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Hello there!

After much debate I've wanted to post a thread to search of potential writing partners since I actually have a lot of time to spare, and a few cravings that I'm wishing to fulfill!

First off I'm an absolute goon for romance, I adorable cliche and sappy storylines, it's a feeling good thing I love. But just as I love that, I adore heavy angst filled storylines! If you make me cry with your writing, I'll love you.

Here are some ideas and cravings I have! (Heads up; I only play female characters and can double up on canon characters. I do f/m and f/f )

- The Bride of y/n
A kingdom threatened by a horrid ruler/god/demon is swayed into sparing the lives of the people in exchange for the kings daughter to marry him.

After debate, the king falls ill out of the stress of the safety of his people falling on him so the princess sacrafices herself to be the ruler/god/demon's Bride. Again, she was able to sway him into wit holding the marriage until she loved him. Every night she is asked the question 'do you love me?'

- The Porcelain Doll

A Doll maker falls in love with a Victorian woman of high status, having known the family he is allowed to visit and be seen as a friend. But the idea of marriage between him and the novel would be a sin to the family name.

on a horrid day, being in a carriage accident the novel woman loses her right eye and disfiguring the right side of her face with scars. The once praised woman is now shun for her monstrous appearance, yet the Doll maker seems to be the only one who still looks at her without gagging.

Can he show her how to appreciate her own beauty? Will the doll maker love the porcelain doll with cracks ?

- Soul Eater (Kid x oc )
The witches still crave power, they crave the demise of lord death and the DWMA. Sending the spawn of a witch and Miester undercover as a student, using most of her energy to hide any signs of being a witch.

The goal being to befriend and gain the trust of lord death before bringing his end.

But as time goes on, the witch musy decide between her feelings for death's son or continue on to make her family proud.

Those are some of the more fleshed out ideas but here are a simple starter ideas we could use to flesh out an idea!

Spy x spy

Mafia head x Police's daughter

Forced marriage

Hunger games

creature x human

Faking relationship

Enemies fall in love

Childhood rivals

Please do tell me of any of your cravings!


Adventurous Dreamer
I might be interested "Enemies fall in love" but unfortunately I can't think of good plot story for such romance.

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