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Multiple Settings please, indulge my garbage ideas {Open, mxm preferred (edited)}

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everything is fine
Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I've posted an interest check, but I'm looking for a few more roleplays, catering towards some specific ideas of mine.

First off, though, some info about me:
  • I've been writing for 6+ years now, so I consider myself to be fairly literate. I'm capable of matching any post length, though, although relatively literate would be preferred.​
  • Full time university student, which means I can get very busy, very quickly. I still tend to be available in the evenings, however, depending on homework and all that fun stuff.....​
  • I'm also 18+, and I'd prefer for my partner to be as well, as both of these concepts would tend towards pretty mature themes overall.​
  • I have a strong preference for discord for actual rping, but I'm honestly fine with whatever if that doesn't work out.​
  • And I consider myself to be fairly chill, so... yup. lol.​

And now, for my garbage ideas.

The first one really just has to do with this world I've been building for a personal project, but I'd really like to do more with it, and roleplaying would be a perfect opportunity. It's a post-apocalyptic universe, with some pretty heavy Fallout vibes honestly--post-nuclear apocalypse and everything. I also have a couple characters I'd like to use and mess around with, but I have no plot to speak of at the moment. I really just want to fuck around in this universe, I feel like it'd be a lot of fun (plus I'm always down for a good mutant apocalypse).

This second concept is based off of an RP I was part of a while ago, but it fell through for whatever reason. Basically the whole premise was there's a human that's not allowed to die for whatever reason, which leads to him dealing with the literal Death whenever he does die, and since Death is constantly bringing him back to life... well, the human develops a teensy little crush on Death. For this one, I'd prefer to be Death, just for some good old clown-assery, but whatever works honestly.

And for a third, one that is not at all developed: dragon shifter x human? Just seems like it could be fun honestly.

Also A/B/O dynamics, omegaverse, whatever you like to call it. I'm down.

And...that's that. If anyone's interested, feel free to shoot me a message or respond on this thread, and I can give my discord or whatever. Email. Etc. Yep.​
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Like the Moon, part of him was always hidden away.
I'd really like to indulge your ideas! Any of them that is. However I am pretty inconsistent with discord. How do you feel About DMs on this Page?


everything is fine
I'd really like to indulge your ideas! Any of them that is. However I am pretty inconsistent with discord. How do you feel About DMs on this Page?
I'm just fine with DMs! I just tend to prefer discord because I have more access to it than this site but I'm just fine with whatever


Little flower
Your first two ideas are so good. On one hand, I like a good apocalypse story but on the other hand, I enjoy the idea of a character that keeps trying to die in the most ludicrous ways possible just so they can see their crush.

Bill Nein

The Digital Bill of Rights
Hey, I'd really be interested in the post apocolyptic to. I primarily would like to rp.on discord cuz I use mobile, but here is ok too


King of Nothing
Hello, hi. Unsure if you are still searching. I've got a history of RolePlaying and writing (but I can't put the details into chronological order for the life of me, so deduct my credibility as you might see appropriate). It's been a while since my last roleplay, so I might be a little rusty; that said, I really love that idea you have about falling for Death. I'm open to using discord.

Also, since you said it matters to you, I am seventeen. No hard feelings if you don't reply.

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