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Fandom Plucked Threads (Characters)


Zipper Man
Takeshi Kovacs
Altered Carbon (book series, not the show)
Takeshi Kovacs is a cynical man, one who doesn’t really care about others. He’s charismatic, due in part to his Envoy conditioning. He only really forms relationships to accomplish some goal, however. He usually has a pretty cool head, but he becomes extremely violent when provoked.
One of the main plot points of Altered Carbon is something called DHF. It’s totally digitized human consciousness, stored in human bodies with a device called a stack. This makes human bodies interchangeable, now called ‘sleeves’. Kovacs is sleeved in a custom grown military body, with enhancements to his reflexes and perception. He’s also a highly trained killer, having been in combat scenarios basically his entire life. Finally, Kovacs is an Envoy. His conditioning grants him a high level of adaptability. He takes in details like normal people breathe, and his conditioning allows him to put things together that most people would never see.
Equipment/Belongings: At the time he was taken, Kovacs had two pistols, coded to his sleeve so no one else could fire them, a Sunjet particle blaster (basically a plasma rifle), and a combat knife.
Born on Harlan's World (a colony planet of Earth), Kovacs grew up with an abusive father, who eventually left his family. He joined a local gang and ran with them until he was 17, at which point he joined the Interstellar Protectorate marines. He served as a normal marine for a while, before he was selected to join the elite Envoy Corps, a group that could be deployed to any planet at any time to quench rebellions against the Protectorate. He served as an Envoy for quite a while, before he was discharged after a bloody virus attack of which he was the only survivor. He returned to being a criminal, as Envoys have skills and training that prevents them from living a normal life after leaving the Corps. He was eventually taken out of his sleeve and stored for a while, before being resleeved on Earth to solve the mystery of a rich immortal’s murder. After he solved it, he returned home to Harlan’s world, and stayed for a while. After some time he ended up in a mercenary group fighting a war on a colony world.
Point taken:
Right before he was deployed at the beginning of Fallen Angels, the second book in the series.​


Funtimes Salesman
@Neo Alice Yeah, she'll probably need a bit of a downgrade. Being that super strong makes her practically invincible, I feel. And the whole business with the Holopsicon is way too much; she'd effectively have control over the roleplay. I'm not actually sure there IS a way to nerf her without just, outright removing the things that make her interesting.

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo
387d667a945f2561f8175d2005bd2275.jpgimages (6).jpeg

Name: Magane Chikujouin (築城院真鍳 Chikujōin Magane)

Universe: Re:Creators (Anime)

Personality: She's a chaotic girl that upon discovering that she was a creation made her own creator commit suicide. She only cares about herself and will do anything to keep things interesting. She's always talking nonsense and saying obvious lies to activate her power.


Infinite Deception of Words: an ability that allows her to bend reality through lies and deception; by telling a lie, manipulating somebody into rejecting that claim and saying the incantation: "uso no uso, sore wa kururi to uragaeru" ("うそのうそ" or "a lie of a lie, when you flip it you can see its true face") she creates a "lie of a lie" which by proxy makes the initial claim become real. Her power is to reverse the cause and effect by making the person under her spell deny what she asked. Reality that is bent will have its effects stuck in the world permanently.

Hangaku: A spirit-like woman with a purple-reddish robe and a huge naginata for battle as well as a mask that covers her eyes, basically a Persona without the Arcana's theme. Pior to Episode 13 she manipulated Yuya Mirokuji into rejecting her "lie of lie," Magane managed to wrestle control of Hangaku from him; effectively gaining a permanent ally.

Equipment/Belongings: Her uniform and her necklace of pyrite.

Backstory: Magane Chikujouin (築城院真鍳 Chikujōin Magane) is the enemy character in the light novel and anime series Record of the Night Window Demon (夜窓鬼録 Yasōkiroku). She is a criminal who murdered the entire student body of Korougamine Academy in "Sougenkyu Murder Case" in the fifth volume of the original series. Her special power is the ability to reverse cause and effect, the Infinite Deception of Words. Altair brought her to the real world were she murdered a book shop owner by summoning a creature from a book using her magical skill. Later she took away a spirit-like companion named Hangaku from a dumb boy that fell on her trap. She was relaxing on her apartment when she was kidnapped to another world, AGAIN! This is getting old for her.

Point taken: Episode 17 (At the start)

I hope she's more acceptable

Captain Lycanroc

Professional Online Funny-man
Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate.png
"Never lost a fair game, Never played one."

Universe: League of Legends (Video Game)

Twisted Fate is an infamous cardsharp and swindler who has gambled and charmed his way across much of the known world, earning the enmity and admiration of the rich and foolish alike. He rarely takes things seriously, greeting each day with a mocking smile and an insouciant swagger. In every possible way, He always has an ace up his sleeve.

Powers/Abilities: Twisted fate has the ability to magically enhance cards giving them different effects as well as making them sharp as blades and more aerodynamic. The card enhancements are
Yellow: When this card makes contact with someone they a frozen in place for a few seconds. Red: When it makes contact with anything it bursts into flames in a circle around whatever it hit, slowing a person's movement. Blue: Nothing too special, These cards hurt more than others and restack his deck with more cards.
He can also teleport (No more than about a mile) but has to wait a little while in between these warps. aside from magical powers, TF is insanely proficient in sleight of hand and street magic, He's also slightly above average in dexterity

Equipment/Belongings: Deck of playing cards, Extra Aces, Water cantine, Loaded dice, a Trick deck of playing cards, and a pouch of gold

Backstory: He grew to manhood as a drifter, trawling the gambling halls of every settlement he came to, using his preternatural skill to earn enough coin to survive. That Tobias was able to relieve the boastful, the arrogant, and the cruel of their cash was just an added bonus—though he was always careful to let his marks win at least a few hands, here and there. Now he takes bounties and plays cards for money

Point taken: After the events of the short story 'Destiny and Fate' and the cinematic 'Double-Double Cross'

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo

Name: Arca

Universe: Summon Night 5 (PSP game)

Personality: She is always in high spirit and is used to do things her own way and at her own pace. She seems to be too relaxed, but always does everything in her power to help those in need. Thanks to this trait she is highly trusted by her allies.


There is but one thing that must be clarified about Arca before anything else: Arca would technically be categorized the same as Rifmonica from the 3rd Swordcraft game, who is the only female protagonist in the whole franchise that is only a normal human without any kind of extra magical power aside from summoning. However, Arca natural talent is so absurd that it can be probably classified as something at the same level of a Magical Sword. Arca can learn and master anything at her first try. For example: She is the youngest person to have made a Cross pact; During her Part time job in the Star Dock, she became able to cook anything with perfection and it is said she would be approved even by the Legendary Gourmet Gramps from Summon Night 4 (something that takes a whole gameplay full of hardwork for Ray/Fair to do); When she studied at Savorle School, she graduated with the highest marks in all the school history; She was also the only person to become an official Eucross Summoner right after her graduation; She became a master swordman with the same levels of skills as her friend Abert from the Silvalier, but never was trained for this; It didn't take even a year for her to become as strong or even stronger than her veteran co-workers at Eucross. There is but one single thing that she can't do: Drawing. But aside from this, she really is a monster-like genius, and there are many who love and hate her for this. Even Ghift - the main villain in the game - hate Arca for all the humiliation he suffered when competing against her, but also admires her and is very glad that someone as incredible as Arca consider him to be a friend.

Equipment/Belongings: Her sword and a rod.

Backstory: During her childhood, Arca admired a summoner by the name of Erst. This summoner was always helping everyone on Arca's hometown and this gave born to her dream of becoming a summoner too. She became rivals with Ghift - Earst's little brother - and the two were always competing/playing together. During a certain incident, Ghift tried to use old books from his parents found to practice Summoning. He ended up summoning creatures known as Nether Beasts, but couldn't control them at that point yet. The monsters got out of control and attacked not only him but also Arca, Gaudi and Erst, who came looking for him. While Arca was escaping from the monsters, she fell into a gate to the Netherworld, where she was also attacked by Nether monsters. However, she was saved by four mysterious lights and became friends with them. At this point, they had already formed a Cross pact. Arca gave special presents to the lights as thanks, and the lights gained each a physical form based on Arca's favorite heroes from a children's illustrated book. The five got to return to Lyndbaum through another portal and where found by Erst who informed them that 5 days had already passed since Arca fell into the gate. Erst noticed their resonance stone and said they must go to Savorle City to become Summoners if they wish to become together, what they agreed to do. They started to live together like real siblings. During their school days in the Savorle School, they worked part-time in a Café&Bar called Star Dock, where they also rented a room. She graduated with honor and became a Summoner agent working for Eucross, now she live her life always busy with a ton of missions. But she always completes all of them together with her Cross.

Cross: is a concept used in the Resonance Era of Summon Night 5. Those bound by a contract of resonance between each other’s souls. This is a new method to form a pact with a creature that is still shrouded in mystery. Those that share this pact call each other “Cross”. Terms like “Summon”, “Summon Beast” or “Summon Creature” brings forth bad memories and feelings of the time when people from other worlds were enslaved and forced to fight, as such, those words are now hated and people try to not use them anymore. Those that can use the power of this pact can create powerful magic attack and magic weapons using a special tool to catalyze the power, this tool is called Cluster Stone. As the protagonist Arca has 4 of these, each from a diferent world.

Resonance Attack: For a period of time a cross focuses all of their power on a weapon which is wielded by its partner. The cross becomes a chibi version of itself, being more vulnerable until the time is over.


Personality: The type of little sister that is very shy and gets easily embarrassed. Nevertheless, when the subject is the protagonist, she suddenly gets very obstinated and powerful. This is because she is a very jealous girl. She refers to the protagonist as "Ne-sama".

Abilities: She specializes in Magic, not only for attack but also for healing as well. She also has many magic skills and enhancements to further boost her magic power. Between the 4 Crosses she is the one to have the strongest magics. But that is not all, she is also capable at equipping a Bow to attack from long range, being a very useful character. Her Resonance Attack with the protagonist, is a giant feathered bow, which is infused with her Mana. She's also the only cross that can fly.


Personality: He is a bit impulsive sometimes but is a honest and good little brother. Since he never wants to be set apart from the lead, he is always following the protagonist, and they are always together. He calls the main character "Aneki".

Abilities: Using a katana and his Oni techniques to attack, he is a very useful character. He has many different magic skills, being able to cause great damage or inflict negative statuses to enemies. A flexible character that is useful in many kinds of situations. He also has a good mobility and can cause decent damage in counters, as well as avoiding attacks and countering them with ease. For his Resonance Attack with the protagonist, he puts most of his Mana into a sword to create a flaming blade.


Personality: He is a reliable little brother and is always willing to help the protagonist. Being a great support, he refers to the main character as "Ne-san”.

Abilities: He has both excellent power and defense, as such can be a expended “Physical Attacker”. For his Resonance Attack with the protagonist, he transforms his body armor into a gigantic gauntlet, which the protagonist uses it to throw a devastating Plasma Punch that can hit a wide area.


Personality: She is a spoiled little sister that always wants to be together with the protagonist. She is not used to words and usually doesn't talk much, but she has a habit of waving her arms whenever she needs to express her feelings. Therefore, it is easy to know what she is thinking. She uses "Onee-chan" to refer to the protagonist.

Abilities: She is stupidly strong! Being one of the most powerful damage dealers in the game, however, to compensate for all this absurd strength, her defense is pretty low. The key to win is to figure out how to work with this extreme balance. Her Resonance Attack with the protagonist, is a giant ice mace, which is infused with her Mana.

Point taken: Opening of the game


Funtimes Salesman
@Neo Alice I'm starting to feel bad now, but I still can't really accept her. I don't really want to have a literal Mary Sue involved in the roleplay (mostly because I doubt I could handle her addition as well as she might be portrayed in the game) but also that having one character who is essentially five characters is a bit unfair for everyone else. :v

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