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The Neurodivergent Urge to go feral
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Hello hello!!
I’m 19 and would appreciate having partners around my age, so 18+ please! I’m literate, writing 2-4+ paragraphs per reply in 3rd person!

I’m not really looking for anything Romantic for this ad of mine (unless we’re portraying parents in a relationship) I’m mainly looking for Platonic family centered RP, really just family doing family stuff (family drama and angst welcome!!)

I don’t really have any specific plots in my mind, so we can definitely plot something out together!! I’m fine with most settings from modern, futuristic/sci-fi/cyberspunk, high fantasy, apocalyptic, ect. I’m even fine with doing an RP based within one of the fandoms I enjoy (can be found on my Account!)

I honestly can’t think of much else to write since what I’m searching for if fairly simple, so if you take any interest, please feel free to message me!! I often prefer moving elsewhere, but can definitely stay here on RPN!
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