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Fandom Playable characters sheet for QHH



Character arc enthusiast
Please post your CS in this page. Requirements:
(* means its optional)
Sexual alignment*:
Moral alignment*:
Additional Equipment*:
Additional Information*:
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The king of wishful thinking
Name: Zhuang Tze
Age: 17

Gender: Female
Sexual alignment: Asexual
Moral alignment: Lawful evil (I think, I'm sorry but I'm terrible at things like moral alignments)
Quirk: Zhaung possesses an emitter-type quirk named "Siphon" which allows her to temporarily absorb the physical abilities of her opponents, including speed, stamina and raw strength, through skin contact. How much of an opponent's physical abilities she's able to absorb and how long the effect of her quirks last depends on how long she's capable of maintaining physical contact with her opponents.
Background: Zhaung has had a fairly normal life, all things considered. Her parents were both fairly famous pro-heroes who expected Zhaung to follow in their footsteps, so she never had much of a choice in what she going to do with her life. Most people would have probably found the idea of being forced to join the family business to be horrible, but Zhaung didn't really care much. After all being a pro-hero was more or less every kid's dream so what had she to complain about?

However, as she grew older, it quickly became apparent that she wasn't exactly cut out to be hero as she turned into somewhat of a bully and even wound up joining a minor gang for brief period of time. Her parents just turned an blind eye to this as they assumed that it was just a phase she was going through. But now Zhaung has left most of that behind her and has deicded to get enrolled into Queen's Hero High in order to appease her parents.
Likes/Dislikes: N/A
Additional Information:
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The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

  • Name: Beatrice Oogami

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Sexual alignment*: Bisexual

    Moral alignment*: Lawful Good

Webs Elk

Find me a prince or princess, I'm not picky.
CapRock CapRock
I'm finished! Is this fine?
Gakuon Tensai
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment*: Homosexual
Moral alignment*: Neutral Good
Nickname : Gaku - This is what EVERYONE calls him, except in extremely formal settings.
QuirkPhysical Music - Everytime he uses his vocal chords, a black "blob" appears on his skin. This blob is actually a physical manifestation of sound. The blobs are completely under Gaku's control and he's able to change their size, shape, etc. However, he can only alter them while he's touching them with all five fingers on one hand. He can also launch them towards an enemy and make them explode, whether it's because he causes it to, it runs out of time, it makes contact with an object or person, or it leaves his range. When it explodes, it releases a burst of air that's not very harmful, but able to push a person back at least a few inches.
  • Calories - Although the blobs are created by sound and show up on their own, Gaku has to eat a lot to make them. It takes 500 calories to create each blob. This is the reason why Gaku eats so much but is so small as well.
  • Lifespan - When Gaku is not using them and they are resting on his skin, it takes 5 minutes for them to pop and go away. When this happens, they do not release a burst of air. When he pulls a blob off of his skin, the blobs pop after 60 seconds if he's still touching them. The blobs pop after 10 seconds, if he stops touching them. The blobs also explode if it touches something other than another blob & Gaku himself (including his clothes) or if they are farther than 10 feet away from him. He can also make them explode at will, but they do not release a burst of air.
  • Recording Device - Whenever the blobs pop/explode and aren't touching Gaku, they will playback whatever it was Gaku said/sung when he created them.
  • Pack a Punch - The blobs become as hard as stone whenever Gaku stops touching them. This means they hurt if they hit you.
  • Friendly & Self Fire - Gaku is not immune to the powerful bursts of air his blobs release, or the chaos they may cause. As you'd may expect, his allies aren't safe either.
  • Cut 'Em Up - Gaku's signature move with his quirk is molding the blob into a music note looking weapon and using his manipulation over the object to make it into an impromptu sword.

Background"I want to make the world a better place"

Gakuon Tensai is the second and youngest child of a wealthy businessman and a deceased mother. Dying during childbirth, Gaku never got to actually meet her, but his role model is 100% his mother. Listening to stories from his older brother and his father, Gaku learned that his mother was a music teacher and a pro hero. He learned that she grew up in terrible circumstances, with both of her parents being pro-villains, but worked her butt off to try and make the world a better place. Due to the stories he was told, Gaku saw his mother as a person to be like and as such, he adopted her ideologies for himself, including her love of music.

So as soon as he could he began learning about music. Due to his eidetic memory and perfect pitch, he was quickly able to learn all the theory behind music, and as such was able to learn how to sing and play music instruments more easily than others. This was when he discovered his quirk. One day, while practicing his singing, Gaku found a strange blob on him. Of course, like any curious 4 year old, he pulled the blob. A few seconds later, sheet music, music stands, instruments, etc, etc, were blowing around his room. Of course, Gaku decided to experiment more with the blobs and began learning how to use his quirk effectively.

However, with his quirk developed, Gaku decided to start working on phase two of his master plan: becoming a hero. He began taking karate and kendo lessons, starting learning to dance and do gymnastics, as well as taking his private lessons with his tutor more seriously. By the time he was 15, he was a black belt in karate and had enough information stored in his brain to fill an encyclopedia, also able to pull off unrealistic feats of agility quickly and easily. As such, he finally decided to convince his father to let him go to one of the hero academies. His father, knowing how dangerous hero work was due to his wife, reluctantly agreed and decided to send his son to the best academy in the US: Queens

Personality : Vices & Virtues
  • Intelligent - Gaku has an eidetic memory, has spent his entire childhood relatively alone, and has access to thousands of books, as well as a private tutor, not to mention with a work ethic backed by a strict father. Gaku is definitely one of the smartest people you'll meet.
  • A Cynical Introvert - Unfortunately, not by choice. Gaku rarely left his house, let alone met other people. Although he's excited to find meet othe rpeople, he's extremely wary of others, due to his only knowledge of how people act and behave coming from the stories his father and brother told him about his mother. Of course, he doesn't know that most people are decent, but right now he thinks everyone is either a hero or a villain and that there's no middle ground.
    • Silent Type - Due to his childhood of solitude, Gaku doesn't have any experience with talking to others casually. As such, he won't start a conversation with anothe person unless he absolutely has to or they speak to him first.
    • Optimistic Pessimist - Due to his stories of bad people, Gaku believes that there is bad in the world full-heartedly. However, also due to the stories, he believes that everyone should do what they can to make the world better. As such, if Gaku sees someone down, he'll break from his introvertedness enough to try and get them to smile, doing whatever he can to make the person happy.
  • Ambitious, Responsible, Perfectionist - He's definitely an overachiever. He always gives 110% and if given the chance, definitely expect him to be the person to remind the teacher that there was homework. However, whenever he screws up, he's extremely hard on himself. Although he's not a sore loser, whenever he loses, expect him to start pushing himself even more to try and be the best and anything less than perfect is not enough whenever he's working on something, so expect him to always bring up training.
    • Inmsomniac - He's a self made insomniac. It's not that he can't sleep, but rather that he forces himself to stay awake. His mind is always racing and he thinks the best to get your brain racing is during the night when everyone else is sleeping. Of course, the lack of sleep always catches up to him everyo now and then, but don't worry to much about him. He still gets at least an hour of sleep at night.
  • Independent & Loner - Due to his childhood of solitude, Gaku has no experience whatsoever working in a team. Gaku is used to getting work done alone and he is accustomed to it. Unfortunately, this also affects relationships because he's not used to being with other people and as such, he'll have a tendency to try and do everything himself. Of course, he'll try his best during team excersises, but keep in mind that his quirk is definitely prone to friendly fire and keep your guard up.
    • Brutally Blunt & Brutally Honest - All of his life, Gaku has never had a reason to lie or hold back his tongue and he won't start now. Growing up with his father, who encouraged and expected both innitiative and honesty, Gaku was taught to say whatever was on his mind. As such, Gaku will never tell a lie and will say things that sometimes lead to bad situations. It's not that Gaku doesn't think about things, but rather the opposite. Gaku thinks about something enough that he feels it needs to be said out loud. If Gaku cares for you, he will apologize for hurting your feelings with his words, however, he will not take back what he said.
  • Arts-oriented & Creative - Gaku, like his mother, has a deep love for music and the arts in general. He has perfect pitch, has a three octave range in chest voice, plays the piano, trumpet, violin, guitar, accordion, and flute, knows how to dance in multiple genres, has been doing art since he was 6, and has been cooking since he was 7. He loves the arts more than anything in the world and he's a self proclaimed addict. He carries around a journal, previously owned by his mother, that he writes down all of his art related ideas, including song ideas, sketches, and recipes. If you touch this journal, he will get angry.
  • Poker Face - Ever since he was young, Gaku has always had a poker face. Whenever he's stuck in thought, in the middle of an action, doing absolutely nothing at all, etc, etc Gaku has a blank expression on his face. Unless the situation calls for it, Gaku's expression is usually unreadable and this usually unnerves people, specifically his tutor and brother. This poker face of his is a force of habit that came from focusing so much on certain things as a child, specifically reading and learning. Whenever certain things happened, for example, taking out a villian or playing a song or beating up someone who touched his journal, Gaku's expression will change to match the situation.
  • Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder - The cause of parts of his behavior, Gaku has had DDD ever since he was a kid. This causes him to zone out of reality every now and then as well as have anxiety attacks although they are rare. This is another reason why Gaku has a poker face, to hide what he is actually feeling as he sometimes feels like his emotions may not be real.
Additional Information
  • Gaku is partially deaf in both ears and wears hearing aids to help out with it.
  • He takes medication for his DDD every morning and once he starts attending Queens, his brother will call him every morning to help him talk just in case he needs it.
  • Gaku always carries food on his person, whether it's a candy bar, a stick of celery, or a hamburger depends on the day though. If you're hungry, he'll always have some type of food with him.
  • He has Japanese Ancestry on both of his parent's side, though he and both of his parents were born in the US.
  • He's fluent in Japanese, Latin, and English, and is in the middle of learning Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, German, and various other languages.
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Watermelon king

Kanji: 歩夢 吉田 (吉田 歩夢)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: October 25
Sexuality: Unknown (he's never awake long enough)
Height: 5'4
Zodiac: Libra
Blood Type: O-
Side: Lawful good/neutral. (I say this because he may be a hero, but he is usually asleep, and therefor indifferent.)

>>>Name meaning:<<<

From Japanese 歩 (ayu) meaning “walk” and 夢 (mu) meaning “dream, vision”. Other combinations of kanji are also possible.
YOSHIDA 吉田 Japanese
From Japanese 吉 (yoshi) meaning “lucky, good” and 田 (ta) meaning “field, rice paddy”.


Ayumu has short curly, messy ginger-blonde hair, brown eyes(with huge ass bags under them), and light skin. He wears a baggy grey hoody with a big hood, a black turtleneck, brown shorts, knee socks, and purple converse. He wears a small backpack, and has headphones around his neck. He is almost always seen floating around asleep in top of a large green and purple pillow. The pillow also had a strap his he can carry it on his back.

^^By the lovely Yae!! Iove you!!!


Ayumu can me friendly and mean, especially if yo wake him up for a stupid reason. He always looks annoyed and tired, as if he never gets enough sleep. He can be friendly though, but most never see it since he never walked up long enough, though if you give him something he likes, you might see him smile. But he can be mean, even evil at times. How? Well, he could inter your dream, and turn it into a nightmare, creating all your worse fears and showering it in blood shed, and forcing you to stay, before sucking the dream out of you yo keep for himself, or just eat right then and there. But that’s only after he’s traumatized you into diapers.


Sleeping, warm milk, honey, comfy beds, nightmares, tea, fastpased songs when he's trying stay awake, sow songs when he is trying to sleep.


Coffee, soda, caffeine, dramatic people.


>>> Quirk: Baku<<<

he can manipulate dreams and occasionally even manipulate reality.

Dream walking:

he can enter dreams and wander through them and observe. He can be seen in dreams, but most don’t think of him as being real.
He can only enter a dream if he is within 1 yard if the person.
Dream weaving:

he can make dreams and manipulate them, controlling them as he wishes. He can make the dreamer see what he wishes and enter their thoughts and find their greatest hopes, or fears. He can make that dream a paradise, of a nightmare. He can only weave dreams ifhes puts his forehead to the other’s.
Dream eating:

he can eat dreams, they help him store energy to use his powers. Good dreams give him up to 1 minute, depending on the power, lustful dreams give him up to 2 minutes, and nightmares give him up to 5 minutes. All of these can vary in the details, the worse the nightmare, the longer. And obviate the amount of time will change depending on the power he uses.
Sleep breath;

His breath, if inhaled, will knock them out.
Dream reality;

This is his strongest power and he can manipulate reality itself. This power saps at his energy reserves so he rarely uses it. He can only manipulate the reality within a 4 yard radius. He can only make things appear, fly about and create objects. But as soon as he stops using it, they go away, as if it never happened, though disturbances will still remain.
Basically, he crates shit that (usually) disappears when he stops using his power, it may brace disturbances in its wake.
This ability is like being within a dream itself. ith appearing doors that seem almost normal, flying hammers, and moving shadows. Alond with a colored mist in the air.

He can float around constantly due to his sleeping.
Night vision:

It’s exactly as it sounds, after all he is nocturnal.
Dream storage/retrieval:

He can take dreams by kissing the sleeper and sucking it out of them, usually they wake up not long after, usually just just swallows them there. But is he leaves it in his mouth and covers the dream in his saliva he can keep it as long as he likes, as long as he puts it in a container.
But he cannot put two dreams together unless they are of the same category. If he put a nightmare with s good dream, the nightmare would infect, and eat it.


-He needs sleep, but he needs more then four times the sleep of a normal person, and he’s mainly nocturnal.
-Sleeping helps him store up energy but hours of sleep doesn’t amount for much, but that doesn’t stop him(though the sleeping powers his floating ability).
-He is constantly plagued with tiredness, and is always found sleeping.
-He ‘sleep walks’: functions while asleep. He will hear most of what is said by, let’s say- a teacher, while he is asleep, but he will mix things up and only catch bits of and pieces of it. He always had yo be filled In later, borrowing the notes of others, and if you really need him to respond you have to wake him up.
-he has little to no physical strength, agility, or defense. He is incredibly weak.

>>>Hero outfit:<<<

He usually wears his pillow on his back as defense, and he has no more then 6 capsules if dreams at his sides. His outfit is comfy, yet practical. He wears a two piece set of (what looks like) reinforced pajamas. He has what resembles and old perfume bottle (decorated with moons and stars) around his right wrist with a squeeze thing attached to his palm so he can spray his breath at his enemies.

Coming soon.

Below is a list of 5 traits you’ll have 20 points to divide between these traits as a teacher but only 15 points to divide between these traits as a student. You can only put up to 5 points in a single trait.
Power: 1
Speed: 4
Intelligence: 4

Theme Song:

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Webs Elk

Find me a prince or princess, I'm not picky.
CapRock CapRock A WIP but the main stuff done
Name: Fudo Kukku
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment*: Bisexual
Moral alignment*: Chaotic Good
Quirk: Eat and Summon - He can create any food that he eats for a limited amount of time. However, the food is completely alterable; he's able to change the shape, size, hardness, color, taste, etc, etc.
  • Time Limit - 30 seconds for every 5 calories in an item.
  • Number Limit - He can create 5 copies of a food item at one time, with a cooldown of 3 seconds, afterwards. However, he can create items almost instantaneously if he does it one at a time.
  • Edibility - The food he creates is edible, although sometimes dangerous to eat (poisonous, too big, etc). Also, eating his own food doesn't help his powers unless he cooks/creates them like everyone else.
  • Ingredients - Unless the items in a food are mixed together (making them inseparable by simple means), he can only create the individual ingredients in an item. (EX. a Meatloaf vs a Salad)
Additional Equipment*: He carries two rolling pins with him.
Additional Information*:


Watermelon king

Name: Minori Fuse
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual. (takes an interest in guys tho)
Bloody Type: AB
Height: 5'3
Weight: 97lb
Birthday: July 9
Zodiac: Cancer/Snake
Side: Hero
Occupation: First-Year, UA student.
Quirk: Multi-Task
Unusual Features: She looks like a cat, though she does not have the abilities of them. (aside from better balance, because if you have a tail, it's kinda unavoidable)
Nationality: Japanese
Ethnicity: Japanese-British/Caucasian (mother is British)
Personality: Minori is a bit childish and playful, though she can be extremely serious when needed, even if it doesn't seem like it. She likes doing her own thing, and learning about anything that peaks her interest. Though she has a slightly bellow average memory, due to her often accidents with floors, doors, chairs, beds, walls and lockers. But this does not stop her! She can be a bit shy at times, but she really does love to help out and hang out with other people.

History: The household she grew up in was pretty normal. Middle class, average income went to and from school. Basically, she grew up normal, She had good patents, although like all parents, they can suck. But that's normal. Her household was good, especially with her three brothers. (she would refer to her 3 pet cats as such since she had her latent cat quirk.) When she was younger she was really daring and energetic/happy. Although for a short period of time at the beginning of junior high she went through the phase that all kids go through. AKA, the emo phase. Although she was never properly "Emo", but for a while she became shy, and liked to wear black and whatnot. But after 8th grade hit she was back to her usually energetic self, and her daring hit with a newfound rush. She became even more friendly, more forward, and more risky. Also obsessed with interesting quirks.

Likes: reading, writing, drawing, cats, tuna, Watermelon, obsessing over her obsessions(too many to list), snakes, brainstorming.
Dislikes: waiting, doing what she doesn't want to do, people she finds annoying, fatty meat, mushrooms,

Father: Cat quirk
Mother: Hand replication

Quirk: Multi-task
Multi task allows the user to make up to 10 replications of their own body parts. The limbs will float and fly about under her control. He can also split her her own arms off and use them as well. She can use her own replicas to make herself float or to spy.
if a limb is carried off she will feel a a tug that gets stronger the farther away it is, and she can use it to track people.

-Any damage done to them will still effect her. (Aka, they will hurt)
-the damage will only heal if she keeps the quirk active and they heal much slower. If something like an eye is turned into a smear on a wall it can from a week to a month to reappear.
-anything that happens her actual body will remain until healed.
-her replicas will tire if she's, let's say, floating around on them, the same way as they would if she was carrying her herself.
-she cannot retract a limb if it is outside of a half mile radius, and she cannot add on to it either.
Ex: walked off with hand over half a mile away. She cannot add an eye to it to see what's happening, and she cannot make the hand go away.
-The replicated limbs are naturally weaker. But the replicates limbs could always work our and become stronger. But they'll only be as strong as 75% of the original limb.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Bugs. BUGS!(she absolutely fears bugs, aside from butterflies), can't swim, can be cowardly, selfish, hypocritical, unintentionally offensive, picky, forceful(with her interests), a little on the crazy side. just a little.

Hobbies: source; [see trivia number two, it will explain all.]

-She is obsessed with anime.
-She does a little bit of everything(not necessarily well) as she goes through little phases of interests.
- The phases she's gone through range from lock picking and sports, to beekeeping and jam making. and much more!
-She once bit her father. It didn't end well.
-Yes. She does watch yaoi. and she doesn't care to hide that fact either.
-She absolutely loves soda, almost any soda (and faygo)
-Always is up for a good old AU. and writing fanfiction. and roleplaying.
-Is actually somewhat afraid of dogs. (specifically when they bark at her)
-Favorite color is green.
-She likes to collect jars.
-She may not act like it, but she is a crybaby. She is hurt easily, but will keep it to her self until she forgets about it, or until she is alone. Alone,/at home.
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Hououin Kyouma

"I'm the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyoma!"
Name: Elio "Solaire" Ortiz
Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

Moral alignment: Chaotic Evil

Quirk: Solar Powered -
He passively absorbs energy from sources of light, boosting his natural abilities (including his rate of healing) and gives him new sets of abilities, dependent on whether the light is natural or not.

Natural Light - Shrouds him in the energy gathered, giving him a golden aura. He can move this energy as an extension of himself, focusing it on certain areas to block attacks, or condensing it around his fists or legs to add to his attack power. This gives him a more close up fighting style.

Artificial Light - Gives less of a overall boost to abilities. The energy is already focused in his hands and eyes with this, allowing him to discharge it from these spots for ranged attacks. Eye attacks are more akin to lasers, precise, whereas hands are more volatile and explosive.

Additional Equipment: Brass knuckles (No such thing as "too much force")

Background: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" is an apt description for Elio's early life.

Born in a rough area of Seville, Spain. Elio has had it hard ever since he could remember. Crimes were a daily occurrence, and seeing these crimes was just as regular. Recognising his odd power, and the clear wrongness of what was going on around him, he took action. By the age of 14, he had essentially taken over the gangs of his neighborhood.

He'd planned on completely disbanding them, but at some point during his ascent to his position, he had come to enjoy the power he had, and decided he would use the gangs to try and enforce his own childish version of the law on his neighborhood. This also didn't last long, as the thirst for power and control grew and his heart became twisted. He developed something of a god complex, becoming arrogant and sadistic. This soon attracted the attention of a hero, one who had years of experience and a tough quirk in addition. He tore apart Elio's self proclaimed 'empire' and Elio was powerless to stop it, having been elsewhere dealing with another issue. He'd returned to what could only be described as a massacre.

Elio doesn't remember what happened, but when he came to, the place was more of a wreck than it had been before, and he was standing over the bloodied and beaten corpse of the hero he'd been fighting. This was what pushed him to his mindset that only the strong could live, and those that died only died because of their own weakness. Soon after this, he moved to America, assuming the villain alias "Solaire" and living to test the strength of others, often through creating chaos to see how they cope.

+Mocking his opponents (to a ludicrous extent)
+Being in positions of power
+Determined opponents

-His real name being used

Additional Information:
  • He has a wild, jagged scar down his left arm from his fight before his move to America.
  • He doesn't really have any defined fighting style, just a loose mashup of fighting styles he's seen.
  • He's went to great effort to keep his name a secret, and having it used is likely to make him incredibly unstable.
Theme Song:
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The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai
Name: Gareth Oogami Mitch "Gluttony"Maynard

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

Moral alignment: Neutral Evil

Quirk: Calorie allows Mitch to convert the amount of food he eats into raw power, boosting his overall strength and speed to a superhuman level. The amount of power he gains depends on how much he has in his stomach, and if his stomach is empty, his Quirk will never work. While active, the amount of food gets digested in a much faster rate, so he must be very careful in using it.

Additional Equipment: There is one thing insane about this man that clearly fits his Quirk and his occupation as a villain, and you would not believe at his main weapon.

He carries around a very durable, bulletproof, fireproof, shockproof, waterproof, battery-powered and LEGIT refrigerator, complete with rockets underneath it that can be activated by light knocks. Also, there is food inside of it, and no matter what happens, the food inside stays okay. He can also use it as some sort of gauntlet when holding the top handle.

Background: It was at the height of Kirei's fame when she met Gareth. He was born to a family of villains that works for an evil organization called the 'Seven Deadly Sins', with his father representing gluttony and his mother representing lust. At a young age, he was trained in the ways of wickedness so that some day, he will take his father's place. It eventually happened when he was around his early 20's when his father died of a heart attack. After taking his place, he continues what his father had left. During this course he met Kirei and fell for her. He decides to keep his villainous background a secret after discovering that she is a pro hero. After the two got married, they have a daughter by the name of Beatrice.

A few years later, Kirei discovers her husband's true colors upon confronting him at a bank where he is seen robbing people of their money. Gareth confesses, but yet declares that he will take his daughter away from Kirei, leading what would be an eternal feud. Gareth loses to his wife, but he was able to make an escape before the police could arrest him. A year later, the entire Seven Deadly Sins had a huge argument and Gareth tries to calm them down, but in the end, the entire organization disbanded, leaving him very depressed. He then spends the rest of his years in doing villainy and making faulty attempts to kidnap his daughter into making her a villain. Under the new name of 'Mitch Maynard', Gareth begins to pursue his goal of reuniting the Seven Deadly Sins and do the villainous activities just like old times.

+His daughter
+Western Culture
-His wife

Additional Information:
  • Be careful when confronting him, especially when he is eating.
  • If pushed to the edge, he may become a complete psycho.
  • If you plan on playing the other sins, well, talk to me.

Hououin Kyouma

"I'm the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyoma!"
Name: Sofia "Heilin" Landreau

Age: 16


Gender: Female

Sexual Alignment: Bisexual

Moral Alignment: Lawful Good

Quirk: Healing Transference -
Through making physical contact with an injured person, she heals their injuries, taking them onto herself. It is a fairly fast process, and the shock of sustaining the injuries rapidly can leave her reeling for a bit before the healing system in her hero outfit kicks in to keep her focused.

Furthermore, currently unbeknownst to her, she also has the ability to psychologically heal people, allowing her to see their memories and also feel the emotions they've felt during those moments.

Additional Equipment: She has a variety of medical supplies and equipment on her belt. She also has a stun baton (holstered on the right side of her hip usually) and an fold-able shield on her forearm so she has a reasonable means of attack and defence. Also a healing system is rigged onto her suit so she can keep up in the action, even while sustaining her classmates' injuries.

Background: The daughter of two pro heroes, "Joules" and "Self Care." She's had heroism in her blood from the moment she was born.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany. She grew up completely idolising her parents for their occupation, their determination and their fearlessness in the pursuit of justice. Unfortunately for her and her parents, determination and fearlessness weren't all you needed to make it as a hero, and at the tender age of 7, Sofia was orphaned after her parents were killed in a villain attack. Left with a hole in her life and an inescapable feeling of abandonment, Sofia didn't have a clue how to process the loss, slowly becoming bitter and cynical, developing a notable temper.

Fortunately for Sofia, her parents had the foresight to plan ahead for the event of their demise, and after their funeral, she was shipped off to America, to live with a friend of her parents, also a pro hero. With his experience in martial arts, once he discovered her wish to be a hero, he helped her train in the hopes that she'd be able to be of use in combat, despite her quirk's uselessness in combat.

+ Righteous heroes (even if in the heat of the moment, she might not be the most righteous herself)
+ Her ability to save people
+ Her efforts being recognised (she's lowkey about it though)

- Arrogance
- People being reckless
- Corruption in the hero industry

Additional Info:
  • Having been trained by her now adopted father, she's adept in kickboxing, and attends weekly classes for it.
  • Her hero outfit is inspired by both of her parents
  • Gets into the school on recommendation.
Theme Song:
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Watermelon king
Name: Chisa Fuferu (true name, as she claims.. Chisa Fuse)
Age: 15
Blood type: AB

Gender: female
Sexual alignment*: its hard to tell who she even is anymore.
Moral alignment*: Chaotic evil
Quirk: Insanity bubbles
-Her quirk allows her to make up to 7-10 pastel, baseball sized bubbles, or 1-3/4 soccer-globe sized bubbles. When touched by someone they show the toucher visions that warp the mind, scare, and cause insanity and madness. If touched for to long, they really will go insane. She can control the movements of these bubbles as well.
-when her bubbles pop they become incredibly sticky like bubble gum
-usage of the quirk with slowly cause the user to go insane.
-she can also only make the bubbles as big and as many as previously mentioned.
-the stickiness will affect her too, so she can be just as stuck as anyone else.
Additional Equipment*: knifes

Background: Her parents were a very interesting pair. Her father had the same quirk as her, while her mother had a bubblegum quirk. Her mother was a pacifist though, while her father was of course, a villain. 66 years after she was born her father was put away do to not only being literally insane, but due to criminal activity of all types, and, as the men in blue outfits said, child abuse. She never understood why everyone kept asking her about the bruises and how she got them. For some reason they always asked how she was feeling and how terrible the things done to her were. But she didn't get it. She was only six years old after all, and as far as she was concerned she was incredibly happy. For that matter she didn't remember getting these bruises either, so she just assumed she got them while playing! Minor is the one who emerged around now. Minor was the one who stopper her from remembering these things as Minor was the one who took the beatings. Minor didn't quite understand them either though. Minor believed that, from listening to Chisa's father, that these were good. after all, if her said so, he must be right! Minor is definitely the one who is the craziest of of the three. He has lost all sense of right and wrong as it's all been muddled together. At some point later after or maybe around the time her father got carted away, Alan was born. Alan is the one who is more interested in family and is the most emotional out of the three. He loves making friends and whenever he was out he would try to make lots of friends. He is a bit twisted in his own right because he often gets chased by the cops when he accidentally, would try to make friends ("playfully") with a knife. he doesn't seem to understand that knifes can't be used to make friends and that being cut isn't fun. Regardless he's obsessed with relationships with brings Chisa into a lot of trouble.

-insanity bubbles
-drinking soda from a straw
-hair (still on the head, she just likes ruffling people's hair.)
-Bubbles, lots of bubbles
-Lots and lots of insanity bubbles


-people who wont giver her what she wants
-people getting in the way
Additional Information*:
-she often switches with, who calls themselves Minor, or Alan, and often is found speaking to who is know as Peter, and to Josie.
-Seems to be a distant, distant, distant cousin of Minori Fuse.
-Minor is the personality who is the more extreme version of Chisa. By far he is the more insane one.
-Alan is the brains. He comes up with all the good ideas. And of course he is just as crazy as the rest of them.
-Peter seems to be her best friend
-and Josie seems to be her other best friend.
- Peter and Josie are apparently dating.(???)

Name: Akihito
Age: 15
Appearance: around 5'6 with short blond hair and a thin body.
Gender: male
Sexual alignment*: Straight
Moral alignment*: Lawful good Chaotic evil
Quirk: Light Snow
Light snow allows the user to create small balls of light, the size of snowflakes that fall of the body(they are like skin cells in a way). The user can control them, and they heat up a lot and can burn things. They are tiny and dangerous-ish. One side effect of this quirk is that the user's eyes glow.
-When it is active the eyes glow yellow
-they can still burn the user
Additional Equipment*:
Background: The younger brother of a certain 3rd-year hero student, and son of a high ranking hero in Japan. When studying abroad at an American school, he suddenly disappeared two months ago.
+His Famifnseurbflsjerygf&#$* [ERROR]


-What Chisa says not to like
-being away from Chisa

Additional Information*:
-Went to america to go to an american dance school.
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Four Thousand Club
Steven Carlsworth

Sexual alignment:
Moral alignment:
Chaotic Good

He has a number on his head that indicates how he's feeling or how he would do in battle. In battle, the number is rolled randomly ranged from 01-20. One being the worst and twenty being best performance. Although anything over 10 he starts getting exhausted. For example, if he rolls a 20 he can unleash a super move if he rolls a 1 however he might not even be bothered to attack at all. There are 3 fighting styles that RPG allows him to do, Rouge, Warrior and Mage.

Warrior: Fighter allows him to go in on his opponent. This combat stance is for one thing and one thing only. Bringing his opponent down for the count. whether it's his sword doing the work or his bare hands the Fighter allows him to do good in hand to hand combat. Or close quarters. But the only bad thing about this mode that it's only good for 1-1 combat if there are more he might not be able to focus on two foes at the same time. If he rolls high on this mode he might be able to break a few bones if the opponent is stupid enough to let him. If he rolls a 1, however, he might leave himself wide open or fling his sword somewhere he might not be able to get it back.

Rouge: This fighting style is quicker on your feet. Steven is able to dodge and roll and do quick strikes on an enemy. This style allows him to dodge blows easier than the Warrior. Although this is simple it can also be quite dangerous. If he rolls a 1 he might be able to break bones in his leg for example. If he doses a somersault and rolls a 1 he might land o his legs and break one of his ankles. However, if he rolls high he is able to cause multiple blows on his opponent very quickly and very fast.

Mage: He is able to cast beams of force out of his sword. Quite simple really depending on how much he rolls is depending on how much force the beam has. IF he rolls a 20 he has a massive beam that covers a wide area. if he rolls a 1 it's a simple puff of dust.
Additional Equipment*:
His costume in an RPG style Knight uniform.
A simple longsword

Steven's parents were originally from England before they moved to America. His mother and father were surprisingly enough. Quirks the gene from there parents was skipped. After that their parent's still accepted them for who they are and they both got jobs in what seems to be creating games. They eventually met each other in the same company they worked at fell in love and got married. Afterwards, they had Steven when they were aged 23. When Steven was a toddler he looked up to a hero that was far from his won country. All might. The number one hero in Japan, his morals his heroism. It was like something out of a video game. A protagonist willing to save everyone he possibly can. Saying that you define yourself as a person, not your quirk that defines you.

Once he got his quirk at age 5 they thought it was something that could tell how he is feeling but once he got into a play fight at age 7 he accidentally broke a kids arm by accident in one punch flat. He also somehow shot tiny lasers in the classroom. That was when his parents realised he had a quirk. It was like something out of there video games. They were a mix of proud and excited to see what else he could do. They eventually moved to America so that his parents could join with the big gaming companies. While Steven was training in sword fighting and controlling his quirk. He eventually became a trained swordsman and hand to hand combat.

He was soon getting in touch with his quirk and his grandparents pulled some strings in the hero society and soon he was accepted to Queen's high academy on the recommendation. His parent's, of course, are thankful and proud of there little boy for achieved so much over the years. He hopes that one day he can be as good of a person as All Might. He also hopes he would be able to make good friends when he's at the academy.
Video Games
Oprah/ Broadway
A Worthy Opponent

People that give up to easily
People that look down on others

Char: Laidy magnet
Str: Buff as hell
Dex: Running around like the speed of sound
Int: Einstein ain't got crap on him.



Watermelon king
Warning, I chose not to censor the quirk description. Being that he is a jr. lust you can probably guess what i didn't censor. It was poorly for clearest understanding.
Name: Jun Himura
meanings: Jun: ( : pure, clean, simple) Hi(緋村: scarlet; dark red) mura(村: town;village)
Age: 16 (1/2)
Gender: male
Sexual alignment*: doesn't even care anymore
Moral alignment*: evil evil
Jun is very indifferent and guarded. He doesn't trust anyone anymore, not even his closest allies. He used to be a crybaby, and would always cry and, whine and complain when he got assaulted, which makes sense of course, but no one ever came to help, sometimes even the help made things worse/joined in so he no longer trust authority and just sucks it up. He can't fight, he is a string bean, he never git the chance to learn how, so there is nothing he can to to protect himself. He often can seem a bit condescending and mean, which he is, although what he can;t help is how easily embarrassed he gets. most of his life may unwillingly revolve around getting assaulted(he is stuck permanently with all the wrong people+ his quirk aggs' people on), but that doesn't make him anymore used to it, he doesn't want to get used to this kind of treatment. Basically, he is an angry angry boy with a bad attitude, but gets embarrassed easily, and just has no will to live.
Quirk: Hormones
a regulatory substance produced in an organism and transported in tissue fluids such as blood or sap to stimulate specific cells or tissues into action.
  • a synthetic substance with an effect similar to that of an animal or plant hormone.
  • a person's sex hormones as held to influence behavior or mood.
Details: The quirk hormones is a power that causes the user to emit an hormone, like most animals. except in this case it is basically sexual hormones. He is constantly emitting these, and basically anybody who smells them is drawn to the user, turned on, and really want to fuck. in short.
with practice he might be able to restrain it or the reverse.
Drawbacks: he can't control the quirk or anybody effected by it.
Additional Equipment*:
Background: His life started out relatively normal. He had a normal like, and a tolerable family, like most people. But then, one day, he developed his quirk, like most kids do. But unlike most kids, that's when his life took a turn for the worst. Jun always ended up drawing the short end of stick. He could find no solace anywhere, no safety. His parents tried their best, he knew that, but it wasn't enough. He couldn't even go into public safely. This did wonders for his perception of humanity and such that he now literally has now trust in anyone and wants them all to die. He wan't to kill them with his own hands to. That would be nice. Eventually he dropped of the face of the earth, when another group pulled him in, kept him, and used him. He doesn't like to talk about it, but if he does say anything, is that it was terrible and that the female boss sucked. until he found a way out when he fell in with the sins, He doesn't really explain how he met them though, he just clings around Helena.
+being alone
+his room
Additional Information*:
-His mother has a fragrence quirk, related to flowers, and his father has an animal instincts quirk.
-his father works on the police and his mother in a flower shop
-He had an older sister......
-if you couldn't tell his name is really ironic. XD
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Watermelon king
Name: Isao Minami
Age: 27
Gender: male
Height 5'2
Weight: 110
Blood type: A-
Birthday: May 5th
Zodiac; Taurus
Sexual alignment*: straight but he happily teases males.
Moral alignment*: neutral? evil :3 (not very neutral, but not chaotic?)

Isao acts relatively playfully, and enjoys teasing people. Though he may act playful he is actually very diligent and always gets his work done.... once you lock him in a room to do it. He hates doing work like paper work, and would rather get literally everything else done first, it doesn't matter what, he will even go so far as fix up a house, fix a car, or do construction work just to avoid paperwork! He also seems to get along well with children, and refuses to kill children under the age of 7, though regardless of age, there's nothing he can do about collateral damage and what happens happens. (he will still kill a child younger though is he absolutely must, but he's rather just leave them be, or just take them along with him into the villain world.) He also enjoys turning children into villains for that matter, he finds it to be a fun pastime. Isao is honestly a pretty decent guy over all, he just doesn't really agree with the rules of hero society over all, and has a very strong grudge against parents out of all things, though he usually doesn't show that annoyance when playing with children.

Quirk: Stalker
This quirk allows the user to turn into anyone as long as they know LITERALLY everything about the target. Everything. Although with practice the user might be able to only change parts, like their voice or eyes, which would require less research.
-it takes a minute or so to turn into the target.
- the transformation will last as long as the user can remember everything
-only the body changes, of course the clothes don't, the user has to figure out that part on their own.

Additional Equipment*: he usually carried a baton or a pole to hit people with.

Isao grew up pretty normally, though when he reached his preteens he began to find his opinions differing from his parents as he disagreed more and more withe their parenting techniques. Around this time he also began to notice the things he saw as flaws in hero society and dislike it more and more. As he grew older his grudges grew stringer, becoming nor longer interested in what his parents had to say, or what society had to say, because not only as he looked back could he see how weird it was, the way his parents raised him, but how all parents acted with kids, and how people must acts as a whole. He understood most people would want to raise their kids to do good things, and not kill people, and not to be villains, and be careful with their quirks. He understood that, but it was also like they were trying to control them too. Society was the cage, and parents were signing the death certificate as he saw it. Because parents would try to obey the laws and in turn point their kids in the direction of all things hero, or maybe all things based on their own career in the case of those who didn't have very heroic quirks, and tried to basically turn the kids into a copy of themselves. He didn't like it and because researching on hie own to see if there was something he could do about it. He had reached the age of 16 without finding about his quirk. He had been told he should have one but possibly hadn't found the right circumstances for it to show it's self. He had begun to think he didn't have one when he finally activated it. He had been researching this one man he had found on some back alley website, trying to find out everything about him, thinking he might be a link he was looking for, when he ended up turning into the man. He ended up stuck with the man's appearance for about half a day until he managed to turn back and from there he only deepened his studies.

+gum balls
+lolly pops
+goofing around
+his allies

-lemons and lemon flavoring
-food that is to hot

Additional Information*:
-Fun fact: his first name uses the character 功 which means honor; merit
-His last name means south, using this character 南
-He likes to run errands, but will complain about them.
-One of his hobbies is turning small children into villains.
-One of his skills is hacking, and information gathering.
-Fun fact: He has almost no sense of cold, so he often end up sick when he goes out in the winter with no coats of any kind, and is wearing spring-like clothing.
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Looked better on paper
Name: Gray Rynestar

Age: 16


Plus this mask

Gender: Male

Sexual alignment*: Straight

Moral alignment*: Chaotic Good
Quirk: Bone Structure Manipulation.

Gray has full control over his own skeletal structure allowing him to rapidly grow his own bones to form weapons and armor over his skin. This also allows him to make his bones much more durable then normal, more calcium he has consumed the faster he can grow his bones and higher the density will be. He also has a minor regeneration factor.

Additional Equipment*: A small bottle of fast acting calcium pills.

Background: Gray hometown after in the resent years has seen less and less villain attacks causing more and more Pro Heros to become jobless forcing them to take on full time jobs or simply move elsewhere. Grey's parents both bring Pro Heros but his mother retired, decided to move aswell due to all of Gray's friends having moved away. Gray ended transferring from his hero school to QHH.


+ Calcium rich food/drinks
+ Sweets
+ Girls
+ Nice people
+ Pro Heroes
+ Training

-Rude people
-Small spaces

Additional Information*: Grey requires high calcium intake to properly use his quark to it's full extent. If he gets low on calcium his bone creations become more and more brittle.


Four Thousand Club
Name: Samuel Angel or Sam for short
Age:"why do you ask?" 48

Gender: "I'm male why do you ask?" Male
Sexual alignment*: "Heterosexual should we focus on the job more then my sexual preference"
Moral alignment*:" The law is everything and should always be upheld" Lawful good
Quirk:"not all heros wear mask" Quirkless
Additional Equipment*: His badge Number being 777 standard issue .44magnum and a taser as well as some cool sunglasses to match his toothpick
Background: police Constable Samual Angel, Born and schooled in London Graduated Canterbury University in 1993 with a double first in politics and sociology. Attended Hendon College of Police Training. Displayed great aptitude in field exercises. Notably, urban pacification and riot control. Academically excelled in theoretical coursework and final year examinations. Received the Baton of Honor. Graduated with distinction A grade into the Metropolitan Police Service. Quickly established an effectiveness and popularity within the community. Proceeded to improve skill base with courses in advanced driving and advanced cycling. Became heavily involved in a number of extra-vocational activities. To this day holds the Metropolitan record for the 100-meter dash. In 2001 began active duty with the renowned SO 19 armed response unit. Received a bravery award for efforts in the resolution of Operation Crackdown. In the last 12 months has received nine special commendations. Achieved the highest arrest record for any officer in the Met. And sustained four injuries in the line of duty. Most recently in December when wounded by a man dressed as Father Christmas.

Moved to America in 2010 to continue his line of work in NYCPD and has continued the record of arrests reaching the record of 257 quirkless arrests in the past year has contained up to 5 villains and has saved over 10 people from there deeds with help from top-ranked heroes. Been in the mass media and has developed a relationship with not only the quirkless community but with the top heroes as well. Received the NYPD medal of honour in 2015 after saving 2 children from a villain suffering 3nd-degree burns on the right half of his body in the process
Likes/Dislikes*: "people who uphold the law and treat it with respects. Dislikes people that break it"
Additional Information*:
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Watermelon king
Name: Umiko(<feminine name) Stark
Age: 50 (looks 17~)
Appearance: above
Gender: male. Provably, Okay maybe not. Clams don;t have genders....
Sexual alignment*: Unclear
Moral alignment*: Evil????? Unclear, but stays and Villains league
Quirk: Arctica Islandica
Arctica Islandica is a type of clam. This is a mutation type quirk in short. The Arctica Islandica clam can live up to 405-410 years, 507 at the longest.
-The user's body is also very flexible. He is able to Bend his body in ways humans cannot.
-Even though he has bones, his body is like that of an invertebrate's and almost colorless like that of the clam's body.
-His body is also a bit stretchy.
-His shell is incredibly strong. almost impossible to break through, and almost impossible to open.
-his body ins incredibly weak with little muscle and little defense in any ways aside from his shell.
-Very easy to hurt once shell is open

Additional Equipment*: Does a snow globe count?
Background: He is Pride's son and has been living with him ever since he was a baby. But he has never got any attention from his father, no affection in the slightest. his father ignores him, and brushed him off, the only thing her has every received from him was a snow globe, which Umiko has become quite attached too. To attached that it acts as a security blanket, and will flip out of it's missing our someone tries to take it from him. He has also never been to school, and has never really left Pride's side, and once the villains league started up, he had never left the base. He is cowardly and shy, usually hiding in his shell, and contributes nothing to the group. He is just there. It's unclear if her even has a bedroom. He probably does...
+cold areas
+snow globes

-warm places
-being dry
-people even so much as touching his snow globe

Additional Information*:
-no education
-basically a man child
-no social skills
-has many many issues because of all of this.


Mask? I wear no mask.
Take a shot every time you see a Weather Report reference.

Name: Jaco Havona
Age: 17

jaco FC.png
Jaco stands at an average 5'9 feet, with a reeeeelatively lean stature. His shaggy hair consists of alternating streaks of phlox purple and ultramarine, and its bangs are left to obscure his eyes, though he does (albeit infrequently) comb them, typically when attending his father's concerts.
His wardrobe primarily consists of blazers (to which he attaches fur collars during winter or outright replaces with vests during summer) worn atop v-neck t-shirts or button-ups, jeans and sneakers.
It's worth noting however that, unlike what it may seem, Jaco lacks a unique fashion sense, as the majority of his clothing is meant to closely imitate that of his father's, with him going as far as simply wearing downsized versions of his dad's attire. Whether it's due to aloofness, laziness or perhaps a deep admiration for his old man's fashion sense, no one bloody knows.

Gender: Male
Sexual alignment*: Presumably hetero...?
Moral alignment*: Lawful Good

Type: Emitter

The user can manifest a 'pocket' at any designated point, on any surface within a 10-meter radius of the user. Should any extremities be introduced to the pocket's proximity, the extremities will be 'deflated' and sucked into the opening, then reinflated upon making successful entry into the pocket.
The 'pocket''s interior takes the form of a 10-meter large, perfectly-cubical room; it is made of a velvet-like fabric which seems to shift colors between pink, blue, green and black in a slow, strobe light-like pattern. Any attempts to extract the fabric will be unsuccessful, no matter how extreme the methods, as it itself seems to form the interior of the pocket - walls, floor and all.
Any sentient life (excluding the user) left unattended inside of the storage pocket as an entrance is closing will be ejected with great force, preventing the user from trapping targets within it, though the user of the pocket can store inanimate objects within the pocket without needing to keep an entrance to the pocket active. However, receiving any severe enough physical trauma will cause him to begin to release stored objects, with the amount proportional to the severity of the trauma.

Additional Equipment*:
- An iPod Mini. 'nuff said.

Background: Born in New England (and moved to Queens at an early age), Jaco is the son of retired-pro-hero-turned-jazz-musician Thompson Havona. Despite living a carefree life of wealth and luxury, Jaco always found himself as the societal oddball, never managing to make friends, let alone conversations. This wasn't because Jaco was unfairly singled out in any way - in fact, he always found others gravitating towards him - but rather because he didn't attempt to build relationships or interact with others, isolating himself in his own, lonely bubble for days on end.
Jaco developed an odd habit at age 7, one uncommon for children his age. While children at that age would panic or break down into tears when under severe stress, Jaco had the exact opposite reaction. He'd start to become less and less responsive, until finally he'd undergo a 'lockdown', freezing in place and effectively locking himself out of his own body, unable to move or talk. Jaco's solution to this caused an even larger problem, however: he began outright avoiding social contact in general, which he did by hiding out inside his Quirk whenever he began having a panic attack.
Though the occasional stern talking-to from his father would help him briefly overcome his anxiety, this only worked temporarily. After a while, he'd return to his habits and forget everything taught to him, unwilling to--or rather, incapable of changing for the better.
However, his father refused to give up on him. Though drastic, forcing Jaco into an environment like Queens Hero High where he had to give it his all to keep up with his peers was what his father believed to be the only way to get his son's life in order.

Likes: Jazz, blues, blueberry-chocolate bars and muffins. And solitude. Mainly solitude.
Dislikes: Loud music, spicy foods and any kinds of public gatherings.
Additional Information*:
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i has return
Name: Dormio

Age: 46


Gender: MaLe

Quirk: Invincible Insomniac
Emitter type
Once activated, the function of sleeping is removed from Dormio's body. You could try things such as sleeping pills, tranquilizers, sleep-inducing quirks, super awesome lullabies, but he won't fall asleep as far as his quirk is active. In fact he can't. Once the quirk is turned off, he can sleep again, though he suffers from insomnia as an aftermath until he sleeps once. After that one nice sleep the insomnia will be removed too.
The longer Dormio stays awake with his quirk on, the stronger his body gets. His strength, speed, durability increases over time, along with resistance for the fatigue he gains over days without sleeping.

Dormio was left at an orphanage to be raised by strangers when he was an infant. Who his parents are is unknown to today-whether Dormio found them or not is a mystery also. What ones who know him can be sure of is that he never lived a kind, caring, loving life. Ever since he was a kid he spent his time living on the side of violence. Most of the problems he faced, he solved with his fist. He was no doubt a natural born fighter, winning fights he needed to win. He took over the orphanage, threatening even to the staff working there as he reached his teen. When finally the orphanage decided to kick him out with the help of the local police force, he ran away after inflicting serious injury to the police officers and some of the staff.
Dormio had discovered his quirk when he was 16, after staying up for days with his quirk on, and learned to control himself while he ran from the police and the heroes chasing him. Though he wasn't known as a villain yet, as his documents didn't have a record of his quirk, he became a high threat personnel to the police in no time as he left trails of crimes varying in sizes and seriousness. This drew the attention of the villains too, seeking to have this 'rising star' on their side rather than conflicting with him in the future. The Villains League contacted him, offering him a place with safety and several other scoundrels to stand by his side. He soon began working as the League's new powerhouse in 'special' situations, awarded the title "Sloth" for his usual lazy behavior.

Theme Song:
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Four Thousand Club
Name: Fredrick Von Sokolov

Nickname: Undertaker

Age: 20


Gender; Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Morality Alignment: Lawful Evil

Quirk: Angel Of Death. This quirk takes the form of ravens that Fredrick can summon at any time. the radius is that of a small area of a city or to scale a regular size suburbian neighbourhood. It also slows his ageing process significantly. After about a few days paranoia begins to settle in every person in that area. eventually resulting in madness and a drive to murder. Only the weak-willed are effected by this ability.

Backstory: Born in Moscow in 1976 Fredrick was born into a poor family. During the communist era any people that have any appearance of a quirk minor or major. were brought to the Russian government. To experiment on anthropomorphic people were being cut open and stitched back together with parts of different anthropomorphic quirks. Of course, they were rejected and eventually the people died from the infection. Once he was 6 his parents noticed that he was aging very slowly. He was still 2 at this point. His parents tried there best to hide him but eventually, he was found and they were betrayers of the state. He was thrown in a dark lightless cell from then on forward. The only company he had was a black cat and the ravens warming his cell. waiting for a there fresh meal.

After 5 years go by he turned 5. Ravens were still in his cell floating above him. he was, of course, experimented on cut open and had his insides and his outside cut to see if he had a healing factor. of course, that was negative. Eventually, though the Ravens weren't indifferent towards him he eventually made a close friendship with them. Giving them a portion of his food each day. 20 ravens are difficult to feed eventually 40. Then when he was 10 he had almost 50 ravens under his command. Eventually, after a few days, his ravens surrounded the entire facility and eventually the deaths began to happen.

People int he facility began to kill each other or themselves and eventually the other prisoners set him free. He got what seemed to be a Black Labcoat from one of the doctors and left. Eventually he took a name for himself and begun to strike at any other facilities that would abuse other people. Corrupted asylums hospitals that refuse to treat their patients. Doesn't even mind who gets killed int he process as long as it gets the job done. At the appearance age of 20 he already has a body count of 600 under his belt and he has popped up a fairy tale for himself as the undertaker whenever he shows up you know someone is going to die

Extra equipment: A black bicycle and a pet black tabby cat named Grim





Live Life, Love and Survive
Jason 'Charge' Livius
15, almost 16
Sexual alignment:
Moral alignment:
Neutral good
Momentum Charge-
Jason's quirk allows his body to essentially be a battery that stores the kinetic energy he produces. The more Kinetic energy he stores, the stronger, faster and more durable he becomes. Jason can also control the amount of energy he is outputting, meaning he has control over strength of all of his attacks. This makes him a slow starter as he needs to build up sufficient amounts of energy before he is considered a threat, though it only takes a few minutes to see a visible difference. Also, while he has control over the output of his kinetic energy, there is a threshold to how much he can out put at once. If he tries to output more than he can handle, he will either: cause himself to no longer move, injure himself or both.
Jason was born in Chicago, Illinois, to a middle classed family. His mother, a typical house wife, and his father, a business man, stayed away from anything involving the hero business as they saw it as a danger, especially in an area that has such a high crime rate. Jason, for the majority of his childhood, grew up sheltered due to this. He went to school, then came home...maybe a friends house if he was lucky. However, one day, his dad was running late to pick him up and so the teachers had told him to head home with a few friends. While ecstatic, he had a gut feeling that something was wrong. The 7 year old walked towards his street, seeing police tape around his house. He tried to push through the crowd to see what would happen, but he wasn't allowed. The rough mannerisms of how he was treated was awful: rough pushing, people stepping on him and generally not acknowledging his existence.

It took him a day to find out what had happened, and the worst part was it was by a news reporter. 'Man and Wife killed outside their home'

For the next few years, Jason heard nothing from anyone. No police, no hero, no news reporter. He made his way to NY to find answers as it was the main hub where a pro hero could see something in him. Now at 15, he shrugged, off the preposition as he good chance to train his quirk and himself. He had already learnt how to live on the street, but had no formal training and that was starting to get dangerous for him. The police never helped him; he asked for help with money and school but got nothing.

On his way, he had to fight off thugs and villains but, luckily for him, his long journey aided with his quirk made it easy work to defend himself. On the streets he learnt how to fight, defend for himself and also gave him a strong mind, thus making him durable and resilient. This has, however, also made him very rough and untrusting of people.
+Flirting: on the streets, only pleasure was women basically
+Fighting: you gained respect by being strong
+Respect: While a cold, rough person, he still holds respect for people. Pick on someone your own size or take on someone bigger than you. Never pick on the little man.
+Space: Jason needs his own personal space at times to think things few and take deep breaths to calm himself.

-Clingy people: Anyone, and I mean anyone, who is too clingy will instantly annoy him
-People who are always happy: pretty self explanatory
-Villains: after the death of his parents, he kinda became his number one hate
Additional Information:
(just to go with the profile pic XD)​
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Webs Elk

Find me a prince or princess, I'm not picky.
Kyuketsuki Tensaikyu.jpeg
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment*: Probably Pansexual
Moral alignment*: Chaotic Good
Nickname : Kyu
QuirkVampire - Kyu's quirk gives him characteristics of a vampire.
Enhanced Condition - Think of the generic list of enhanced superhuman abilities and place them here. If you don't know what they are enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, Stamina
Flight - He can fly using his wings, which do not retract so ... yeah. They're pretty thin though, and are relatively translucent.
Teeth - His canines are really long and really sharp.
Aplastic Anemia - His body doesn't make enough blood on it's own, which explains a lot
Blood - He can drink blood, although there's nothing that makes him do so, although it is easier than hooking up to machines whenever he has to "fuel up"
Sunlight & Darkness - Direct sunlight and super bright lights causes his body to heat up faster than other people, although he will not burst into flames, and will cause certain effects if he spends more time in them. In contrast, she seems to become even more powerful the darker it is.
Night Vision - In contrast to sunlight, she has REALLY good night vision. Although drastic and frequent changes in brightness can cause migraines.
  • 0 - 1 Hours : No noticeable effects
  • 1 - 2 Hours : Minor headache; also sunburn
  • 2 - 3 hours : fatigue, worse headache
  • 3 - 4 hours : Migraine, dizziness, fatigue
  • 4 - 5 hours : Everything hurts and everything is disoriented
  • 5+ hours : unconcious
Background"I want to get out of here!"

Kyu is the younger twin sister of Gakuon Tensai. However, from birth, everyone could tell she would be a sicky person. When she was born, her quirk had already manifested, causing many problems for the baby. As such, she was kept at the hospital 24/7. However, despite their treatments, many of them seemed to be temporary solutions rather than cures. Due to having fewer of all the blood cells, she was constantly getting sick, in pain, etc, etc.

As such, she's basically grown under the care of doctors and nurses, tests constantly being run to find out how to help her. Fortunately, she was still tutored and since everyone was scared she'd croak at anytime (she got smallpox one time and everyone started actually planning her funeral), she was relatively spoiled. Whenever she wasn't expected to learn, she spent her time playing games, watching anime, reading, etc, etc. She especially took a liking to animals, and has a library full of books about animals.

Throughout her teen years, she started getting tired of sitting in a bed. She realized she was missing out on a lot, such as school, eating out, going to the zoo, meeting new people, and hanging out with family. Although Gaku didn't know about her, Kyu heard a lot about her twin brother as she grew up and actually looked forward to one day meeting him. As such, using her motivation for doing stuff, Kyu became more active. She'd get up out of her bed and excersise or dance or etc, and once the doctors realized it wouldn't kill her, they even let her start learning martial arts as well.

THen one day, Kyu heard that her brother was going to apply to QHH. Even though she was bound to the room for the most part, Kyu knew how much of a big deal the school was and she yearned to go himself. Fortunately, this was around the time that the doctors pretty much knew the ends and outs of how to keep Kyu relatively healthy, and she was cleared to leave. With the doctors on his side, Kyu was able to convince her father to let her go to QHH: to be able to meet the brother that didn't know she existed and to become a person she didn't think was possible.

Personality : Vices & Virtues
  • Intelligent - Doesn't have an eidetic memory, but if it's a subject he's interested in, he'll put in the effort.
  • Optimistic - Ironically, he always looks on the bright side. He always has a smile plastered on his face and he thinks everyday is going to be a great day, and if he has anything to say about it, it will be.
  • Night Owl - He has a tendency to nap during the day, but stay up the entirety of the night. Don't be surprised if he dozes off in class, though he promises to avoid it whenever he can.
  • Animals! - He loves loves loves animals. He likes talking about animals with whoever will listen and whenever possible he even talks to animals. He swears that he can understand them though so ... yeah. Interestingly enough, when he was in the hospital, there would be birds and other animals that would just sit by his room window and they'd always come back day after day. Awkwardly enough, he's also an avid animal eater, willing to eat anything as well. Not something many expect from him, but it's true.
  • Naive - He watches TV, he uses the internet, he reads the books. As such, there are things he does now. however, due to literally spending 16 years in one building, there are many things he's never seen before and never heard of.
    • Curious - Due to this, he's extremely curious. He needs to be watched at all times to protect him from running in the street, to be honest.
Additional Information
  • He's always seen wearing a hoodie and a hat during the day. Both are used to protect him (relatively) from the sun.
  • He has to go to the infirmary to take a ton of medication every morning, as well as to fuel up thrice a week
  • I'm probably gonna add some more stuff here
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Hououin Kyouma

"I'm the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyoma!"
Name: Kibou Aikyo
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
Moral alignment: Lawful Good
Quirk: Memento – Kibou can create projections based on his memories of the attacks he’s seen previously. These attacks get more powerful based on how close he is to a person and how much he knows about them.

However, overuse of this quirk can lead to migraines, and attacks are only as powerful as he remembers them, meaning that if he sees an attack with a negative result, it's less likely to be a success if he were to project it.

Additional Equipment: Visor – This visor helps Kibou with the recollection process by projecting his subconscious memories into an augmented reality that the visors can see. This allows for more accurate and effective projections to be created. It is also fitted with a camera so that he can take pictures of attacks in training to help him commit them to memory.

Background: The son of a wealthy family in Japan, as a child, Kibou had no particular aspirations, though seemed to idolise his mother, who worked with support teams to design equipment for pro heroes. He seemed content to simply coast by, childish logic assuming that life would work itself out for him.

However, life wasn't as simple as young Kibou had imagined, and at the tender age of 9, his mother passed away. The Aikyo family was wrought with grief at the loss of her, but none were more crushed than Kibou's father, who shut down emotionally after it, becoming unavailable to his two sons.

It was in this time, that Kibou's older brother stepped up, being the pillar of support that Kibou needed in this time, which ultimately resulted in Kibou developing quite the attachment to his brother, idolising him and wanting to be like him in whatever way he could.

This pushed him to train alongside him, eventually applying to and getting into a hero course in high school. His teachers, noticing his desire to be like his brother, decided a change of scenery best would be best, hopefully prompting him to reassess his desires and decide what he truly wanted to be. Thus he was sent off to the US, transferring to Queens' Hero High.

+ Photography
+ Socialising with people
+ Coffee

- Negativity
- Sour things
- Studying

Additional Information:
- When Kibou has particularly active dreams, he can unintentionally create projections of the dream while asleep. These tend to be more vivid.
- Has a poor sense of money

Theme Song:


Watermelon king
Name: Yuudai Kita
Yuudai means "big/great/large hero"
Kita: 北 North
Age: 16

Gender: male
Sexual alignment*: straight it seems
Moral alignment*: good
Quirk: Animal-G
-The user is able to harness a green energy of sorts that, it takes the form of animals and acts like “magic armor” in a way.
-This quirk allows the user to access a small variety of animals. With practice they might even be able to learn how to access more.
-The energy only buffs the user, nothing else. It shaped around the user and can change shape on command, as long as it is related to an accessible animal. They can’t use multiple animals at once, and each animal provides different buffs. And takes more or less effort to control and use depending on its effects.
-For example if the user wanted the strength of a tiger in his arms, the images of tiger legs would appears around his arms, but only the green outline of them following the edges of the tiger body and stripes, pads, and claws.
Animals that can be used and their buffs:
-gives the user enhances strength
-heightens defense, but only in the aspect of absorbing and spreading out the impact of attacks. Though absorb attached takes a lot of energy and isn’t suggested fur draw out battled or enemies that attack fast and hard
-heightens vision as long as the user looked through the giant floating green eyes maxed out of the energy. The eyes allow the user to see Well at night, almost as well as during the day.
-allows the user to use their powerful legs for jumping and kicking
•Pistol Shrimp
-allows the user to almost completely replicate their sonic boom punch. But only once before it drains most of their energy. (The green kind.)
•Fourwing Flying Fish
-the swimming power/speed of a fourwing flying fish. (Please note that this does /not/ give the user to breathe under water. He is only human after all.)
•Harpy Eagle
-the user can the long talons of this bird.
•Land Tortoise
-the user can squired their defensive shell. Keeping the shell up can expend a lot if energy.
•Red Fox
-this one it pretty much useless.
•Atheris Hispida Snake
-it is useless. It gives no buffs to user.
-another useless animal. It gives the user nothing.
•Grey Wolf
-another useless animal on the list
-once again. Useless.
-cannot use multiple animals at once
-one animal will never have more then two buffs. And even that is stretching it.
-some animals are completely useless.
-Using animals takes a lot of energy. Using basic functions of the power (as seen above with minor acceptations) can last up to about 1.5-2 hours before the energy is exhausted and the user has to wait to recover energy.

Additional Equipment*:
Background: He grew up with Michio and was ecstatic when he first got his quirk, which at the time was very minimal in use. But Michio wasn't developing a quirk. He reassured him as best he could and the boy seemed to get over it with a new goal, instead of being heroes together the boy had decided he would help him out as much as he could. Yuudai didn't mind this at all, as long as he could hang out with Michio. As he grew older he figured out his quirk even more and defended Michio. Other students tried to bully Michio, but he defended him. For a while as well they both joined their school's basketball team.
+Michio (as a childhood friend)
-endangering friends
-spicy foods
Additional Information*:
-Childhood friends with Michio
-The Quiet type of character who says little, but is actually a pretty cool guy. although he can be a bit rude.

Name: Michio Maki
Michio 道夫 "Man on the (correct) path
Maki 真(Real/Genuine)木 tree
Age: 16

Gender: male
Sexual alignment*: claims to be straight
Moral alignment*: Heroic
Quirk: Quirkless...?
Additional Equipment*:
Background: He grew up with Yuudai and has been around him his entire life. He was told he should have a quirk, but for some reason he had never manifested it, as no matter what he did, nothing ever worked, making him quirkless, He was upset, but he learned to deal with it, thanks to Yuudai, who had this amazing quirk and wanted to support him. He wanted to help him in anything hero, so he tried everything. He was bad at designing support gear, so that was out. But he found he was good at the managing side of things, so he decided he would manage Yuudai and support him that way as a hero. Although recently he has been noticing something strange about himself and Yuudai.... It's just a coincidence though. yup, that's all. In junior high he joined the basketball team with Yuudai. He wasn't really into the idea, but it's what Yuudai wanted to he went along with it. It wan't half bad, but he wasn't very good.
+supporting Yuudai
+Yuudai (as a person and best friends)
-sour drinks
Additional Information*:
-Management Class Student
-Childhood friends with Yuudai
-He doesn't really need glasses, they are more for reading then anything
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Name: Erio Yoshida (Hero Name: Ion)
Age: 23
Appearance:2B541515-28C5-4184-996B-B453730FACBD.jpegGender: MaleSexual alignment: Bisex- wait...
Moral alignment: Chaotic Good
Quirk: Atomic Fusion
Ion is able to fuse atoms together by messing with hydrogen bonds, he can also create small bursts of nuclear energy. His quirk takes immense amounts of energy to use and usually has a high amount of collateral damage.
Additional Equipment: ..... Do his fists count?
Background: Ion grew up in a bad area, he watched helplessly as villains and criminals pillaged, raped, and killed. This sparked something in him to become a hero, and while his methods of heroism may be questionable, he always frights to do what is the right thing for the innocent people he wants to protect. Even give him life.
Additional Information: Ion can actually turn into a human nuke. He’s also lactose intolerant.
Quote: “If the villains don’t want to play by the rules, why should I?”

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