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Anime, AU, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance


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With all this Coronavirus stuff, I’m bored and up for some role plays! I can do MxM, MxF, and FxF

Please Note that I am semi advanced to advanced and am slightly inactive due to this whole virus stuff but will try my best to post!

Strike Don’t wanna do it

My Fandoms:
Hazbin Hotel
Helluva Boss
Warrior Cats
Percy Jackson
Death Note
Tokyo Ghoul
The Walking Dead
Good Omens
Fairy Tail
Sailor Moon
Teen Wolf
Z Nation
Doctor Who
Corpse Party
Wolf’s Rain
Lion King
Harry Potter

Gravity Falls
Stardew Valley
Harvest Moon


Original Pairings:

Please note I only play females when it comes to MxF so don’t ask me to play as a heterosexual male

! I have plot

[] is what gender pairing I want this to be

Pirate x Siren [MxF]
Human x Supernatural Creature ! [MxM]
Royalty x Peasant [FxF]
Male Plague Doctor x Female Plague Doctor ! [MxF]
Doctor x Patient [MxM]
Psychologist x Patient [MxM or FxF]
Sheriff x Outlaw ! [MxM]
Detective x Criminal [FxF or MxF]
Catfisher x Victim [MxM]
Rookie Apocalyptic Survivor x Experienced Apocalyptic Survivor [MxM]
Human x Demigod ! [MxM or MxF]
Male Human x Female Demon ! [MxF]
Angel x Demon [MxM or FxF]
Dog Person x Cat Person ! [MxM]
Gang Leader x Civilian [MxF]
Human x Mermaid ! [MxF]

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