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Multiple Settings Plots and other such (Looking for F)

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Evenstar, Morningstar, heed my call!

I'm Starcaller. It's nice to meet you! I hope you'll come to read this whole thing I'm going to write here, just for you!

So, as the title says, I do have a plot, but before that, you'll have to read through some other stuff, too. Mostly stuff about myself, about what I'm looking for in a partner, all that sort of thing. Boring, right?

But I want to take no risks so let me go ahead.

So, I'm a literate, multi-para type of writer with a little bit of spare time every day to dedicate to, well, writing. Therefore, I will be looking for another literate, preferably multi-para (though that can be negotiated) writer with a little bit of spare time for writing! I say preferably multi-para because honestly, if you write a paragraph (5-6+ lines) that gives me enough to work with for my next post, then you're just fine. Just don't leave me wondering "What the hell am I supposed to write?" every time, aye?

I want a creative person! Come up with ideas, suggestions on how we can improve the plot or the scenes or the overall story/world. Take initiative just as I do! And also, communication is a huge part in this, so make sure we become OOC buddies! We can talk about anything related or unrelated to our writing collaboration!

Last but not least, please, contact me via PM only. I will not respond to replies to this thread unless you really can't PM me because of site restrictions. And please make an effort to catch my attention. I took my time to write all this stuff here so please, please make sure you read everything first and please, write more than "Hi." or "Wanna RP?" in your introduction message. Obviously I do want to RP but not with someone who won't even bother to at least properly introduce themselves. I know I sound rude and probably condescending and I am sorry but I've dealt with situations like these too often.

Okay! So with all that aside, it's plot time!

He is a blacksmith. He spends day after day, month after month in his workshop, creating pieces worthy of much more than just sitting on display in a remote village. Each day he hammers away at the hot metal, stoic in his endeavor, awaiting for the next figure who would stumble into his shop and purchase one of his creations. Hair had already begun growing white on his head, and at a closer look one can see that this man's left eye is blind. But why is that? Could it be that once upon a time he was an adventurer? A seeker of fortunes, wandering the world and selling his blade for coin?

Those days are long gone now, yet there is still cinder burning in his heart and all it could take to turn it into a massive, devouring flame, is an intrepid adventurer. Could your character be that person?

It's the year 2050. Welcome to the future, though it is hardly as glamorous or perfect as some once had envisioned it. Neon lights and flashy advertisements that bathe the city in their colors hide behind them an ugly world, dark and grimy streets populated by all sorts of shady people and crooks. It's the time when cybernetic modifications to the human body have become commonplace, and are often taken to extremes. There are few people out who still enjoy keeping all their human traits and parts, and many who blur the lines between man and machine. And while legal modifications have steep costs, there is also a widespread black market that often creates monsters.

Over the past couple of months, a wave of suicides and murderous rampages washes over the city, and the police are struggling to find answers. It seems as though the only link between the people committing the acts is a passion for brain modifications, and every bit of evidence points towards an unknown hacker or group of hackers. It's a whole new level of cyberterrorism, and for such a case, and there is a dire need of people to solve it.

And so, the police deploys two of its best officers (my character and your character) to deal with the case. Will they be able to get to the bottom of it?

Note: Alternatively, it can be an officer and a civilian (maybe someone who is also specialized in hacking and is on the police's payroll?

She is an adventurer, always was and always will be. She cannot sit still while there are places to be seen and things to be experienced. Everything that is new excites her, and so, when she hears word of a man looking for a traveling companion, she is instantly reeled in. And though she expects a rowdy adventurer like herself to be the one, she gets surprised. He, in fact, seems like the kind of man who would spend days and weeks on end in libraries or art galleries. He lives in a beautiful manor, has servants aplenty and seemingly lives a perfect life. Yet the sword he carries at his hip tells of another side of him, too.

He is rather glad to receive her, to treat her to the best meal he can offer and to discuss this offer he has for her.

"It's rather simple, as you'll soon see. I don't ask for anything more but a companion to share in an adventure, to travel with me to the world's end. It's a daunting endeavour, I know, but you seem like just the type of person I need to fulfill it."

Simple as he may seem, though, the man is clearly more than meets the eye and there is mystery surrounding him at every step. Yet it all pales in comparison to the revelation the adventurer woman will have on the road, during an attack upon them by a group of highwaymen. Then is when she witnesses how the man she is accompanying is, in fact, immortal. And then, their trek suddenly reveals itself to be more than just the desire of a man to see what lies beyond the horizon.

NOTE: Needless to say, I need someone to play the adventurer woman!

It's the year 2060, and life is hardly as good as the visionaries of the past thought it would be. Countries are split into megacities, conglomerates of old metropolises, each self-governed. MC is a citizen of one such megacity, and they are in a dire situation. They are dying. With only a couple months to live, at best, they are desperate, and their only chance lies within a top facility in the city. Entering it would be a suicide mission, but they've got nothing to lose anyway.

But what happens when YC fucks up their plan in a most spectacular way? Even worse, when she finds herself alone with MC, in hiding? Would she be willing to help?

YC can be anything. One of the scientists in the facility, a guard, maybe a corporate spy who was on a mission there to gather intel for a rival corp. Either way, she ruins MCs plans and attempt, and somehow she gets dragged along to become the company of someone who is on their last leg.

MC could either be male or female, depending on what you prefer! I'm open to input and alternatives!

So, there we are! You like what you see here? Contact me via a PM! Toodles!
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