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In the vast reaches of space, there exists something known as the multiverse. An unfathomable amount of universes, worlds, and dimensions. Dimensions that are unreachable by conventional means. Worlds that hardly are even aware of each other’s existence. Universes that, in essence, have no business meeting each other.

That is, until today.

“The White Room”

It happened without warning.

Wherever you were, whatever you may have been doing, it didn’t matter. Dark, thick smoke suddenly began to envelop your body. It was an odd sensation; it didn’t hurt, but as the smoke encompassed your entire being, you felt a tingling sensation run up and down the parts it touched. Like your entire body was falling asleep. It started at your arms, then your torso, legs, neck, and finally your head, down to the last hair. As the smoke overtook you, you quickly found yourself losing consciousness. The last thing you remember seeing before you were taken completely was the world around you going black.

Whether you were a human, robot, alien, or animal, the experience was identical for everyone. You didn’t dream while in this state. You were completely unaware of your surroundings, almost as if you’d gone into a comatose state of sorts. And as you disappeared, time moved on without you in your world. Unwavering, unflinching, unforgiving.

You awoke on a hard, concrete-like surface. Though that wasn’t the odd thing. No, the thing that threw you off the most was the fact that you felt like you had awoken from perhaps the best sleep of your life. You were lively and brimming with energy. Not a surplus of it like you were on a caffeine high, but enough to where you felt well rested enough to get you through the workday. However, that feeling quickly became overshadowed by the sudden, faint pulsating in your skull. It was very faint, but it was there.

Once you finally had registered all this, you took notice of the room you were in.

Everything was pure white, including the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, and doors. It was a rather boring space, actually. Besides the doors that probably led outside the room, there were no other rooms in sight. No windows to look outside, either. The room itself was rather big, however. It had to be to hold all the people in it.

Yes, perhaps the other big thing you picked up on was a multitude of people, all standing around the room with you in one gigantic, boring white space. Well, standing was a bit of stretch, as they were all mostly still recovering from what had just happened to them as well. And from the looks of it, they were all just as confused as you are.

“What.. is this place?” Came a the sound of a young adult’s voice. He had messy, maroon hair and was sporting a plain navy blue and white sweater, as well as a pair of orange goggles which were wrapped around his neck. He looked around for a moment before noticing the rest of you. He became a bit more relaxed as he did, crossing his arms and leaning up against one of the snow white walls.

“I’m Leonardo Watch. But you guys can just call me Leo.” He said calmly, yet with a slight hint of unease in his voice. “I’m uh.. Guessing you’re all trapped here too, huh?”

As you pat yourself down, or simply took notice, you’d find that whatever weapons you had on you were missing.

With that, you had a few options. First, and perhaps the most obvious, there were a pair of white doors at the end of the hall behind you. Perhaps you could approach them and leave this place?

If not, there was a television set on the opposite side of the room from the doors, which hung on the wall. There was a remote control seated on a white table in front of it. They were the only non-white objects in this room, it seemed.

There were also a set of drawers and a set of cupboards, all situated behind you in the right corner. Needless to say, these were pure white as well.

Finally, if none of those options suited you, you could either converse with Leo or simply get to know each other.

Continued here.

Cast List
darkred darkred as Michael “Psycho” Sykes (Crysis Series)
Hahli Nuva Hahli Nuva as Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat)
Veradana Veradana as Takemi Hashimoto (Persona OC)
marc122 marc122 as Blake Belladonna (RWBY)
Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia as Izuru Kamukura (Kamen Rider OC)
Cthulhos Cthulhos as Charles Thurston (OC)
Chungchangching Chungchangching as Tandem (CLIMAXVerse)
animegirl20 animegirl20 as Amy Rose (Sonic X)
wdinatx wdinatx as Shirou Emiya and Saber (Fate Series)
Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun as Ren and Len Kagamine (Vocaloid)
SheepKing SheepKing as Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Damafaud Damafaud as Lyle Walt (Sevens)
Jeremiah Jeremiah as Hat Kid (A Hat in Time)
Birb Birb as Ike Plymont (OC)
Arnold Shpitz Arnold Shpitz as Arnold Shpitz (Lisa the Pointless)
thefinalgirl thefinalgirl as Aeon and Double (Skullgirls)
Corrosion Corrosion as Alex Mercer (Prototype)
Sil-Sama Sil-Sama as Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil)
Sleek Sleek as Jerome-092 (Halo Wars)
DerpyCarp DerpyCarp as Ike (Fire Emblem)
Vagabond Spectre Vagabond Spectre as Chloe (Earthbound OC)
Zamasu Zamasu as Soma Cruz (Castlevania Series)
FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla as Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption II)
Specialist Specialist as Thaddeus Solaxus (Warhammer 40K OC)
jigglesworth jigglesworth as Big Daddy (Bioshock 2)
Meraki Meraki as Ritsu (Assassination Classroom)
Jrzag42 Jrzag42 as Misao Makimachi (Rurouni Kenshin)
T The Man With No Name as Papyrus and Sans (Undertale)
CatJones CatJones as Selvaria Bles (Valkyria Chronicles)
P PopcornPie as Samus Aran (Metroid)
Sumirenko Sumirenko as Byakuren Hijiri (Touhou Project)
PlusUltra PlusUltra as Shiki Ryougi (Kara no Kyouki)
Attesa Attesa as Eric the Typhlosion (Pokémon OC)
TCA TCA as Katrina Ridley (Pokémon OC)
DapperDogman DapperDogman as Parappa the Rapper (Parappa the Rapper)
Stormcloak Stormcloak as Negan (The Walking Dead)
Shiyonichi Shiyonichi as Robert E. Cerf (Kamen Rider OC)
Centurion_ Centurion_ as Bryan Fury (TEKKEN)
June Verles June Verles as Steve (Minecraft)
Haz. Haz. as Goro Akechi (Persona 5)
Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara as Yuma Kennedy (OC)
GearBlade654 GearBlade654 as Julian (XCOM 2)
Cocogerber13 Cocogerber13 as Link (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
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Jerome looked around in confusion. Instead of the utilitarian halls of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, he was treated to the start white of the room he now inhabited. He wasn't alone, but for now he ran a quick check.

System diagnostics were green. His weapons were loaded and online. With satisfaction, Jerome turned to the group. Very few seemed to be soldiers, many did not seem even close to militaristic. Spartans did not mix well with non-Spartans, and sometimes not even those of a military background.

The room worried him. If this was a detention centre, there wouldn't be a weapon in sight. So why put people like this in a room together? Nothing Jerome had seen or trained for could have ever prepared him for this.

He looked to Leo, and approached.

"What's the SITREP?"

The Spartan asked, quickly.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore


Ike quickly stood up and felt around his person, frowning upon noticing that not only Ragnell, but Urvan had been taken from him. He looks around the room at the other occupants, a couple of them giving him the oddest feeling of Deja vu.


Faux Hero

STATUS: 576592

Leon sat up from the floor in a swift upward movement. What the hell? Confusion washed over his mind for a moment as he took in the sight of many unconscious people strewn about the place.

His heart was pounding as a feeling of deja vu and horror took a vice grip on his consciousness for a moment. He felt for his weapon in a moment of panic to realize he had none. Not even his signature herbs. This certainly wasn't a fishing trip with his daughter anymore.

Daughter? Leon's mind calmed as he stood up feeling oddly refreshed and alert. A large man in a suit of armor was talking to one of the few other members awake here, but that didn't concern Leon much.

"Yuma," Leon called out in a calm voice "Yuma?!"

Where was Yuma? As a matter of fact, was she even there?

( Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara )

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Be Ike... waking up.... you cough a little bit, and look around the room... frankly, this is new to you, and you don’t understand where it is... but there were others....? You stay sitting, since you’re pretty intimidated by them all....
Negan pushed himself up against one of the walls of the room, taking in all the strange figures before him. For a moment he was confused by his situation until he very quickly noticed something was missing. Lucille. He immediately stood to his feet.

He stumbled forwards, looking around the room, pushing past people looking for his beloved bat. "Shit shit SHIT!!!" He proclaimed as he continued to pace around the room "Which one of you motherfuckers has her!"
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Julian "Ruin", Designation SPARK-002
Physical Integrity-100% Systems, Armor Intact
The giant bipedal robot colored red and orange immediately shot up, the "eye" lights on the head booting up, and the machine immediately looked around, the initially alarmed voice taking on a somewhat more condescending tone.
"Oh, I'm alive. It would seem this unit hasn't been destroyed after all."
The machine slowly rose to its feet, looking at itself and to its side, before letting out a sigh.
"Well, that's not good. My gun is gone. And my BIT drone. You know, whoever sent me here, whenever I say that I'll be down to just fists soon, that doesn't exactly mean that it's tactically advantageous. Can't say I'm breaking into tears to finally be free of XCOM though."
Julian immediately took note of Negan ( Stormcloak Stormcloak ) and tilted his head.
"I don't know who you even are. Do I look like I'm capable of stealing things without getting noticed?"​


It's birb time babeyy oh yeah
You look at the currently angered man, a bit upset yourself, though you were more shaken up than angry. But you choose not to reply anyways...
Yuma slowly sat up, her head still spinning. She looked around the room noticing everyone else in the room. She definitely didn’t know who any of these people... or other things were. She looked through the crowd of people looking for anyone she could recognize. Unfortunately she couldn’t find anyone through the crowd. She couldn’t help but wonder where her father could be also.

( Sil-Sama Sil-Sama )

Negan Looks at the strange robot and says "Listen up Wall-e I don't know what the hell is going on, all I know is that my sweet Lucille is missing and I gotta find her!"
He then takes a step back and holds his hand to his head, still a little bit dazed.

( GearBlade654 GearBlade654 )


Back at it again, folks
Byakuren Hijiri

The Buddhist concept of Nirvana portrays a state of complete peace; abandoning self and becoming one with everything. Byakuren had painted a vivid picture of this for her followers in the past as motivation; that one day their trials might pay off into serenity. She had always imagined it as a blanket of darkness swept over her eyes and a million fresh, explosive colors in her head... but perhaps she was wrong, for she opened her eyes to see not wooden rafters, but blank white. A delicious sensation flooded through Byakuren's veins and gave her a power high the likes of which she had never felt, even with her scroll in hand. For a suspended moment, she felt more alive than she had ever felt before.

Could this be...?

For a split second, she almost believed so. Then the headache hits. Dull and throbbing and a reminder of her place. A chorus of moans and groans— possibly dozens of them— hit her ears. Byakuren felt a swooping sensation in her chest as if she missed a step on the stairs, forcing her into complete clarity. How did she get here?

Her hands found purchase on the plain floor and pushed, heaving the monk up to a sitting position. She looked around at the odd group, then at Leo, thin eyebrows knitting together with worry. "Is this... real? Where are we? Ah, no, I apologize. I'm sure we have time. First thing's first," She raises her voice slightly, "Is everyone alright?"

( thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore and anyone else, really)


It's birb time babeyy oh yeah
You look at the angered man, and then at the robot, back and forth a few times, before getting up to another part of the room... you weren’t too distressed anyways... just confused... though this was probably some mixed up dream scape or something. Everything would be fine!!!


Scoobert Doobert
Link // LOZ,BOTW // tags: open

The young Hylian appeared in a hue of blue strings, disappearing once he stepped down onto solid ground and opened his eyes. He stiffened immediately at the unfamiliar scene and reached for the master sword by instinct- only to find that it wasn’t there. His gaze first flew to his empty hand after it had grazed his back. His shield, bow, and sword had all disappeared, though most of his other items were still on his person. Not that they counted for anything since it was just objects like monster drops, food, and clothing.

Instead of relying on his instincts to survive like he had done on the island trial, the blond looked around. There were many other people foreign to Link’s adventures, save for a few semi-familiar faces at were definitely not from Hyrule. Hesitantly the boy watched as the maroon-haired man spoke up, apparently inferring what had happened as he spoke. Link was a tad doubtful though and turned to survey the scene, walking over to the strange white cabinets at the far end of the room. Perhaps his weapons were in there?


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Leon looked across the room at the raging man standing in the middle ( Stormcloak Stormcloak ).

Leon kept his eyes locked on his movements as he clearly wasn't very happy right now.

The search for Yuma might have to wait if this guy gets up to some harassing the other people in here. Although he wouldn't jump to any assumptions or reckless action just yet, or at least as long as he didn't hurt anyone.

Leon continued scanning the other occupants for his daughter hoping she was lucky enough to not get dragged into whatever this was.



It's birb time babeyy oh yeah
You twiddle your fingers, looking around at every person in the room... some were familiar, but not too much... You sigh, hoping to get through this without having to really confront anyone.... they almost all looked like they could beat you pretty bad....


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Julian "Ruin", Designation SPARK-002
Physical Integrity-100% Systems, Armor Intact
"Yes, yes, in case you haven't noticed I don't have my gun. Otherwise I would've tried to kill all of you in a fit of panic."
"Wait, do robots even panic? Ah, whatever."
Julian threw his arms up in evident annoyance.
"Go look for your Lucille, I honestly couldn't care less. As for me I'm going to go look for my weapons. Fists won't get me far."
Julian turned to the cupboards and stared at it, but not before responding to Hijiri.
"Yes, I'm having the time of my life right now being sent to this room... can you even call this a room?"
Stormcloak Stormcloak Sumirenko Sumirenko


It's birb time babeyy oh yeah
Your gaze crosses some... guy all dressed in a deep blue, even his hair was blue... dude looked tough, but didn’t look like he would beat you up, so that was a relief. Your tail gently wags, tapping the ground over and over, simply because you’re just bored.
DerpyCarp DerpyCarp


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There was a box in the middle of the room. A large, rectangular metal casing with a pitch black video screen, reminiscent of a television set. Suddenly, the screen flickered to life, revealing the image of a young lavender-haired girl against a forest background. She yawned loudly, stretching her arms up to the sky as though she just woke up from a long nap.

"Good morning~" She muttered in a tired voice, not quite aware of what was happening at the moment.


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For Selvaria Bles, the last thing she could remember was the stone walls of the fort she had sacrificed herself in. The pain that had shot through her, like molten iron coursing from her heart, at the act of using herself as a human bomb, destroying the fort and it's defenders at her Grace's cold wish.

If this was the afterlife, it was in poor taste. White walls and stifling concrete were all that met her. That and several people she she didn't recognize. Like everyone else, she was weaponless, but that did little to worry nor encourage her. She flexed her hands, squeezing them into tight fists and feeling her body react to the pressure. This couldn't be the afterlife.

A moment of culture shock overcame her at the sight of some of those around her. Several men made entirely out of metal, like walking tanks. Strange and foreign clothes. She leaned against the nearest wall, passively trying to ascertain what exactly was happening.


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Leon looked as people began approaching the cupboards and gradually caught onto their thought process as well.

He began to work his way through the people while keeping a cautious eye on the crazed old man in the middle of everyone ( Stormcloak Stormcloak ).

He needed to find his weapon and his daughter as fast as possible.

Although, he didn't even know if she was here. Too many people and too much to think about right now.

All he needed to know was whether or not his weapons were in these cupboards.

June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.

576604He did it again, killed the damn ender dragon, this time with the use of the nifty newly added trident. He couldn't lie, he rather enjoyed when the world suddenly became more interesting, still for who knows how many times he's killed the Ender Dragon. Sighing he opens his eyes ready to start all over again, until he met by a white room filled with rather not very square people.

If he could frown in confusion he would, unfortunately his square face doesn't show much for emotions. Who knows maybe this was in adventure mode? Getting up Steve walks up to the wall and punches it, but after a while he discovered that it was indestructible much like bedrock. He then saw a remote and the tv, something that he'd never seen in such definition except that one time when he happened to be in a modded world, it was probably a better idea to mingle with other people before they touched that.

Seeing some people get aggravated Steve tries to step in;

"Ladies and Gentleman... wait I can speak? Heh that's rather cool, anyways. We shouldn't get angry with eachother, we're all clearly as much out of water as everyone else. We should introduce ourselves before proceeding with the remote. I am Steve."

Everyone Everyone
Negan composes himself and looks back up at the machine and finally starts to realize that he is in a room with a goddamn Robot. "Screw it, I might as well try to keep my cool" He thinks to himself. Negan leans up against the wall and starts eyeing up the room. He spots the set of doors for a moment, only to quickly take a glance at a figure in the room. He wore a brown leather jacket (In which Negan knew he meant business right away) The man was eyeing him up and Negan just returns the glance.

( Sil-Sama Sil-Sama GearBlade654 GearBlade654 )
Yuma noticed the strange man causing a bit of a commotion and decided to keep her distance for the time being. She got up and walked around the room continuing to search for anyone she might notice. She then noticed all the furniture and objects in the room. She noticed a small crowd around the cupboards and inched closer slowly.


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Ryougi Shiki
Location: White Room
Tags: N/A

Once more she floated, existing in a dream and travelling once more through her connection to the Root, being instinctively led by the void once more to materialize within another world or time. She has since been many things, Pseudo-servent, Aramitama, Magus Assassin, Beast of Alaya...and likely many more since as she struggles to bring her eyes to open to the unfamiliar sensation and the tingling yet falling asleep once more to an even deeper dreaming.

Her eyes open slowly to the new environment the new girl stands them, her white kimono blending in almost perfectly with the walls of the room yet the stark red of her jacket standing out clearly, for now, her expression is one of mild curiosity as it turns across the several gathered individuals and her new surroundings through an otherwise listless grace. Given the person's little mind for now, as she walks to the drawers and cupboards opening such up without much ceremony and glancing within as the background of the others conversing takes place. This was why she held her dislike for most humans.

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