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Fandom Pokemon - Femino City

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Adventure, Anime, Dystopian, Pokemon, Realistic


The Emerald Knight
The open road, the rumble of the engine, and the whip of the air as he thunders across the countryside. The life of a trainer is one of freedom, able to go and see and do whatever one pleases, held down by no one and nothing. Not everyone can live such a life, having no home and no place in the world, with only pokemon as your lifelong companions. But for Ethan, nothing sounded sweeter than such a life, and he has embraced it wholeheartedly. It is just him, his bike, his pokemon, and wherever may be next on his journey.

As of right now, the next destination is a little known place called Femino City, a place rumoured to be home only to women. Usually, men are not allowed in Femino City, not to live or work or even go in passing. Perhaps the last place Ethan might be welcome, and that would be true if not for recent events. Femino City has very recently opened it's doors to the world beyond, inviting trainers, men and women like, to participate in their tournaments and competitions. A city populated only by women is a curiosity, and Ethan is anything if not curious. He has travelled all over, been to places and seen things few ever would in a lifetime, and not just the good stuff either. Only time will tell is Femino turns out to be something special.

A quick glance at the fuel gauge, and Ethan would spot he is running low. It has been a long journey, and his bike sure does have a ravenous hunger. Luckily, rest stations dot the roads, and one is coming into view. And the rest station is not the only thing coming into view either. The great glass spires of a city rise up from behind the horizon as well, most certainly those of Femino City. As Ethan draws closer, more and more skyscapers appear, reaching into the heavens above, before the rest smaller surrounding building would peek into view as well, the cityscape sloping from the peaks of the skyscrapers like that of a mountain. Soon, Ethan reached the rest station, slowing down gently and indicating, skillfully riding into the rest station and heading for the fuel pumps, stopping his bike beside one pumping station.

Slipping off his helmet, Ethan would gasp for some fresh air, before dismounting from the bike, the leather of his suit creaking as he flexed and stretched his stiff body, especially his hands. He then proceeded to fill up his bike's fuel tank, giving himself plenty for the rest of the journey, and then headed other to the garage to pay. Figuring he was not the only one in need for a stretch, Ethan reached for his belt, taking the first pokeball on the row. With practiced motion, Ethan expanded the ball before throwing it up, the ball popping open as ethereal energy poured out, the energy falling to the floor in front of him before taking shape and solidifying, materialising his faithful companion before him, Luxray.

"How are you feeling, buddy?" Ethan would say with a smile, kneeling down on one knee to pet his best friend, the Luxray giving out a gutteral whine before licking Ethan's cheek. "Yeah, thought you'd like to get out of that ball." Ethan said, standing back up again, "Come on, need to pay for gas, and then we can get something to eat."

Ethan headed into the garage, went straight for the counter, where the garage attended stood behind. "Pump 4." Ethan said, before unzipping the top of his riding suit, reaching for his wallet within his inside pocket.


New Member
“That’d be 40 Pokédollars”, the rugged man behind the counter replied. His blue denim overalls were the only thing covered his bare chest, oil smudges scattered all over his face. He glanced past Ethan towards the red motor. “That’s a nice baby ya got there. Ya taking it to Femino City?”, he asked.

He didn’t even wait for a reply to continue his rambling. “I’d reckon you could teach them gurlies a thing or two about a machine like that... Tried to do exactly that in fact, only to be denied an Entrance Permit. Bunch of Tauros shit if you ask me”, the man continues rambling as he processes Ethan’s payment. He hands his customer the receipt. “Enjoy your stay”, he adds, before returning to his garage work.


The Emerald Knight
Once the transaction was finished, Ethan took his leave, heading back outside. The likely reason why the mechanic was denied an entry permit is because he is not a trainer himself, and Femino City is simply not interested in receiving mechanical tutoring. Regardless, now outside, Ethan would need to move his bike over to the parking lot, and looked over to find where the rest station sold its food, a little diner in the little of the car park.

"Well, time to go back in." Ethan said, taking Luxray's pokeball in hand again, to which the pokemon whined, "Sorry it was just a short break, but I'll let you out again once we get to the city."

With that, Ethan ordered Luxray to return, and the pokemon dematerialised again before being sealed inside the ball. After putting the pokeball away again, Ethan hopped back onto his bike and put his helmet back on, before taking a short ride to park the bike in the parking lot, in the motorcycle bays close to the diner's entrance. Once he had properly parked up, Ethan dismounted from the bike again and walked into the diner, making his helmet off in the process.

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