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Plot Cravings ORIGINAL!


What am I? A gem, or a weirdo?!
So, here's the deal, I am open to using Fandoms in these plots, however, I cannot list all of the ones I see fitting here, I may update with the fandoms later if this gets enough attention, if you want to see EVERYTHING I am looking for please check out my main search thread in my signature.

NOTE: Please do discuss with me. I am ghost friendly, I admit I do it too, but please do not be in the middle of roleplaying/talking about roleplaying and just randomly leave without trying to talk to me or telling me what I did wrong, seriously, I've had it done to me a few times. It isn't fun.

So I am looking for some slow burn OC x OC or OC x Celebrity/Actor roleplays I am willing to do FxM or MxM, I also double so that is not out of the question

Some things to note

I am turning 17 in August, I'm 16 right now

I like extremely dark themes, and I like to believe I am quite mature when it comes to this, however, sometimes it is a bit emotionally draining so while I will not stop writing without telling you, my writing style will change from this:

Everything stopped, slowly she looked around the room, identifying everything that could be used as a potential object to kill her and anyone else. As she looked into the client's eyes, she wondered if he had been the one who murdered his wife. If he did, then this was all a ploy, and he could kill again. However, she couldn't be sure. She would need evidence of her suspicions.


It hurt, everything hurt, she had trusted him and thought he was her friend. She was a monster though, that's all humans saw her as and she can't believe she expected anything more from him... After everything... She wondered how many people would notice if she was gone... After all, she had no family, all her friends had betrayed her, her job was getting rid of her, she was getting evicted... All because she trusted him not to tell her secrets...


No I'm not always THAT much of a mess it depends on situation, also note to clear up, my OCs don't get emo and depressed over little things, if it seems like they do then that simply means that they have deeper problems that I have not told of yet.

I have the ability to write more than you saw above as well, it just depends on inspiration and how much I have to work with though I will admit sometimes I am lazzy

Now I want to clarify just how dark these themes get

Self harm
Eating Disorders

Yeah if you like a dark theme not on the list let me know.

Now onto the Plots! I am going to say I have a preferred role in some of these but it honestly depends I am DEFINITELY flexible with my preferred roles, but don't be surprised if I ask to double, I'll start with the darker plots, then go to the normal Celebrity stuff, which won't be as dark but there may be some dark themes. Also note I am DEFINITELY open to plot ideas.

The Needed Help

The date is July 12, 2020. A mass murderer has been caught. The murderer is oddly calm, and at the same time oddly charming, they are calculated in their words and how they look at another person, young, good looking... No one suspects them of murder, even though they admitted it to everyone. Bodies from some of their victims have not been found, the reason for why they did this unknown... No one can figure it out, and they aren't getting a death sentence, they have life in isolation. They have all the time in the world...

A young detective, trained by the best in the world gets called in. They are supposed to interrogate and find out the truth from the prisoner, well, what is to happen when the two of them become attached to each other in closed quarters?

Preferred Role; Detective
There are rules for this plot
The cameras in the interrogation room are off at all times under the prisoners request since they want the truth and they are the only one with the information
The prisoner cannot escape unless it is discussed
The detective cannot escape unless it is discussed

The Experiment

After the brutal murder of their parents, a young adult is sent to live with their family who is in law enforcement. Now this same young adult is 19 and working to be in law enforcement with their family, their family is FBI. However, they have a peculiar ability to heal awfully quickly. As they are investigating a crime scene they are kidnapped by a serial kidnapper, the victims returned but they are never the same. What will happen when they realize this new victim's abilities? They become a little entertaining experiment.

Preferred Role; Victim
No Rules


The Breaking Point

High School is what they are leaving, College is the new ground. Born into money, and constant adoration from others, but what goes on at home is much different than what happens on campus. On campus they are a bully, so much so some kids have either dropped out or committed suicide. Then the new kid arrives. What happens when the bully becomes the bullied, all secrets are revealed, and everything shatters? Will the bully go to the ultimate act to escape from everything? Or will they confide in the one person who ruined their life?

Preferred Role; Bully Turned Victim
No Rules

Now if you skipped the dark stuff and want some lighter stuff that is still a bit dark I am going to first list the Celebrities/Actors I know/like and then I don't have specific plots but I am open to discussion. I am also open to OCxOC for this as well. This also does not just include romance as I am open to adoption plots as well

Celebrities/Actors I like (am willing to play from this list)

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Felton
Ryan Reynolds
Chris Evans
Chris Pratt
Chris Hemsworth
Daniel Radcliffe
Peter Scanavino
Robert Downey Jr.
Benedict Cumberbatch

Celebrities/Actors I can play as (open to suggestions)
Raul Esparza
Emma Watson
Sandra Bullock
Orlando Bloom
Liv Tyler
Matt LeBlanc
Matthew Perry
Courtney Cox
Jennifer Aniston
David Schwimmer
Lisa Kudrow
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The Lord of Shadows
I'm certainly interested in The Experiment. I'd love to be a mad scientist (I already have a cool idea for who, he he he). I could get pretty dark with hat one, and since there's no rules, that just makes it better! Pm me, please???

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