs. Wild Pokemon were more aggressive than usual, attacking travelers and did all they could to avoid being caught.

Panic started to hit. Then a few trainers were discovered to still have their Pokemon, though weakened. They were immediately blamed for what happened because there was no one else. As a result they were arrested, wherever they were and transported to [City Name] to decide what would be done. Tossed into cells, their weakened pokemon left in another, they now need to decide what to do next.

More info

  • Solve the mystery of the lost Pokemon after escaping the cells
  • Levels would be used but on a skill point system. IE: 2 skill points get awarded for completing a task to the group. 1 point = 1 level. You spend the point on a Pokemon to level it up. Meaning the more Pokemon you have the harder it is to get them all to a higher level, less Pokemon means you can level them up faster. Skill points are awarded to the entire group, and a pokemon doesn't need to be in a battle to get a level up.
  • Legendaries are seen as gods, they are extremely powerful, and certainly are not caught. Characters can encounter one in their history though.
  • Starting Pokemon team cap will be 3 but more can be caught along the way.
  • Your character might have had a full team of 6 before but then 3 are missing like nearly all other caught pokemon.
  • Even pokemon in the PC are missing, so that isn't a way to protect them to start with more.
  • Due to the plotline you can use evolved Pokemon to start they are just extremely weakened. (As in all pokemon will start near or at the same level. I'm still deciding if I'm just going to say "Everyone starts at 6" or allow people using only one Pokemon to start at a higher level.
  • Gyms pretty much don't exist due to the plot, your pokemon won't need to act up from badges or anything, it's sort of implied they trusted the characters a lot before they were wakened.
  • Edit: Characters would be focused towards more adult or teenagers, but if you can come up with a reason why 10 year old Timmy is going on an adventure, I'd allow it. We'd just need to figure a few things out because 10 year old Timmy is not being thrown in a jail cell, especially not with adults. But hey he might be the younger brother of another character.
  • Edit: Alolan variant Pokemon would be allowed, we can discuss possibly allowing other regional variants for the fake region being used.

So, would anyone have any interest in this thing?
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roleplaying is fun!
Quite the interesting idea. I don't know if I got the time for it, though, but I'll see how this develops anyways and might barge in if I see I can.


A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
Alright hopefully we get 1-2 more at least interested before everything gets sorted. If you haven't voted in the poll please do so I can set up the last rules before opening up the character sheet page.

If you need to get in touch with me. Otherwise hopefully things will start going up this week. If you don't want to use the discord server you of course don't have to.

@BugDozer73 , @Darkmaster006 , @norway , @scorpiodragon


A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
@Darkmaster006 , @norway
So the discord link was removed apparently I wasn't clear enough that it was OOC only or should have waited for everything else to get it going. Either way, if either of you want to join it just let me know, if you're still interested in the RP, everything is up. For the poll, it was a split vote so to take the middle ground I will only allow people to create region specifics and even then only when I approve them. (Like the Water Arcanine that was going around when Alolan types were being introduced)

Character Page


A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
I've unfortunately been busy with RL stuff but it should start slowing up so that this can move forward soon.


A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
Bump, just to catch anyone else interested since we'll be starting in the next few days.


Four Thousand Club
We are also starting out in the cells, men in one and women in another, without out Pokémon but if you join welcome!


A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
Depends what you mean.

If you're asking about anthro characters (Which I suspect you are)? No, this is humans only. A sudden anthro character would be mistaken for a pokemon. It's just not the world for it, though I openly admit I would 100% do a anthro world with Pokemon, it's just not this RP.

If you mean a human character that is part of the furry community? Yeah, that's fine as long as it's not their only defining trait. If it comes up in every conversation, that's not okay. If they go too far into some of the negatives the some of the community has, then they would be shunned. For example, I wouldn't allow a character to "tawk wike dis owo" the entire RP (I know, again, minority but it's the tame example), I would instead allow players to plan their murder. But, if they wore fake ears that would be fine. If they liked to draw anthro stuff, that's fine. They wouldn't survive the journey in the full fursuit though, communication would be too hard, the heat would get to them, they can't move as fast for long periods of time, and honestly the suit would be destroyed.

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