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The Wingulls called out as the sun rose out of the deep blue sea that kissed the sky that was filling with pinks and oranges. The clouds were brightening in turn and the stars fading into the ever brightening sky. The Tide rolled in with waves that lapped at the white sandy beach that marked the coast of Grimbsy Bay. Shells washed up with every push of the salt filled water and were washed over with foam as the waves dragged themselves back into the sea. Peliper's cried out not far off the coast and soon there were Magicarp and Finneons jumping with the waves. As the morning breeze carried the curtains to Eve's bedroom window she felt a weight shift on her bed. She rolled over so her back faced the wall, multicolored orbs opening slightly to look around at her now lightening bedroom. It was small, almost cramped, but it was a bedroom all the same. Full of stuffed toys and action figures, and the walls were covered in painting and drawings of different pokemon and places, even a few people. Sitting up she rubbed her eyes and sighed slightly, fingers curling into balled fists that soon were finding themselves rubbing at her eyes.

"Eve!" A familiar voice called out. "Get ready or you'll be late!" It was her father, Profesor Caspian Socotra, calling up the stairs from the bottom floor where the lab was located.

The blonde girl rolled her eyes and groaned, falling backwards onto her bed and turning to wrap her arms around her father's Leafeon that was sleeping with her. "Late, pft. Where would I have to be?" She grumbled into the soft fur of the grass type pokemon.

"Leaf?" The pokemon pressed warm licks to Eve's closed eyes and it made the girl giggle out in protest.

"Awe come on! Not you too." She whined and put a hand on the pokemon's head before wiping the spittle off with her other hand. "What would I be late for?" She grumbled and sat up again, this time swinging her feet over her bedside. Eyes slowly found the calendar by her bedroom door. In bright red ink the day was circled. Unlike regions like Kanto and Sinnoh or even Unova where kids around age ten to twelve start their pokemon adventures, kids in Elysium have to wait until they're at least fifteen to start their adventure, and even then most parents wait to give permission until sixteen. Eve's own parents wouldn't let her go last year, but this year was different, it was her year! With that realization the girl bolted out of bed and straight to her dresser. "Sugar! I'm going to be late!" She cried out and started to struggle to get dressed. The leafeon laid back down to rest once more. As soon as she was dressed she ran out her bedroom door and down the stairs, into the house section of the lighthouse building. She was stopped in the kitchen by her dad.

"Whoa there Eve. Don't think you're starting out before you eat your breakfast." Gage scolded, his long black hair was tied back and he sighed. "You didn't even brush your hair."

"I want to meet my first pokemon though!" She was pouting now.


"Fiiiine" Eve groaned and turned around to go back upstairs and finish getting around properly. She really was going to be late at this rate.

Meanwhile, in the labratory section of the lighthouse building, he was doing some stretches while waiting on the first arivial of the kids that were supposed to come get pokemon from him. So they could start their very own pokemon adventures. The Lab was small, but big enough for what Prof. Socotra needed it for. There were charts and machines all over, and plenty of paperwork and books. The bue haired man finished his stretched and opened the front door of his lab, looking around for any kids that were here for pokemon. The professor had specially selected four pokemon for this, each being great candidates for first pokemon and training partners. He was excited to see what the first arrival would pick. The stipulation was that Eve could not pick first, and so far, she might not get to pick hers since she was still not downstairs yet. No matter. Caspian was sure his daughter wouldn't mind the pokemon she got, after all, he knew she was going to aim for more than just one pokemon. Most kids did after all.

Sitting down in his chair he watched the open door and relaxed. To his left was a table with four pokeballs sitting out, and to his right was a Meloetta who was in Aria form and holding a long, thin, silver box. The pokemon looked over to Caspian and smiled softly and he smiled back. "I'm sure there will be a kid any moment, Grace, don't worry." He stated and placed a hand on the pokemon's back. He hoped sooner rather than later really, it would be a real pain to sit all day and have no one show up. Not that he was worried or anything, the kids he told to show up were kids who were no doubt ready for their first pokemon, so he was sure they'd come on the scheduled day. He just didn't want to be stuck in one place all day, that sounded like a snooze fest.
Jarred "Jay" Oakland
The day was perfect. The day needed to be seized and Jay knew he needed to do it. hearing the sea breeze on his skin as he walked towards his destination. Walking on the soft white beach, hearing the sand move beneath his boots. Walking along the beach that contained the weird lighthouse lab on Elysium. Stopping as he approached the estate. He knew that the champion and the professor were in this home, as well as their spunky daughter, so he had to be fast and he had to get what he needed. He didn't want to hurt anyone, but would if he must. Of course he had a few goons that could do it, but he preferred to do his own work. It just ensured there was little to no chance of failure. Pulling a Pokeball from his belt, he prepared to throw it and begin the first of many steps in the journey he started. He had a plan, ready to start the assault, but stopped. He noticed that a few others entered the lab. New trainers?

He sighed and found a boulder near by. Sitting on it. He had his limits. Seeing the new faces, yet to start their journey or find their way to the peace of darkness. That was something he could not take from them. The journey they still had was not something he wanted to taint. No, they would come to the shadows, just as he did. He watched the home, tossing a pokeball up and catching it, waiting for the others to exit before they had to deal with his attack. Of course he felt a bit bad for planning to destroy this home, but he had to do it. They stood in his path towards progress. It was their fault. The world deserved the peace of darkness that Abysion offered to the lost and lonely. So, his grey eyes gazed towards the home. A calm quiet to him as he ran through his plan in his head, waiting patiently at a safe distance before he committed to the strategy.

Rianne Lawson
team n/a

As she stared up at the house she'd lived in these past seventeen years, Rianne let out a trembling sigh. It was finally time. Time for her to set out on her journey, something she'd been dreaming of for years. Nothing was going to stop her this time. With a nod to reassure herself, she adjusted the strap that held her bag on her shoulder and smoothed out the nonexistent wrinkles on her skirt.

"Alright," she whispered to herself. "Time to go."

Having said her piece to the building and the shadow of her parents in her mind's eye, she turned, not planning on coming back for a very long time. Walking down the path and away from her home and to the middle of town, she was more than grateful to hurry her way to the Professor's building in the next town over.

Grateful that the journey didn't take long, she paused as she approached the lighthouse that she was told to meet at. The sight of the building wouldn't normally throw her, however, with it being tied to such an important moment, she was frozen where she stood. Rianne hoped she wasn't standing there like an idiot for long after she shook herself free of her trance, but she couldn't be sure. She really hoped she wasn't late, having spent who knows how long daydreaming in the middle of the path like an idiot!

Pushing herself into a quick jog, she made her way up and knocked quickly on the doors, only slightly out of breath. "Um, hello?" she called out as she gently began to push the door open. She poked her head inside and at the sight of a few others inside, she the tension she hadn't realized she had in her shoulders relaxed as she stepped fully into the room, the door shutting behind her.

"H-hi," she wrung her hands nervously in front of her. "M-my name's Rianne...I hope I'm not late..."
Kai Treacher

A chorus of boisterous brotherly cries illuminated the house with a bustling, hurried radiance that jostled a young skater from his deep, drooling slumber and into the busy world of the living!

"Victory!" Kai said instinctually as the last remnants of his dream faded from memory, and the creeping tedium of his life took center stage. Another boring day.

Kai slowly rose from his bed, somewhat suspicious of the tranquility that the emptiness of his room provided. His brothers had all cleared out, albeit noisily in the downstairs dining room, but in their absence leaving 4 empty beds, and Kai, who slowly covered his dirty blonde hair with a helmet he never left the house without. He tied his shoes (which had wheels) and equipped his backpack, heavy with 'finds' from the beach.

As Kai started to walk down the creaky stairs of his house, he was met with a soft voice - his mother. "I cleared them all out for you, honey! I couldn't have these ones waking you up on your big day", motioning to Kai's brothers as she laid breakfast for the hungry ruffians.

"Big day? Nah, I'm just gonna go to the beach!" Kai yawned, pulling up a chair to the busy breakfast table.

"What about your meeting with the professor! You were so excited when you heard, I really hope you haven't changed your mind."

"That's today?" Kai rose from his seat with a yell, looking at the broken, plastic watch on his wrist, such an object making him feel important.

"Ah man, I gotta be the first one there! See ya, Ma!" Kai waved as he ran to the door, pushing it with his back. "Smell ya later, Nerds!" He told to his brothers, as he ran outside and was greeted with the saltkissed air and a sunny day.

There was no time to waste. Kai skated as quickly as possible up to the lighthouse. Admittedly, skating up there was much harder than walking, but Kai felt faster, and he needed to get to the lighthouse as quickly as possible. After huffing and puffing, he finally made it to the closed door of the lighthouse, panting from the exertion.

"HAHA! I'm the first one here! Kai's always number on-" Kai celebrated as he opened the door nonchalantly, once again with his back, until his eyes grew wide as he noticed all the others that have come before him.

"Aw what! I'm last?!?"
Dream Team
Equilibrium. A false promise. A scam. The Sun, though nearly at its apex, shone only on half the globe, blanketing the rest in momentary darkness. This was Iota's least favorite part of the day, for it was a rude awakening to the notion that all things, unfortunately, must end. There was never enough time to play, or do good, or to remain awake and alert to the day's adventures. But as long as he could be bathed in light for just a few hours longer, the blue-eyed trainer could compromise on a few more hours of daytime.

Wind whipped through his blonde, tangled locks, covering his face with the chilly nip of the ocean's breeze. He was silent, his eyes burning with a resolve that somehow managed not to disrupt the serene look on his countenance. Seated beside him was a Farfetch'd, but no ordinary one; this was Arsenio, the cheeky companion who trotted by his side for as long as the young man could remember.

He gave the pokemon an easy smile, beckoning to follow him inside from the terrace they had been leaning against. It was certainly high up, but Iota was a typical flying-type trainer: the sky was a comforting setting. Strong gusts aren't so different from nature's kisses, nor are clouds from bundles of soft wool. Had there not been someone inside waiting, he'd have likely remained in his contemplation for another hour at least. To people like Iota, moves as slowly as they'd like.

If only that were truly the case.

"Good morning to you, sovereign leader." There was a bit of friendly sarcasm in that, but the two of them knew he really did hold his leader in that high of a regard. It was also almost noon. "As I'm sure you're aware, it's that time of the year." Somewhere in Grimsby Bay, four trainers were about to start their journeys out into the world. They could only hope that the children would treat their pokemon right, and that the terrorists in their midst would not further disrupt the natural order of things.

A smile spread from cheek to cheek as his gaze caught a few stray pokemon gliding in the skyline. It was so bright, so sunny. Who wouldn't revel in its brilliant warmth? The day was theirs. It was everyone's, really. The only thing running through Iota's mind was a curiosity that implored him to do something good before the day's end.

"I wonder if recruiting will be successful this time around," he thought aloud, stifling a laugh, "If Oakland is still his 'cheery' self, I'm sure we won't even have to try to deter them from his darkness." It was their move. The younger man peered into his leader's eyes with an intense, unflinching devotion, hanging onto whatever words may escape his particularly eloquent lips. Arsenio did just the same, somehow twirling a leek within its wing's grasp.

"Do you think they'll be alright?"
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Sammy Masterson
A new dawn, a new day, a new adventure. And old life behind him and a new world ahead, what would he see? What would he do? Where would he go?

A fee people knew but not him, he just figured he'd get his new pokemon friend and head off.

He had spent long enough in this trailer home, a sad rememberance to leave behind of days gone by with a person slowly leaving the world of their own choice. The slow death of drink, and the damage it deals, but Sammy was now alone, and his final family member was allowed to live for themselves, amongst the seas...

The old Sharpedo his father had was getting restless, and with his father gone, the old boy was looking out to the sea more often than not. Sammy let him go, not without fondness, but it was better he brave the world for the rest of his old days than stay stuck at the place. Speaking of, the trailer was a mess and a half, practically overgrown by the brush nearby, Sammy was happy to be gone from it, he had his gear and anything else was either sold or left to rot.

But it wasn't with spite he left, his father was a sad case, a man left in misery after his wife's passing... Sammy took her last words to heart, which the author is not going to share just yet, but his father didn't... Or at least tried and failed. Grief is a bitter pill, and oft times, it rules us...

Some win that baytle, some lose...

Its a sad state, but his father was with his mother now, he couldn't fret and cry... A happier place... One he wont be going to for a long time.

But, doesn't mean he isn't going somewhere unhappy, best he go along to it.

The lighthouse wasn't a far walk, the champ lived there too, so.

Maybe he'd be down to share some tips.


The young man opened the door, after rhe firey one.

"Guess i'm not first." Sammy spike up, closing the door behind him, a chill went up his spine, but, perhaps it was just anxiety... He gazed ahead at the two here and nodded.

"Sup, you two here for pokemon too?" His movement stopped byt his Qlolan print shirt didn't, swaying lightly with the faint end of motion, upin his back a deep backpack, willing to carry all one needs.

"Names Sammy, lemme get abit acquainted with my new friend before our first dance eh? Just cause you two are cute don't mean I'll go easy on yea if yea rush me hahahaha!" He laughed jovialy, speaking like the three of em were friends already... And calling them bith cute, it seems.

Professor Caspian Socotra

The man stood as a young lady entered the lab first, she seemed nervous and antisocial, someone who clearly didn't hang around others much. "Hello Rianne, I'm Professor Socotra." He started and gestured to the table with pokeballs still on it. "And no, you're actually the first to-" He was cut off as someone swung the door open, seeming to come in back first. The boy's words made the professor chuckle some and with one hand on his hip and the other reaching up to scratch at his temple he smiled a wide, pearly white toothy grin. "Ah, no. You're just second to be here, actually." He stated calmly and motioned for him to come closer. "You said your name was Kai, right? Well, welcome to my lab young man." He mused and soon the door was opening again.

The professor laughed again and this time pushed his hands into his lab coat pockets, looking down to the Meloetta next to him who smiled back at him. "Grace, I just love how punctual these kids are, everyone seems to be on time!" He boasted and the pokemon cheered in response, holding the silver box to its chest as it hopped with joy and twirled. "Alright, the only one we're missing is-" With a loud thud, followed by a door nob jiggling and then a door in the back of the lab swinging open, out came the blonde girl with a piece of toast hanging from her mouth. She rubbed her forehead while stepping out into the room and looked over, eyes going wide as a realization hit her.

"Awe man! Everyones here already!!"

Caspian chuckled, "That's what you get for sleeping in, Eve." He started and then took a quick headcount and nodded. "Alright, all of you are here, so let's just go down the line. Rianne, you were here first, why don't you go ahead and pick first?" He asked and picked up each pokeball, pressing their buttons and letting out the pokemon that corresponded to them. First was a little green humanoid pokemon, then a little brown-looking ferret that had flames coming off it, a sort of water puppy, and finally a feline with a floating head and a green scarf around its missing neck. "Go on now, the pokemon you pick will be your first partner for your adventure ahead." He stated and waited for the girl to make her pick. After which he pulled a little bag of pokeballs from his pocket and handed it to her. "These are for catching any pokemon you run into," He then handed her a purple-colored pokedex, "And this is the matching pokedex for your pokemon. Now, Grace here," He gestured to the Meloetta who stepped forward and opened the silver box, holding it out. It had many little stickers in it of different kinds. "She has an extra gift for all of you. You all get to pick up to ten seals, I have plenty in the box so go ahead and mix and match. A seal is placed outside the pokeball and when opened will make a dazzling effect appear as your pokemon comes out." He explained with a tilt of his head and a grin still plastered on his face with about as much grace as any giant teddy bear could give.

Guinevere Socotra

Racing to get back to her bedroom the girl was quick to change completely this time. She even went over a checklist as she brushed and braided her long honey blonde hair. "Lucky leggings, check. Lucky cap, check. Boots are tied, check." She couldn't count and wouldn't divulge how many times she had fallen down the stairs because her boots weren't tied. As soon as she tied her hair off she spoke again. "Map, check. Phone, check. Charger, check. Sketchpad, pencils, eraser, and sharpener, all checked. I should be-" She paused and looked over to the Leafeon who was dragging over her jacket, it was a leafeon jacket. She smiled and bent down, pulling it on and pulling her coat on. "Lucky Jacket. Check." She grinned and leaned down again, patting the leafeon on the head. "Good girl. I'll be back I promise." With that, she ran out the door and flew down the stairs as fast as her legs could carry her. She ran past her dad and grabbed some toast from her plate of food before heading down the lab stairs and slamming head first into the door that led to the laboratory below the house. She paused, and unlocked the door, before opening it and... tatar sauce! Everyone else was already here!! Pulling the slice of breakfast from her mouth she spoke "Awe man! Everyones here already!!"

"That's what you get for sleeping in, Eve."
Her other dad spoke and she rolled her eyes and shoved the toast back into her mouth, crossing her arms, and pouting while munching. Kicking the bottom of the door behind her to close it she stepped over to the group to join them, curious as to what pokemon her father had caught for them to keep. As soon as they were out of their pokeballs her eyes lit up. They were all so cute! She hoped that the others would let her draw their pokemon someday. That would be so rockin. Her father was quick to run through things, not wanting to waste time it seemed. He always was so full of energy. Just then the door opened again and out strutted the regional champion. Sure, being the daughter of the champion and the professor was grand and all, and it gave her certain leverage not everyone had, but it was a real pain in the neck too. Despite their titles, they were still her parents and that alone could be embarrassing.

Gage Socotra

Seeing his daughter run past and grabbing only a slice of toast and bolted. He winced as he heard the thud from the lab door and waited a moment before following their daughter downstairs, wanting to see her off himself when she got her first pokemon. He was dressed rather casually, as always, a dark red long sleeve and a pair of purple colored jeans, with a bright pink and white apron tied around the front of his body, his long black hair tied back into a loose low ponytail. Smiling at the youngsters he stepped in, seeing his husband had missed something entirely. "ah, Caspian, you forgot to introduce the pokemon." He stated and decided to do it himself, "This is Spaidler, this is Flarret, this is Sharmus, and this is Whispen." Each of the little pokemon reacted to being called out, either waving, hopping, barking, or mewling, all respectively. He then paused and smiled softly at the children. "Just remember, whoever you pick is going to bond with you, and look to you for guidance. As long as you respect them, they will respect you."

The Champion was happy to aid in helping the kids decide on their first pokemon, of course, he was a little younger than most of these kids when he started on his own journey. But, nevertheless, it was put o Caspian to hand out pokemon now. And if Caspian didn't want to hand out pokemon to ten-year-old kids, then Gage could see why. After all, they were just kids. He did remember his first pokemon though, he still used her all the time, she was his ace. And the day he got her he was upset to have something so small, but when she evolved? It made up for everything and made him realize big things can come in a tiny package. "Maybe you kids can have your first battles outside with each other, just to get the feel of things. After all, you're all basically rivals now if you have the same goals." He stated simply and put his hands behind his head with a soft smile and looked over at Caspian who was watching him in turn, which caused Gage to look away with lightly dusted cheeks. The battling thing was just an idea of course, they didn't need to fight each other if they didn't really want to.​
Sammy Masterson
Sammy was more than willing to wait, he was, certainly more than willing. There was certainly nothing more willing than he to wait his turn and-

His eyes fell onto the pokemon, one of which was grassy and had eight eyes the other looked like... He didn't know but it looked firey.

Then he saw Sharmus, and Sharmus saw him, for the breifest of moments their eyes locked together. Sammy's blue eyes stared into the dull kinda dim eyes of this water dog who seemed to be looking over it's shoulder at him, the two shared this indescribable moment of peace and connection, a true wordless bonding from afar.

Till Sharmus put abit too much weight on one side and sort flopped over with a audible slap. "Eh?" Sammy blinked a fee times and walked over, the pokemon didn't really move, just sorta lazily stared upwards at the human above. Sammy knealt down and gave it a nice soft pat on the head. The Sharmus closed his eyes and...

A slapping noise...

Is statrted slow and began rhythmicly. Yep, this cute boy was currently wagging it's shark finned tail against the floor with a nice wet slap on each meaty impact. Sammy scratched further and the floppings continued. He had to stop when the Sharmus spooked it'self upright by a particularly hard flap with it's tail that caused it to flop back up.

"So cute... SO CUTE!!!" Sam exclaimed, god it was so cuuuute!!!! "Such a cute baby boy yes you are! Yes you arrre!"
Lairus Orion

blone cut.jpg
Lairus awoke himself from a daydream, one which contained memories of his past life. For he was someone who willingly let such thoughts come to him, partaking in the emotions that stirred in his stomach when he relived those moments. This of course, was the natural outcome that arrived for him whenever he was devoid of any action of hand or mind. He was a busy man, always needed in one place or another; Perhaps for reasons like this that he was so active. Idle hands were a Giratina's workshop, and the same was to be said for an idle mind. He had been up since the sun had hung it's rays on the horizon. His public life called for investment of funds, his private life an arrangement of missions. Maybe then, he was allowed a moment to wade into the past while he waited for someone.

It wasn't for too long, Iota often had good timings in inserting himself into Lairus' schedule. He adjusted his watch as his follower spoke, A gentle smile affirming his attention to Iota's words. Yes, another day where fresh journeys were writhing to take root in the soil of life. It was something he had never personally experienced, but it was an occasion of new light in the world.

"As alright as the unfettered sun, I would predict. Right now they'll be full of the nervous optimism that fills those starting a journey with any number of endings. I suppose in some ways it's our job to make sure that optimism continues to flow through their hearts." He glanced down at his watch. "And no, I wouldn't worry too much about Oakland when it comes to the beginners, the poison he preaches takes a certain shade to have covered one's soul to be heeded anyway. Still, no doubt at this moment he's causing some sort of havoc." Lairus clicked his tongue like a bemused teacher thinking of a troublesome student. "We can't be everywhere at once."

The sound of a door opening announced the presence of Nimue, his Hatterene. She was never one to leave him alone when he was in the presence of other people. Her ability to sense emotions to a level no human could was always useful when dealing with others, but that was not something he needed to use with Iota. Still, even with someone Lairus trusted completely Nimue kept an air of suspicion.

"There's been a new round of funds raised for the mission and works." Which Iota knew meant for charity and for Dream Team endeavours. "I wonder, what would you suggest to do given some of the funds." He flashed a grin, "Say....30 percent? What would you do with that?"
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Dream Team
Solemnly, full of naturally poised grace, Iota gave an agreeable nod. Lairus had a way of speaking that reminded the younger man of a formal speaker addressing a crowd, no matter how empty the room was. He supposed some people simply had a way with words, if not a natural keenness for philosophically enlightening speech.

His eyes lingered on the leader's assuredly expensive watch, which seemed to have a hold on the attention of such a highly-important man. That was a rare thing, even with as gregarious as he liked to sell himself as. But Iota knew better, and he couldn't help but to gawk and admire at such repose amidst dozens of obligations, concerns, and unchecked corruption in the world.

And so, he was right. As always. This year's new trainers had only just taken their first steps into the world, stumbling like Deerlings but holding their ground with the might and resolve of a Steelix. That, Iota was sure of. "Selfishly, I hope one of those endings leads them to us and away from the dark abyss. But you make a good point," he admitted, clasping his chin in his hands, to which his Farfetch'd copied exactly, "We can't be everywhere at once."

A presence at the door made itself known, seemingly by some psychic energy. Iota's head perked up, as did Arsenio's. Nimue, the Hatterene at the door, kept her intense, glittering gaze trained on him. Those eyes were... invasive. He stared back, smiling. To be so wary... she must really care about her trainer. He had a love for each and all pokemon, but he wasn't impervious to the pressure a psychic type could exert on the brain.

Doing his best to ignore the fact that his mind was being virtually read cover to cover, Iota paid Lairus' companion no mind. The proposition of unallocated funds was much more pressing. Iota didn't know the first thing about business, but he liked to think he made a decent assistant-type figure when the situation called for it. "Is that so?" the blonde replied, his eyes glazing over in thought.

There were so many things he wanted to do in this world. Protect pokemon, erase all suffering, help good people, condemn the bad... Really, the question was what he should do first.

Right now, though, Iota was sure he was being tested. Those vulpine eyes seized contact with his own, casting the weight of the universe on this answer. "Well, Lairus, you know better than anyone what kind of things I would do with that kind of money." There was more to that previous list. But those goals need not bear another long-winded explanation... not now.

He pretended to be taken aback by the prospect of 30%, as though he had never even touched a fraction of the sum. "Beyond a big Malasada, I'd put it in something I really cared about." Their stares met again, but the shimmering ocean in his eyes transformed into a rising, crackling flame. It hardened with an intense passion, the very same conviction he showed only behind locked doors. "But which endeavor?" No doubt, his "research projects" were first to come to mind.

"There are so many things we could do with the help of that pokemon." But that was an obvious answer. Too easy. "I'd help reclaim the world that was lost, so that the just may be blessed and the wicked struck down in their place." He couldn't help from being all smiles, infectiously cheerful laughter soon beginning to emanate from him. "And that all starts with seeking out those items." He nodded, certain of his final answer. "How much does it cost to excavate old ruins these days?"
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Rianne Lawson
team n/a

At the professor's words, Rianne perked up slightly. She let out a small sigh of relief as she stepped further into the lab, feeling much better now that she knew she wasn't late and hadn't missed her chance. "Oh, what a relief..." she whispered to herself, pausing as the doors slammed open behind her. She squeaked at the sudden noise and someone stormed in, shouting.

She laughed awkwardly as he cried, realizing that he hadn't been the first to arrive. During the commotion, the others had arrived and before she knew it, the professor was sending out the pokemon they'd be choosing from. Her voice stuck in her throat as four pokemon revealed themselves with small cries. Her eyes started to water, feeling super emotional that her dream was finally coming true. This was all she'd been waiting for, and she couldn't hold it all in.

In her distraction, she was brought out of her thoughts as the taller boy that had come in earlier started gushing at one of the pokemon as he fell over. She giggled, also finding it cute. The interaction was adorable, but she knew the sea dog wasn't the partner for her. No, the one who had immediately caught her attention was the feline with a green scarf that didn't have it's head attached to a neck. Something about it was just the cutest to her.

Walking forward quietly she crouched in front of the cat and held out her hand gently, smiling softly. "Well hello there." she spoke quietly. As the pokemon slowly leaned forward ever so slightly to sniff at her, her smile grew. "I love your scarf," she complimented. "How would you like to come with me? I think...I think we could have a fun adventure, what do you think?"

Whispen seemed to be staring deep into her soul, and Rianne waited patiently for the pokemon to make up its mind. She would never force it come with her if it didn't want to. She'd be upset but she'd respect its decision and would move on if Whispen rejected her. Almost as if the pokemon could see the thoughts running in her mind through her eyes, it made up its mind. With a small little trill it gently headbutted the offered hand.

Rianne smiled, her grin stretching from cheek to cheek at the happiness that was filling her entire being. "Really?!" she squeaked in excitement. "Oh, this is going to be amazing!" she exclaimed, not even thinking about how obvious her joy was. "We're going to have the time of our lives, okay Whispen?"
Kai Treacher
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"Ey-hey hey, not last!" Kai repeated proudly as his eyes began to shine like embers, flickering with pride. "Seems like no one can keep up with the Kai-man!" He said, looking at his flexed, yet still admittedly small, right bicep, "uh, well, except of course..." Kai said, his eyes shifting from his bicep to a seemingly shy, purple haired girl sharing the room. She was laughing awkwardly amidst the commotion. Ha! Haven't even started yet and I already got a #1 fan. Other than mom, of course. He thought to himself.

After a few moments, the door behind Kai opened, revealing what looked to be a surfer dude. As he spoke, Kai noticed how nice he seemed, and it was nice to be recognized once and a while. But, Kai couldn't help but notice how much shorter he was in comparison. Definitely a rival! Kai, thought to himself.

Soon, the professor revealed the pokemon in all of their glory. Kai stared with fiery interest. They all looked so interesting, so cool, so..

flap, flap, flap...

Kai turned and noticed his new laid-back rival scratching what looked to be a water-dog. He was cute, Kai had to admit, but he wasn't too fond of the water, the crashing waves, the being soaked and so on and so forth, so the idea of someone else enjoying the company of a water type didn't spark Kai's jealousy.

After a moment, Kai also noticed the shy girl approach a feline-looking pokemon, but with its neck hanging above its body. Such a sight made Kai instinctually grab onto his own neck, making sure it hadn't fallen off. Kai gave a sigh of relief. All good.

Finally, after some moments of looking at the others, Kai was ready to choose his pokemon. This is it! This is when I make it big! This is when I make them proud! Kai thought to himself amidst images of his busy home and childhood daydreams flashing before his fiery eyes. After a small bout of nostalgia, Kai turned his attention to what looked to be a ferret, with beautiful flames coming from its back and tail.

"Whoa! That's so cool!" Kai said, unable to contain his excitement! "You're looking mighty epic, homeslice! I'd love to wear a mask like that" Kai said to the fiery ferret, slowly rolling on his heels to where the pokemon stood.

Images of long-ago daydreams once again wandered in front of Kai's eyes. He always imagined himself being a great pokemon trainer, but, when trying to figure out what his pokemon companion would be, Kai couldn't properly figure that part out. It always remained in a haze, a blur within Kai's frequently visited fantasies, yet, here, as he stared at the fire ferret, Kai felt assured. Kai, for the first time in his life, felt as though he could have a friend!

As he skated, he brought out his bat from the side of his backpack, and politely pointed it at the fire ferret as if it were a sword, and he a knight. The fire ferret silently sniffed the wooden bat.

"Fire-dude! We're like two amazing stars in the night sky! Like two bonfire amidst a dark beach! Like two candle amidst a lonely room. I ask you, my fiery fellow, if you would like to light up the world with me!" Kai said with a smile, staring happily at the pokemon that stood before him.

There stood a few moments of silence between them, but for Kai, it seemed to be forever. What if he doesn't like me? What if I have to go back home a failure? Please, please, please bro, please be my friend!

After a couple of moments, Flarret nimbly and silently hopped onto Kai's bat, making his way swiftly to Kai's face, pressing his nose against Kai's. Kai could feel the heat eminating off the pokemon, and illuminating his face.

With rainy tears meeting Kai's fiery eyes, and his excitement barely being held back, Kai let out an excited yelp. "Then it's settled! From this day forth, we are like brothers! Our friendship will be legendary!"
Professor Caspian Socotra

Caspian watched on in gentle awe as each of the new trainers picked their starters. Starting with Rianne, who was promptly handed a correlating pokedex to the pokemon she picked. Then there was Kai who seemed to favor the flarret, and was soon handed a red Pokedex that correlated with his choice. A blue one went to Sam who had picked the water pup. It was almost inspiring to see these new trainers ready and excited to pick their new pokemon and start their adventures. He assumed each and every one of them had similar goals, catch pokemon and strive to be better, and defeated the gym leaders to climb to victory road and surpass the best of the best for a chance to battle the champion.

Looking over at his husband he smiled some, knowing someday the title would be taken from him, it was only a matter of time. And to think, that day might come and the one to take that tile might be standing in this very room right now, being handed their first partner for their quest to take said title. It was a wild thought. "Right, so your pokedex will update every time you catch a new pokemon." He explained and smiled softly. "Remember to visit poke-centeres often and to avoid trouble." He explained while holding out a small pouch of twenty pokeballs to each trainer. After that he gestured to the Meloetta. "Don't forget to pick out any seals you might want for your pokeballs, only ten though." He stated simply and turned to his daughter, curious to see waht she was doing with her first official pokemon.

Guinevere Socotra

Watching silently she munched on her toast as one by one the pokemon were picked by their respective trainers. Eventually, it left only one, who looked around a little bummed out that it wasn't picked by anyone. Stepping forward Eve wiped the crumbs off her mouth as she finished her toast and smiled softly to the short green fella and held out her hand. "I guess, if it's okay with you, you're with me then?" She asked and the pokemon let out a shrill of a cry before running forward and hugging Eve around the waist, burying its head in her stomach. It was so happy it made Eve smile in return, her hand resting on the pokemon's head before she pushed him away gently.

Standing back she placed a finger on her chin. "You need a name, Spaidler may be what you are but we got to give you a proper name, yeah?" She asked and the pokemon nodded with glee. Eve took a moment to mull over her options then sighed. "I'm sure we'll figure something out." She wasn't sure what to call him, in all honesty, names mattered but she didn't want to name him willy-nilly like. He needed a proper name, and for that, she needed to know his personality better. Stepping over to her father she received her green-colored pokedex and smiled softly while flipping it open. It booted up quickly and she flipped it closed once more, shoving it into her jacket pocket before taking the bag of pokeballs from her father and leaning up to wrap a hug around his shoulders as he leaned down to hug her. She was genuinely happy to be given this opportunity.

Pulling away she waited patiently for the others to collect their stuff and seals from her father and Grace before she stepped forward to collect some of her own. She'd certainly be buying some of these when she got some money later on. She picked out five heart seals and four-star seals to keep things simple, the last one she picked was a flora seal, one that would shower yellow flower petals when opened. She immediately stuck that one on the pokeball for her spiadler and put the other seals in her bag carefully. This would be the start to a lovely day, she was sure. She then turned to the other tainers in the room and clutched her pokeball tight. "Alright so, are we gonna battle each other?"

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