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Realistic or Modern Playing with Fire Character Thread


Ok, everyone just plop your characters in here. Once we got everyone in the group I'll start the thread up for the rp.

Main group
-Sadie Keller
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Name: Sadiya “Sadie” Keller
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 16
Appearance: Sadie has orange hair that ends just a few inches above her shoulders and a pair of baby blue eyes. She doesn’t care about her looks which means she never wears makeup. She wears casual clothes and a lot of sweaters because she runs cold.

Personality: Sadie lives with her aunt and uncle after her parents’ murder which still haunts her to this day. She’s a social outcast because of the dumb rumors Jacob Swift sent around the school about the murder. She hated him with everything she had. That’s why she was an easy target for the police as a suspect. She didn’t like Jacob, however, she liked mysteries more than he hated him and needed to clear her name so she decided to figure out who really killed him. Sadie’s mystery obsession started with the cold case that became her parents’ murder. She loves those types of novels, her favorite being Nancy Drew. She’s the one that sits in the back of the classroom and never talks, however, when it comes to mysteries she takes the lead. She is observant of everyone around her.

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