Pokémon: Champions United [REBOOT]

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Should there be a limit on participants?

  1. Nah man.

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  2. Yep, four sounds good.

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  3. Sure, five sounds nice.

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  4. Eh, six is enough.

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  1. So, this an idea I tried out....gosh, I can hardly remember anymore. Eight months ago? I can't really give a specific time. Anyway! This RP revolves around the idea of 'Hey, these Champion guys are pretty cool and everything, but what else do they even do but stalk a ten year old or pose dramatically?'
    It will start off at the yearly meeting of region Champions from all over the world, where each region's respective Champion and Professor attend, and they are informed of massive and unexplained spikes of some sort of energy erupting all over the world. With the amount of power being so large, it falls to the Champions to investigate together, while possibly having to put a stop to it. The Teams of each region may or may not have a hand in it as well...
    So that's the basic idea of it. If you're interested, let me know with a PM or a post on here. I would need at least....three peoole to show interest before I can create a character sheet. You can pretty much be the champion of any region that is canonically accepted, even the one from Gales of Darkness. Sinnoh is reserved for yours truly, though. It's my favorite. I also realize that Kanto and Johto technically share a Champion, so for the sake of this RP, we can say that there are two different ones. Thanks for your interest!
  2. I'm interested. Can you only have Pokemon from the region you're from?
  3. @stainsoftime
    For the sake of enjoyment, no, you can have Pokémon from all over, though it wouldn't hurt to have a little region rep.
  4. Well. This is going to take a while to figure out which ones.
    Oh dear. So many Pokemon.
  5. @stainsoftime
    Well you should have plenty of time to decide till that third person shows interest and the sheet comes up.
  6. Suggestions?
  7. Yeah, about that...

    I show interest in this idea! I wish to join in
  8. There are so many Pokemon. I'll never be able to choose from that many.
  9. @stainsoftime
    Shit dude, looks like the time was sooner than expected. Not sure if I can help you with the suggestions. Just, uh...think about what your character will be like and....go from there.

    @The Saviour of the Masses
    Cool beans.
  10. How many per Trainer?
  11. @stainsoftime
    Six is the max, though it's not required to have them all.
  12. Garchomp
  13. Interested
  14. @Chromquistador

    I'm interested. I'll get something out for an Alolan Champion later.

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