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Fandom Plucked Threads - multiversal crossover roleplay hullabaloo

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They have come in many shapes, many forms - in some places there are many, while others there is only one. Ones worthy of worship and respect. Even the people who do not believe know of their existence. Gods create their worlds.

Yet... there are others. Beings higher than a god, higher than every god. Ones that created all the worlds, and continue to create them, their stories and their fates. Weavers who eternally spin their looms, making simply to make, never stopping to admire their own work.

But that's changing. Those that craft the universes have finally taken an interest in them.

For better or for worse.
~ ~ ~

Alright, so what's Plucked Threads, you ask? Inspired by roleplays from other sites I've been a part of before I came here, Plucked Threads is about canon characters (your PCs) being taken from their home worlds by grand god-like beings and pulled through an array of different universes for some unknown end. On their journey, your characters will be put into varying trials and challenges; one world might see them have to fend off an invading army for a peaceful nation, while another could pit them in a Bake Off to the very death.

Playthings for powerful entities, your characters will have to band together if they hope to survive things... or they could just fight among each other. You know, whatever comes first.

Can our underdogs hope to shake off the will of these mysterious entities? What reason is there for all of this? Will I come up with a third question before I post this thread? All these and more will be answered. Eventually.

Check your interest at the door, please ask any questions on your mind, and I hope you have a nice day!

CHARACTER THREAD: Fandom - Plucked Threads (Characters)
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Funtimes Salesman
I'm gonna say... maybe? A character having a lot of power won't mean they can't be played, but I might have to nerf them if they have anything ridiculous.

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