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Poetry Poetry about my feelings


She’s an angel
I been going through some stuff and I might as well put it in poems. Not about anyone on here. One of these poems mentioned a broken heart. I was not in love with this person just to clarify.



I still remember that day

That day you decided to ignore every word I typed to say

You abandoned me

Instead of fighting for me you just let it be

You replaced me with this girl who always ignored you but is now your precious light

Even though I was the one who never ignored you and stayed up with you every night

You’re both happy together and it makes me mad

Why does the one who ignored you all the time now has you and gets to be glad?

What did she ever do to deserve you my old friend?

What did I ever do to deserve this.. seeing our friendship end?

She doesn’t deserve you, your characters, and your roleplays


False Hope

You gave me false hope you see

My friend talked to you and then told me

That one day we’ll speak

But for how long?

Until I finish listening to every sad song?

Until I become weak?

I can’t wait forever

Especially since the prospect of you contacting me again is from 0 to never


Forget and Move on

They say forget and move on

I must pretend this person is actually gone

Except the thing is they’re not dead

For reasons out of their control our friendship was put to an end

Yet they moved on easily from me like so

Why is it hard for me to let go?

I don’t want to forget you and move on like they say

Though it might stop me from crying everyday

I’m tired of having a broken heart

I have to move on and forget before I completely and utterly fall apart

Make new friends

I hate being told constantly to let go and make new friends

Easy for them to say I doubt they ever had to make new friends

It’s so hard to make a friend

I’m still damaged from my previous friendship that went to an end

I hate that for once when I try to vent to my friends

They get creeped out and say ‘calm down’

But of course they always expect me to listen to them when they vent

When I vent they just yell at me

They say stop crying and you’re so dramatic can’t you see?

If someone again tells me to make new friends

I’m going to literally scream
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She’s an angel
Let Go

It’s so hard to let go

Why is it so easy for you to move on and be happy like so?

They say I need to let go of this grudge

But it’s as if my sorrows refuse to budge

I cared for you like a sister

Now you’re roleplaying as a mister

For some other girl

That makes me want to hurl

You replaced me so fast

You already buried me deep in the past

Let go they all say

If only I could it’d be nice if I could one day

Be Happy

They tell me to be happy for this person

But why?

Be happy that they ignoring me forever?

Be happy that they abandoned and replaced me?

Be happy that they don’t care they lost me?

The only excuse I hear after that is ‘they would be happy for you’

That’s a lie

No one would be happy for someone who didn’t say goodbye

Who just abandoned them without a second glance

Perhaps I am more immature then I thought

I Miss You

I miss our late night chats

I even miss the times we sometimes roleplayed as cats

I miss our roleplays and fun

But you’re out there in the sun

I miss you

I truly do

If only you missed me

That I wish I could see
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Satanic Nightjar

Previously Casmir Landrikson (:
That first one is amazing <3 (All of them are, it's just that I'm able to relate to that one the most)
Me and my ex broke up recently, and my best friend and her started dating. He asked me first, and said he still wanted to be friends, but he hardly ever talks to me anymore. He defends her CHEATING on me, says it doesn't matter. So. There's my story XD


She’s an angel
Aww thank
That first one is amazing <3 (All of them are, it's just that I'm able to relate to that one the most)
Me and my ex broke up recently, and my best friend and her started dating. He asked me first, and said he still wanted to be friends, but he hardly ever talks to me anymore. He defends her CHEATING on me, says it doesn't matter. So. There's my story XD
Aww thank you for the compliment and I’m actually surprised someone can relate.

That sounds dreadful to be honest that he defends her cheating tsk tsk. Well I hope you’ll be able to make better friends or better yet feel better soon if you feel down about all that. Thank you for sharing your story though I appreciate it and hope things will get better for you <3


She’s an angel

Everytime you’re online I want to cry

Everytime you ignore me a piece of myself does die

Everytime you smile and act happy with the person who replaced me aka your new best ‘friend’

It shows me that you didn’t even care when our friendship went to an end

You don’t care that I can’t sleep

You don’t care that every day I weep

You don’t care because you already forgot all about me

You’ve tossed me aside like I’m some annoying little bee

I cared about you so much now look how I got repaid

You pushed me aside so you could be with her like some sick little trade

I look through our memories together

I suddenly remember that there won’t be a time we’ll roleplay or talk again it just won’t happen ever

Because a part of me is dark

A part of me doesn’t believe in the light or a positive spark

How can I believe?

All you did was leave


She’s an angel
A Foolish Wish

There are times when I lie here in bed

I think about the last words I said

I want you to come back or rather stop ignoring me

But it will never happen it’s not meant to be

Call me negative or mean

But what hope is there to be seen?

You are in no hurry and won’t try

Do you even know that I cry?

Sometimes I imagine what would happen if you did contact me again one day

I imagine myself mad and crying out all the words I wanna say

Then I remember that the foolish part of me would want to collapse on my knees and whisper or rather type out these words as such

‘I missed you so much...’


She’s an angel
You Both Hurt Me

You both hurt me when you’re together

You both hurt me when she ignores me and made our ties sever

You both hurt me when you make couples for eachother and pretend to be a couple and it hurts me bit by bit

Excuse you.. one of you has a boyfriend and it’s not my friend so act like it

Stop flaunting your OC’s and love

It just makes me cry and want to fly away like a dove

It’s bad enough all my other friends who know you two support this

They don’t care that I’m the only one whose hurt and not in bliss

You both are selfish and I hate that I’m the one who brought my friend onto that other place

Because I got repaid by being literally blocked, ignored and slapped in the face

Now I see you both on that other place having the grandest time of your lives

When in reality your happiness comes at the cost of my misery and cries

Good Memories

When I’m sad I try to think of the good memories we share

I try to tell myself maybe a part of you does care

I think of those times I used to giggle with joy

Even remember those times our characters once pretended to be a boy

But those good memories are fading away

No matter how much I try to grab at them and make them stay

It’s hard to make good memories stay when the other person in them didn’t
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She’s an angel

They say my emotions are too strong

Perhaps they’re right because I haven’t moved on yet even though it’s been so long

Everyday I try

Then I fail when I start to cry

I can’t help it because of my anxiety and butterflies

Those butterflies increase with all my cries

I want the butterflies to go away

I wanted that person to stay

Stay and stop ignoring me

Being ignored feels like hell can’t they see?

They turn a blind eye and smile with happiness

Meanwhile I’m trying so hard to escape my sadness

I’m struggling to move on and feel better

I’m struggling to make my tear stained cheeks stop getting wetter

I don’t want to struggle anymore


She’s an angel

Every night I keep having dreams

They’re the kind of dreams that rip me apart from the seams

Sometimes the good dreams I want to stay in them forever

Those good dreams have my wishes in them that won’t happen in real life ever

I had a dream about my old friends

Our friendships were put to ends

I had a dream about you the person who hurt me

That everything was back to normal and we were as happy as can be

Then all those dreams end and I wake up alone in my cold bed

I bury my face in my pillow and think about the new day with dread

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