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Fandom Pokemon Galar rp [open]

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That one dude
I enjoyed playing sword&shield and what better way to keep enjoying it than a role play? Before I get to what I'm looking for a little bit a bout me: my schedule is erratic so sometimes I can role play the day away and other times it may take a bit for me to get back to you. That said I'm good if you don't have all day to reply and if you have something happen where you couldn't get on for a while I'd always be down to pick it back up again.

Decided to do a list of things about what I want in the role play:

1 I tend to do pm rps, one for ooc chatter and discussing plot points/ just chatting and the other for ic.

2 I usually enjoy writing paragraphs which can fluctuate depending on whats giving and writers block acting up. I do ask that you don't give me a bunch of one liners and add something I can bounce off of. I can understand if it gets slow at times and you can always ask me to help!

3 I prefer to role play canon characters, this may be a no go for some so do be aware I'm looking for only canon and any pairings if we decide to add romance will be canonxcanon.

4 I enjoy slow burns or enemy/friends/lovers and such. mxm or fxf if romance is involved, but again there doesn't have to be romance.

5 Please be open to controlling npcs (or basically anyone besides our two main characters) it's no fun when only one person is constantly having to role play people around them.

Now that that's all out of the way, what I'm looking to role play is the trainers in the Galar region and primarily have it take place there (though it may be neat to have them go elsewhere). I've got plot ideas though it depends on the characters and I'd love to hear your own ideas.

The characters I'm looking at playing as the main are as follows:

So any of these characters are what I'm interested in role playing. If this interests you or maybe you just want to chat about the Galar region pm me with what you're interested in, basically who you'd like to role play and if you want me to role play as any of the ones above or are fine with any. Also include if you want romance and any ideas you have. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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