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Multiple Settings Platonic Thread V. 2 {Platonic Roleplays! Advance!}

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Tiff the Odd

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Hello everyone! My name is Tiff the Odd but you may call me Tiff! Welcome to my plotting thread! This thread is dedicated to platonic relationships and roleplays because I’m a little tired of romance! Now, I will warn you that I love themes such as found family and incompetent father figure with usually my character being a child around the ages of 10-12. I like platonic threads because I feel you can carry them out longer. Romance threads usually sizzle down once the main couple get together. This is SEMI ADVANCE TO ADVANCE roleplaying which means 2+ paragraphs. I find it hard to reply to anything less. So, without further ado, my prompts!

PROMPTS (I will hold the characters I will be roleplaying):
  • Space Private Detective and his young assistant
  • Castlevania: Alucard becomes a mentor to M/C
  • Mage and his young apprentice
  • Child befriending magical creature
  • Dragon and his rider
  • Superhero and his young sidekick
  • Villain and his young sidekick
  • Body guard demon and half demon charge
  • Soul Eater: Weapon and his young meister
  • A young mage and her familiar
    • I have this idea where M/C is a young girl who is obsessed with the occult. Her life is pretty shitty. She bullied in school and her parents are never around so, the kid decides to summon herself a demon. Y/C is the demon who has just been waiting to be summoned to cause some hell on earth but when a demon is summoned, he is a servant to whoever summoned him. Plus, he is a reject demon but M/C wasn’t powerful enough to summon a stronger demon. Let’s just say that neither are impressed with the other.
  • Unlikely Father Figure x orphan girl
  • Gay couple adopts troubles kid
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