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Fandom Pokemon Delta (A Pokemon RP) [OPEN]

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Several heroes must save the world from the machinations of Teams Aqua and Magma.
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Wings of the Hegemon
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Unknown Hero
Date: Centuries Ago
Location: Unknown
Music Box: Batle!Primal Kyogre/Groudon

Thunder crackled as Groundon and Kyogre clashed in battle. The markings on their bodies glowed brightly and each blow caused massive tidal waves. If they didn't stop soon the world would be destroyed by endless volcanoes and tsunamis. It would take a miracle to stop them.

Lucky for the world, a miracle came. Stepping off his Lapras and onto one of the few pieces of land left around the fighting behemoths, a man (who would later become the ancestor to one Sir Aaron) stood tall, confident that he could stop the fighting. The man held up two orbs, one red and one blue, and called out to the heavens.

"Rayquaza hear me! I have in my possession the orbs you asked for! Please, come down and stop this ancient feud!"

For a moment, nothing happened. The legendary Pokemon continued to clash. But then, the clouds parted a bit and a ray of sunlight shined through a whole as a green blur shot out from above. As the blur sped towards the battle it became encased in a glowing light... and mega Rayquaza floated, ready to end the fight.

Rayquaza opened it's mouth and fired a beam of light that split, hitting each Pokemon. As the beams of light hit, the markings on Groundon and Kyogre began to fade. Two wispy tendrils, one from each Pokemon, began to flow into the orbs. The red tendril flew into the red orb and the blue tendril flew into the blue orb. Once the tendrils were completely absorbed and the lights of the Pokemon grew dim, the Pokemon, including Rayquaza disappeared in a ray of light.

The clouds cleared... and all was at peace.

In the year 1996, a young trainer named Red defeated Team Rocket, won the Pokemon League, and subsequently disappeared seemingly off the face of the earth. Now, 15 years later, new threats have begun to arise. In the Hoenn region, two splinter groups of the old Team Rocket calling themselves Team Magma and Team Aqua have begun to enact their evil plan to awaken Groudon and Kyogre respectively.

If left unchecked, these threats could potentially spell doom for the world. Luckily, this world is not without heroes. With an ancient prophecy hanging over their heads, these young (and maybe old) heroes must save the world before it's too late.

GM Notes

Alola, friends. Welcome to yet another reboot of my Pokemon RP. Yeah, I'm that stubborn.

Anyways, unlike previous reboots, this RP only features one thread cause I don't feel like dealing with two. Like previous reboots, I'm giving you a little more freedom with characters. Go wild with crazy or strange powers and/or origins as long as they have a good explanation and you aren't omnipotent and/or god level. Of course we do still have to have some rules so here they are:

-At least a paragraph. And no, a line and a sentence of dialogue don't count as a paragraph.
-No Legendaries on your team. This goes without saying but some people simply don't know when to quit.
-No overpowered Pokemon teams. I'd suggest limiting yourself to just one fully evolved Pokemon to curb any possible overpoweredness.
-Battles will be cinematic akin to anime battles. As such, all pvp battles will be decided ahead of time by a die roll.
-This roleplay takes cues from multiple sources (the games, the anime, and the Pokemon Adventures manga) feel free to mix and match at your leisure.
-No taking over other people's characters.
-If you have special powers of any sort, you must have some reason for them. I cannot emphasize this enough.
-There are a few rules that are not here that might end up here later after I remember them. Don't be surprised if I suddenly realize a rule that isn't here. Sorry.
-Don't be an ass. Just because your character's a cynical meanie doesn't mean you have to be.
-Original characters only please and thank you.
-Have fun and stay awesome!

Oh, also, JCKane JCKane , I promised I'd ping you for the reboot so I am.


Thanks, but for now I'll have to pass. Still not a bit fan of the super powers part of it. But I dunno I'll think about it. Thanks anyways.
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