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idk how groups work on here so like I have ideas but can't ever follow through. Anyway, the one I have now would be gossip girl/pretty little liars esque if that sounds fun to anyone. I can make characters and backgrounds and all of the writing stuff, it's just the setup I need help with : )


This probably should be posted in the Help section forum but anyway.

There is another Gossip Girl interest thread up. The setup legit looks solid. Take pointers from that and research other solid interest threads and see what hits you in their setups and do that too.

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So running a group requires two distinct skill sets.

1. You have to be a manager
As group leader you are in charge of keeping players on task, reviewing applications, handling conflict, and in general handling a lot of organizational things that make sure the roleplay keeps running.

2. You have to be a leader
So it’s not enough just to have an idea you have to be able to once again get other people invested and keep the story progressing. Now you could get lucky and your players will help pick up the slack with this. But you might also get a lot of timid players in which case it falls to you to keep the narrative going.

I definately recommend joining a few groups first before starting your own. Or try to find a co-GM who is good at the manager side of things while you work on story leadership.

In addition there is always 1x1s which are good for people who just want to get used to roleplaying on this site specifically. As it’s easier to keep on task with one partner then managing a whole group when you just start out.

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