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Hello Everyone,

I am on the hunt for an "Advanced" Writer who would be interested in playing a human female (and maybe some Pokemon NPCs) opposite of my character. I was thinking that my character could have been a human boy who had been inadvertently changed into a female Fenniken. It could have been captured and the Pokeball delivered to your character who could be the daughter of nobility or royalty or a corporate executives. In either case the story would follow the relationship the two characters, and your characters' dream of becoming a World Class Coordinator. I was thinking the story could take place either in an academy for wealthier children or at the family estate of your character. To keep the setting more or less "Stable" and allow the storyline to focus more on characters, and of course the adaption (or rebellion) of my Character into becoming a Pokemon.

For myself I have been writing for about 12-Years now and I have done every type of story under the sun I believe other than a number of the "Kinks" ones. I am content to player lighter hearted or darker natured stories, and I tend to write about six to nine paragraphs per post. In my posts I tend to focus more on the details and descriptions of what is happening, the body language of my character, and the innermost thoughts. I do love to explore the past, present, and future aspirations of characters and to focus on their adjustment. This is the reason I think this story would be interesting, to see how a human boy (of around 11 to 13) would respond to being turned into an adorable little female Pokemon, and now in the care of a human girl who would be around the same age that he would have been if he had remained human. It could leads to lots of humor as well!

If you are interested I have some cavets:
- Please be able to write at least four to six paragraphs per post with ease.
- Please be able to respond at least twice per week, I understand RL happens.
- Please be open to brainstorming and doing OOC conversations on the sides!

If you are interested please post here or send me a message, and if you are interested in another story feel free to message those ideas too!


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