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Futuristic Plargo ~ Return of the Lich

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds
The screen flickers on, revealing two white screens standing side-by-side on the desk. The right one of them becomes dark with a collection of words appearing from the top down:

Program Run: PtG.exe
Loading Framework...
Creating Universes...
Modifying Fates...
Cleaning Up Loose Ends...
Releasing Plargo...
Simulating Previous Forums...

A elegant looking main menu screen pops up with a few different choices on it. However, before you have a chance to select one of them, a smaller pop up appears.
"New User Detected: Would you like to enable the assistance AI?"

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Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds

The pop up disappears. On the right screen appears what looks to be a chatbox complete with a text entry field at the bottom. Messages appear one right after another.

[Hello, I am ALICE and I will be your teacher for your first game in Plargo.]
[If you look to the left you will notice that there are several choices for you to select on the main menu screen, each serving a different purpose.]
[New Game will put you into the character creation screen to create a protagonist for your adventure.]
[Options will allow you to change various game options to alter your experience.]
[Exit is self explanatory.]
[If you had a game already running, Continue Adventure would appear at the top of the choices.]
[To choose an option, you will have to type the symbol '>' and then your selection to pick it. This is known as a Command.]
[When you are ready, select New Game.]

What would you like to select?
>New Game

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds

The next screen shows a selection of Options to choose from.

[Difficulty will change how hostile the world is and how difficult it is to survive. Accepts a number between 1 and 100 along with the command.]

[Complexity controls the overall, well, complexity of the underlying system that the game uses to resolve everything. Accepts a number between 1 and 100 along with the command.]

[The other commands I request that you do not alter for they might cause some undesirable results in your game.]

The other options that show seem to be toggle-able. They are Enable Plargo, Enable Chaos, and Enable Full AI Capabilities.

You may enter multiple commands for this selection round. All commands will be taken and activated by order of first entered to last entered.
>Difficulty #

>Complexity #
>Enable Plargo

>Enable Chaos

>Enable Full AI Capabilities

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds
>Difficulty 50
>Complexity 62
>Enable Plargo
>Enable Chaos
>Enable Full AI Capabilities

[Difficulty for world set.]
[Complexity of mechanics set.]
[Plargo released.]
[Chaos initiated.]
[AI capabilities unlocked.]

The left screen returns to the main menu, where you see New Game, Options, and Exit listed for your selection. The right screen begins to fill up with messages from ALICE.

[Do you have any idea of what you have done?]
[No, you probably do not.]
[You probably set those options to Enabled because you thought they would be cool.]
[Well, who am I to keep you from your choices?]
[Feel free to Start a New Game whenever you feel ready.]

What would you like to select?>New Game>Options>Exit

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds
>New Game

The left screen changes into one that has three sections from left to right. In the right block, there is a list of races. In the left block, there is a list of classes. The center block is completely blank.
[From the lists select your desired combination.]
[There would be some choices completely locked out from selection based on your settings and world data, but since Chaos is on, every choice is unlocked.]

[Races alter your starting stats and come with a few special abilities.]
[Classes are your professions and will give you your abilities, tools, and skills.]
[You can only choose one race and one class.]

[If you require more information on one of the selections, you can enter a ? instead of a > in your command.]
[If you can't decide, you can enter >Random to get a random combinations along with my opinion on it.]

What race would you like?
What class would you like?

Classics ~ >Human, >Dwarf, >Elf, >Orc
Bestial ~ >Dragonborn, >Kitsune, >Tengu, >Catfolk
Half'n'Half ~ >Half-Elf, >Half-Orc, >Halfling
The Elements ~ >Ifrit, >Sylph, >Tiefling, >Merfolk

Martial ~ >Barbarian, >Fighter, >Monk, >Rogue, >Ranger
Magical ~ >Druid, >Shaman, >Sorcerer, >Summoner, >Alchemist
Hybrid ~ >Magus, >Bard, >Cleric

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds

The center block shows an image of a humanoid with red skin, ram-like horns, a barbed tail, and wearing a green robe marked with a sash of mystical glyphs.
[Ah, a daemonic conjurer. Very close relations with creatures of the more devilish planes.]
[Tieflings are descendant from ancestors that had...]
[With devils and demons.]
[Summoners are a special kind of caster that tends to use buffs, debuffs, and abilities that call upon creatures from the outer planes.]
[Very nice selection. Much better than some player that used a Human Fighter last save.]
[Well, now it is time to choose a background and to find some traits to flesh out our protagonist.]

The two blocks on either side of the character preview change the text that is displayed on them. The right one is titled Backgrounds while the other is titled Traits. There are a number of items on both.
[You will be selecting the backgrounds from a generated list.]
[The traits are auto-generated to match the life of the character before the current timeframe.]
[If you do not like the traits as they stand, you can enter the command >Trait Reroll to get a set of new ones.]

Acolyte ~ An assistant to a church in a quiet town. Grew up helping out the followers of a good god.
Scholar ~ A student who specializes in a school of magic. Grew up learning the vast ins-and-outs of their chosen school.
Soldier ~ An individual enlisted in a military group tasked with performing incredibly dangerous missions. Grew up with constant training.

Incredible Agility ~ Bonus to dexterity based actions.
Spontaneous Combustion ~ Suddenly catches on fire at random intervals.
Emotional Magic ~ Magic gains a random buff or debuff when stressed.

[Spontaneous Combustion on a Tiefling.]
[It's an interesting combination.]

[Anyways, what background would you like? It will be determining the start of our story.]
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Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds

The Backgrounds block removes all but the CH-MAGE choice. Then an explanatory set of text appears right below it:

Chaos Mage
A magic user who has been blessed-cursed by the lich Plargo. Everything around them and every spell they cast are incredibly unstable. Wild Magic runs rampant through the element of Ether.

The central block turns from a preview into an information panel, in which it shows the current information for your character:

The Female Tiefling Summoner
The Path of the Chaos Mage

Traits: Incredible Agility, Spontaneous Combustion, and Emotional Magic.

[Once you accept the character's details, the game with proceed into generating the world and the story around Lilith.]

Would you like to change anything before continuing?

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds
>Change name to: Lilith Marmalade

Last name successfully added!

The entire screen fades to black.
After a quick moment, a dull green ring appears as well as a block of text below it:

'The Ring of Personality Image holds the personality of the last person to wear it. When anyone puts it on, the personality inside it is then transferred into the mind of the wearer. The current personality then is copied into the ring.'

After a time, the ring and text fade.

The scene opens up to a female tiefling standing on a cliff overlooking a massive valley. In the distance flies a rather large yellowish pyramid between the mountains.
In the commands window, some text appears:

Lilith: "Finally found them."
Lilith: "Better make haste before they shove off again."
ALICE: [You can read through the local chatter of the characters nearby here.]
ALICE: [Every line of dialogue is marked with the speaking character's name, if you know it.]
ALICE: [Anything in quotes is being said out loud.]
ALICE: [Anything in brackets, only you can hear.]
ALICE: [Italicized dialogue is thoughts that you and the main character can hear, however it becomes possible to do.]
ALICE: [You can talk to your main character with the following command:]
ALICE: [Try not to drive them crazy!]
Lilith: The spirits seem to have been silent for quite a while.
Lilith: Did they all move on to better things?

What to do, what to do...

>Say Lilith [MESSAGE]

>Move forwards to the pyramid.

Note: Every message to Lilith will be sent to her, and she will respond to them one after another.

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds
>Say Lilith "What are your spells? Also, what else is there around here sides that pyramid? Are there some shrooms to eat around here?"

Lilith: Great, another rapid fire question spirit.

Lilith: Magic.
Lilith: Forest.
Lilith: Probably.
ALICE: [Well, that went nowhere.]

What to do, what to do...

>Say Lilith [MESSAGE]

>Move forwards to the pyramid.

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds
>Say Lilith [Hello Lilith! If you wouldn't mind could you give me a quick run-down of your inventory? If you happen to have one that is.]

Lilith: Can you not take a look yourself?
ALICE: [You could with the >Inventory command.]
Lilith: I guess I can give you a 'run down.'
Lilith: I have a small pouch full of spell components.
Lilith: My backpack contains several tomes as well as travelling supplies.
Lilith: Lastly I carry a few different spell orbs on myself.
Lilith: Questions?

What to do, what to do...
>Say Lilith [MESSAGE]
>Advance Towards Pyramid

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds

Level 5

ALICE: [The base statistics that determine everything else pretty much.]
Strength 10, Intelligence 12
Dexterity 14, Wisdom 14
Constitution 12, Charisma 18

ALICE: [The basic actions that characters are able to perform.]

ALICE: [The number after the skill name is added to a roll on a dice and the resulting number determines what happens. Higher is better, lower is worse.]
Lore (Planar Creatures) +3
Notice +3
Will +3
Spellcraft +5

ALICE: [Powers, spells, and passive abilities that the character has.]

Grease ~ Power 1 ~ Places a small area of flammable, slippery grease on a ground or a singular item.
Summon Animal ~ Power 1 ~ Summons small woodland creatures that follow the command of the summoner.
Magic Lens ~ Power 1 ~ Provides mobile sight in an area.
Summons Duration ~ Power 2 ~ Passively increases the duration of summons.

Summons Mindlink ~ Power 1 ~ Passively allows mental communication with a summoned creature.

>Say Lilith "Well what do each of the orbs do? What kinda super secret secrets are in those tomes? But lets talk while you get a move on, dont forget to pick some odd looking shrooms and then eat them."
>Advance Towards Pyramid

Lilith begins walking down the trail leading to the bottom of the valley. Everything is calm, with a light breeze flowing through the forest.

Lilith: Each of them contains a magical spell and a term for release of their magic.
Lilith: There is one for a quick escape, another if I need an explosion, and two chaos orbs.
Lilith: The tomes contain my magical research in conjuration and planar creatures.

She continues on, stumbling upon a large set of ruins to what seems like a rather large castle. The entrance to such leads into a large clearing. Lilith looks at the sky, which seems to be getting darker.

Lilith: Night is fast approaching.
Lilith: I can make it to the landing for the Pyramid in a few more hours.
Lilith: But the nights in this region are filled with dangerous creatures.

Lilith: What do you think?
>Camp in the ruins.
>Camp elsewhere in the forest.
>Continue to the Pyramid.
>Say Lilith [MESSAGE]

Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds
>Say Lilith "How much do you know about this area in particular? WOULD it be safe to camp in it or the forest at all? Also, find some shrooms, and eat them."

He rolls a 20-sided die for memory... 7 [6 + 1 int mod].
Lilith stops and thinks for a moment. After a second, she shakes her head.
Lilith: All I remember is that a couple of elders warned me of the creatures around here.
Lilith: I cannot seem to recall what exactly they said.

He rolls a 20-sided die to spot... 22 [19 + 3 Notice mod].
Lilith spots a small cluster of mushrooms on the lower side of a tree nearby. They appear to glow a dull blue. She feels a small compulsion to consume them, but nothing to drive her to do so.

Lilith: If not dangerous, I feel like setting up camp in this region for the night will prove interesting.

Lilith: What do you think?
>Camp in the ruins.
>Camp elsewhere in the forest.
>Continue to the Pyramid.
>Say Lilith [MESSAGE]

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